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Soundspike Q & A: Roger Hodgson

Soundspike, Nov 5, 2012, John Voket
"It's funny today, because it's rare that people sit down for 40 minutes and listen to a whole album. But they do at stage shows, so in the show now I'm always trying to craft the best listening experience for the environment I'm walking into. If I walk into a theater, I may play one kind of show. And if I'm walking into a festival, it will be another kind of set. I look to see if people are standing or sitting -- really trying to tune into what is going to give them the richest experience for that two hours I am entertaining them."


Roger Hodgson: Supertramp's Main Man is Back From His Little Break of...17 Years
Ink.com, Nov 4, 2012, Jim Sullivan
"I obviously did learn a lot about myself, because now on stage I’m a whole different person to the shy introverted person I was in back with Supertramp. You can’t stop me now. I’m talking, joking, having great time on stage."



(Super)tramps like Us - Roger Hodgson Gives (More than) a Little Bit on Stage
The Daily Record, Nov 2, 2012, Bill Nutt
“Music has always been a place to express what’s been going on,” says Hodgson. “I’m no different from other people. I wanted to share my joy, my pain.”



Supertramp at Ridgefield Playhouse Benefit
Connecticut Post, Oct 30, 2012, Erik Ofgang

"Above and beyond the music there's something that happens for people. There's a very strong emotional journey and a celebration feeling. At the beginning of the show I tell people just leave all your problems outside. Let's come together and celebrate life. Join me on a magical musical journey."



Roger Hodgson's songwriting secret: 'I wrote them when I was alone'
The Star-Ledger, Oct 26, 2012, Mark Voger

"It never ceases to amaze me, really, what different songs have meant to people. I hear everything from 'They saved my life during my teen years' to 'We fell in love to the songs.' Or they used the songs at their weddings. The thing that amazes me is the depth of connection people have with these songs."



From 'Breakfast in America' to a 'full course meal' - Roger Hodgson returns to the Keswick
Montgomery Media, Oct 26, 2012, Paul Lucas

"I was fortunate enough to see Hodgson when he played the Borgata in August. The songs really do sound fabulous. But there was something more. There is an inner light that comes through Hodgson, both when he plays and when he interacts with the audience. It at once speaks of tranquility and a gentle kindness."



Former Supertramp frontman takes long way to Gallo Center
Modesto Bee, Oct 25, 2012, Lisa Millegan Renner

"The vocal harmonies are going to knock people sideways, they're so beautiful."



How Can Supertramp's 'Logical Song' Help You Connect with an Illogical World?
Forbes, Sep 27, 2012, Jamie Anderson

"..the opening sequence of ["The Logical Song"] kicks in and Roger Hodgson’s voice fills the room, piercing our senses with this joyful, bittersweet lament about the passage from childhood wonder and imagining, to adult conformity and servitude."



'More like Supertramp than Supertramp': Roger Hodgson discusses reactions to new band tour
Something Else! Reviews, Sep 25, 2012
"I am getting even greater fulfillment out of touching people deeply with songs that have been a part of their lives and sharing my heart and joy in singing them."



Ex-Supertramp-Sänger Roger Hodgson verzauberte das Publikum beim Konzert im Hanauer Amphitheater
Ex-Supertramp singer Roger Hodgson enchants the audience during his concert at the Hanau Amphitheatre ~ Offenbach Post, Sep 15, 2012
"Reasons for that are for once the many hits which bring out memories and are still touching us through their intensity and secondly it is due to the ex-Supertramp singer himself. His relaxed and calm manner is contagious. His kind gentleness is heartwarming. And the anecdotes he is telling with a smile are humorous and authentic."



Il Supertramp Roger Hodgson entusiasma il Kursaal
The Supertramp Roger Hodgson excites the Kursaal ~ GeLocal Alto Adige, Sep 14, 2012,
Luigi Bortoli

"A concert to be framed, a show where it is worth to mention the elements that made it so successful: the talent of Hodgson, of course, that of his extraordinary travel companion, the audience and the game of lights which wrapped up the protagonists and all of us with a touch of magic."


Roger Hodgson Astounds the Audience at Ravinia Festival
Rock Chicago Review, Aug 23, 2012,
Peter S. Sakas

"It was a fine show by a very talented musician. His voice has not diminished one bit over the years. Some of his interpretations of the Supertramp classics were new and fresh. He had a great backing band which really stretched out on some of the songs and sounded just superb. Ravinia was once again a great venue for this performance making for a totally enjoyable concert experience."


Hodgson Gives Artpark a Night to Remember
Rockshowcritique.com, Aug 22, 2012, Joseph Suto

"..this immaculate performance indicates that Hodgson is like a fine wine and has gotten only better with time."




Hodgson, crowd adore hearing Supertramp hits 30 years later
Buffalo News Music Review, Aug 22, 2012, Joe Sweeney

"And if you approached these war horses of classic rock radio Tuesday with the same fresh perspective as the dude who wrote them, their bizarre little gifts would have struck you all over again."




Hodgson gives a lot for Artpark crowd
Niagara Gazette, Aug 21, 2012, Thom Jennings

"Hodgson's stage presence is unlike anything I have seen before. He has a gentle demeanor, which stands in stark contrast to the fans that were dancing feverishly and singing along with every word of the Supertramp classics. There were times when the crowd became so loud they drowned out Hodgson as he was trying to introduce the next song."


Roger Hodgson: Bringing back the sounds of Supertramp
The Oregonian, Aug 9, 2012, Kyle O'Brien

"'Breakfast in America' was at a time when life was simpler. When the world was at a whole other place. It's a positive, upbeat-feeling album. People need that upbeat hope because times are pretty hard right now. For two hours, they leave their problems out there."


Roger Hodgson spielt in Tuttlingen viele Supertramp-Evergreens
A true "hits-by-request" experience for fans ~
Schwaebische.de Journal, Jul 12, 2012, Michael Hochheuser

"There are singers whose voice you're able to discern amongst hundreds of other voices. Roger Hodgson's high-pitched voice is very distinctive, you may pick it out amongst thousands of others. And his voice continues to have that characteristic sound - even after four decades on the stage and it sent shivers up and down the audience's spines in the sold-out tent on Wednesday night."



Roger Hodgson Zeltfestival Honberg Sommer
Roger Hodgson Honberg Summer Festival ~
Honberg Sommer Programm, Jul 11, 2012

"After three years, the musical mastermind has granted us the wish for a second performance and he is bringing a first-class band this time..."



Musik für Träumer
Music for Dreamers ~
Die Welt Online, Jul 5, 2012, Nadine Lischick
"..Not only the songs are warming and pleasant but also the man himself. The Briton is probably one of the kindest musicians in this world."



Den coolen 'Superstar' von 'Supertramp' treffen
Meeting the cool "Superstar" of "Supertramp"~ Wochen Spiegel, Jul 3, 2012

"It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, not only for personal meaning, but by the caprice and sophistication of artistic production. Roger Hodgson and his new band faithfully reproduced all the original arrangement of the classic albums."


Roger Hodgson revive os sucessos do Supertramp em São Paulo
Roger Hodgson of Supertramp revives the success in São Paulo ~
Lerias el Lixos, May 8, 2012, Danielle Borges
"We don't have many musicians nowadays who have the ability to unite generations. Roger Hodgson, former singer and composer of British band Supertramp, who performs at the Stadtpark Hamburg is one of them."



Una Sonrisa Eterna
An Eternal Smile ~
Bitacora de Vuelo, Apr 26, 2012, Sebastian Fissore

"After 2 hours of an impeccable-sounding show, the evening was brought to a close by “Give a little bit” and “It’s Raining Again”, which irradiated happiness and saw the 3 or 4 generations present give a standing ovation."



El eterno Roger Hodgson
The Eternal Roger Hodgson ~
DiarioUno.com.ar, Apr 21, 2012, Ramiro Ortiz

"...joined by the longing to hear that fine voice, and able to disregard any of life’s problems, almost 1,500 people from Mendoza recalled old times with the songs."




Roger Hodgson y su máquina del tiempo
Roger Hodgson and his time machine ~
R Noticias.rock.com.ar, Apr 20, 2012, Fabrizio Pedrotti
"[Hodgson] showed us, with great wisdom and humility, that his vocal chords had stood the test of time and that he could still sing as well as ever."



Roger Hodgson deslumbró con su elegante música
Roger Hodgson dazzled with his elegant music ~
El Ciudadano Web, Apr 19, 2012, Juan Aguzzi
"The English musician took the stage accompanied by a band that ran with elegance and intensity.."




Roger Hodgson, la inconfundible voz de Supertramp actúa hoy en Rosario
Roger Hodgson, the unmistakable voice of Supertramp plays today in Rosario ~
periodicotodos, Apr 18, 2012




Aún disfruto de cantar y además siento que soy mucho más sabio"
"I still enjoy singing and also I feel I am much wiser" ~

La Capital, Apr 18, 2012, Jose L. Cavazza




Roger Hodgson mil sensaciones de alegria
Roger Hodgson thousand feelings of joy ~
Taringa!, Apr 18, 2012

"I must start by leaving it clear that I had no knowledge about the work of Roger Hodgson. I attended to be surprised for better or for worse. But Mr. Hodgson made me stay in a state of ecstasy with the good vibes and great music show from him and his musicians."




Roger Hodgson en Córdoba: Una lección de rock y pop
Roger Hodgson in Córdoba: A rock & pop lesson~
VOS, Apr 18, 2012, Pablo Leites
"A little bit of that was quoted at the Orfeo where attended by about two thousand music enthusiasts last night: To corroborate [in concert] and live what they sensed every time they put Breakfast in America on the record player for over 30 years: songs that were immune to the passage of time."




Roger Hodgson brilló con sus clásicos de siempre
Roger Hodgson shone with his all time classics~
Movistar Arena, Apr 16, 2012
"British singer Roger Hodgson featured a true delight for fans of progressive rock, in his impeccable show at Movistar Arena."




Thank You Roger Hodgson ~
Yo Conciertos, Apr 14, 2012, Joel Romero
With no choreographed proposals or exalted movements, "Mr. Supertramp" got about three thousand people of all ages chanting, whistling, shouting, and even kissing due to emotion.



Roger Hodgson encandiló Lima con la magia de Supertramp

Roger Hodgson dazzled Lima by the magic of Supertramp ~
Terra.com.pe, Apr 13, 2012, Patricia Altamirano
"After nearly two hours in which the venue was transformed into a real feast full of memories, emotions and music from the golden age of rock. Supertramp classics as "School", "Hide in your Shell", "Breakfast in America", "Lord is it Mine", "It's Raining Again", among others, were chanted by a crowd that, as happened three years ago, was delighted with the class and mastery of Hodgson."



Hodgson revivió su musica en Quito
Hodgson revived his music in Quito ~
Hoy.com Review, Apr 13, 2012
"In the stands, the audience commented: "This guy is a genius"; "Sings and sounds just like in the album"; [and] "The concert is like it used to be."




Roger Hodgson: El amigo de Quito
Roger Hodgson: The friend of Quito ~
La Hora Nacional, Apr 12, 2012
The followers of the golden age of rock lived on Tuesday night, an evening full of memories, emotions and good music at the concert that the British singer-songwriter Roger Hodgson gave in Quito."




Hodgson recordo los exitos de la banda Supertramp
Hodgson recalled Supertramp band hits ~
El Universo, Apr 12, 2012
"The followers of the golden age of rock lived on Tuesday night, an evening full of memories, emotions and good music at the concert that the British singer-songwriter Roger Hodgson gave in Quito."



Roger Hodgson sigue siendo Supertramp!
Roger Hodgson remains Supertramp! ~
Ediciones, Apr 12, 2012
"No  choreographic proposals or  exalted movements, "Mr. Supertramp," got that about three thousand people of all ages chanted, whistled, shouted and even kissed due to emotion."




Roger Hodgson aun es una leyenda para sus fans
Roger Hodgson is still a legend to his fans ~
El Comercio.com, Apr 11, 2012
"Hodgson showed yesterday that he is a rock legend to summon up hundreds of young adults between 20 and 30. Most knew his songs perfectly and didn't hesitate to move every time the singer played the synthesizer, guitar or piano."



El nombre del grupo pesa a la hora de ser solista
El Comercio.com, Apr 10, 2012




Roger Hodgson por tercera vez en la Mitad del Mundo
Roger Hodgson for the third time in the Middle of the World ~
Expresiones, Apr 8, 2012, Santiago San Miguel P.
"He is the essence of Supertramp, a traditional band, of those that even pass the years, his music is glorious and full of emotions and won't die because of his philosophy and progressive rock."



Interview: Supertramp founder Roger Hodgson
Songfacts.com, Apr 5, 2012
"My job is to give people the most in the two hours that I'm with them. And if that means playing songs that mean a lot to them, then that's what I will do."




El vocalista de Supertramp, aterriza en Mendoza
Supertramp lead singer lands in Mendoza ~
Los Andes Online, Mar 31, 2011
"The legendary lead singer of the British band, will appear on April 20 at the Arena Maipú."




Roger Hodgson: Door 'Closed' on Supertramp Reunion
Billboard.com, Mar 29, 2012, Gary Graff
"The greatest thing for me as an artist is I never get tired of singing these songs. They really do have an evergreen quality. I would never have known they'd stand the best of time so well."




The Voice of Supertramp Still Has the Magic at 62
105.7 The Hawk Classic Rock, Mar 22, 2012, Barbara LaRue
"..the impact of Roger’s musical gift was described as his “trademark way of setting beautiful, introspective lyrics to upbeat melodies resonated and found its way into the hearts and minds of people from cultures around the world."




Roger Hodgson Serves Up 'Breakfast in America' to the World
Huffington Post, Mar 11, 2012, Gregory Weinkauf
“This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band. When you can go. An evening with Roger Hodgson will raise your standards of concert-going.”



Roger Hodgson Interview
Ink19, March 2012
“Roger simply exudes the art of connection. Because his song's meanings are so positive and uplifting, our own life's experiences with them are usually true and happy memories. Theaters and other venues filled with the energy of all those  hearts in those moments help create that powerful connection Roger easily turns on with his smile, voice and music.”



One Track Mind: Roger Hodgson on "Give a Little Bit," "The Logical Song," others
Something Else! Reviews, Mar 8, 2012,
Nick DeRiso

"I think the wonderful thing about “Give A Little Bit” is how it’s stood the test of time. ..In my shows, I usually play that as the final song — and after two hours of warming the audience up, and opening them up, it’s like the cream on the top of the cake. I start playing that song, and everyone just smiles from ear to ear and starts hugging each other and singing with me. It’s a very unifying song."



Supertramp Frontman Wins Big at Pechanga
San Diego Reader, Mar 7, 2012, Daniel Knighton
"Hodgson connected deeply with the fans in a way few stars of his stature do."



Review: Northern Lights Theater
69 Faces of Rock, Mar 5, 2012,
Mark Kadzielawa
"Roger Hodgson sounded great, his voice was in fantastic shape. He was hitting all of those high notes, and making it look easy...Watching Roger Hodgson perform and interact with the audience, one couldn't fail to notice the positive energy he was emanating throughout the evening. A true touch of magic indeed!"



Review: Roger Hodgson at the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Real Rock News, Mar 2, 2012, Scott Smith
"Billed as part of his “Breakfast in America: The Voice of Supertramp Tour,” the concert offered ample proof that Hodgson still brings his A-game to the stage."



Roger Hodgson allows Chandler audience to dream
Classic Rock Music Examiner, Feb 28, 2012, Ted Hansen
"Beautiful. That’s the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Whether it’s the melodic complexity of his songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible upper range of his voice, beautiful was what kept coming to mind over and over again during his performance..."


Roger Hodgson Live in Tulsa!
Classic Rock Revisited, Feb 28, 2012
"[Hodgson] is a consummate musician that takes his craft seriously. Every aspect of his performance was flawless."




Singer Roger Hodgson: No longer a tramp but still super
Scene, Feb 27, 2012, John Stancavage
"I love playing music for people. They seem to be getting much more from the shows than just listening to the songs. When we played Europe, we had fans flying over and attending 14 or 15 concerts. People said the experience gave them such enjoyment and inspiration. They were going home with a smile on their face. That feeling of love is infectious to me. I feel like the most blessed man on the planet."


Roger Hodgson brings voice of Supertramp to Chandler
Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner, Feb 26, 2012, Ted Hansen
"Hodgson’s appeal is massive and his fans constantly comment on the touching connection they seem to have with him through his concerts."




Supertramp's Roger Hodgson Starts First U.S. Band Tour in 30 Years
Rolling Stone, Feb 25, 2012, Steve Baltin
“..to the adoring fans who rise to their feet as Hodgson and his four-piece backing band take the stage with the FM radio staple "Take The Long Way Home," it might as well be 1979 all over again.”




Recalling Supertramp sound

Desert Post Weekly, Feb 22, 2012, Judith Salkin

"I've never been able to say, ‘I'm going to write a hit.' I have to be alone and to be able to pull the music out of a pure place."





What's he got? It's quite a lot! Interview
Classic Rock Revisited, Feb 21, 2012, Jeb Wright
"To tell you the truth, for me, performing, now, is about connecting and having people feel the emotions that I am putting into the songs."





A Conversation with Supertramp's Roger Hodgson
Huffington Post, Feb 15, 2012, Mike Ragogna
"My shows don't feel like nostalgia shows. There is something very wonderful that happens--they are almost like a celebration of life and, obviously, the songs and what they are about and the part they've played in people's lives has a lot to do with it."





Roger Hodgson, the Voice of Supertramp, Brings Intimacy and Depth to the Stage
New Times, Feb 12, 2012, Liz Tracy
"It's wonderful to take people, in a way, on a life journey through music."





Roger Hodgson from Supertramp takes you on a magical musical journey
Hollywood Today, Jan 30, 2012
“I love performing these songs, which continue to resound for me as a performer and for the fans. My songs come from a very personal place inside me and they carry my beliefs and my dreams and my philosophy of life. I understand the deep connection that fans have with my songs that have been a part of so many peoples’ lives around the world.”




Roger Hodgson plays Twin Rivers
Providence Entertainment Examiner, Jan 19, 2012



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