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Roger Hodgson puts on an inspiring performance in Bethlehem
The Mercury, November 26, 2014, Rob Nagy
"Performing a two-hour concert that rivaled the best I’ve experienced, the charismatic Hodgson and his band were embraced by an adoring multigenerational audience."

Roger Hodgson of Supertramp at the Paramount
Live For Live Music, November 12, 2014, Bob Wilson
"Many in attendance seem to have been longtime followers taken by the music, and akin to the singer's spiritual journey. The singer exhibits a kind demeanor, and a genuine appreciation of his fans."

Huntington Concert Review: Roger Hodgson

Power Popaholic, November 12, 2014, Aaron Kupferberg
"The stage was decorated with various trees and greenery – all to add atmosphere to the epic “Death and a Zoo,” where the percussion and animal noises made the stage look and feel like a rainforest. Hodgson has a very deep spirituality that comes forth when he plays, and the complex arrangements of the song add to this impression."

Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson electrifies audience in Bethlehem, PA
AXS.com, November 10, 2014, James Wood
"Arriving on stage to a standing ovation and accompanied by a sensational four-piece band, Hodgson would spend the better part of the next two hours captivating an audience at The Sands Event Center with his trademark blend of melody and introspective lyrics."

Hodgson Performs A "Dreamer’s" Set List
Rock Show Critique, November 9, 2014, Joseph Suto
"While some still hope one day for a Supertramp reunion, many feel they are already seeing a better band, one that continues to impress and garner more attention every show."

Review: Roger Hodgson lives up to legendary billing
Niagara Frontier Publications, November 9, 2014, Sophia Smith
"At 64, one would expect this seasoned rock 'n' roller to be slowing down a bit, but not Hodgson. He has the demeanor, excitement and stamina of a performer half his age."

Interview: Roger Hodgson says playing Supertramp hits at Sands Bethlehem Event Center is 'greatest gift I can give'
The Morning Call, November 8, 2014, John Moser
"There’s a feeling that’s generated -- how do you describe a feeling? People cry, people say, ‘Oh my god, that was one of the most uplifting experience I’ve had in 30 years.”

Super Fun with Roger Hodgson of Supertramp at Seneca Niagara
Sherrill Fulghum, November 8, 2014
"He promised two hours of fun and good times with no worries. What they got was two hours of memories, good rock music, and lots of fun."

Roger Hodgson @ Seneca Events Center
Backstage Axxess, November 7, 2014, Joseph Saccomanno
"When Roger Hodgson sings, people listen. They also stand up, clap their hands, sing along, cheer, stomp their feet and scream for more. A packed house did just that and more at the Casino Niagara Event Center last Friday night when Hodgson brought his "Breakfast in America" tour to town."

Review: Roger Hodgson tramps through super show at SoundBoard
The Daily Tribune, November 6, 2014, Gary Graff
"For the true aficionados, Hodgson and his facile four band members delivered impressively accurate renditions of ambitious epics such as “Child of Vision” and the suite-like “Fool’s Overture,” The musicians, in fact, were very bit Supertramp’s equal throughout the night."

Roger Hodgson, The Legendary Rock Voice Returns to Huntington
Good Times Magazine, November 4, 2014
"Roger Hodgson, Supertramp's co-founder and singer/songwriter and an area favorite, will bring his tour to The Paramount in Huntington on Tuesday, November 11. He will be joined on stage by his full band to perform his classic hits and a selection of songs from his solo albums."

Roger Hodgson ~ Accepting the Limelight

Whatzup Magazine, October 30, 2014, Mark Hunter

"Hodgson’s voice and playing are as strong as ever. And he’s achieving the name-recognition he shunned for years. His songs and his voice are his own, and he’s making the most of them."



Roger Hodgson brings his ‘Breakfast in America’ tour to Bethlehem
Ticket to Entertainment, October 29, 2014, Rob Nagy
“To be able to play a concert and take people on a journey, maybe to some place back in time to the first time they heard that song when they were falling in love or when they were in high school or maybe when life was a little simpler – it’s a real gift,” says Hodgson. “This is the first tour that I’m actually bringing my electric guitar out of the closet. That will add a new element for fans that have seen the show already. I’m always trying to introduce a song or two that people haven’t heard along with the favorites that people want to hear. It really makes for a very uplifting two-hour experience. It works!”

Interview ~ Breakfast in Detroit: Tales from a Dreamer
Exclusive Magazine, October 26, 2014, Russell Trunk
"Now about to embark on a brand new North American tour, I caught up with the man himself, Roger Hodgson ... and I first asked him to reflect back to his youth in Portsmouth, England..."

Memorável show da Supertramp em Vitória
Rede Gazeta, October 22, 2014, Renata Rasseli

"The distinctive voice of Supertramp in concert "Breakfast in America to Brazil" tour, Tuesday night at Vitória Arena...'Evening Standard' is right: Roger Hodgson is better today live, than the studio recording."


Interview ~ Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson to bring musical legacy to Bethlehem, PA
Allentown Music Examiner, September 13, 2014, James Wood
"Accompanied by a four-piece band, Hodgson will bring his rich, musical legacy to the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA on Sunday, Nov 9. Hodgson talks about his career and what fans can expect from his Bethlehem performance in a recent interview. "One of the things that I like most about making music is how it has brought people together from all over the globe and how many lasting friendships have been made through a common love of my songs. It is a very special and personal connection I have with many of my fans and that the fans have with one another."

Über 2000 Fans feiern Supertramp-Ära

More than 2000 fans celebrating Supertramp era ~

Hanauer Anzeiger, September 5, 2014, Andrea Pauly

"“I'm glad to be back in Hanau,” proclaimed the Englishman stemming from Portsmouth who has visited the Amphitheatre two years ago already, back then with a smaller cast and he promised his guests: “let's have a good time together”. A good time was indeed what his listeners were having tonight with this musical journey to the past which was in no way dated or antiquated but which showed in a fresh and intense way how timeless and immortal the works of Supertramp are, a band which was co-founded in 1969 by Hodgson."


Roger Hodgson begeistert zum Abschluss seiner Deutschland-Tour in Hessen

Roger Hodgson enchants fans in Hesse at the finale of his Germany tour ~
Mittelhessen.de, September 4, 2014, Regina Tauer

"It is a night with a perfect host. Graceful, showing genuine interest in his guests, radiating fine humour – that's how Roger Hodgson entertains his audience. Hodgson celebrates his music, plays the keyboards, piano and guitar. The “Voice of Supertramp” with his vital tenor, which climbs the heights effortlessly, is supported by excellent musicians."


Roger Hodgson: Großes Lob fürs Sinfonieorchester
Roger Hodgson: Great praise for the symphony orchestra ~
Aachener Nachrichten, September 2, 2014, Gerald Eimer

"There's dancing, laughing, singing, cheering – just like Hodgson had wished for at the beginning of the night. No-one really processed that the announced two-hour open air event had turned into almost three hours.  Just like when you meet with a good friend, time flies. “Hope to see you again soon” Hodgson tells his fans as they happily move into the night."


Da Capo-Veranstalter ziehen in Alzey positive Bilanz
Da Capo-Organizers in Alzey positive balance ~
Allgemeine Zeitung, September 3, 2014, Thomas Ehlke
Mayor (Burkhard) was particularly pleased with the performance of Supertramp frontman Roger Hodgson. "We've advanced to new dimensions here" states Burkhard regarding the artist's prominence as well as the number of tickets sold. 1750 fans have attended the "hit spectacle" according to Marcus Stier (organizer). Burkhard sums it up like this: "Despite that number, people were still able to move. That's the special thing about the festival: We don't squeeze out the utmost of the space capacity. Professional programming and intimate atmosphere - that's how it shall stay."

„Musik ist wie Medizin“ - Alzey Konzertbericht
"Music is like Medicine" - Alzey Concert Review ~
Allgemeine Zeitung, September 1, 2014, Carina Schmidt
"Hodgson – supported by his strong band of four - knocks out one classic after the other. It's unmistakable: Hodgson enjoys it to be on stage. The man, whose songs are about spiritual and philosophical topics appears like someone who has arrived. The 64-year-old says: “Love is the most important thing in life“ without sounding trite or kitschy. That's also why the messages of his songs have stood the test of time. A fact which the dedicated musician himself would not have believed back when he wrote songs like “Breakfast in America“ which he has written 40 years ago, within an hour in a hotel. Today this is the title of his world tour."

Begeisterung bei jedem Song: Roger Hodgson live beim Da Capo Festival in Alzey

Elation for every single song: Roger Hodgson live at the Da Capo Festival in Alzey ~

Regioactive.de, August 31, 2014, Erik Winkes

"This concert turns into a time travel through more than 40 years of music history in two hours. The audience enjoyed the great performance just as much as Roger Hodgson and his band did. That could be sensed everywhere."


Ribfest volunteers from Ohio give a little bit more

Positively Naperville, July 6, 2014
“If Hodgson is performing, Ribfest must be a something huge,” he said. The couple found Naperville on a map and determined it was about a five-hour drive from Dayton. They also looked further into the festival hosted by the Exchange Club of Naperville and were touched by the service club’s mission to help prevent child abuse and domestic violence. Hodgson’s signature song, “Give a Little Bit,” that he performed on stage at Ribfest Saturday night with his band of incredible musicians, certainly wraps up this story of generous American spirit, don’t you think?"



Roger Hodgson and Band in Liege
Quefaire.be, June 2014
"At the time Roger Hodgson was leading Supertramp, the group sold over 60 million records and was a worldwide phenomenon. Today, the legend is here with a stronger voice than ever and offers on stage his songs that were Supertramp hits and also some solo songs. For most fans, Roger Hodgson is and remains the heart and soul of Supertramp."

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid Review
The Concert in Concert, Jun 7, 2014, Roberto Fierro
"Songs that are and will be in the musical memory of many of us, that night we were watching the musical Hodgson in top form, both the piano, guitar and vocally."



Roger Hodgson is the Voice
Sud Ouest, Côte Basque People, Jun 6, 2014
"Mister Roger, his unmistakable voice all his, is sometimes with keyboard, piano, or guitar. The sound is super clean, magnified by the excellence of the Kursaal Auditorium because it is first and foremost a living classical music venue, which has an incomparable sound."

San Sebastian: the former singer of Supertramp in concert at Kursaal
Sud Ouest, Jun 6, 2014, Claire Talgorn
"Roger Hodgson wrote the greatest hits of the legendary British group. Since 1983, this eternal young man of 64 has had a successful solo career. His compositions have accompanied the days and nights of millions of music lovers for over 30 years."

Roger Hodgson ~ Madrid Interview
La Razón, May 29, 2014, Ulises Fuente
"I want to make people feel relieved, better. I think that in addition to all the things that need fixing in the world, we must heal many hearts of people who have wrecked their lives or dreams. That's what I try to do singing from my heart, inspire others."


Roger Hodgson gives Chandler audience a lot
Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner, Apr 26, 2014, Ted Hansen
"Seeing Roger Hodgson in concert gives one the warm, comfortable, feel found when reuniting with a long lost friend. Whether it’s the musings of a 19 year old Hodgson that wrote “Breakfast in America,” or the lovelorn Hodgson that composed “Give A Little Bit,” Hodgson’s lyrics have already opened up his feelings to the listener. Couple that with Hodgson’s easy going on stage demeanor and in between song insights and not only do you feel you know him, but, despite many years that may have gone by, that it was just yesterday that the two of you spoke. ..
Those fortunate people that may have tickets for the future performances of Roger Hodgson’s 2014 “Breakfast in America” Tour might ask, so how was opening night? Was it wonderful, beautiful, magical? It was bloody marvelous."

Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson to play to the gallery in Chandler
Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner, Feb 27, 2014, Ted Hansen
Thirty five years later, Hodgson is ready to embark on his 2014 Breakfast Around the World tour with the Chandler, Arizona stop being the opening show of the tour. With performances currently scheduled for the 2014 Breakfast Around the World tour in only three North American cities, Chandler, four sold out nights in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and at Ribfest in Naperville, Illinois, the Chandler show marks a rare opportunity for audiences to catch this unique talent."


Roger Hodgson On Yes, Ringo And Supertramp: ‘The Time For A Reunion Has Passed’
Radio.com, Brian Ives Oct 23, 2013
"We thought it was about time we asked him about a few other issues: namely, will Supertramp ever ride again, did Yes really ask him to join and what’s it like playing in Ringo Starr‘s band."




Review: Hodgson shows depth beyond Supertramp hits at Egg show
The Daily Gazette, Brian McElhiney Oct 22, 2013
"His boyish tenor can still strafe the stratosphere, and his playing on keyboard, piano and guitar was all-superb but it was the stuff in between that was the revelation, including tracks from his three underappreciated solo albums and deep cuts from the Supertramp back catalog, all of which made the case for Hodgson’s consistency over the years."




Roger Hodgson is more than a Supertramp
Entertainment518, Don Wilcock Oct 17, 2013
"His songs haven't left the radio waves and they're still played around the world."




Roger Hodgson: Music is the Best Medicine
Echo Vedettes, Jean-Francois Brassard
"The voice of Roger Hodgson is as unique as his talent. As much as his songs are on everyone’s lips since the seventies, as much of his name is unknown. Roger Hodgson, the soul of Supertramp gone solo since 1984…"




Roger Hodgson: Uniting generations
Good Times Magazine, Oct 08-21, 2013, Rob Shanahan
"Uniting generations at his concerts Roger Hodgson transports baby boomers back to their youth and gives younger generations a taste of why his heartfelt songs have endured."




Roger Hodgson: Excellence is perennial
Cotonete Magazine, Sept 07, 2013, Daniela Azevedo
"Almost nobody is indifferent to the sound of Supertramp but it is also true that people often did not associate the name Roger Hodgson. But after tonight, Roger Hodgson will be the reference for Supertramp for the Portuguese people."




Roger Hodgson & Bobby Bazini at Festival International des Montgolfieres
Confront Magazine, Aug 20, 2013, Melodie Guay
"Roger Hodgson is a class act and knows exactly what to do to ensure that the crowd is having a great time. For anyone who’s a Supertramp fan, or anyone who just wants to smile, this is the artist I would recommend."




Fireworks The Melodic Rock Magazine ~ Royal Albert Hall Review
Fireworks Magazine, Issue 59 Sept-Oct, 2013, Ray Paul
"For any difficult times in your life, you should be able to get a show like the one Roger Hodgson gave us – on prescription!"




It's Raining Again as Roger Hodgson delights Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Atlanta Live Music Examiner, August 19, 2013, Andrew Snook
"Mesmerizing", "haunting", "beautiful", "magnificent" and "wonderful" were just some of the superlatives that fans used to describe Roger Hodgson's performance at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on Sunday night."




Roger Hodgson revisits Supertramp's past
Orange County Register-Soundcheck, August 12, 2013, Robert Kinsler
"The Brit superbly surveyed his career at Pacific, from enduring hits to complex epics."




Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson On How The Beatles Inspired “Give A Little Bit”
KEarth101, August 7, 2013, Britt Bickel
"Part of the reason Supertramp’s hits have become such perennial favorites is because of the personal nature of the lyrics Roger wrote. He tells us about the inspiration about some of those classic songs including “Give A Little Bit."




Roger Hodgson, the voice of Supertramp, reflects on his life in music
Atlanta Live Music Examiner, August 6, 2013, Andrew Snook
"Roger Hodgson is one of the most creative songwriters with one of the most distinctive voices of the modern rock era."




Wie ein Zeiserl - Sänger Roger Hodgson im Tollwood-Zelt Ein Hauch von Paris!
Like a siskin - Singer Roger Hodgson in the Tollwood-tent. A whiff of Paris! ~
OVB-online.de, July 9, 2013, Jörg Heinrich
"Now the tenor-wizard Roger Hodgson conjured up a good deal of the old magic in Munich, he brought the intricate pop-operas back to life in the almost sold out Tollwood-tent."


Roger Hodgson verzaubert das Tollwood Festival in München auf seiner Breakfast in America Tour
Roger Hodgson enchants the Tollwood festival Munich in the course of his Breakfast in America tour ~ Dermusikjournalist.de, July 7, 2013, Erika Urban
"It's a nonpareil feeling when this voice fills the room. And there's one thing you realize at once: it's not his fans who have come to him - Roger Hodgson is coming to his fans. They belong together. Everyone gives the other what he needs. The night is an entity of music."

Jazz Open Stuttgart - Roger Hodgson spielt auf dem Schlossplatz - mit Orchester
Jazz Open Stuttgart - Roger Hodgson plays on the Schlossplatz - with orchestra ~
Stuttgarter Zeitung, July 7, 2013, Matthias Ring
"In a significant way, one of the night's most haunting moments is one of the quietest. It is just that song: "Even in the Quietest Moments" by and with Roger Hodgson: he himself, all alone on the twelve string guitar."


Roger Hodgson actúa en el Festival Jardins de Pedralbes
Roger Hodgson acts in the Festival Jardins de Pedralbes ~
LaVanguardia.com, July 4, 2013, Joseph Massot
You can have 63 years and still adolescent dreams. "How many before you came to my concert?" Hodgson said, and the audience was filled with hands raised. Then he joked: "There I see a child, you know who I am?" - and people laughed. "Well, in the next two hours let your problems go." People had fun, whistling, clapping, danced and sang. "Oh, lady, la, la, la, la. Oh, la, la, la, la..."

Roger Hodgson rafle encore la mise
Roger Hodgson Still Gives It All ~
Ladépęche.fr, July 3, 2013, Yves Gabay
Roger Hodgson was able to measure, once again, the extraordinary bond that his miraculous songs weave with his audience, representing some nostalgic soundtrack of a lost youth.


Rochester Jazz Fest 2013: Paloma Reviews Roger Hodgson
City Newspaper, June 27, 2013, Paloma Capanna
"Hodgson was with a four-man band, and for “The Awakening,” Hodgson sang with the bass player and the winds player, and their well-blended voices offered a fresh insight into what the future may sound like."

Roger Hodgson ~ Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater
Freetime Magazine, June 26, 2013, Scott Cordaro
"Whether it’s the the melodic complexity of the songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible range of his voice, beautiful was what kept coming to my mind during this performance at this Eastman Theater."

Roger Hodgson at Centre in the Square - June 23, 2013

Live in Limbo, June 25, 2013, Trent Richer
"One of the things that amazed me most was Hodgson’s command of the stage and theatre. He could stand there alone with his 12 string acoustic guitar and fill the entire venue with a large, full complete sound, which a band usually puts out, by himself. The man is personable, shows his vulnerable side, yet at the flip of a coin, he is joking and pulling pranks off on the band. He told stories about his songs then played those classic monster songs that are still lasting the test of time."


World Class Venue Hosts World Class Artist
June 23, 2013, Karol Wickert
"Roger once again awed and completely connected with his adoring audience.  As two of the four members of his group have families a short drive away from Kitchener, this concert held a lot of meaning for Roger, the band, and his adoring fans. The encore included “Two of Us“ and “Give A Little Bit“  where Aaron Macdonald’s young daughter got up on stage and played a tambourine to the joy of the singing and dancing crowd."

Roger Hodgson: eterna musicalidad
Roger Hodgson: Eternal Music ~
DiarioDigital.com.do, June 23, 2013
"There's no doubt that being in front of Roger Hodgson and his band is a unique experience musically speaking. He is the reflection of an upright and complete musician through and through."


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