Roger Hodgson: Take the Long Way Home -- Live in Montreal

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Brilliant! I can tell I'm going to be watching this DVD again many times. Roger really put himself into the songs, sounded amazing, and was... well, a lot of fun! Though I wasn't at the concert, I can imagine easily that I was, and am, each time I watch this. Each song was fantastic, but the one that really stood out, for me, was "Don't Leave Me Now"... I don't think I have ever felt so taken into a song as I was with this live version...Thank you, Roger, and all of those who helped make it possible, for bringing this outstanding DVD to us!~~Jenna

Ok now that I've watched the DVD 5 times now I can say it's still as great as the first time I've watched it. If you haven't gotten around to see Roger in concert this is the next best thing. If your a Supertramp fan or a Roger fan this DVD has it all the best of both worlds...I'd like to thank Roger for putting out this DVD, I will cherish it as the treasure it is...Hope to see you in concert again soon.~~Rick

Wow…where do I start? I watched it twice last night including most of the bonus features. It has to be one the best live DVD’s I have seen and I have seen a lot. I rent them all the time and have 50 or so in my collection so it is a media that I am quite familiar with. The video is sharp and the colour levels are very good. The audio mix is also excellent in both the stereo and 5.1 mix…And I like the presentation of the extras and variety that was offered. It is a nice mix of interview, fan reaction, and Roger doing his thing (rehearsal, meet and greet, etc.)~~Susan

The DVD made me smile a lot, sing along a lot, at times gave me chills, and put me in total amazement of how you and an audience could recreate those fabulous Supertramp/Hodgson soul stories.  Thank you for such a wonderful gift!  Bravo Roger, Bravo!~~Warren

Just finished watching the DVD and I’m just blown away…Roger, keep on doing what you do, cause you're the BEST at it. You're in my heart forever, thank you so much for making me so happy.  Hope you'll be back soon, Montreal loves you.....Thank you ...your fan~~Cynthia

I bought the DVD yesterday and was blown away - it's amazing!!!!  I own dozens of live concert DVD's and yours is definitely one of the best.  Sincerely~~Clay

Just got the Montreal DVD... WOW! .....I've watched the DVD 3 times since I bought it this afternoon! It gets better each time. Unreal. You're a talented, talented musician/artist/songwriter Rog... thanks so much for all the great memories... peace out.~~Kelly

Just received the DVD, what can I say totally BRILLIANT! As expected a real pleasure to see and hear you perform on your venture into visual music, hope there is more to come….. Great to see a true talent performing as good today as you ever was.~~John


I love this DVD!!  I’ve watched it over and over again with my friends and family and really do feel like it’s my own private concert. And the bonus features are great- I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be backstage… now I know! Thank you so much for putting out this DVD, it’s a dream come true for fans like me.~~Michael   (Milwaukee)

I just received my copy of Roger's "Live in Montreal" DVD. I absolutely love it more than words can express. It is truly priceless.~~Guita (Los Angeles)


I just listened to your DVD and you know, I really think that you should put a sticker on the cover saying something like: "Warning This DVD contains high emotions". WOW!!! Many thanks for that soundtrack Roger.~~Bruce

I just had the pleasure of watching the Montreal DVD.  Congratulations!  It was beautifully done.  I could see the joy and love come through, as every song was delivered as only Roger can do.  Thank you for helping to make this happen for us, the ones who love the man and his music.~~Kathy

Hi Roger,

Thank you so much for producing this wonderful DVD, I have watched it again and again and think it is the best DVD I have ever seen.  I also love the interview at the end.   I am female - 44 years old and Supertramp was my favourite group while growing up.  I now realize that you were the driving force behind the group.  Your voice is so peaceful, I wish I  was there to give you a big hug.  Often when I play your DVD I turn off the lights just to hear your special voice.  It gives me such a great feeling.  I look forward to the next DVD.~~Hugs Gail

Hi Roger... I have to tell you that I purchased your Montreal concert on dvd & watched it last night. I owned at least 5 Supertramp albums as a 'young' girl & your lyrics struck me on a much deeper level back in the 70's than I was able to comprehend...until I had 2 sons & experienced my unconditional love for them as a single mother & the kid who still loves Supertramp. I have to admit... I cried tears when you sang "Hide in Your Shell"... it speaks volumes about all of us for that matter.. Thank you for that beautiful concert in Halifax Nova Scotia & the one last night in Montreal on dvd. I miss those days. We all do.~~Margie :)

Thank you for the release of your DVD Live In Montreal Roger. The memories you have released with your songs of years gone by, the unbelieveable tone of your voice, and the wonderful songs have made me remember times long ago!  I saw every concert Supertramp did in Edmonton, Alberta. I love your singing as much now as I did then.  Seeing you on Canadian Idol brought tearsof joy to my eyes.  Thank you, for being  you and doing what you do so very well.~~JoAnne

Hi Roger, Greetings from Australia. I just want to comment that you have become my favourite music artist . I grew up to the music of Supertramp and as a young boy heard songs such as "Take the long way home", "Dreamer"and Ït's raining again" that have created many wonderful lasting memories of childhood. I love your DVD too and every song on it. I think "Hide in your Shell" is absolutely stunning. You put so much passion into your music and every lyric of every song represents deep meaning. I have a copy of "Ïn the eye of the storm" but I'm still yet to purchase your other solo albums as they are difficult to find here in Australia. I can't wait for your next release. Kindest regards~~Mark.


*Note to Mark - Roger's other solo albums are available directly from Roger's website.

Hi! I bought the DVD and your show is "magnificent". All your songs are special and if you want, you can add/remove songs, do what you want with it, it's always great. The only thing you can't remove from your show it's your "AMAZING" SMILE! Please keep it! Sorry for my poor English. doing my best to communicate with you! Really like you and your "energy", you're like a "sun" on the stage.~~Andrée (Montréal)

I just listened to your new DVD and it is so inspirational. I love how you put your heart and soul into your music. I've been a fan of yours for 30 yrs and you sound the same. Music is my soul. May god keep blessing you.~~Helen, NFLD

Greetings, I just wanted to send my regards and say "Well Done" on the DVD. The videography of it is great - it truly captures the television viewing audience and puts them in the moment of the concert. I also wanted to acknowledge the great wordsmith of Roger Hodgson. His lyrics are true poetry - the kind that you simply do not see a lot of today in music. His songs evoke images and scenery that only someone with a real love and understanding of the english language could create. It is smart lyrical writing like this that makes us want to linger over the song page.~~Lara

Since seeing your concert on the 22nd in Vancouver, where I might add I bought your DVD, my wife and 8 year old daughter have watched it almost every night. My daughter nows sings along with the songs as I do but her fav is he Logical song,also one of mine too. The DVD shows many talents of yours from the music to the writing talent you have but also the compassion for people and Life. It is reflected in the way you talk to the audience and in the music you sing ,the strong conviction you have toward being good to each other and giving back to each other. The DVD is very well done to highlight you and your music and the sound is awesome in 5.1. We as your fans can not thank you enough for leaving us with this DVD to carry us over until you next come to each of our cities to woo us again .  The music you sing has special meaning for all of us who are your fans and we all look forward to the next time .  Thanks so much for a show that made us all see our youth again and the part you played in it.~~Bruce

Hello Roger, I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful DVD.  My brother bought me a copy and sent it to me.  I have a 12 string guitar as well, which I try to play as much as possible, but now, after seeing your DVD, I will be playing it a lot more, while watching the DVD. The songs were beautiful. The guitar sounded like it came directly from God's hands to yours. Thank you so much.~~Lisa

Fantastic ,seen the DVD many times already, it brings a tear to my eye warms my heart and of course I sing along with Roger.~~Tim

Being from winnipeg I was unable to see you live last week so I went out and bought your new DVD (live in Montreal), by the way I watched it twice today.  Your voice is still as powerful and enthralling as it was in the 80s and I must say it very amazing to watch you sing those timeless classics. All the Best~~Mike

Just received the DVD from your website, what can I say totally BRILLIANT! As expected a real pleasure to see and hear you perform on your venture into visual music, hope there is more to come. Can not wait for you to come back to the U.K. Great to see you perform some of your Supertramp material and may I say your recordings since Supertramp are just as good. Great to see a true talent performing as good today as you ever was. But please now as Oliver said, can we have some more.  Many thanks~~John


The extras are fantastic. It makes the whole DVD a complete Roger Hodgson experience and a great supplement after having seen a show personally.~~Phil


I just love the new DVD ....playing it to death!!    Brad


I just wanted to say that we watched your new DVD tonight and were totally amazed and impressed by the show! Thank You!!!  Anyway, thanks for the grreat music and inspiring thoughts from your DVD.   Yours Truly~~Paul and Denise


Bought your DVD and it's truly sensational. Your music and songs came from your heart and touched us both.  Your music has never sounded better Roger. It shows you are in a wonderful time of your life and we are very happy for you.~~Bill

I bought the DVD Live in Montreal of a deliverer in the South America, I saw and I adored. Fantastic! I would like that Roger came in Brazil and repeated this incredible performance here. Congratulations to everybody that had participated in the production of the event.~~Marcos


I just purchased a copy of ''take the long way home''. Wow! Thanks again for giving me that opportunity at the place des arts. The performance is marvelous! And about that new song ''Oh brother'', it is definitely for me the best song of the show. The outstanding vocal partition shows a mature voice and awesome power that's way beyond what I thought possible from a guy your age...! Comparing to other rock singers from the 70's, it's suprising to how you kept everything from your voice, and even gained some... You definitely blew me away!~~Simon


I'm now 38 and just can't believe my ears listening to your Live DVD...Bought all your LP's and CD's and now your DVD. And it seems that your voice and talent never changed! Well, i took this opportunity to let you know that you made my eyes «watering» at each song you perform on the DVD as i did in 1979...Thanks again for your music and for your passion.~~Pierre


Just finished watching the DVD. It was more than just watching a concert on TV. It was an EXPERIENCE. It was superb! Thank-you Roger!~~Tom


Watched your new dvd !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !! You sound fantastic!!! Great show, seen you live 4 times and this was by far the best ever YOU ARE THE MAN~~Dan


I just finished watching the DVD and all I can say is WOW!! I am so proud to have been a part of that whole magical evening. The DVD is magnificent and really does justice to what an extraordinary performer Roger is. ~~Kim

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