Welcome to the official website of Roger Hodgson, the legendary co-founder of Supertramp and singer-songwriter of the classic hits "Dreamer," "Breakfast in America," "Give a Little Bit,"  "The Logical Song," "Take The Long Way Home," "It's Raining Again," "Fool's Overture," "School," "Hide in Your Shell," "Lovers in the Wind," "Lord is it Mine"...and more!

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“The power of the music was indisputable with many of the audience in tears of joy at the memories and emotions the songs evoked. It was like seeing Supertramp back in their heyday.” Evening Herald

The energy that I felt in the room last night was totally amazing and everyone around me felt the same way! Roger Hodgson truly put on an amazing performance and his voice rang throughout!Valley Ledger

When Roger Hodgson sings, people listen.
They also stand up, clap their hands, sing along, cheer, stomp their feet and scream for more.”
Joseph Saccomanno, Backstage Axxess

Hodgson effortlessly weaves the music around his audience giving an almost cathartic emotional release in some cases. His instantly recognisable voice and pulsating keys are in as fine a form as you will hear, and the genuine friendliness and personality of Hodgson, comes across in waves from stage to audience.”
John Hayhurst, Subba Cultcha

Timeless songs, a unique tone of voice, emotions and chills. Roger Hodgson has transported his audience in the best years of Supertramp.”
Le Journal de Québec

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2018 Tour

flag Jun 12   Kufstein, Austria  On Sale
flag Jun 14   Zürich, Switzerland  On Sale
flag Jun 15   Neuchâtel, Switzerland  On Sale
flag Jun 16   Liège, Belgium  On Sale
flag Jun 17   London, England  On Sale
flag Jun 21   Oslo, Norway  On Sale

flag Jun 22   Langesund, Norway  On Sale

flag Jun 24   Bergen, Norway  On Sale
flag Jun 26  Rotterdam, Netherlands  On Sale
flag Jun 28  Amsterdam, Netherlands  On Sale
flag Jun 29  Amsterdam, Netherlands  SOLD OUT!
flag Jun 30  Tilloloy, France  On Sale
flag Jul 13    Philadelphia, PA, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 14    Sunbury, PA, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 15    Lancaster, PA, USA  On Sale!
flag Jul 17    Annapolis, MD, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 18    Englewood, NJ, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 24   San Diego, CA, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 25   Costa Mesa, CA, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 27   Coarsegold, CA, USA  On Sale
flag Jul 28   Snoqualmie, WA, USA On Sale
flag Aug 9   Haugesund, Norway  On Sale
flag Aug 11  Faroe Islands, Denmark  On Sale
flag Aug 14  Alicante, Spain  On Sale
flag Aug 16  Jerez de la Frontera, Spain  On Sale
flag Aug 17  Úbeda, Spain  On Sale
flag Aug 18  Palafrugell, Spain  On Sale
flag Aug 20  Bonn, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 21   Leipzig, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 23  Hamburg, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 24  Hanau, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 25  Spiez, Switzerland  On Sale
flag Aug 26  Beverungen, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 28  Bremen, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 29  Giessen, Germany  On Sale
flag Aug 31   Hemer, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 1    Mannheim, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 2   Bochum, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 4  Aachen, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 6  Stuttgart, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 7  Munich, Germany  On Sale
flag Sept 8  Berlin, Germany  On Sale
flag Oct 26  Québec, Canada  SOLD OUT!
flag Oct 27  Ottawa, Canada  On Sale
flag Oct 29  Montréal, Canada  On Sale
flag Oct 30  Montréal, Canada  SOLD OUT!
flag Oct 31   Montréal, Canada  On Sale
flag Nov 2  Rama, Canada More info this summer!
Nov 3  Rama, Canada More info this summer!
flag Nov 15  Calgary, Canada More info coming in May!
Nov 16  Enoch, Canada  On Sale

More Announcements Coming Soon!

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Breakfast in America World Tour!


"Hi Everyone, Roger here – I want to be the first to let you know that I’ll be touring in 2018. We have an exciting year coming together with some surprises in store. There have been so many requests for concerts coming in so keep checking this site as we’ll be announcing many shows going on sale soon. Hope to see many of you in the coming year.
Much love, Roger"

In what cities or countries would you like to see Roger perform in 2018? Share with us on your local ticket sites where you purchase tickets or on Roger's
Facebook Page!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience -


Nov 27  ~
Roger's returning home. See Roger's only scheduled show in London for 2018!
He will be performing at The O2 with YES on June 17 at the Stone Free Festival.
This will be a seated show. Tickets http://bit.ly/2i775lI. Roger's looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer.

Roger live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMLNeSbtVN0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBefDWSMNaQ.
Keep checking back - there are a lot more shows to be announced - http://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/tour.html.


Nov 24  ~
If you’re contemplating a special gift for your loved ones, friends, and family this holiday season, why not share with them the gift of music that has touched your heart and lifted your spirit? A meaningful, fun gift that will keep on giving.
For your favorite Music, Gift Certificates, and more, visit RogerHodgsonStore.com.


Nov 23  ~
Roger is returning to Rotterdam’s Luxor Theater June 26 and Amsterdam’s Koninklijk Theater Carré June 28 and 29. Tickets for all three shows at these two beautiful theaters go on sale Friday, November 24 - just in time for Sinterklass presents! Don’t delay, as Roger’s shows in Rotterdam and Amsterdam this year and last sold out in days!
For tickets and additional information:
Rotterdam - on sale at 10 AM - http://bit.ly/2zhy9BJ
Amsterdam - on sale at 9 AM - http://bit.ly/1zMRtP5M
Enjoy Roger performing his enduring classic, Take the Long Way Home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLP0y-X4uYs

Nov 22  ~
First GERMANY show announcement for 2018!
Don’t miss Roger and his band August 29 in Giessen at Gießener Kultursommer. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, November 23, at 10:00AM through http://bit.ly/2jKNesU, by phone at +49 (0) 180 60 50 400, and at all official ticket outlets - ages six and under are free with ticketed adult.
For additional details - http://www.giessenerkultursommer.de.
We can’t wait to see you in August, “Dreamers,” -


Nov 20  ~
NORWAY - Roger is returning! See us June 21 at the OverOslo Festival with ORCHESTRA. A beautiful setting for what will be a most magical night under the stars! Tickets are now on sale through http://bit.ly/2idbYpl. Don’t delay, as Roger’s 2014 visit to the Festival sold out very quickly. All ticket holders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. For additional details - http://www.overoslo.no. Share the news that Roger is returning to Norway!
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UBbSuP7-NQ.. We will see you in June!

Nov 19  ~

"Hi Everyone, Roger here – I want to be the first to let you know that I’ll be touring in 2018. We have an exciting year coming together with some surprises in store. There have been so many requests for concerts coming in so keep checking this site as we’ll be announcing many shows going on sale soon. Hope to see many of you in the coming year. Much love, Roger"

In what cities or countries would you like to see Roger perform in 2018? Share with us on your local ticket sites where you purchase tickets or on Roger's Facebook Page!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience -

Oct 29  ~

The valley filled with a sea of fog against the backdrop of the majestic mountains created a gorgeous setting for the spellbinding musical journey with Roger tonight. It was a magnificent end to this leg of Roger’s 2017 world tour with the band. It’s been a privilege to witness so many hearts touched and friendships formed through the musical connection Roger brings. Thank you to all who came.

We look forward to seeing some of you on the next leg of the journey with Night of Proms in Germany and then the 2018 tour.❤ ~ Shakti & Linda

Oct 23  ~
Enjoy Roger's new enlightening interview with Chicago's Classic Rock 97.1 The Drive WDRV ! We will see you tonight and tomorrow at Arcada Theatre in St Charles (40 miles west of Chicago). Remaining tickets may be purchased online here: Oct 23 - http://bit.ly/2rnt2fd and Oct 24  http://bit.ly/2pHkHXq. Don't miss out! These are the only shows on the North America tour that are not sold out - yet!

Roger Hodgson interview

Seaver got to sit down and talk to the talented and kindhearted Roger Hodgson of Supertramp over the weekend! He's playing at the Arcada Theatre tomorrow night http://bit.ly/2rnt2fd and Tuesday night http://bit.ly/2pHkHXq - give a little bit of your time (and get your tickets for an amazing night!)

Posted by 97.1 The Drive WDRV ! on Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oct 17  ~
Enjoy Roger's interview from today with Chicago's 95.9 The River. See us in St Charles, IL on October 23 and 24 at Arcada Theatre. We are looking forward to seeing you next week!
Tickets available here:
Oct 23 - http://bit.ly/2pLzgZH More Info: http://bit.ly/2rnt2fd
Oct 24 - http://bit.ly/2pU43Qo More Info: http://bit.ly/2pHkHXq

Oct 12 ~

What an experience with Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield!

Col. Chris Hadfield: "Tonight, totally by luck, I sat next to Roger Hodgson of Supertramp while watching a SpaceX rocket launch. So much to talk about together. Small world, ours."

What an experience with Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield!

Posted by Roger Hodgson on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Oct 11  ~
"For anyone who has listened to Roger’s music, you can tell it’s written from the heart as it touches those that hear it in a way that is personal to them. The lyrics are meaningful, melodies well thought out and it’s composed as a classical piece of music is, with thought and organization."
Thank you to photojournalist Kathy Stockbridge for this review in NYS Music for Roger's sold out show in Verona, NY this past Sunday.


MontagesMore videos on Roger's Official YouTube Channel:  YouTube Logo

Tour Montage
2017 World Tour Montage

Give a Litte Bit
Breakfast in America 2017

Roger Hodgson World Tour

Breakfast in America World Tour

Concert Reviews

"This concert turns into a time travel through more than 40 years of music history in two hours. The audience enjoyed the great performance just as much as Roger Hodgson and his band did. That could be sensed everywhere."

Erik Winkes – Regioactiv.de

Full Article


Tonight’s show reinforces the sheer volume of Roger’s back catalogue, as he performs a large number of his Supertramp contributions plus a sprinkling of his later solo works, and the most telling fact here is that, even though it is only his half of the Supertramp catalogue that he perform, if this were a Supertramp show, the setlist would feel satisfactorily complete."
Steve Pilkington - Classic Rock Society Magazine

Full Article

“It is a night with a perfect host. Graceful, showing genuine interest in his guests, radiating fine humour – that's how Roger Hodgson entertains his audience. Hodgson celebrates his music, plays the keyboards, piano and guitar. The “Voice of Supertramp” with his vital tenor, which climbs the heights effortlessly, is supported by excellent musicians."Regina Tauer - Mittelhessen.de
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“He is a consummate musician that takes his craft seriously. Every aspect of his performance was flawless.”
Jeb Wright - Classic Rock Revisited

Full Article



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Give a Litte Bit
Give A Little Bit


Lord is it Mine
Lord Is It Mine

Take the Long Way Home
Take The Long
Way Home

The Logical Song

Its Raining Again
It's Raining Again


Hide in Your Shell
Hide In Your Shell

Dont Leave Me Now
Don't Leave Me Now

Breakfast in America
Breakfast In America

In Jeopardy
In Jeopardy

Only Because of You
Only Because of You

Child of Vision
Child of Vision

Even in the Quietest Moments
Even in the Quietest Moments

Fool's Overture
Fool's Overture

Read what audiences have been saying about Roger's shows...

“I shoot shows for a local Atlanta paper and this was hands down the best show of the year. I have shot over 40 acts this summer. Roger Hodgson was #1. What a set, incredible musicians, just a grand night to be a fan of his music.”
~ Chuck

The show was simply incredible! Every song was an epic moment, your voice sounded perfect and the band played with marvellous grace!” ~ Gabriel


“…I returned to the past when I was 17 years old. Roger was extraordinaire. I closed my eyes and I realized the chance I have to love this music. Thank you Roger for this specials moment and for the great times I will remember for the rest of my life.” ~ Robert

 “Your voice was and is truly amazing thank you for a great night.  You are the one that I have been waiting forever to see live and now my life is complete.” ~ Lyn   


“I had the honor and pleasure to be at your show. Since my early teens I am a huge fan of your strong and also sweet voice, and and your songs. You write and sing with your heart. Thank you so much for giving us the privilege of making our dreams come true. Please come back.” ~ Marcia



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Roger Hodgson: Excellence is perennial

"If we closed our eyes, it was Supertramp who were actually there.... Almost nobody is indifferent to the sound of Supertramp but it is also true that people often did not associate the name Roger Hodgson.  But after tonight, Roger Hodgson will be the reference for Supertramp for the Portuguese people."

Daniela Azevedo - Cotonete Magazine Portugal

Full Article


Breakfast in America Tour - Brussels, Belgium Review

“This is music in its simplicity. No frills and no gimmicks. Just an angelic voice that effortlessly scales the storm with the most widespread octaves, accompanied by pure instruments. Hodgson still has that wonderful unlimited vocal range!”
Gerrit Van De Vijver – MusicZine

Full Article

Review: Northern Lights Theater

“Watching Roger Hodgson perform and interact with the audience, one couldn't fail to notice the positive energy he was emanating throughout the evening. A true touch of magic!”
Mark Kadzielawa – 69 Faces of Rock Magazine

Full Article


It's Raining Again as Roger Hodgson delights Atlanta Botanical Gardens 
"Throughout the show it was remarkable that Hodgson's voice has lost nothing since those days thirty years ago when he was lead singer for Supertramp. His voice actually has greater inflection and expressiveness these days and he used both of those to great effect throughout the evening." 
Andrew Snook – Atlanta Live Music Examiner

Full Article


Roger Hodgson allows Chandler audience to dream

"Beautiful. That’s the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Breathtaking might also apply. I want more certainly would."

Ted Hansen – Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner

Full Article

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Breakfast in America Classics Live Open The Door - Roger Hodgson

"Breakfast in America"
Celebrating 38 Years

Click here to listen to:

The Logical Song
Breakfast in America
Take the Long Way Home
Lord is it Mine
Child of Vision






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"Classics Live"

Click here to listen to:

Take the Long Way Home
Give a Little Bit
Hide in Your Shell
Breakfast in America
Only Because of You
Lord is it Mine
The Logical Song
Two of Us
It's Raining Again

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"Open The Door"


Click here to listen to:

Along Came Mary
Love is a Thousand Times
Open the Door
The More I Look
Death and a Zoo
Say Goodbye
The Garden
For Every Man

Buy Now

Roger Hodgson wrote and composed the songs listed above on the Breakfast in America Album. Though all the above songs that Roger recorded with Supertramp were credited equally Hodgson/Davies, that does not reflect how it really was. Roger actually wrote his songs while he was alone and many of his biggest hits were songs he had written before he met Rick and co-founded the band. Roger and Rick actually wrote separately, though they continued to share writer's credit. Of course, it would have been Roger's preference if he'd had better advice and had all the songs he wrote in just his name and the ones Rick wrote just in Rick's name so there would not be so much confusion about the difference in artistic, lyrical and musical styles of each songwriter and composer.


Classics Live Review

For most of my life, I've loudly and proudly identified myself as a Supertramp fan. All these years later, I listen with awe to the altogether stunning new Classics Live album only to discover that I am, in fact, first and foremost, a major Roger Hodgson fan. His is the voice that spoke to me as a young man, and speaks to me even more powerfully all these years later. An utterly inspired collection of live performances of the best-loved songs that Roger Hodgson has written and sung to date, Classics Live reminds us in the most vivid way who brought the world such beloved rock standards as "Give A Little Bit," "Take The Long Way Home," "The Logical Song" and "Dreamer," and why these shining songs endure as deeply personal yet somehow universal expression of longing, love and our endless search for human connection. Hodgson's performances on Classics Live were recorded in various venues around the world -- from France to Brazil to Germany to Venezuela. Some of the performances here are acoustic, some with a small rock band; others find Hodgson backed by an orchestra too, and yet the entire album holds together as the deeply felt song cycle of a lifetime from an artist who for too long has been too humble to lay claim to his own remarkable musical legacy. Roger Hodgson may have taken the long way home, but with Classics Live he's back and he has never sounded better.

Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone


Open the Door is a brilliant solo album by Roger with his same magic touch for melody, catchy hooks, and powerful, dramatic rock that made his work with Supertramp so special. Great songs from end to end. Hodgson's classic falsetto voice remains in pristine condition, his playing & songwriting simply wonderful. Open The Door is a must-buy CD for the Roger Hodgson/Supertramp faithful. Here’s a few songs from this Album to listen too above.


Some of our Featured CDs:



Crime of the Century


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Crisis? What Crisis?


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Even in the Quietest Moments


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In the Eye of the Storm


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Paris (live)


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Famous Last Words


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The Very Best of Supertramp



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Hai Hai


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Live in Montreal DVD



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DVD Reviews


Normally I'm not a fan of live albums or DVDs. However, when this singer/songwriter from one of my favorite 70s bands, Supertramp, released this DVD featuring his concert recorded in Montreal in '06, I knew it wouldn't be anything less than stellar. I wasn't disappointed!


Unlike most singers from our musical past, Roger's voice seems to have only blossomed and improved with time. He gives 150% of himself, resulting in a sweet, soaring vocal performance.


Beautifully produced, the audio and visuals are a treat for the senses.


It's a feel-good concert that will leave you smiling (and in my case, cheering!).


"The whole audience went several times into standing ovations as he sang and played as a "One Man Orchestra" either a "12 Strings Guitar", A Piano, An Electronic Keyboard or The Harmonica. This DVD is a GEM as the stage production including lights and sound as well as the quality of the Video (near HD) are excellent."


“I currently have a badly broken leg, so about once a day I put in my hand-signed DVD and watch the concert from Montreal. Roger has such a positive attitude it makes me want to get up and dance! Roger Hodgson: rock on!” VK



You can get your autographed Montreal DVD now at the Roger Hodgson Store



More Fan Reviews


"Never have I seen an artist on stage make such a full and beautiful sound. No need for drums, no need for bass.  You were able to create it all." ~ Alex

"Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday evening concert at Place des Arts in Montreal. Your music and more importantly, your enthusiasm for expressing your music to the audience is inspiring! I felt that you sang each and every song with a passion ... not just an empty or bland repetition of sameness!  Thank for a wonderful evening. ~ Bruce 
Just wanted to say that I went to the Roger Hodgson concert and it may have been the BEST concert I have ever seen.  Roger's voice is even better than it was when he was with Supertramp. My friends and I were blown away by the sheer talent Roger has. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Roger live if they can.  Thank You Roger for a wonderful, entertaining night." ~ Danny

"God certainly blessed our world when he gave us Roger Hodgson." ~ Judy and Bob

"You brought back memories hidden in me for so long. I had the best time since I don’t remember. Thank you for the precious time you gave us. Man, you made my year." ~ Jean-Marc


"Roger, your music has been my best friend through good times and bad...... and whenever a song of yours comes on, the troubles of everyday life never seem that bad. Thank you...... from a diehard fan from way back! ~ Ronald


My first album played on my car stereo when I turned 17, my first love, my wedding, my first child's birth, thank you for the gift of your music and the wonderful memories I still get when I hear it or play it. Your music is food for my ears, your music is poetry that speaks to us individually."  ~ Julieanne


"I currently have a badly broken leg, so about once a day I put in my hand-signed DVD and watch the concert from Montreal. Roger has such a positive attitude it makes me want to get up and dance! Roger Hodgson: rock on! ~ Val

Roger’s songs are the only music that can move me to tears - his happy songs, his sad songs, they all get inside of my head and affect me like no other songs can do". ~ Jo


"His music is from the heart... every lyric, every note, and every strum are don’t with wholesome love and passion. It's a kind of music that makes you happy no matter what mood you're in. It's the kind of music that makes you glad to be alive and able to enjoy the wonders of life."  ~ Cameron


"There's nothing between the music and my heart. Roger's voice pierces through the air like an arrow. ~ Michael

His music flows straight from his heart and soul into my heart and soul -- no detours, no boundaries. Roger's music is the music of my life." ~ Joni


"Roger’s music pulled me back from the abyss in my darkest hours, it's never betrayed me, it's always touched deep inside and given me hope and strength, it's been in my heart since we "met", it's been the theme of my life, and its been my closest friend. AND, Roger's music helped me court and win my wife!" ~ Jim



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