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Art shall make the world a bit more beautiful

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Steffen Radlmeier





Roger Hodgson will play with five musicians

El Universal, Dec 10, 2008, Jose Antonio Azopardo





Music as a key to the heart

morgenweb.de, Oct 21, 2008, Christine Maisch-Straub





Interview with Roger (in Greek)
Rocking.gr, Oct 2008





Interview with Roger

Neos Kosmos, Oct 2008, Mike Sweet

"The audience are on their feet, dancing, clapping the rhythm, waving, singing along. There’s a palpable feeling of euphoria, of joy and love in the air."




"I am who I am today thanks to Supertramp"

This is Rock, Oct 2008, Oscar Plaza





Mannheim Germany Press

Mannheim Press, Oct 2008





Mannheim, Germany ~ Reviews
Elisabeth Flieger & Morgenweb.de, Oct 2008

Take the Long Way Home

Die Neue Suditroler - Tages Zeitung, Oct 23, 2008, Christoph Franceschini

"Hodgson, who still looks like 35, radiates such an easiness and serenity, that you simply have to feel comfortable with him. And when he starts to sing with this impressive, unique voice, nobody can resist this musician."




"Celebration of Humanity"

l’Humanité, Sep 12, 2008, Victor Hache





Roger Hodgson coloca o Rio...

O Dia, Sep 6, 2008





Waidhofen, Austria ~ Review
Aug 30, 2008, Christine Pinter



HeiBe Musik und kalter Widerstand

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Aug 25, 2008, Wieland Schmid






Hodgson resucita a Supertramp

Hodgson resurrects Supertramp ~

El Faro de Vigo, Jul 24, 2008, Rafa Estevez

"Just one man and his music: his songs have become, on their own right, anthems for about six thousand people who enjoyed one of the most important summer shows in Vigo. ..The songs sounded pure and simple but also full of power, beauty and art. All the people said the same comment: “What a superb show."




"Espero Tocar Para Zapatero Algun Dia"

"I Hope to Play Before Zapatero Someday" ~

El Ideal, Jul 23, 2008, Eduardo Tebar






Una Noche Inolvidable

An Unforgettable Night ~

Publicado en INFORMACION, Jul 21, 2008, Marc Llorente

"Roger has a quiet energy, is in good shape, enjoys his shows and makes many people happy. He surrounds the audience with his voice..the audience showed their happiness in a sold out venue, remembering some of the most known songs that were written by Roger Hodgson, who plays acoustic piano, electric piano and two acoustic guitars."




"Someone who only listens to others will be lost"

OZelot, Jul 2008, B. Andreas






Roger Hodgson ofrece un recital de luja en el Festival

Roger Hodgson performs a luxury show in Cordoba Guitar Festival ~

Festivales.com, Jul 18, 2008






Roger in Diario de Mallorca

Diario de Mallorca, Jul 15, 2008






La Depeche du Midi, Jul 10, 2008, Pascal Charras






Carcassone, France ~ Review
Jul 9, 2008, Nicolas Ritter

Carcassone, France ~ Review
Jul 9, 2008, Miguel-Angel Candela

Roger Hodgson levantó de sus asientos al público del IX Festival ‘Pozuelo Escénica’

Roger Hodgson got the audience standing on their feet in 'Pozuelo Escénica’ IX Festival' ~

Diario de Pozuelo, Jul 8, 2008, Ángela del Caz

"..all the people from Pozuelo were touched, remembered unique moments in their lives and danced and sang and clapped all those intimate and melodic lyrics of the artist."





"Mis canciones han superado la prueba del tiempo"

"My songs have stood the test of time" ~

El Pais - Madrid,  Jul 5, 2008, Neira Fernando





Madrid, Spain ~ Review
Jul 5, 2008, Abel Fuentes

San Sebastian, Spain ~ Review
Jun 29, 2008, Kontxi

"Wir haben es ihm schmackhaft gemacht"

"We have made it palatable" ~

Tageszeitung, Jun 26, 2008






La storica voce dei Supertramp suonera a Steinegg Live - Collepietra, arriva Hodgson

The historic voice of Supertramp will play in Steinegg Live - Collepietra, comes Hodgson ~

Corriere del Ato Adige, Jun 22, 2008






Mister Supertramp - Roger Hodgson comes to Steinegg

Dolomiten Magazin, Klemens Riegler






Eye to Eye and Face to Face with the Hero of their Youth

Kieler Nachrichten

“[Hodgson] told me he saw me in the audience during the concert and recognized how happy I was,” says Martina Bliese, delighted. The best thing about him is his genuineness and his honesty. “And he creates real good-mood-music."





Interview with Roger

Noticias de Alavas






Alte Lieder, gute Herzen

Old songs, good heart ~

Kieler Nachrichten, Karen Jahn

"After the first notes played by Roger on the piano or on his guitar the songs are already recognized and celebrated by the fans. Almost everyone in the crowd can sing along with the lyrics word by word."





Rock for Nature

Rock for Nature 2008






Hiding in Plain Sight is Over

The Record of Bergen County, NJ - Jun 6, 2008, David J. Spatz






Absolutely Super

Welt am Sonntag, Jun 1, 2008

"For two hours the winsome singer, together with the equally fantastic Aaron McDonald, cast a spell on around 1000 guests and provided for a super atmosphere."





Mehr Shick war in der Fabrik noch nie

Hamburg 2008






Die TagesZeitung Rose

TagesZeitung, May 28, 2008






Frankfurt feiert Roger Hodgson

Frankfurt celebrates Roger Hodgson ~

journalportal.de, May 2008, Andreas Dosch

"..with so much genuine joy and passion presented it shows yet again how important were these pop classics for a whole generation."





Roger Hodgson: Magie in Wohnzimmer-Atmosphare

Roger Hodgson: Magic in living room-atmosphere ~

TagesZeitung, May 28, 2008, M. Schmidt

"In a cosy and comfortable living room-atmosphere with carpets and pot plants, Roger Hodgson switched placidly between guitar, piano and keyboard. His voice is still strong and clear. With an almost excessive joy of playing and easiness this charismatic musician performed one hit after the other - and carries back his audience into the time of proms at school and the first kiss."





Roger Hodgson - Mr. Supertramp

Suddeutsche Zeigung, May 28, 2008, Ralf Dombrowski

"The audience applaud for a singer and songwriter with a significant voice and with the songs that they spent their whole adolescence with. Hodgson’s crystal clear falsetto and exemplary phrasing on the 12 string with his solo program had the sold-out concert hall so firmly held in the palm of his hand, that you could feel like it was him alone who has been Supertramp."





Popstar Hodgson in Munchen bejubelt

Roger Hodgson acclaimed in Munich ~

Munchner Merkur, May 28, 2008, Zoran Gojic

"Standing ovations already at half time of the show, and at the end the applause is getting immeasurable."





Roger Hodgson in der Meistersingerhalle

Roger Hodgson at the Meistersingerhalle ~

Meistersingerhalle, May 27, 2008, Christian Mückl

"Hodgson still does what he is doing best: Snuggling up in your ears with the evergreens of his life."





Nuremberg, Germany ~ Review
May 25, 2008, Claudia Yildiz

Stab into the heart with the falsetto

Abendzeitung Nürnberg, Andreas Radlmaier






Ein Traumer, nichts als ein Traumer

Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer ~

Abendzeitung, Florian Koch






Privat-Gig mit Supertramp Hits

Private gig with Supertramp hits ~

Hamburg, 2008






Die Ohrwürmer des alten Hippies

The catchy tunes of old hippies ~

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Steffen Radlmaier







Cambio.com, Jacobo Celnik






Q & A with Roger Hodgson

Sweden Rock






Red Hot Rock

Red Hot Rock Magazine, Aug 2008, Jesper Almén

"I haven't listened to Supertramp's songs for a long time, but these versions goes deeper than they did with the band back in the days. Roger's voice glides like a swallow in the hall..everything he plays sounds incredibly beautiful and clear."






Ready for Classic Rock

Rogaland's Newspaper (Norway), Lars Petter Einarsson






Roger Hodgson à Z Plage: le concert qui fait rêver

Roger Hodgson at Z Plage: The concert that thrills ~

Z Plage Revere






Metro News






Taking the Long Way Home - Roger Hodgson

Classic Rock Revisited, Jan 2008, Peter Lindblad




More 2008 Fan Reviews ~


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