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flag  April 30, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland ~ Duo Show

Tickets available through the ticket link below, in person at all Ticketmaster outlets, and by phone at 0818 719 300 (Ireland), 0844 2774455 (N.Ireland), and +353 1 4-569-569 (International Bookings). All ticket holders must be at least 18-years-of-age.

Ticket Link: Ticketmaster
flag  May 18, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Birmingham Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England, UK with band!

Tickets available through the links below, or by phone - Box Office: +44 (0)121 780 3333

Ticket Link: THSH

Ticket Link:

More Info: Town Hall & Symphony Hall
flag  May 20, 2017  On Sale!
Royal Albert Hall, London, England with band!

Tickets available through the links below, or by phone - Box Office: +44 (0)20 7589 8212

Ticket Link:

Ticket Link: Royal Albert Hall

More info on the show and hospitality packages: Royal Albert Hall
flag  May 21, 2017  On Sale!
Royal Albert Hall, London, England with band!

Tickets available through the links below, or by phone - Box Office: +44 (0)20 7589 8212

Ticket Link:

Ticket Link: Royal Albert Hall

More info on the show and hospitality packages: Royal Albert Hall
flag  May 23, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Theater Carré, Amsterdam, Netherlands with band!

Tickets available through the ticket link below and at the venue box office.

Ticket Link: Koninklijk Theater Carré
flag  May 24, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Theater Carré, Amsterdam, Netherlands with band!

Tickets available through the ticket link below and at the venue box office.

Ticket Link: Koninklijk Theater Carré
flag  May 26, 2017  On Sale!
Stowe School, Buckingham, England with band!

Tickets available through the link below or by phone at 01280 825710.

Ticket Link: Arts at Stowe

For a variety of hospitality opportunities and to reserve the best seats, please contact: Chance Organisation | 020 7376 5995 |
flag  May 27, 2017  On Sale!
Le Grand Rex, Paris, France with band!

Tickets available through links below, by phone +33 0892 390 100 (0.45€/min) and in person at Leclerc/ Auchan / Cultura / Cora stores in France that are selling tickets.

Ticket Link: Ticketmaster
Ticket Link: FNAC
Ticket Link: Digitick

VIP Meet & Greet Packages are SOLD OUT!
flag  June 4, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany with band!

Ticket Link:
flag  June 5, 2017  On Sale!
KulturPur Festival, Siegen, Germany with band!

Tickets available through the link below, by phone at 01803-742654, or in person. Visit the "More Info" link for a list of in-person ticket agencies.

Ticket Link: KulturPur

More Info: KulturPur
flag  June 8, 2017  On Sale!
Caribana Festival, Crans-près-Céligny près de Nyon, Switzerland with band!

All ages are welcome.

Ticket Link: Caribana Festival

More Info: Caribana Festival
flag  June 9, 2017  On Sale!
Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium with band!

Tickets available through the links below, all Ticketmaster and FNAC outlets, and by phone at 070/660.601, 02 218 20 15 or 32 2 218 20 15.

Ticket Link & More Info: Cirque Royal
Ticket Link: Ticketmaster
Ticket Link: FNAC

VIP Packages are SOLD OUT!
flag  June 10, 2017  On Sale!
Retropop Festival, Emmen, Netherlands with band!

Ticket holders must be at least 16-years-of-age.

Ticket Link: Ticketmaster
flag  July 7, 2017  On Sale!
Les Nuits d’Istres Festival, Istres, France with band!

Ticket Link:

Facebook: Les Nuits d'Istres

More Info:
flag  July 8, 2017  On Sale!
Green Horse Festival, Mauquenchy, France with band!

Children under the age of 12 are free with ticketed parent(s).

Ticket Link: Green Horse Festival
flag  July 9, 2017  On Sale!
Bospop Weert Festival, Weert, Netherlands with band!

Ticket Link: Ticketmaster

More Info: Bospop Weert Festival
flag  July 11, 2017  On Sale!
Noches del Botánico Music Festival, Madrid, Spain with band!

Ticket holders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a ticketed parent or adult guardian.

Ticket Link: Noches del Botánico
Ticket Link: Ticketmaster

More Info: Noches del Botánico Music Festival
flag  July 12, 2017  On Sale!
Festival Jardins Pedralbes, Barcelona, Spain with band!

Ticket holders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Ticket Link: Festival Jardins Pedralbes

More Info: Festival Jardins Pedralbes
flag  July 13, 2017  SOLD OUT!
Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat, Sant Cugat, Spain with band!

Ticket Link: Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat

More Info: Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat
flag  July 15, 2017  On Sale!
Festival Sion sous les étoiles, Sion, Switzerland with band!

Ticket Link: Sion sous les étoiles

More Info: Sion sous les étoiles
flag  July 16, 2017
Milan, Italy with band!

Additional details coming soon.
flag  July 18, 2017  On Sale!
Live Au Campo Festival, Perpignan, France with band!

All ages are welcome.

Ticket Link: Live Au Campo
flag  July 20, 2017  On Sale!
Rottweiler Ferienzauber, Rottweil, Germany with band!

Ticket Link: Rottweiler Ferienzauber

More Info: Rottweiler Ferienzauber
flag  July 21, 2017  On Sale!
Open Air im Kurpark, Bad Krozingen, Germany with band!

Tickets available through the links below, at Tourist Information Bad Krozingen Phone: +49 7633 4008-164, and agencies of the Badischen Zeitung (daily newspaper).

Ticket Link: ADticket
Ticket Link: Reservix

More Info: Open Air im Park: Roger Hodgson,
Open Air im Park, Festivals im Schwarzwald
flag  July 22, 2017   On Sale!
Historischer Hafen Wanfried, Wanfried, Germany with band!

Ages 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Children 12 and under admitted free.

Ticket Link: ADticket
Ticket Link: Eventim
flag  July 23, 2017   On Sale!
Arminiuspark, Bad Lippspringe, Germany with band!

Ticket Link:

More Info:
flag  August 4, 2017  On Sale!
Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Neumünster, Germany with band!

Tickets available through the link below, by phone at 0049+431 237070, and local ticketshops that are connected to the Jet-System.

Ticket Link:

More Info:
flag  August 5, 2017  On Sale!
Lieder Am See Musikfestival, Spalt, Germany with band!

Ticket Link: Concertbüro Franken

More Info: Lieder Am See
flag  August 6, 2017  On Sale!
Almased Arena Open Air, Uelzen, Germany with band!

Ticket Link:
flag  August 8, 2017  On Sale!
Stars in Town Festival, Schaffhausen, Switzerland with band!

Ticket Link:
flag  August 9, 2017  On Sale!
Magic Night Zofingen, Zofingen, Switzerland with band!

Ticket Link: Magic Night Zofingen

More Info: Magic Night Zofingen
flag  August 10, 2017  On Sale!
Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, Monte Carlo, Monaco with band!

Tickets are now on sale through the link below, by phone at +377 98 06 36 36, and in person at the Casino Square in Monaco and through standard French sales points of FNAC and Ticketmaster.

Ticket Link: Monte-Carlo Live

More Info: Monte-Carlo Live
flag  August 11, 2017  On Sale!
Festival Internacional de Música de Cambrils, Cambrils, Spain with band!

Ticket holders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Ticket Link: Festival Internacional de Música de Cambrils

More Info: Festival Internacional de Música de Cambrils
flag  October 6, 2017
Bethlehem, PA, USA with band!

Additional details coming soon.
flag  October 7, 2017
Salamanca, NY, USA with band!

Additional details coming soon.
flag  October 8, 2017
Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, NY, USA with band!

All ages are welcome. Tickets will go on sale April 25 with additional info coming soon.
flag  October 13, 2017
Rama, ON, Canada with band, orchestra and choir!

Additional details coming this summer.
flag  October 14, 2017
Rama, ON, Canada with band, orchestra and choir!

Additional details coming this summer.
flag  October 16, 2017  On Sale!
Casino New Brunswick, Moncton, NB, Canada with band!

All ages are welcome.

Ticket Link: Ticketfly

More Info: Casino New Brunswick


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Archived Tour Dates

In his concerts Roger brings to life the songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives and gives the legendary voice and purest sound of the original anthem hits such as Give a Little Bit, the Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, Dreamer, School, Breakfast in America, and many others. Along with his classic songs recorded during his time with Supertramp, Roger includes new songs and songs from his solo albums such as, Lovers in the WindAlong Came Mary, Love is a Thousand Times and Death and a Zoo.

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You can get your autographed Montreal DVD now at the
Roger Hodgson Store

"Normally I'm not a fan of live albums or DVDs. However, when this singer/songwriter from one of my favorite 70s bands, Supertramp, released this DVD featuring his concert recorded in Montreal in '06, I knew it wouldn't be anything less than stellar. I wasn't disappointed!"

"Unlike most singers from our musical past, Roger's voice seems to have only blossomed and improved with time. He gives 150% of himself, resulting in a sweet, soaring vocal performance."

"Beautifully produced, the audio and visuals are a treat for the senses."

"It's a feel-good concert that will leave you smiling (and in my case, cheering!)."

"The whole audience went several times into standing ovations as he sang and played as a "One Man Orchestra" either a "12 Strings Guitar", A Piano, An Electronic Keyboard or The Harmonica. This DVD is a GEM as the stage production including lights and sound as well as the quality of the Video (near HD) are excellent."

"Now that I've watched the DVD 5 times now I can say it's still as great as the first time I've watched it. If you haven't gotten around to see Roger in concert this is the next best thing. a huge Supertramp fan but a Roger Hodgson fan and was glad to see Roger tracks like "love is a thousand times" and "lovers in the wind" made it on the dvd. Roger plays a new track on it "oh brother".

“I currently have a badly broken leg, so about once a day I put in my hand-signed DVD and watch the concert from Montreal. Roger has such a positive attitude it makes me want to get up and dance! Roger Hodgson: rock on!” VK

"It was like once again being part of this wonderful experience and heart warming concert. The DVD is great, you could actually feel how the audience felt watching Roger sing. I'm never going to forget seeing him that night and the DVD will always remind me how much of an amazing and magical evening it was ."

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5 6

Press Reviews

[Hodgson's] sterling voice was in peak form, effortlessly hitting the high notes and carrying the melodies with a fluid nonchalance. How cool to hear the nuances and inflections of the original songs in exactly the right places, just like they were in the grooves of the old vinyl LPs.  

Lynn Saxberg – Ottawa Citizen

Hodgson still has that wonderful unlimited vocal range!  The Breakfast in America Tour brings us the soundtrack of our lives.  

Gerrit Van De Vijver – MusicZine

"Delivered, as promised. Roger Hodgson promised “a very, very special show, an incredible show, a very intimate show, a very well-rounded set. His two-hour-plus performance was all of that and more." J.P. Squire, The Kelowna Daily Courier


The artist sometimes played piano, sometimes guitar, and is a rare poet and in total harmony with the crowd.  Pauline Volvert - L'

"This is Supertramp as it’s supposed to be heard and if anything his voice sounds better now than it ever has; effortless, pristine, clear. .. I’ve not seen such a warm and engaging performance since the Roger Hodgson show [at Royal Albert Hall] last time out. This place and this band are made for each other."
Simon Reed, Rock Shot Magazine

"Roger Hodgson was able to measure, once again, the extraordinary bond that his miraculous songs weave with his audience." Ladépê


For two hours we’d come together and enjoyed this down-to-earth English chap. He’d put on stellar show and crammed it with hits and other precious gems from his large back catalogue. At over two hours it’s fair to say that Roger Hodgson and band had given much more than just a little bit. They’d given a lot and then some…  

Natalie Salvo – The AU Review

"Throughout all the years the exceptional British musician and founder of the rock band Supertramp has not lost lost anything of his unmistakable tenor singing voice. It sounds better than ever. He has found the way into the hearts of the audience with his music." Südkurier

"Truly, if you come to one of these shows, you are seeing the Best Of Supertramp, delivered by the Voice Of Supertramp."
Classic Rock Society Magazine


Roger Hodgson is proving that he indeed was the golden voice of Supertramp.
Scott Smith – Real Rock News


Beautiful. That’s the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Breathtaking might also apply.
I want more certainly would."

Ted Hansen – Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner

"This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band. When you can catch a show, go. An evening with Roger Hodgson will raise your standards of concert-going."
Huffington Post

"Timeless songs, a unique tone of voice, emotions and chills. Roger Hodgson has transported his audience in the best years of Supertramp."
Le Journal de Québec

"There's no doubt that being in front of Roger Hodgson and his band is a unique experience musically speaking. He is the reflection of an upright and complete musician through and through."

If you closed your eyes you’d have thought Supertramp were back on stage.

Madeleine Brown – Rhythms Magazine

"Hodgson’s band was on point with furious saxophone playing, funky bass riffs and the man himself sounded pitch perfect as he showcased that he more than dabbles at tickling the ivories. You couldn’t help but have your jaw hang open in awe at the miraculous musicianship." Savannah Bagshaw, KelownaNow

"Throughout the show it was remarkable that Hodgson's voice has lost nothing since those days thirty years ago when he was lead singer for Supertramp. His voice actually has greater inflection and expressiveness these days and he used both of those to great effect throughout the evening." Andrew Snook – Atlanta Live Music Examiner

"It's a nonpareil feeling when this voice fills the room. And there's one thing you realize at once: it's not his fans who have come to him - Roger Hodgson is coming to his fans. They belong together. Everyone gives the other what he needs. The night is an entity of music."
Erika Urban,

“The power of the music was indisputable with many of the audience in tears of joy at the memories and emotions the songs evoked. It was like seeing Supertramp back in their heyday.” Evening Herald

"There's dancing, laughing, singing, cheering – just like Hodgson had wished for at the beginning of the night. No-one really processed that the announced two-hour open air event had turned into almost three hours. Just like when you meet with a good friend, time flies." Aachener Nachrichten

“All these years I thought I was a Supertramp fan only to discover that I am, in fact, first and foremost, a Roger Hodgson fan. His is the voice that spoke to me as a young man, and speaks to me even more powerfully all these years later. What a show! WOW is all I can say.” David Wild, Contributing editor, Rolling Stone

"Hodgson – supported by his strong band of four - knocks out one classic after the other. It's unmistakable: Hodgson enjoys it to be on stage." Allgemeine Zeitung

"Performing a two-hour concert that rivaled the best I’ve experienced, the charismatic Hodgson and his band were embraced by an adoring multigenerational audience."  The Mercury

"This concert turns into a time travel through more than 40 years of music history in two hours. The audience enjoyed the great performance just as much as Roger Hodgson and his band did. That could be sensed everywhere."

"When Roger Hodgson sings, people listen. They also stand up, clap their hands, sing along, cheer, stomp their feet and scream for more."
Backstage Axxess

"A good time was indeed what his listeners were having tonight with this musical journey to the past which was in no way dated or antiquated but which showed in a fresh and intense way how timeless and immortal the works are."
Hanauer Anzeiger

"The joy of his music and his excellent backing band is contagious, Hodgson's voice still amazing. A thrilling sing-along concert. Actually, you could break down all rows of chairs again after the first third of the concert, because hardly anyone was in their seat." Abendzeitung

"It is a night with a perfect host. Graceful, showing genuine interest in his guests, radiating fine humour – that's how Roger Hodgson entertains his audience. Hodgson celebrates his music, plays the keyboards, piano and guitar. The “Voice of Supertramp” with his vital tenor, which climbs the heights effortlessly, is supported by excellent musicians."

“Roger's voice is even better than it was when he was with Supertramp. My friends and I were blown away by the sheer talent Roger has. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Roger live if they can.” Daniel Knighton, Examiner

 "Songs that are and will be in the musical memory of many of us, that night we were watching the musical Hodgson in top form, both the piano, guitar and vocally." The Concert in Concert

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2017 World Tour


Click on the cities on the maps below for tickets


flag Apr 30   Dublin, Ireland ~ Duo Show ~ SOLD OUT!

flag May 18  Birmingham, England  SOLD OUT!

flag May 20  London, England  On Sale

flag May 21  London, England  On Sale

flag May 23  Amsterdam, NL  SOLD OUT!

flag May 24  Amsterdam, NL  SOLD OUT!

flag May 26  Buckingham, England On Sale

flag May 27  Paris, France  On Sale

flag Jun 4     Wuppertal, Germany  SOLD OUT!

flag Jun 5     Siegen, Germany  On Sale

flag Jun 8  
  Crans-près-Céligny, Switzerland On Sale

flag Jun 9     Brussels, Belgium  On Sale

flag Jun 10   Emmen, Netherlands  On Sale

flag Jul 7      Istres, France  On Sale

flag Jul 8      Mauquenchy, France  On Sale

flag Jul 9      Weert, Netherlands  On Sale

flag Jul 11    Madrid, Spain  On Sale

flag Jul 12    Barcelona, Spain  On Sale

flag Jul 13    Sant Cugat, Spain  SOLD OUT!

flag Jul 15    Sion, Switzerland  
On Sale

flag Jul 16    Milan, Italy  Details soon!

flag Jul 18    Perpignan, France  On Sale

flag Jul 20    Rottweil, Germany  On Sale

flag Jul 21    Bad Krozingen, Germany  On Sale

flag Jul 22    Wanfried, Germany  On Sale

flag Jul 23    Bad Lippspringe, Germany  On Sale

flag Aug 4    Neumünster, Germany  On Sale

flag Aug 5    Spalt, Germany  On Sale

flag Aug 6    Uelzen, Germany  On Sale

flag Aug 8    Schaffhausen, Switzerland  
On Sale

flag Aug 9    Zofingen, Switzerland  
On Sale

flag Aug 10  Monte Carlo, Monaco  On Sale

flag Aug 11  Cambrils, Spain  On Sale

Oct 6     Bethlehem, PA, USA  Details soon!

flag Oct 7     Salamanca, NY, USA  Details soon!

flag Oct 8     Verona, NY, USA  On Sale Apr 25

flag Oct 13   Rama, ON, Canada  Details this summer!

flag Oct 14   Rama, ON, Canada  Details this summer!

flag Oct 16   Moncton, NB, Canada 
On Sale


Roger’s “Breakfast in America Tour” includes shows in duo format as well as with band and with orchestra.


In Roger’s duo shows, the audience shares the intimacy of the songs in their original form, the way he wrote them.  Described as a one man orchestra, Roger plays 12-string guitars, grand piano and keyboard with an incredible fullness of sound. He is accompanied by Aaron Macdonald on saxophones, keyboards, harmonica and backing vocals.


Roger & Band

In Roger’s band shows he is backed by the following fine musicians:

Aaron Macdonald - Saxophones, Harmonica, Keyboards, Backing vocals
Bryan Head - Drums
Kevin Adamson - Keyboards, Backing vocals
David J Carpenter - Bass, Backing vocals

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Audience Responses

"There is something very soulful and charismatic about Roger and I think it probably goes a long way to explaining where those wonderful songs come from deep within him. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear Roger sing live quite a few times now. I can understand why people travel far and wide to hear Roger perform -- I know we will again...and again. Thank you Roger."

"All the hits, Roger still has it. Voice, moves and passion. It was such a pleasure to listen to him play all the songs that meant something to him and he passed that enjoyment on with each note. I never sat down. I sang along. I was thrilled that he played all my favorites. The venue was the perfect size for the intimate concert and I saw parents bring their kids and the kids singing along. This music is timeless."

"Roger gives his heart & thus touches the hearts of his audiences. He comes out on stage and the connection is immediately there - everyone uplifted. You have to experience it, feel it yourself- human language lacks the words to describe it."

"Roger Hogdson concert's yesterday was magnificent.. It was the best night of my life.. Roger and his band were simply amazingly out of this world.. They started from SCHOOL, had BREAKFAST IN AMERICA and made us simply DREAMERS..They set the crowd on Fire."

"Only respect and admiration for such beautiful lyrics, music, for mind-blowing musicianship from you, the band, Sound & Light and, for a crew that is one out of a million. We're fans forever. Thank you for an unforgettable evening." ~ Peter

"His music touches directly all the strings of my soul at once, with the wise word of support, with a lovely melody I can lean onto, with some of the most beautiful harmonies I have ever heard. With so much taste and understanding, purest emotions. Roger's music is one of my best friends, which will stay with me for all my days remaining." ~ Olga


"It speaks to the life I've lived, the feelings I've had, and the way my heart interprets and responds to life. It's as if his music was written for me." ~ Lynn

"I can only describe your stage as a sea of musical richness and talent tastefully complimented with your incredible vocals. You took me back 35 years to my youthful years. I cannot wait to see you again." ~ Terry

"A wonderful musical performance produced a flow of contagious energy amongst the full capacity crowd. Perhaps that was due to the thoughts and discussions the beautifully crafted songs prompted or perhaps due to the songs helping us know ourselves better and taking us to the space between our thoughts."

"Thank you for your simplicity, your smile and above all the great concert you gave us. This moment will remain engraved in our hearts." ~ Patricia & Rudy

"I can say : You are really the heart and the voice of Supertramp. You are simply the best. Thanks Roger for your beautiful music and great concert yesterday ! God bless you and your wonderful band." ~ Peter


"I feel lucky to have been around in his time to enjoy his gift." ~ Jim

"I've been hearing Roger's name popping up more in the media lately and I'm very happy to see the connection being made between his name and his songs. My family and I have been seeing Roger for many years because his music has always an inspiration to us. It is obvious how many people he touches live in concert, you see people hugging each other, in peaceful calm, with knowing smiles. The world loves him."

"For me, whether it is listening to Roger's music alone or in person at one of his concerts, it is like he is singing/speaking to me personally.....a connection at a level that only he can fulfill like no other artist can."  ~ Tony

"Saw your show last night. Roger, you blew me away. Your stage presence and passion you put into the show was truly appreciated and showed the love you have for your fans. I have been to many shows in my 50 years, this being my first seeing you and I can't wait to go again. You played an incredible set list of songs I grew up loving and you did it without altering lyrics, tunes or melodies. You played them as they were heard by millions of music lovers, the way we loved them." ~ Daniel

"At some points just closed my eyes and soaked the music in. It was wonderful, magical and an amazing show. Roger was so at ease on stage he really loves what he does , his solo works stands on its own and every song is a highlight." ~ Dave

"WOW! After over 30 years of waiting, we saw your show last night - All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you… how wonderful it felt to be 16 again! The band was tight, and your musicians were spot on, nailing the harmonies and filling the room and my soul with the sounds of my favorite music, Supertramp!! Roger, your voice is as sweet and strong as the day in 1976 when I put on headphones and heard School for the 1st time."


"I shoot shows for a local Atlanta paper and this was hands down the best show of the year.   I have shot over 40 acts this summer.  Roger Hodgson was #1.  What a set, incredible musicians, just a grand night to be a fan of his music." ~ Chuck

" I was in disbelief as Roger sang and played one song bringing back the fondest of memories. I was dancing in my seat the whole time, and singing along to every tune! I hope the seat I was in survived! Absolutely the most fabulous concert I have seen in years! And I have been to many!"  ~ Peggy

"In a word....Wow. Fantastic show. Cannot pick a favorite song performance. Each and every one was done to perfection. You could feel the energy. Our youthful enthusiasm came through the most in the finale sing along....Give A Little Bit. Well done Roger Hodgson, Well Done." ~ Greg


"Undoubtedly the most gifted and talented musician of our century. I have never seen a show touch so many people on so many levels." ~ Jayne

"Best B-day ever seeing Roger again. He sounds just as good as all my vinyl records we still spin!" ~ Paul

"Thank you for your music that you so graciously share to so many...your music as indeed helped me along life's pathway and yet continues to guide, strengthens and encourages me to continue on no matter the struggles or fears that I may be facing. Thank you and God bless you." ~ Dwayne

Great show, my wife and I enjoyed it immensely...the band was tight and the music and Roger's singular voice just shined through...Roger's music has been part of our lives growing up...brought up so many memories and it was just fantastic to be able to enjoy this music live!!!! ~ Carlos

"Roger - Attended your concert in Milwaukee last night with 2 friends almost exactly 35 years to the day that we saw you with Supertramp. We all agreed that we have never felt more connected to a artist as we did last night. Thank you so much for sharing your stories behind some of our favorite songs. You added a deeper meaning to the music that already had so much meaning for us. Thank you, your band and the orchestra for a wonderful evening. Thank you for the beautiful music! A forever grateful fan!" ~ Dave

"…I returned to the past when I was 17 years old. Roger was extraordinaire. I closed my eyes and I realized the chance I have to love this music. Thank you Roger for this specials moment and for the great times I will remember for the rest of my life." ~ Robert

"The show was high energy and all the sounds were there. Hearing the orchestra and band together was absolutely a treat. Great fun as always." ~ Michael

"Your voice was and is truly amazing thank you for a great night.  You are the one that I have been waiting forever to see live and now my life is complete." ~ Lynn

"I have seen hundreds of shows in the last 30 plus years, but that show last night ranks as an all time favorite. That was great music and great memories but the presence on stage was unbelievable-thank you for a night I will not forget." ~ Joe

"Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday evening concert at Place des Arts in Montreal. Your music and more importantly, your enthusiasm for expressing your music to the audience is inspiring! I felt that you sang each and every song with a passion ... not just an empty or bland repetition of sameness!  Thank for a wonderful evening." ~ Bruce 


"Wow, what a concert! You sounded exactly the same as you did all those years ago- absolutely amazing!" ~ Margaret

"What a wonderful concert. People were on their feet singing, dancing, laughing, yelling for more. I love to hear the comments afterwards as people walk by. It's always, "I had no idea... He sounds better than ever... Best concert I've ever been to..." I just have to smile and think, "yes, you'll be back." ~ Jim

"Rogers music moves me and takes me back to the wonderful days . His music is so pure , so inspiring , and it always touches my soul ." ~ Kenny

"It's truly a privilege to be one of those 5,000 people to just connect with you for over 2 hours of your incredible showmanship. I honestly can't say enough great things about your music, and what a beautiful person you truly are." ~ Diane


"Never have I seen an artist on stage make such a full and beautiful sound. You were able to create it all."~ Alex

"Best show I have seen in years; Loved the music and the intimate setting with Roger telling stories about his songs and life. My wife had never heard his music much before and is now a true believer!"  ~ Andy

"Few dared to move as we were all entranced, a truely magical performance! Roger and his band with orchestra is an absolute beautiful experience. I think we were all in awe throughout the entire performance." ~ Judith

"Very emotional, and the deep bass sound thundered through the whole place.. The whole band played tight and crisp for over two hours. It was a tour de force." ~ Tom

"What a wonderful show! Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to our world, Roger!" ~ Rita

"The intense joy and pleasure I get at your shows almost defies description. Your talent (vocal, instrumental and writing) and humility are almost literally incredible. To see your songs --- without exception such beautiful, well-crafted, intelligent works of art --- performed to perfection is bafflingly overwhelming. I am thunderstruck at the pure, wholesome, overpowering goodness that radiates from your stage. I shake my head at the beauty of it all."

"I had the best time since I don’t remember. Thank you for the precious time you gave us." ~ Jean-Marc

"Fabulous show last night Roger at RAH, so many memories came flooding back listening to all those great songs. I took my 15 year old daughter, she is now a fan. It was brilliant. Still singing the songs this morning. Thank you very much" ~ Paul

"Just wanted to say that I went to the Roger Hodgson concert and it may have been the BEST concert I have ever seen.  Roger's voice is even better than it was when he was with Supertramp. My friends and I were blown away by the sheer talent Roger has. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Roger live if they can. Thank You Roger for a wonderful, entertaining night." ~ Danny

"There were smiles. There was joy. There were tears as he sang the songs that helped us through the bad times. The melodies and harmonies can not be replicated except by the master himself.. This, my friends, is the music that connects all of us. It was a dream come true to see him, I suggest all do the same. Mr Hodgson is one of us. Thank you for the memories. God Bless you sir-you have helped more folks than you can imagine with your heartfelt songs."

"Roger Hodgson has created music that will live forever. Our lives are that much better because of masters like Roger. Through all the roads we have gone down, Roger's music was there to make life a bit easier. The Beethoven of our times, Roger will be with us forever."

"He gives us beautiful, touching music. What is closer to heaven on this earth?" ~ Carol Dean


"My first album played on my car stereo when I turned 17, my first love, my wedding, my first child's birth, thank you for the gift of your music and the wonderful memories I still get when I hear it or play it. Your music is food for my ears, your music is poetry that speaks to us individually."  ~ Julieanne

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening last Friday. I have always loved your writing and you vocals, but I can not describe what a memorable night that was. Seeing you is way beyond a concert, the way you interact with the audience, the way you are a truly humble and genuine person made a night I will never forget. Thank you for a truly life altering night!”

"You, Roger, were deeply becoming one with your music and the oneness was transmitted to the other band members and it leads to a superb playing together of you all. It must be an absolute uplifting experience for musicians to create music in such a way. You all surely love these moments and also when the spark flies to the audience. Thanks to you all for an wonderful evening. Stay in touch with your hearts and let the music flow. Many Greetings. "

"Magnificent performance by one of the most gifted, original and unique artists of our time. So many moments of pure unfiltered joy from that show."
~ James

"I thought I had understood the deep essence of your brilliant music before but I humbly realised, I could still discover the deeper side of it and feel the love you sing, the transcendental Love which helps and amazes so many people around the world. Can't wait to see and hear you again and re-connect with your music. Thank you for being you, an amazing talented artist and touching human being." ~ Mila

"What a fantastic set, the best one ever . I took another friend with me who has never seen Roger except with Supertramp and he was raving about it and said it was 1000 times better than he ever expected and the best he has ever heard his voice, and will go and see him again."  ~ Clare

"I just got home from your concert you just played, and you were AMAZING! I am 21 years old, and have been listening to Supertramp since forever, my dad got me hooked! Your voice was ALWAYS my favorite and I was just in awe tonight!" ~Janessa

"All the hits Roger still has it. Voice, moves and passion. It was such a pleasure to listen to him play all the songs that meant something to him and he passed that enjoyment on with each note. I never sat down. I sang along. I was thrilled that he played all my favorites. The venue was the perfect size for the intimate concert and I saw parents bring their kids and the kids singing along. This music is timeless."

"God certainly blessed our world when he gave us Roger Hodgson." ~ Judy and Bob

"What a joyful entertaining evening! The entire audience was mesmerized. You lifted the audience up with your thoughtful words and music.The old songs, as well as your new material, were fantastic. It was wonderful seeing an entertainer enjoying the evening as much as his audience."  ~ Mary

“You sprinkled Magic in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Your music transcends all time and ages. I have never witnessed a stronger connection of Love between an Artist and their audience.”

“These hours were the best of this year and I'm deeply touched by the music of this man. His songs come from his heart and they touch my barest soul.”

“What a great experience to have been there tonight. The concert was beautifully performed and mixed at the board as well. I've performed in or seen a number of shows in my life, probably over 500 at least. This one truly stands out as memorable among them.....”

"This was the 5th time I've seen Roger Hodgson over 2 and a half years, having traveled quite lengthy distances and it is definitely worth it! He is truly one of the most amazing artists ever. His connection with the audience is like nothing I've ever seen. His music and spirit draw the audience in and it's like magic for the entire concert. I would encourage anyone who is or was a Supertramp fan to experience this if at all possible. Favorite moment: When Roger played the electric guitar!"  ~ Kathy

“So refreshing to be among such brilliant, humble musicians who play truly for the love of music. Sharing and including the audience to create an atmosphere of a large group of friends of various ages and all walks of life getting together to celebrate the joy and sound of magic.... Oh what a wonderful journey each song takes us on..”  ~ Amy

“Attended your concert last night with 2 friends almost exactly 35 years to the day that we saw you with Supertramp. We all agreed that we have never felt more connected to a artist as we did last night. Thank you so much for sharing your stories behind some of our favorite songs. You added a deeper meaning to the music that already had so much meaning for us.”  ~ Dave

"We could have stayed there easily another 2 hours just listening and singing along. I saw Supertramp more than 25 years ago at the Rosemont Horizon. I enjoyed that show, but I must say I enjoyed this so much more. You sound even better now!" ~ Gina

“Your performance was incredible. Your solo version of Even In The Quietest Moments literally brought tears to my eyes. The band is top notch - so incredibly talented. The harmonies spot on - the energy fantastic. Your voice has aged so beautifully - the same passion coming through with every note. I have never been to a show where the between-song banter seemed so heart felt. Calling out fans who requested songs - who does that? Roger you have done what I thought wasn't possible - after seeing you live I am even a bigger fan of yours than before.” ~ Ricky

"I will remember this evening forever I cried tears of pure joy during the whole show ! You have touched my heart in a way i could never come close to explain !!!" ~ Kristin

“After forty plus years of loving your music, I am so thankful to have seen you live. You elevated my spirit and made me even more thankful to be alive. Hope to see you again.” ~ Geoffrey

"The concert was fantastic, the best that we have seen yet. Roger Hodgson, the band members and the orchestra are so connected to each other, truly amazing. Roger Hodgson is so down to earth, so calming to the soul. His music reflects a true connection to life, to genuine heartfelt emotions. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts in your music to us."  ~ Deb

"When you play, it is as if you see your daughter or young son right there in front of you and we are children happily singing with you and your special family. That magical bond of love is the only this that is real in this universe. The rest are simply memories. We all feel your light shine as you soar through octaves and crescendos of beautiful stringed arrangements and harmonies." ~ Jeff


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