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La Porte des Alpes en etat de grace
Gate to the Alps in a State of Grace ~

"The pieces he performs solo exude a different flavor altogether. Listeners cannot but take on board their sheer beauty. Through their crafted melodies, his fragile crystalline voice, his innate sense of sensual chords filled with hope, he purges our hearts of built-up blackness, substituting it for sheer vital energy."


A Conversation with Roger Hodgson, formerly of Supertramp
Huffington Post, Sep 15, 2010, David Wild
"If you get a chance to see Roger Hodgson in concert, take it, because to hear the man sing his own songs as only he can, there's no doubt that he's the real deal."

Roger Hodgson Rememora en Madrid los Grandes...
EFE News Agency, Jul 30, 2010, Javier Fernandez Jodar
"Seeing the audience on their feets and singing “olés” was the best evidence of the great show Hodgson played at Los Veranos de la Villa."

Les Voix du Gaou: Eiffel, Roger Hogdson et Simple Minds
The Voices of Gaou Festival: Eiffel, Roger Hodgson and Simple Minds ~
Redjoe's Blog, Jul 29, 2010
What is amazing about him is his calm way of taking the stage and captivating his audience, a sense of timing, his efforts to talk French and a natural gentleness that cause you to relax and listen."

Madrid, Spain ~ Review
Jul 29, 2010, Jose
"Since last time I saw [Roger] here, I have been able to confirm that his voice is better than ever and
his live songs now sound better."

Das Original singt seine Gassenhauer
The Master Sings His Evergreens ~
Morgenweb.de, Jul 26, 2010, Nora Abdel Rahman

Die Rückkehr des beseelten Hitmachers
The Return of the Inspired Hitmaker ~
Winheimer Nachrichten, Jul 26, 2010, Claudia Yildiz
"The former leader of Supertramp starts his songs in a manner, so that the audience is already thrilled by listening to the first bars and the first strophe. He leads them through the past and gives them with his compositions deep feelings and cognitions that widen their souls."

Ein Feurwerk der Emotionen
Emotional Fireworks ~

Derwesten.de, July 25, 2010, Carmen Fürstenau

"[Hodgson] is considered to be one of the most successful musicians worldwide, and thus he presented himself in Hemer: He took the visitors' hearts by storm."


Schwitzen mit Roger Hodgson-eine musikalische Traumreise

Roger Hodgson - Musical Trip of a Lifetime ~
Myheimat.de, Jul 23, 2010,
Günther Gierak

"His voice sounded like we know and love it. And his charming way while moderating his songs will stay in our minds and memories forever."


Im Laufe der Zeit wachsen Flügel

Beginning to Grow Wings in the Course of Time ~

Abendzeitung München, Jul 22, 2010, Arno Frank Eser

"His voice is gently and as clear as a bell, as it was once in a studio many years ago. His performance and moderation is charming and with ease. All the songs tell their own tale, for there have grown wings to them over time."


Jungbrunnen unter dem Zeltdach

Fountain of Youth Underneath the Tinted Roof ~

Donaukurier.de, Jul 22, 2010
"The time button is pushed, as soon as Roger Hodgson starts to sing with his unique voice, as soon as he plays the first chord of “Take the Long Way Home” on his keyboard. ..Hodgson is pure on keys and strings. ..An enormous sound.


Un ex-Supertramp ce soir à Quimper

An Ex-Supertramp Tonight at Quimper ~

Le Télégramme, Jul 20, 2010, Gilles Carričre



Farbe, ein schönes Angebot und Texthilfe

Color, a Nice Offer and Text Help ~

Nachrichten.at, Jul 20, 2010



Roger Hodgson: Den wahren Kern der Songs freigelegt

Roger Hodgson: Exposing the True Essence of the Songs ~

Nachrichten.at, Jul 19, 2010, Lukas Luger

"Vocally on top-form and visibly moved by the audience's appreciation, the man from Portsmouth liberates his songs from any 70's-synthesizer-patina, from reverb and similar studio gadgets."



Roger Hodgson: souvenirs, souvenirs
Roger Hodgson: memories, memories ~

Le Soleil, Jul 12, 2010, Valérie Lesage

"The singer whose voice is still perfectly capable of hitting those very high notes addressed us in French for almost throughout the whole concert. "Let me give a little bit of my love to you" he told the enthused crowd before playing the marvelous Give a Little Bit with his band."


Rock generations old and young collide at Bluesfest

The Ottawa Citizen, Jul 11, 2010, Lynn Saxberg

"Earlier in the evening, a cheery Hodgson, his hair long, delighted anyone within earshot of the Claridge stage with his friendly banter and familiar songs. His sweet voice was remarkably clear, and he had a top-notch band behind him."



Three million of the Vienna Danube Island Festival

MusikWoche, Jun 29, 2010



Der, der mal bei Supertramp sang
He who once was the Singer of Supertramp ~

16 Vor Nachrichten aus Trier, Jun 8, 2010, Christian Jöricke

"Acoustically and musically the 1,300 listeners witnessed an amazing show. Hodgson's warm, high voice sounds powerful, clear and unique."



1300 Menschen fühlen sich wieder wie 16

An Audience of 1300 Feels Like 16 Again ~

Volksfreund.de, Jun 7, 2010, Cordula Fischer

"His songs are still true companions for all purposes. And finally one part of his recipe for success is that his songs became evergreens and people associate memories and emotions with it. This is a phenomenon which not all musicians can claim. Sixty years old Roger Hodgson can. His voice - even after 28 years of his split from Supertramp - sounds better than ever. Each and every song hit home; 1,300 spectators become teenagers again."



"Ich habe den besten Job der Welt"

"I've Got the Best Job in the World" ~

Hr-online.de, Jun 6, 2010, Sebastian Schneider

"My love for these songs is hard to describe. I never planned this back then, but my songs outlasted so many years and proved to be successful. They don´t sound old, but fresh and modern. Some of my lyrics even have a bigger meaning today than they did in the past, when I wrote them. It seems I was a wise young man back then (laughing). It´s still a lot of fun to play them and obviously my audience loves them, too."


Stadtallendorf, Germany ~ Review
Jun 5, 2010, Stephanie Liftin
"We, the fans, all felt like one big happy family and enjoyed every single minute of the show."

Viaje al pasado de la mano de Roger Hodgson

Travel back to the hand of Roger Hodgson ~

El Universal, May 22, 2010, Roberto Rodríguez M.



Roger Hodgson's World Tour Newsletter

eon.businesswire.com, May 21, 2010

“As an artist what really touches me is the appreciation and love so many fans have for my music. That combined with how much I enjoy singing and serenading them is what creates magic. I am very grateful, I wouldn’t be here performing concerts if it wasn’t for the fans.”



Roger Hodgson encendió la alegría...

Roger Hodgson - Light, Joy, and Nostalgia in Caracas ~

Globovisión, May 21, 2010, José Domingo Guariglia

"With the passage of time, Roger Hodgson showed that musical prodigies can carve his own fame without using preconceived formulas, and with a repertoire that mixes both the alternative and the commercial, in a smart way to create the soundtrack to many, overcoming cultural barriers and temporary barriers."


Caracas, Venezuela ~ Reviews
May 20, 2010

Panama City, Panama ~ Reviews
May 18, 2010
"Roger's incredible performance in Panama brought me back in time. Last night, I was able to share your voice, talent and legend with my 15 year old son. Thank you."

Belo Horizonte, Brazil ~ Reviews
May 15, 2010
"Roger, I just got back home after your concert in Belo Horizonte and I just love it! Actually, I don’t know what to say after this great show, certainly the best that I've seen in my whole life! Also, it was my first international concert and I have to thank you for such a beautiful moment."


Sao Paulo, Brazil ~ Reviews
May 14, 2010

"Once again you touched me very much, the concert was amazing and your voice as always beautiful, powerful and incomparable."

En la genialidad musical no hay dos sin tres

In the musical genius no two without three ~

La Capital, Argentina, May 2010

"Hodgson played for the second time in Argentina on Sunday 22nd of that month to nearly four thousand people who did not stop at two exciting ovation hour concert, outstanding event in the reviews of the following days."



Roger Hodgson Separates the Supertramp Songs

Undercover.com.au, May 12, 2010, Paul Cashmere



Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Reviews
May 11th, 2010

"I must say, I was very glad when I heard you were coming to our country, but I didn't expect that the show would be so moving! It was a great experience for me.  I enjoy your music very very much; I think your songs are so very unique, and they get through to a very important part of me- my soul. Thank you so much for writing and creating songs that will, surely, transcend many generations, and, personally, for making my life happier and filling it with color and emotion!"

Rick Davies Attempts to Explain Supertramp Reunion

Undercover.com.au, May 9, 2010, Paul Cashmere



Babelsberg, Germany ~ Review
May 6, 2010, Anne N. Slřk
"It was not just another concert for me- it was THE concert and something very, very personal
and special."

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Hodgson Explains His Reaction to Supertramp Tour

Undercover.com.au, Apr 25, 2010, Paul Cashmere



Roger Hodgson Tells Supertramp Not to Perform His Songs

Undercover.com.au, Apr 23, 2010, Paul Cashmere



Fallsview Casino and Resort ~ Niagara, Canada ~ Reviews
April 22 & 23, 2010
You're the best performer we've ever seen at this venue! You put your heart & soul into every show
& bring happiness to so many...."

Supertramp to Tour Without Asking Roger Hodgson Along

Undercover.com.au, Apr 20, 2010, Paul Cashmere



Auckland, New Zealand ~ Reviews
Apr 14, 2010

"Oh what a night! Seems like time stood still. You are the ultimate professional musician, unique and everlasting. Thank you so much for taking me back to some of my most memorable misspent youth days!"

Wellington, New Zealand ~ Reviews
Apr 13, 2010
"This man has put a smile into so many people's hearts, including mine. He is a legend. He is a beautiful man. I was blessed to hear his magic in Wellington last night."

Newcastle, Australia ~ Reviews
Apr 11, 2010
"You made my husband and I feel like we were inside your private studio - not as part of an audience but more as friends. You truly are a gift with a very good soul. You had us at the first lyric and we will never forget your generous performance."

It's a logical progression

NZHerald.co.nz, Apr 10, 2010, Russell Baillie View

"The thing that amazes me about the songs is that they don't feel old. They really do have an evergreen quality. There is not [one] line that I think, 'Boy, I wish I hadn't written that', even though I have changed as a man and got older and wiser. I still really appreciate the emotions of what I was writing about back then."



Sydney, Australia ~ Reviews
Apr 9 & 10, 2010
"Something was telling me this was a concert I couldn't miss, and words fail me to describe where it took me, there and back in one night - who could ask for more?"

Review: Roger Hodgson in Auckland

Duncan Johnstone, Apr 2010

"Sister Moonshine, The Logical Song and Breakfast In America were all belted out with such precision that if you closed your eyes you'd swear you were back in the 70s with the turntable in full swing."



Melbourne, Australia ~ Reviews
Apr 7, 2010
"You are a class above us all, the performance was absolutely brilliant - I take my hat off to you. You put so much passion into your work, it gives me goose bumps to see & hear you perform, and to be sitting just meters away while you are singing is a dream come true. A simple thank you doesn't seem to be enough to show my appreciation."

Roger Hodgson & 10CC - The Palais Theatre

Andrew Watt, Apr 7, 2010

"Vocally he seems actually stronger and more assured than when he was a younger man making multi million selling albums. His guitar playing and keyboard work was superb.."



Roger Hodgson at the Palais

Undercover.com.au, Apr 6, 2010, Paul Cashmere

"If you were ever a fan of Supertramp then attending a Roger Hodgson concert these days is as good as it gets and it gets good."


Phoenix, Arizona ~ Reviews
Mar 28, 2010
"Seeing you on Sunday night was incredible! I think I just sat there with dumbfounded amazement that I was actually listening to you sing the songs I love so much! The new songs were great, the old ones I treasure and it was all magical for me. Thank you for coming to Phoenix!"

Pechanga Resort & Casino ~ Temecula, CA ~ Reviews
Mar 27, 2010
"Words cannot describe the energy that Roger delivered and that we absorbed tonight. For all that attended this show - you know what I mean!"

M80-Radio interview - Roger's birthday (audio in English)

Mar 21, 2010



Musician believes in sharing his gift

Hamilton Press, NZ, Mar 10, 2010, Steve Scott

"One of the reasons Hodgson performs his solo tour is because of the close connection he can have with his audience. Part of it he believes is the heartfelt feeling he can put into his deliveries. "It has something incredibly special with the show."


Legendary voice of Supertramp Roger Hodgson to play Mar. 28 at Sage Court-JW Marriott Desert Ridge

Phoenix Concerts Examiner, Mar 9, 2010, Traci Baker



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