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Roger Hodgson, les yeaux fermés
Roger Hodgson, Eyes Closed ~
Rue Rezzonico, Oct 30, 2011, Philippe Rezzonico
"..it's more than that. It is so similar to the 1970’s or 1980’s, we only had to close our eyes to have the impression of listening to the original vinyl."

Du pur Roger Hodgson
Pure Roger Hodgson ~
Canoe.com, Oct 28, 2011, Jean-François Cyr
"After these first songs, we could already feel that the musical interpretation of the arrangements during the evening would be almost flawless."


Le Festival prend de la Hauteur
The Festival takes Height ~
LE DROIT, Sep 3, 2011, Maud Cucchi

"A magical performance! Because he hit the high notes so well, along with his vocal acrobatics, which soared to the heights of his days with Supertramp, the public saw a concert of highest level last night.The crowd left with the angels, well above the air balloons."


Hodgson Enchants Audience with Supertramp Classics
Ottawa Citizen, Sep 3, 2011, Patrick Langston
"Hodgson was in grand form on Friday, alternating between keyboards and guitar, leading his

well-oiled band, and enchanting his large audience."


"El legendario Roger Hodgson regala lo mejor de Supertramp en el Festival de Cap Roig"
"Legendary Roger Hodgson gives the best of Supertramp at Cap Roig" ~
El Debat, Aug 2, 2011
"Roger Hodgson, transported last night the audience at Jardines de Cap Roig in Calella de Palafrugell to the 70s and 80s."

"Roger se Vengo de la Lluvia y Triunfo en Cap Roig"
"Roger Took Revenge on the Rain and Triumphed at Cap Roig" ~
La Vanguardia, Aug 2, 2011, Silvia Oller
"The involvement of the audience with the music by Hodgson was great all along the concert. Many of the spectators were unable to hear the songs without being moved."

Roger Hodgson "No Heart No Art" Interview
Xaver Magazine, Jul 2011, Thomas Jentsch

Viel viel mehr als „a little bit“
Much, much more than "a little bit" ~
Gmünder Tagespost, Jul 31, 2011

Kleine Deutschstunde mit Roger Hodgson
Brief German lesson with Roger Hodgson ~
Badische Zeitung, Jul 31, 2011, Ute Wehrle

"Ich wollte nich nur Hits"
"For me it was not only about hits" ~
Badische Zeitung, Jul 27, 2011

Meet & Greet mit einem Megastar
Meet & Greet with a Megastar ~
Gmünder Tagespost, Jul 25, 2011

Roger Hodgson Marktplatz Heinsberg Review
Rocktimes, Jul 23, 2011, Udo Gröbbels
"Hodgson delivers it all as it was originally written and he easily hits all those notes. This easiness carries on throughout the show."

Roger Hodgson in Heinsberg gefeiert
Heinsberg celebrates Roger Hodgson ~
RP Online.de, Jul 17, 2011, Thomas Mauer

Zugabe zum Wetter: It's Raining Again
Encore for the weather: It's Raining Again ~
an-online.de, Jul 17, 2011
"Whether he was playing the keyboard or the guitar - you could only agree with Stefan: "[Hodgson] is better than ever".

Hodgson Conquista Tarragona
Hodgson Conquers Tarragona ~
Diari De Tarragona, Jul 13, 2011, Mar Cirera

La Tormenta Roger Hodgson
Storm Roger Hodgson ~
Tarragona21, Jul 13, 2011
"A show with an international impact..people from every place in Spain and different European countries. People of mature years (in their forties and fifties), but also parents with their children and young ones around twenty or thirty years old. For many people in Tarragona, it was a great chance to listen the soundtrack of their youth."

Der Vagabund: Roger Hodgson begeistert “Seebühnen”-Publikum im Baumhain
"The vagabond: Roger Hodgson enthuses the audience at the "Seebühne" in Mannheim" ~
rheinneckarblog, Jul 12, 2011, Hardy Prothmann

"Roger Hodgson has not lost a thing: the falsetto voice hits all of those incredibly high notes and he holds those long notes as if it were nothing."


Music can be a friend
The Daily Star, Jun 2, 2011, Emily Holman
"Hodgson’s unique voice has lost none of its potency in the four decades that have elapsed since Supertramp was formed. As effective on stage as in the studio, Hodgson’s rendering of such hits as “School” was indistinguishable from the version he recorded so long ago."

Nothing but a Dreamer
Classic Rock Royal Albert Hall Review, Jun 2011, Mark Beaumont
"..Roger Hodgson's music is an integral part of the background hum of popular culture. ..It's with modesty, charm and humility that Hodgson delivers the cream of his Supertramp contributions."

Roger Hodgson to Supertramp: Stop Playing My Songs
The Star, May 30, 2011, Greg Quill

Gig Review: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
LSMedia, May 30, 2011, Ian D. Hall
"For Roger Hodgson to come to Liverpool and play at the Philharmonic Hall is one of those rare moments in time that if you are a lover of good, honest and well crafted songs delivered with style, humour and grace then no matter what you had to be there. ..His instantly recognisable vocal talents have thrilled generation upon generation of music lovers and judging by the reaction and ovations he was receiving throughout the night, Roger doesn’t look stopping from being held in very high affection any time soon."

Review: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Chris High (freelance journalist), May 29, 2011

"..this, without question, is one of the most polished and skillfully orchestrated performances imaginable. From the opening Take The Long Way Home to the closing It’s Raining Again, this was a stunning night’s entertainment during which Hodgson not only endeared himself to the capacity audience that danced and sang all night long, they adopted him."


An Evening with Roger Hodgson
Classic Rock Revisited - The Sage Gateshead Review, May 28, 2011, Ian Routledge

BMAF: Roger Hodgson
Time Out Beirut, May 26, 2011

Review: Royal Albert Hall
Irene Casottana-Greenslade, May 25, 2011
"In my almost 17 years of being a musician I have met many artists but I can honestly say that Roger Hodgson has something more, something unique that shines through his warm voice, kind eyes and beautiful smile. Something special which has the power to touch and positively influence so many people around the globe."

Preview: Roger Hodgson, The Sage Gateshead
Chronicle Live UK, May 25, 2011, Gordon Barr
"[Hodgson's] passion for his music and his art shines through in the magic and intimacy that is felt when he performs his songs in concert."

100 Greatest Songwriters - Trampy Tunesmith Roger Hodgson
Classic Rock Magazine, 2011, Fish
"..I played with Roger in Malta. It was just him and his piano, and he was amazing. You just forget how many memorable songs he's written. Just listen to 'Breakfast in America' - so many amazing songs on one album. And he's incredible as a lyricist and a songwriter. His sense of melody is unsurpassable, and the way he writes is just pitch-perfect for his voice."

Illogical Songs?
Prog Rock Magazine UK, Apr-May 2011, Paul Lester

Sans elever la voiz au pays du show-biz
Not raising the voice in the land of showbiz ~
24-Heurs Le Portrait, Apr 15, 2011, Francois Barras

Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival Review
Apr 12, 2011
"Hodgson sang “Give a little bit” right at the beginning of the show – and for more than two hours gave all his warmth and affection to his 1,500 listeners."

Hodgson conduce a un público entregado en un viaje a los años de Supertramp
Hodgson leads a devoted audience to a trip through the Supertramp times ~
EFE Review, Mar 31, 2011, Jose Oliva Barcelona
"As his audiences have checked along the international tour he is doing during the last few months, Hodgson still keeps the colour and the warmth of his voice."

Samtweiches Kissen
Stuttgart concert review: A cushion as soft as velvet ~
Reutlinger General - Anzeiger, Mar 23, 2011

"The emotions during Roger Hodgson's performances are a completely different thing: You feel like dropping onto an oversize cushion as soft as velvet and give rein to the emotions and memories."


Copenhagen, Denmark ~ Review by Morten Andersen
March 19, 2011, Morten Andersen
"It was a great, great show, with moments saved in my heart. As by the first concert I went to with Roger, I still think, the man can write the words and the music, but he is also a great performer."

Die Deutschen hören wirklich zu
The Germans do really listen ~
AZ-Interview, Mar 16, 2011, Martin Mai

Merkers feiert Roger Hodgson
Merkers celebrates Roger Hodgson ~
Freies Wort, Mar 15, 2011
"Standing ovations and fans storming up to the front of the stage were the grand finale for an unforgettable evening which will surely stay in the minds of both the artists and the attendees for a long time."

Erlebnisbergwerk, Merkers, Germany ~ Review
March 12, 2011, Dieter Burkard
"Every song was brilliantly performed, the sound was great and the venue awesome. The setlist was also great and everybody was happy."

Die Engelsstimme
The Angelic Voice ~
Esslinger Zeitung, Mar 11, 2011
"Hodgson produces an excess of sound variety and a powerful spell around the many sensitive and vulnerable songs. Even so, the poetic and the feel-good pieces sound with rhythm changes and the staccato piano plays so soulfully perfect. Hodgson's high voice is powerful and clear, not a single false note falls in between - it is as if time has stopped."

Geburtstagsständchen in der Meistersingerhalle
Singing Happy Birthday in the "Meistersingerhalle" ~
nordbayern.de, Mar 10, 2011

Solo sehr wertvoll
Solo Very Valuable ~
OP-online.de, Mar 10, 2011, Markus Schaible
"Musically, the two-hour performance was at its best.  Like most of the music for 30 years or more - even a song like "Dreamer" which is so wonderful on the radio, is so refreshing live that it pulls the audience from their seats. In the end, the concert was very consistent at the highest level and provided for many spine-tingling moments."

His Story: Roger Hodgson of Supertramp

National Music Examiner, Mar 8 2011, Michele McManmon ~
“My songs come from my heart and touch people in a myriad of ways.  It’s a very personal connection I have with people and I honor it.”



Frankfurt, Germany ~ Review
Mar 8, 2011, Dieter Burkard

"Most people in the audience were standing for the encores and the last song "It's Raining Again" was celebrated like a party. I spoke with other fans during the intermission. A few of them saw Roger for the first time live. They were amazed about the quality of the songs, which was much better than the Supertramp recordings."


River Cree Casino & Resort ~ Edmonton, AB Canada ~ Review
Mar 5, 2011, Linda Gianotti

"The show was over but the magic that we had just witnessed lingered in the air. I overheard several people saying they hope he comes back very soon. People just can’t get enough of the Minstrel."

Vancouver, BC Canada ~ Review
March 3, 2011, Ross Viner

"Add equal parts spirituality, love, musical genius, with a sold out crowd and what do you get?  An evening with Roger Hodgson.  Such a recipe can only fill you with joy!"

Hodgson stands the test of time
The Province, Mar 3, 2011, Tom Harrison
"I write for God,” Hodgson says flatly. “For me, that’s a fire that will never go out. The songs start out as my little prayers."

Concert review: Roger Hodgson of Supertramp acoustic set at the Grammy Museum
Daily News, Mar 3, 2011, Gerry Gittelson
"So there he was Monday, going from the keys to his guitar to a grand piano, delivering his Supertramp songs so perfectly. Chills down our spine or hair raised in the back of our neck? Try tears streaming down our face. It was that moving. Indeed, a special performance from a special artist whose songs will always have a special place in my heart."

Supertramp's Roger Hodgson giving a little back to his fans
Reuters, Mar 1, 2011
"I’m very happy that my songs are being remembered… It’s my way of giving a little bit of my love and passion to the world, and trying to do my bit to make things better.”

Supertramp Roger Hodgson tells Grammy Museum audience he wanted to be a Beatle
Beatles Examiner, Mar 1, 2011, Steve Marinucci

Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ Review
Feb 26, 2011, David Mendenhall

"Not only were these the songs that most of the audiennce grew up with, but that these were the songs that resonated most deeply. These songs with their forever positive message would guide and carry them home with a smile on this night."

Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ Review
Feb 25, 2011, Linda Gianotti

"I was watching the audience as they were leaving the venue and it was so touching to see people with such beaming faces and wide smiles. A most special evening, indeed."

Roger Hodgson at Pechanga Resort
Pechanga Review, Feb 25, 2011

"First thing - the man has NOT lost any of his vocal range.  He's taken good care of his voice and it never cracked or wavered once.  He can still hit all the same high notes, and if you're familiar with Supertramp's hits there are plenty of them. So take care of your vocal cords and they'll take care of you!"

Roger Hodgson says his music comes from 'a very pure place'
Union Tribune, Feb 25, 2011, Neda Salamat

Supertramp singer has strong connection to music
Union-Tribune, Feb 22, 2011, Neda Salamat
"One of the things that I like most about making music is how it has brought people together from all over the globe and how many lasting friendships have been made through a common love of my songs. It is a very special and personal connection I have with many of my fans and that the fans have with one another."

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