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Valladolid, Mexico ~ Review
October 5, 2009, Fernando Conde
Saying that it was an amazing show would be underestimating a last feeling that seems to assure you that you will live through very few things like this in your life. There was something new in those old songs that travelled from the tape to the CD without losing a bit of quality and relevance."

"Supertramp" Chief Hodgson with terrific Vienna concert

Vienna Nachberecht, Sep 2009, Thomas Zeidler





Vienna, Austria ~ Review
Sep 30, 2009, Mick O'Brien
"Roger is a master at enthralling the crowds. His music is timeless, and 30 years after hearing his voice for the first time it still sounds exactly the same and means exactly the same to me."

Vienna, Austria ~ Review
Sep 30, 2009, Claudia Yildiz
"Roger and Aaron were in a brilliant shape - as always and it amazes me that they are always performing each song with all their heart and soul – even after such a huge tour, the songs never sound like “singsong”, but so fresh and new as if they performed it for the first time every evening. That is really outstanding and I venerate that deeply."

Vienna, Austria ~ Review
Sep 30, 2009, Christine Pinter
"It definitely was a 'living room atmosphere', that's what makes Roger's shows so most special, too. And it was just magical that we enjoyed a kind of 'communication' with the artist we adore so much during the whole concert, the smiles we all exchanged spoke volumes."

The soundtrack of his life and our memories

Göttinger Tageblatt, September 24, 2009, Rhea Maria Richter

"In his songs he sings from life and from love, from problems that existed now and then. May it be his long lasting experience or the “We all love each other”- atmosphere, which he creates through his moderation: he succeeds in opening the hearts of the listeners for his music."





Roger Hodgson cantou e encantou em Albufeira

Roger Hodgson sang and charmed in Albufeira ~

Hardmusica.pt, Zita Ferreira Braga

"It was a real delirium of joy: waving hats, singing people and the audience thanked Roger in this way for his wonderful performance."





Ein Meister der Melancholie

Master of Melancholy ~

NWZ Online, Matthias Mineur

"However Hodgson’s songs are not only nostalgic and you also don’t need to be hopeless romantic. Essentially his songs are timeless snapshots of various phases of life which the Englishmen put in words so felicitous, that you automatically feel addressed. That’s the way it was during the 70’s and that didn’t change until today."




Zurück im Supertramp-Kosmos

The Return of the Supertramp Cosmos ~

Neue OZ Online, Aug 31, 2009, Tom Bullmann

"The audience wasn’t any longer able to sit down on their chairs. By the first chords of “The Logical Song” the 1600 Supertramp fans got up from their seats and fell into wild enthusiasm."




Oldenburg and Osnabruck ~ Germany ~ Review
Aug 27 & 28, 2009, Lisa Flieger

Roger Hodgson Enchants Aachen

Aachen Nachrichten Online, Aug 23, 2009, Bernd Büttgens

"Overjoyed grins and rhythmic claps, accurate whistling and enthusiastic screams of jubilation accompanied with the voice that brings goosebumps through his work. At the end, the completely enthused listeners didn’t want to let the world star go.."





Linz, Austria ~ Review
Aug 21, 2009, Gabi Peschke
"The good vibes onstage were almost immediately transferred to the audience and everybody was having a ball. The atmosphere was simply wonderful."

It starts in Linz ~ Review
Aug 21, 2009, Christine Pinter

"During the concert I was often looking into the faces around me .. people were getting more and more into singing, clapping, cheering, laughing, dancing ... a happy crowd captivated by an exceptional artist and his ‘crew’."

Up on cloud nine with old hits

Badisches Tagblatt, Aug 13, 2009, Udo Barth

"With Roger Hodgson, a unique musical personality enters the stage in Oetigheim and, from the beginning, the audience gave him thundering applauses. The legendary voice and soul of Supertramp conjured up the flair of the late 70s and the early 80s to the mild summer’s eve with his unforgettable songs."




Ingenious rock that makes you feel good

Kleine Zeitung, Österreich, Aug 11, 2009, Erwin Hirtenfelder





Roger Hodgson is a little rascal

Schwarzwälder Bote, Aug 10, 2009, Hans-Jürgen Hölle





2500 People are celebrating the Supertramp-legend

Deggendorfer Zeitung, Aug 10, 2009, Josefine Eichwald

"There are many in the audience who are clapping or humming, others just enjoy the atmosphere: That is music that evokes emotions and causes goosebumps."




Roger’s two youngest fans took the long way to Deggendorf
August 7, 2009, Claudia Yildiz

Articles from St. Tropez Show (PDFs)

Nice-Matin, Jul 29, 2009

PDF1   PDF2   PDF3




Hodgson still causes goosebumps

Schwäbische Zeitung, Jul 10, 2009, Michael Hochheuser





Festival Burgruine Honberg ~ Tuttlingen Germany ~ Review
Jul 9, 2009, Sylvia Novell

The Soundtrack of a Life

FLZ, Jul 7, 2009, Jasmin Lohner

"Hodgson had a good rapport with the audience very easily and he invited them to sing and to dance and he made them to be all smiles. Somehow, you could have the feeling as if an old acquaintance played some songs from the good old times in your living room."




We Will Never Surrender

AVUI Newspaper, Jul 3, 2009, David Castillo

"Hodgson sticks to his feelings and to his work. Who said that nostalgia isn't what once was?"




Roger Hodgson intimate with the audience...

Diari d'Andorra, Jun 30, 2009, A. Doral

"Hodgson had promised an intimate concert, a show of harmony with the public, it was "the concert of a happy man, with his music."




Roger Hodgson: "I left Supertramp for my family"

El Periódico de Catalunya, Jun 29, 2009, Imma Fernandez





Open to a Possible Supertramp Reunion

El Periodica d'Andorra, Jun 29, 2009, Andres Luengo





"Mr. Supertramp" Fascinates Three Generations

ON-live.de, Jun 6, 2009, Werner Hülsmann





Roger Hodgson Creates Euphoria

La Tribune, May 4, 2009, Andre Laroche

"Hodgson had not even played a single note and the audience was already gave him a standing ovation.  Imagine the reaction of the audience when Hodgson started playing his classics such as The Logical Song, Dreamer, Hide in Your Shell, Breakfast in America, and so many others that are for many people the soundtracks of their youth. Each song was applauded as though it was a reminder of memories long ago."




Hodgson surpasses expectations

The Ottawa Citizen, May 2, 2009, Lynn Saxberg

"[Hodgson's] sterling voice was in peak form, effortlessly hitting the high notes and carrying the melodies with a fluid nonchalance. How cool to hear the nuances and inflections of the original songs in exactly the right places, just like they were in the grooves of the old vinyl LPs."




Ottawa and Montréal - Review
May 2009, Marie Coyne
"The crowd certainly knew how to show their appreciation at the end of every song and Roger expressed his love for Montréal and its people."

Taking the long way home to music

The Ottawa Citizen, Apr 30, 2009, Lynn Saxberg

"Going back to the stage, alone, has been a humbling experience that made Hodgson realize the power of music, and his own gift. "Every song has something in that they're not trivial songs," he says. "Because they came from a deep place in me, they touch a deep place in a lot of my audience. I'm singing songs that have been a part of people's lives for many, many years and they have a relationship with these songs."




Supertramp co-founder Hodgson basks in past glories

Montreal Gazette, Apr 29, 2009, Bernard Perusse

“I get sheer joy from singing these songs night after night. Even lyrically, they’re still very relevant. Look at Give a Little Bit. I mean, boy, do we need love or do we need love in this modern world?”




A Supertramp on travel

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Mar 24, 2009





Roger Hodgson brinda la noche...

Zacatacas Hoy, Apr 9, 2009, Miguel Angel Reyes

"The show was the most nostalgic one of the Festival Cultural, and it was increasing the warmness, which reached its top with the songs "The Logical Song," "Lord is it Mine," "Breakfast in America" and others, captivating the seven thousands of people in the audience."




Hits at a Stretch

Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 24, 2009, Michael Riedinger





When a dreamer had a dream coming true!
Mar 24, 2009, Anina Holbek
"What makes a concert so wonderful anyway? Is it Roger’s wonderful voice, beautiful compositions, great lyrics? Is it the magic of two multi-talented guys playing together? Yes. That’s it! But there’s something more. You find great musicians everywhere, but nothing compares with Roger’s shows. The answer is: Roger is a very ‘including’ artist, which means, he talks a lot to the audience, is joking, telling stories - and it is so clear that the audience love it, and Roger loves his fans and the audience."


Lady Di and eBay

Extra Tip, Mar 18, 2009





A journey to good old times

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Mar 23, 2009, Steffen Radlmeier

"Where ever [Hodgson] is performing he conjures a smile on the faces of the audience and he is acclaimed with standing ovations. He appears onstage very natural, like an old friend, chats with the audience and invites everybody to a time journey back to younger days."




To wallow in pleasure

Tz, Mar 21, 2009

"An evening with Roger Hodgson means to wallow in pleasure in good old memories. There are six palm trees on stage, two acoustic guitars, the keyboard with the well known miraculous sound and a grand piano. Then appears the wizard with his “bio-hairstyle” and the hippie clothes, counts the fans from the last concerts in his favourite city Munich and then here we go. Right into the thick of the beautiful harmonies and Hodgson lets his dreamy and intense falsetto voice fall down on the chords."




Adoration between the audience and the singer

Abendzeitung, Mar 21, 2009, R. Brain





Class Meeting with Roger Hodgson

Münchner Merkur, Mar 21, 2009





Hamburg, Germany ~ Review
Mar 16, 2009, Videh Maya

Hamburg, Germany ~ Review
Mar 16, 2009, Bardo Metzger

Saarbrücken, Germany ~ Review
March 10, 2009, Stephan Metzner

It Was Not a Breakfast with Hodgson...

El Telegrafo, Feb 14, 2009





Roger Hodgson Brings the Best of Supertramp

El Comercio, Feb 12, 2009





"I'd go back to Supertramp"

La Primera, Feb 3, 2009





Roger Hodgson Opens the Door...

Correo, Jan 20, 09





Sport Gala 2009





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