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Frankfurt Celebrates Roger Hodgson

Frankfurt Musik Journal Portal, Nov 18, 2007, Andreas Dosch

"...performed with such a lot of real joy and passion, one is realizing again what importance these pop classics had for a complete generation. And how beautiful it is that Roger Hodgson is still standing by them."



Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany ~ Reviews
Nov 17, 2007

Casino Rama ~ Reviews
Nov 9 & 10, 2007, Mick O'Brien

Die Stimme von Supertramp zu Gast in Frankfurt (German PDF)

The voice of Supertramp guest in Frankfurt ~

Magazin Frankfurt, Nov 2007




Melancholie eines Supertramps (German PDF)

Melancholy of a Supertramp ~

Darmstadter Echo, Nov 19, 2007, Stephan Görisch




Hodgson Takes 'Long Way'

Times Record, Nov 13, 2007, Scott Smith




Brum Mail Review

Brum Mail Review, Oct 2007, Ian D. Hall





Tenerife Review

Tenerife Review

Island Connections, Oct 2007, Karl McLaughlin

"Hodgson demonstrated from the word go that he is not a man of the past in terms of voice or stage 'savoir faire'. The highest compliment he can be (and was) paid is that he probably sounds better live today than in the recordinq studio more than a generation ago."




Soenderborg, Denmark ~ Review
Oct 21, 2007, Grethe

Roger Hodgson in Almeria

Portalmeria, Oct 18, 2007





Roger Hodgson, The Wizard of Melodies

Los Conciertos de Mastrito, Oct 17, 2007

"Showing an amazing ability with every instrument and his voice being in a perfect shape, he played all the songs we wanted to hear. Maybe I’ve never before attended to a concert like this, with all the audience applauding on their feet at the end of every song. All the people left the auditorium with a smile in their faces."



Roger Hodgson in Almeria

The Sentinel Web Magazine, Oct 16, 2007





Las Buenas Canciones No Envejecen

Good Songs Never Grow Old ~

LaProvincia.es - Diario de Las Palmas, Oct 16, 2007, Diego F. Hernandez

"The show he performed last Sunday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Auditorium was highly nostalgic and delicious. ..He was generous and close to every member of the audience, continuously thanking for their devotion and participation, clapping, standing on their feet and cheering."




Roger Hodgson in Las Palmas

Canarias 7, Oct 15, 2007

"The impressive ovations he received from the crowd, who were on their feet more time than on their seats, is the best evidence that the audience also enjoyed the show. And according to the big smile he showed at the end of the concert, he’ll never forget that Canary warmth."




Roger Hodgson: Nostalgia and High Quality

Diario de Avisos, Oct 14, 2007, Javier Ganivet

"Progressive psychedelic rock from the beginnings of his career, which developed to a pop composed by introspective lyrics and melodic rhythms, is still his identity sign. And his powerful voice is as brilliant as it was in the golden years."




Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain ~ Reviews
Oct 14, 2007

Tenerife, Spain ~ Reviews
Oct 13, 2007

Royal Albert Hall, London ~ Reviews
Oct 9, 2007

Palace Theater, Manchester ~ Review
Oct 3, 2007

St. David's Hall, Cardiff

South Wales Echo, Oct 2, 2007

"There are few vocalists instantly recognisable from the first few bars of a song but Roger Hodgson is certainly one of that unique band. ..His voice is as unmistakable as the distinct keyboard sound of their early hits."




Royal Albert Hall Review

Svein & Annka

"I saw people cry, in joy. I saw people sing, shout, dance, clap. So did we! I've been to concerts at Royal Albert Hall before, but never have I experienced (in any big arena!) such an "intimate" atmosphere, and never have I ever seen Royal Albert Hall give a 3-song, standing ovation to an artist! That was a moment to remember! And not to forget, when Royal Albert Hall starts whistling the song before Roger even gets to start it!"




Supertramp maestro plans tribute to Brummie colleague

Birmingham Mail, Sep 27, 2007, Andy Coleman





Roger Hodgson: "Take the Long Way Home - Live in Montreal"

Rocktimes, Sep 13, 2007, Joachim "Joe" Brookes

"We become witness of a magnificent concert in which [Hodgson] not only came up with many classic songs from the Supertramp era but also gives a very personal performance."





Stuttgart, Germany ~ Reviews
Jul 7, 2007

Arrow Rock Festival, Holland ~ Reviews
Jun 30, 2007

Castellon, Spain ~ Reviews
Jun 16, 2007

Hodgson's power and grace lights the night

Buffalo News, May 26, 2007, Jeff Miers

"The evening was incredibly emotional, both onstage and out front, where several members of the audience seated near me wept openly during such yearning-laced bits of musical poetry as “Lord Is It Mine” and “Hide in Your Shell.” Hodgson’s songs boast airy melodies that are easy to love, but he digs deep and hits hard, marrying melody to lyric like few other writers this side of McCartney and Lennon. Immediately, it was apparent that time has done nothing to weather Hodgson’s voice, a high tenor able to reach for [and fully grasp] incredibly elevated notes with grace. Hodgson’s set was absolutely flawless, but more importantly, it was inspiring. His is clearly a generous spirit, one that serves his prodigious talent well."



Fallsview Casino & Resort, Canada ~ Review


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