Dear Roger,


I don't even know whether you will read this email, but I'd like to thank you for the concert you made in Castelló (Spain) the 16th of June. You made all of us (the audience) feel unique and great. Guess you don't remember us, but for me it was very touching you sang a llittle bit of Little Miss Heidi with my name.

Honestly I must say I wasn't a Supertramp/ Roger Hodgson fan til I met my boyfriend, six years ago. Then your songs were like a code between us. I worked for some months in South Africa (far from Barcelona, Spain, our home place) and by email I asked to a very popular radio station to call him and told him I was dedicating him the song "Two of us". It's like if your music was knitting something between us. Very special. And then, finally, this concert of Castelló. The first time we saw you in concert... and it'd been such a communion... Hope we can see you soon in Barcelona some day. Then I'd like to invite you and your family (like million of people will do, I know) to our place. In any case, thank you again for all you give and good luck!

Lots of love from Sergi and Núria.


my name is Julian and Išm one of the lucky people who enjoyed the Roger's concert last Saturday in Castellón(Spain).

It was just wonderful!

I'm fan of Roger from I was fourteen (Now Išm forty) and I've surprised myself about how I felt (as a teenager) during the show (I have to say that I was not the only one?) The public was completely devoted to such this great music. What can I say about Roger? He was so kind and so close! It's easy to guess that he's even better person than musician.

It helped a lot also the good and nice venue, the auditorium: the sound was really good and the smart ambient was the right for the Roger's music.

I would like also to congratulate Aaron. His playing was the perfect complement to the Roger's voice and he was leading man in some of the best moments of the night (not only because his Spanish words?)

In summary, again an unforgettable experience and waiting for the next (please, Roger, donšt take so long time to come back!)

Without doubt, Rogers gave a little(?) bit of his love for us! And we gave a little bit love to him !





Last night I was in Castellon seeing Roger! He signed for me a Supertramp scores book and I could to embrace him!


The show was great and Roger hardly could leave the stage... I have just one word for this concert: unforgettable.



Hello everyone!


I still haven't assimilated all the things I lived last night! It was a big pleasure for me saying to Roger all I feel for his music, and take a picture with him.


We were waiting for Roger outside the venue and suddenly he appeared and accepted greeting us and taking a photo with us. Security people were a bit unfriendly but Roger was wonderful. He was very kind and smiling all the time.


I said "Roger, I love you" and he smiled to me and said "thank you". All the people were embracing and touching him. He was greeting everyone and finally he jumped into his car after saying goodbye to all the people who were there.


About the concert, it was great and I liked very much his performance of 'Child of vision' and 'Teach me to love again'. I'm sure I'll attend all the shows Roger play in Spain in the future. I wish he returns here very soon.


In short: the show was fantastic and those brief moments I spent with Roger after the concert made me full of happiness.



Hi friends!


I was near the stage, in the third row, accompanied by a friend who is not a Supertramp fan, but he enjoyed the concert a lot! He was amazed with Roger voice and said it's even better than 30 years ago.


What a wonderful show! Even Roger did a second encore...


I didn't see Roger after the show, but I'll try to attend his next shows if he returns to Spain, and maybe then I could to greet him...



Hello guys!


I also was there. Maybe some of you saw me: I wore a Roger t-shirt, a Supertramp black cap and I was in a wheelchair (I had a car crash 12 years ago).


I was accompanied by two of my ever best friends. We had already attended several Supertramp concerts and it was our first Mr. Hodgson show. We enjoyed it!


The show was fantastic. The songs were great, and all of them were performed masterfully though Roger's voice wasn't in its best moment. And Aaron, the saxophone player, also was wonderful.


After the show we and other 50 people were waiting for Roger outside the venue until he came out. I was able to speak to him and take a photograph with him. And he autographed some postcards I had, the DVD I bought and my t-shirt.


When we left I was floating in the air, I could not assimilate all the things I had lived in a few minutes. I had been with Roger face to face!


Roger seemed to me a very lovely, humane and natural person. It's clear that you don't remain indifferent when you meet him.





I'd like to talk about a song that I was amazed listening to: 'Rosie had everything planned'. I loved melodica performance by Aaron, and I was touched with the all new arrangements for this song. Roger made it fresher than 'Indelibly stamped' recording. He is a genius, a master... There's no doubt that it was one of the show highlights for me.


And after the show I experienced another touching moment when I met Roger. I could not believe it: he was so close to me that it seemed just a dream...



Hi everybody!


I also was lucky to be at this big concert, though I could not to greet Roger and take a photograph with him. Maybe next time we can arrange a meeting of all the fans before the show, to lunch together or just to take a beer and talk about Supertramp and Roger music.


About the concert, it was wonderful! Better than the show in Collado Villalba, near Madrid, a couple of years ago, because of Aaron and because of the venue (not open air but auditorium).


I was greatly surprised by the second encore Roger played. And I liked very much his kind and lovely attitude, speaking all the time with the audience and even reading something in Spanish while he was joking with Aaron.


So I can wait to see Roger in concert again...



Well, I have no words to describe how great experience it was. What a nice weekened. Since I'm in the role of Roger Hodgson within the Logical Group and I want to catch and study every single small detail from the Roger playing and singing I've learned a lot in both aspects, and also I got good vibrations from Roger in person, I was really happy to meet him again, we love him and we are really grateful forever.

I was impressed about the clear sound from the Roger's voice and guitar, and the wonderful harmonic sounds. Performing alone (without a band) you can realize every little detail, sound, breath, cry, ..... but is great also when he performs with a band or orchestra.

I do can realize how great job Roger did in the seventies with his songs and even he was improving a lot of details along the years. I also realize how great job Roger did whith the sounds from his keyboard (piano, wurlitzer, strings, etc....) in order to get  the best and warms sounds. I've attended a Elton John show recently, and the quality of the sound was much better in the Roger 's show.

The music from Roger is magic, and you can realize it even more when you try to play and sing his songs.

We all the band enjoyed a lot and I'll be in the next show in Spain for sure. We love you Roger.

Peter (The Logical Group)

I loved the new song (teach me love again) simple, emotional, sounds a bit "Supertramp", and I enjoyed too the song "Rosie", with the melodica (wow!!). I'd love to hear more songs from that album, still fresh and special, in this current style, . What a shame the problem of the Roger's voice. What a great show. I still can't belive I was next to him after the show, it was a dream. I love him.


The concert was a big experience for me & The Logical Group. In my opinion the sound was perfect. You could hear a perfect clear guitar, piano and keyboard, and winds. Roger has a really good technique for playing his accoustic guitars, and it's incredible how he can musically fill the ambient alone on stage, with his guitar and his voice. He sung as good as always, even having voice problems, because he'd got a cold two days before. You could hear little very difficulties in the singing sometimes, but he was amazingly singing better at the end of the gig. The setlist was good. He played a precious new song, and the all-time hits, and at last... ... Child of vision!! (I love you, Roger). I can't say anything more. Amazing voice, perfect sound, and marvellous person. He was so sweet when I met him in the backstage. I just wanted to hug him again. Thanks to the "wind section player" Aaron too: he's a funny and very good man. He plays very sweet and powerfully. Best wishes for him. And thanks to the management and sound engineers.

Daniel (bassist for The Logical Group)

Another magic night for a bunch of lonely hearts :o)  joined in a big family. After dozens concerts I've attended along the years, for me the most important is the special connection between Roger and the audience, everybody sharing their passion and enjoying every minute. It's not only music and you can realize it watching the long long applause before Roger came to the stage, and after the show he had to do two encores ......


Well, Roger could stay on stage just doing anything, just smailing and looking at the people, and I'm sure the audience (and me too....) would continue clapping and enjoying his presence next to us for hours. And he knows that and he appreciate that, he feels the love from the audience. His wonderful melodies are the soundtrack of our lives, and for all of us, Roger can be a kind of brother, or son, or daddy. And everybody feel really good and happy when someone from your family come back home after a long trip, but he was all the time in your heart :o)


The voice was pretty good during the show despite the throat pain, even better in the second half. And Roger did a extraordinary effort because his voice sounded pretty powerful some times and the people was not able to stand seated while Dreamer or Give a little bit or It's raining again were sounding. For me it was a nice surprise the song "teach me love again", really relaxing song. The sound was spectacular, really clear and powerfull, as good as the best.

Obviously thanks to the good acoustics in the venue, the good equipment, and the great job of Roger and the sound engineer.


I was looking at the faces of the friends and audience along the show and in the backstage while Roger was signing autographs,..... the only word is "happiness", so simple.

Thanks again Roger !

Miguel Angel

Roger Hodgson played Castellon, Spain last June 16th. It was a great show!! Only one show in my country. Sold out venue and a crazy audience... I really think Roger enjoyed this show like we did :-)


It was my 1st Roger Hodgson gig and I wanna repeat!!!!! If he comes back to Spain next October I will be there for sure!!!!!!!!


Thanks Roger for a very special day. Your spanish fans love you my friend,