19 years after its original release, Universal re-release Roger Hodgson's second album "Hai Hai" in Canada on November 14, 2006.  Recorded at his home 48 track studio in Nevada City and in Los Angeles, this collection of beautifully crafted songs features the singles "London", "You Make Me Love You" & "Land Ho".

Co-produced and engineered by Jack Joseph Puig (Green Day, No Doubt, John Mayer), "Hai Hai" also features top musicians such as Jeff Porcaro & David Paich (Toto), Omar Hakim (Weather Report, Sting), Nathan East etc...

Roger Hodgson about "Hai Hai": "If there was a conscious effort to this album, it was in trying to have fun and stretch my musical muscles in playing with other people and also in performing (...)

I wanted to make an album that just made people feel good and gave them energy (...) I just wanted to capture some fire on this album and play with my fire energy and hopefully give people some fire energy out in this world"* Roger about the title of the album : "Hai Hai in a way represents a victory cry (...) It literally means "yes yes" in Japanese. It's just a positive cry for me. "Yes yes I've done it. For the second time I made it!"*

Roger about "House On The Corner" : "It turned out to be a song basically about a guy who had been wounded on a very, very deep level by having to go and fight in a war and the difficulty he has in adjusting to normal life when he gets back."*

Roger on "Puppet Dance" : "It is about losing a loved one and experiencing some of the feelings that you do when you lose one (...) Then, actually around the time I was actually singing it in the studio, my father died (...) So, it's just one of those songs that I'm not sure where it came from, but it kind of came before it happened for me anyway."

* from "Hai Hai" Electronic Press Kit (A&M 1987)

Track List:

  Right Place

  My Magazine


  You Make Me Love You

  Hai Hai

  Who's Afraid?

  Desert Love

  Land Ho

  House On The Corner

  Puppet Dance