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Open the Door

Love is a Thousand Times


Love, love is a thousand times
Stronger than me, stronger than you
Well, if you want to be a soldier
- go marching off to war
You think you're going to be a hero
But we've heard it all before, boy

Love, love is a thousand times
Dearer than me, dearer than you
Well if you want to be a leader
Then go and lead the way
You're never going to give us freedom
no matter what you say, boy
I said you'd better come soon

'Cause love, love is the way
If only we all could hear
It just seems so clear
I just can't believe
Watching the world, what am I seeing?
But I know there's a way
Oh there must be a way
Oh there must come a day
Come a time when I can be free

'Cause I want to hear her voice
Softer than me, softer than you
Whatever will it take me
to bring her smile my way
'Cause every time I try to please her
She loves to go in hiding
I said she'd better come soon

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