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Roger Hodgson Guestbook


Hello Roger

I see your Concert in Clam/Austria on Saturday 14.July 2007.  This was the best concert was i ever seen. The music, the atmosphere was so great.

So please come back very soon to austria.

Best regards


Hi Roger,

Here is my review of "Eye" that I just posted on Amazon.  Sorry for the length, but it says what I believe about your music.  Everybody recognizes you as a wonderful singer/songwriter, but I also enjoy your full range of talents as a great producer, guitarist, and the best background song remarks artist I've ever heard.  ;-)  Those little detailed

touches make your music forever rich and listenable.




This is the true sequel to "Breakfast in America"..., July 9, 2007

I came of age with the British Invasion in 1964 when I was seventeen. Over the years since then, I've closely followed a flow of wonderful and varied music from the Beatles, Kinks, Animals, Rolling Stones, and many others. Along the way, I've been heavy into Procol Harum, the Strawbs, Yes, Genesis, John Mayall, the Yardbirds, and most other quality British groups.

However, I realized a few years ago that "Breakfast in America" is still my all-time favorite "desert island" album. No doubt about it! I never get tired of listening... It's a perfect collection of songs with catchy melodies and clever lyrics that are richly (yet cleanly) performed and produced by a group of exceedinlgly talented musicians. Over time, I've gotten into every subtle "ooooh" and "aaaah" soaring harmony, every nice guitar and synthesizer part, every cool lyric, and even the background sound effects and comments that make a song special. (e.g. "What's she got, not a lot...")

When I decided to buy the re-mastered "Breakfast in America" CD, I started reading the Amazon reviews and became intrigued with the praise for Roger Hodgson's solo albums. So I purchased "In the Eye of the Storm" and "Hai, Hai" a month ago. I haven't stopped listening and humming along to them since! "In the Eye of the Storm" is truly the great album we all wanted to follow "Breakfast in America". Okay, I like "Famous Last Words..." (the actual BiA sequel), but it's not in the Supertramp league of greatness that marks this album.

Listening to this album makes it clear that Roger Hodgson is the the basis of the Supertramp sound we all know and love, and he shows it all here. Great songs, great playing and production, and even a great song like "Had a Dream" to kick it all off. That one song embodies almost every cool thing you could want in a Supertramp song. If I didn't know this was a solo album, I would swear it was Supertramp at their finest! And that's a LOT of praise from a skeptic like me.

So I highly recommend that you buy it today. Hey, I just bought it 15 years after it originally came out, and I'm now enjoying the fresh sound of a whole "new" super Supertramp album that I never knew existed. And you should also buy Roger Hodgson's "Hai, Hai", which is almost as good. Listen to "London" on that album and you will understand why the idea of Supertramp doing reggae is so compelling. Oh yeah, don't miss Roger's cool background comment in that song: "Ooo, so sorry boys..."

I think we need another excellent Roger Hodgson album to keep us going for twenty more years. The stereo in my Volvo sounds so much better than my home stereo in 1985. And I still need my rock fix everyday...

Hi Roger ! I'm so glad to have this chance...I'm from Quebec City, I saw your concert in november and it's the most beautiful moment of my entire life...I'm 20 years old and I play folk music with my friend, Maude. You are the influence of our music. We are two peoples with dreams: music. In a couple of months we will record our song with professional stuff, for now it's home recordings...

Thanks for all , you inspirate my life and my dreams !


Dear Roger:

It´s great that we have a way to let you know how much we love your music. ¨It´s raining again¨ its my favorite song since when i was just a little girl, now im 33. I have to tell you that your music its a very important part in the soundtrack of my life.

Thanks a lot for share your magic touch to bring happiness with your adorable music.


Sincerely, your mexican fan. 


i have to be honest. i did not know who roger hodgson was. let alone, how to spell the name. i saw him on the concert for diana. LOVED the song, give a little bit (of love). GREAT song! this should be the theme song for the WORLD!! so i decided to google him, and found out so much more about him. love the site, very informative and made me a fan. i LOVED the concert for daina. it was so plain and simple and spectacular! just to stand up there, with a guitar, and sing, was BEAUTIFUL!! it showed talent, and that you (the "young talent") that they don't all the extravagant-ness to be great. YOU were great!!! simple and AMAZING!!!! the best act of the show!!! truly amazing! you made a fan out of me!!

thank you so much!!


Thank You for sharing your gift with the world! The words and music are done so well, it is a joy to listen to again and again!!!!

Peace to you and yours, Jeff

Hi Roger, if this is Roger!

I just wanted to inform you of how much you mean to a currently age 24 daughter of mine. I took Kelly to the Ringo's All Star concert, possibly 5 years ago now, of which you were a part. She loved all the old songs from everyone, but you stole her heart at 19. She absolutley fell in love with you and your music. Every single time you have come back to Rama, we MUST come to see you again. Not even an issue! It is brilliant that you, as you say, love coming to Casino Rama. The feeling is mutual.

I am 55 and I have the same passion about your music and what it meant to a 19 year old in 1969. I could go on, but you get the drift.

The next time you are at Rama, we will be there, cheering you on. Keep up the exceptional work and may your amazing voice always remain as smashing as it is.

Cheers and all the best,


For the many years of so many great songs I thank you Roger. What an inspiration you have been to others. God Bless You.



I'm 17 and I recently discovered Supertramp on my mom's iPod. When I listened to this amazing music and voice, (first song I heard was Fool's Overture) I just had to find more about the band. I looked up all the music and lyrics and the history behind it. I saw interviews with Mr. Roger Hodgson, and  all I can say is... he has a beautiful voice; but above all, he is so sincere, and his message always goes straight to the heart! I love his music (By the way, magnificent performance at the Concert for Diana!). Every single Roger Hodgson song I hear for a first time, I like. And I feel warm and cozy inside. Yet at the same time, I feel a love for life and a desire to yell out to the world, to tell the world that I am, that I exist.

Thank you for your time...


Hello we a fãs of you!!!! We portuguese! I love your music


juju and ira 

Hi Roger,how are you?

My name is Bruno and I'm a big fan from Brazil.I'd like to say that i really like your songs, of course i have heard this a lot but I think my feelings about your songs and Supertramp is different, mainly because in Brazil is very hard to hear about Supertramp. My father is big fan of your job and I believe that he likes you and Supertramp more than me. That's why start to listen Supertramp. I'm only 18 and unfortunately Supertramp ended up before I was born. I just saw that you are about to begin a new tour around the world and for me, my father and all your fans from Brazil would be a great pleasure if you came to Brazil at least once before you end you career. ...I would like to thank you for all the messages that you pass to us.

Thanks for your attention,


Accidentally stumbled onto this site, I don't know, finishing up my life here in the states, preparing to move to Thailand and beyond, reviewing my life's memories in vinyl, and rememebering the day my mother and I brought home Breakfast in America when I was 8 and how next to The Beatles and Stevie Wonder, it seemed to be the only thing that mattered in the world. The lyrics have come to me throughout my life in every imaginable context, especially in relationships with the ladies, much thanks to everyone involved, especially that unmistakable voice and tasty guitarist. I bought a solo effort you put out in the mid eighties, but beyond that, I apologize for my lack of support. Getting back to the turn-table then, to get a little more misty eyed and with a few more pints,


ps. Hope I can catch you on tour some day

Hi Mr Hodgson. I am a masssive fan of your music. I have seen Supertramp twice before, now can't wait to see you in Birmingham.

Take care


Child of Vision

Hello I have loved this song ever since you first released it and I never tire of it, I can`t play the piano but would sit there all day trying to play it, is the music score available to buy? I love all rogers and supertramps work it lifts me out of a other wise dull and gloomy day.



Hi Roger

I first started listening to your music when i was 15, I'm 44 now and your songs and music have seen me through 2 marriages, 4 children and too many deaths over the years. through nearly every event in my life both you and supertramp have seen me through.

God bless and many, many thanks.


Mr. Hodgson,

I just wanted to send you my thanks...growing up my father always had your albums playing (when I was born he had "Give A Little Bit" set so it was the first song I've ever heard back in '86). He always said Roger Hodgson WAS

Supertramp, and when I was learning to play guitar he would always bring your skills up in conversation which would result in much listening of your solo albums and Supertramp albums. I'm only 20, I owe my love for music to my father for playing your albums constantly through my childhood...and now, though I live in my own apartment I've purchased (never downloaded) your albums for my own collection.

Thank you, Mr. Hodgson.



I read your comments regarding your beautiful song "Give a Little Bit" relating to sharing our love with others and I just wanted to share with you how powerful that can be.  I am once of those people who smiles at and says hello to any stranger who makes eye contact with me.  One day on Ventura Blvd I saw a man walking towards me and did the usual thing.  He stood in front of me crying as he told me that my smile was the best thing that had happened to him in days.  We talked then he managed a little smile himself and then I gave him a big hug before we went on our separate ways.  In humility my eyes were opened wider than before.

No wonder that your song is one of my all time favorites!

Thank you from my heart.


I just want to say that your concert in Halifax, Canada was just amazing! It is such a shame for all those who didn't get a chance to see you. I have seen many artists in my life (U2, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Prince, etc.) but you have drawn more feelings out of me. I had never been star struck before but when you went on stage and started singing-tears just came to my eyes. You brought me back to a very impressionable part of my life and your music was a great influence. Thank you for giving me a chance to finally hear your music live. It really was a thrill.


Hi Roger,

I stumbled across your web page, so I thought I'd write to tell you I continue to enjoy your music, especially your Eye of the Storm album...still sounds great and really fills the air after all these years.

Best regards and wishes for your ongoing success and joy at being such a gifted musician.



Despite your cold, you gave an amazing performance in Waukesha last night. The atmosphere was electric, and the audience absolutely loved you.  Aaron was fantastic as always. Bravo!

Much love,


I really enjoyed seeing Roger H. at the Waukesha Expo Sunday 6/10, along with the very talented Sax player.   I loved Supertramp since my older sister picked up Crime of the Cenrury in the mid 70's.  I would sing along with that album thousands of times.  He looked like there was no place he'd rather be either, and he has such a cute smile.  I wish i could have gone back stage to tell him in person!!  So, thank you for an outstanding performance and for coming to Waukesha.


Awe inspiring, exciting, magical, this and more are the feelings last night while I got taken on a journey, of music, memories, and joy. Thank you, for the Journey. 


We just wanted to say that we went to see Roger's concert in Niagara Falls and absolutely loved it.

We'd purchased the tickets for our 37th anniversary, and simply knew that it would be a wonderful time for us.

Then my brother who has Stage IV cancer began having major problems.  I called him ready to cancel my concert plans to be with him, but my brother said to enjoy your concert, so we did go.

Even with the problems and worries of reality, for those few hours, listening to Roger, I was able to truly be happy and enjoy myself.  My husband and I really loved the concert.  it was well worth the 700 mile trip.

My brother survived yet another surgery the following week and is recovering.  The first thing he asked me when I called him was, "How was the concert?'"  and I replied, "Wonderful, excellent."

We love you Roger, 

Doris and Tom 

(We're still hoping for a concert near us that children can attend)

Roger - It's been 3 years and 3 fantastic shows.  Thank you for another memorable evening.  You always put on a great show.  Looking forward to seeing you again in 2008 if you can make it back to Waukesha!


Outstanding as always. We have seen Roger the last three years. We hope he returns in the future. Emotions run high at his performance. We hope he feels our outporing of emotion.... Primo...



In the past year I have had the distinct Privilege of rediscovering  your wonderful music.  I happened to purchased your live DVD about a year go and since then,  have had the pleasure of seeing you live in concert and have gone on to collect all three of your solo albums.  I truly believe your songs are nothing short of musical genius.  I have never been more inspired and emotionally moved,  literally to tears by any other artist.  You are truly gifted.  I have no doubt that your legacy will go down in the annals of time in the same breath as Mozart, Bach, or a  Lennen and McCartney.

I have gotten the impression that for your own personal reasons you have decided to keep your career low key by picking and choosing when and if to tour and record.  This is something I hope you will reconsider.  You should be playing to an audience equal to artists such as Peter Gabriel, Elton John, and Paul McCartney who are musicians like yourself,  who I have the utmost respect for.   I am very much looking forward to the concert for Diana that you have announced you are participating in.   I'm sure by playing to a large and musically diverse audience it will give your music the attention that it so rightfully deserves.  I'm sure It will demonstrate to the current musical generation that real talent, can and should be able to write, sing and perform their own songs equal or better than any studio recording which is something you do with ease.  It will also show that great songs and artists do stand the test of time and are as good or even better today than when they first   started.  I could go on and on but in closing,  I  do hope you consider recording more albums.  I would love to see your songs and talent help steer the current music industry back to a course that it has so desperately strayed from. 

Thank you for rekindling a musical appreciation I haven't felt for many years. 


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Happy Birthday Roger, hope your day is full of love and joy. Looking forward to seeing you play in October.

George (fish)

Days are too short for such a mention, so i say happy birthyear in health, creativity, inspiration, and playing. (a sincere thanks for sharing music and lyrics that matter)


Dear Roger

Happy birthday! Incredible as time is flying, isn't it? It has been a fantastic year, where you have been in almost every corner of the world to play for us - even in the Faroe Islands, where everybody hopes to see you again someday.

It's impossible for me to say how much your music has ment for me - I've listened to your songs since I was born, and they bring so much joy and happiness to my heart.

Thank you so much, Roger, and have a great birthday!

Love from your biggest fan in the North Atlantic,


Amazing how another year is over already. Time really flies when you're having fun... and you are having fun, aren't you Roger? I wish you all the best for your upcoming birthday... love, health, happiness... and may all your wishes be fulfilled!

Sorry if I don't get tired of reminding you of the promise you made back in 2004: MALTA is still waiting for ya!! Maybe time for a little "new year's resolution" for your personal new year??


Lots of love,


"Down in my world, there´s a tune I have heard,

it seems to carry me, seems to follow me,

seems to sway me in the highest sphere...

It´s hard, quite hard, so hard

to discover the beauty of it all..."


Thank you for everything, Roger.

Have a wonderful birthday.

With all my love , Miriam

Happy Birthday Rog! U R awesome!

Hope your life is filled with brightness!!




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