New York, NY—Singer/Songwriter and co-founder of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, will be honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers April 9 at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Hodgson is ultimately responsible for the hip hop smash “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast In America” performed by the Gym Class Heroes. That classic hook line “Take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got” has been stuck in people’s heads since 1979 when Supertramp’s Breakfast In America had a stranglehold on the Billboard #1 Album slot and sold a staggering 18 million copies.

The legendary songwriter would never have dreamt that a song he wrote in his teens when he was barely old enough to vote would span a different genre and become a smash hit again three decades later, a feat seldom replicated.

This is not the first time he has received this award. His classic anthem “Give A Little Bit” was one of the most performed songs in the ASCAP repertoire in 2005 when it was covered by the Goo Goo Dolls, helping to return them to the limelight. Hodgson is also responsible for such rock classics as “The Logical Song,” “Take The Long Way Home,” “Dreamer” and “Fool’s Overture.”

Other artists covering Roger Hodgson’s timeless hits include Scooter who took “The Logical Song” to #3 on the Brit charts. The reigning American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has been performing “Take The Long Way Home” on his current tour. And singer/songwriter James Blunt has been exciting audiences with his cover of “Breakfast In America” on his latest tour.


Roger’s latest DVD, Take The Long Way Home:  Live In Montreal (Eagle Rock Entertainment) has him singing 17 of his most beloved songs. Bonus features include rare orchestra and interview footage and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his concert.    

Roger Hodgson DVD #1 in Canada!

For Immediate Release Toronto, ON (Friday, November 10, 2006) 

Roger Hodgson is once again number one in Canada.  The co-founder,  creative genius and chief architect of Supertramp, one of the most successful bands in rock history, is back on top with his first national coast to coast Canadian tour since leaving the band. His solo live concert DVD rocketed to the top of the charts, shooting to number one in Quebec, going Platinum in just seven weeks, and now reaching number one nationwide across Canada. The success of his DVD attests to how much Canadians are raving about his spectacular live concerts. 

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UK Tour 2007

Live Nation is proud to announce a 6-date UK tour from Roger Hodgson in October 2007. Tickets go on sale at 9am on 3 November 2006 and can be purchased by phone on 0870 400 0688 or online at or Tickets priced at £35.00 regionally and in London at £27.50, £32.50, £35, £40.00 (all tickets subject to booking fee).

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Roger Hodgson continues mentoring

2006 Canadian Idol runner-up Craig Sharpe will perform as special guest with Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp) at Mile One Stadium’s Molson Club in St. John’s, Nov. 6

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Hai Hai re-released

19 years after its original release, Universal re-release Roger Hodgson's second album "Hai Hai" in Canada on November 14, 2006. Recorded at his home 48 track studio in Nevada City and in Los Angeles, this collection of beautifully crafted songs features the singles "London", "You Make Me Love You" & "Land Ho".

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#1 Selling DVD in Quebec and  Platinum Status in Canada!

Friday, October 13, 2006

(Toronto, ON)

Take the Long Way Home – Live in Montreal is certified gold in Canada. It is the # 1 DVD in Quebec and has been among the Top 5 in the country since its release August 28th.

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Idols shine after advice from seasoned rockers

Updated Thu. Aug. 8th 2006

Eye on Idol, Canadian Idol,

With former Styx vocalist Dennis DeYoung and Roger Hodgson -- formerly of Supertramp -- beaming from the live audience like proud parents, Canadian Idol's Top 7 hit the stage Monday night with a rollicking roster of classic rock.

When working with each Idol earlier in the week, DeYoung and Hodgson had plenty of advice to offer, particularly when it came to preparation and focus. Their help clearly made it through to the competitors, who performed the rock classics with ease and conviction.

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Top 7 Results Show Idol Outlook

AUGUST 8, 2006

Last night the John Bassett Theatre was rocking! Canadian Idol’s Top 7 results show opened with Dennis DeYoung and the Idols singing the Styx rock classic “Babe”. Roger Hodgson followed with “Give a Little Bit,” another group performance with the Top 7 accompanying him. After a well deserved standing ovation for both performers Ben announced that 2.7 million votes were cast Monday night. Roger Hodgson returned to the stage and performed Dreamer, Logical Song, and Breakfast in America.

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Roger Hodgson gave everything

August 6th, 2006

When we at last were able to get Roger Hodgson to the Faroes, after 36 hours in the air, he gave the crowd at the Summer Festival everything, that they could expect, with among others the song Give a Little Bit..

Together with all the other hits from the Supertramp period the performance at the Summer Festival became unforgettable. Despite the big exitement because of the uncertainty throughout Saturday if planes could land at the airport, Roger Hodgson were able to fulfill his role as the biggest name at the festival.

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Rock Legends head to Idol set



The rock legends are lending their expertise to the young singers as well as performing live at Tuesday night’s elimination show.

“They had the idea of doing a classic rock segment on the show and my name was suggested and Dennis DeYoung’s name was suggested, so we’re doing this together,” said Hodgson, 56. “I thought it was a wonderful idea. I’m very excited to be here.”

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Rockers caution Idols against losing their roots

Updated Fri. Aug. 4 2006 5:50 PM ET

Eye on Idol, Canadian Idol,

While Roger Hodgson comes off as a mellow philosopher and Dennis DeYoung a rambunctious joker, the 1970s rock figureheads share a similar outlook on what it takes to become a rock star, and to last in such a cutthroat business..

Hodgson, formerly of Supertramp, and DeYoung, a founding member of the group Styx, couldn't be more different as far as first impressions are concerned. However, as they prepared to impart musical wisdom on Canadian Idol's Top 7, their message was one and the same: don't forget where you started.

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Front men for prog-rock supergroups Styx and Supertramp bemoan harsh industry

Thu Aug 3, 5:48 PM

TORONTO (CP) – By Cassandra Szklarski

Today's music industry has become less human and much harsher on budding artists in recent decades, the front men for prog-rock supergroups Styx and Supertramp said Thursday as they spent the day mentoring the kids from Canadian Idol.

"Young artists of today are burdened with the sad responsibility of having to be successful immediately," Styx singer Dennis DeYoung said before heading into a rehearsal studio with Roger Hodgson and the seven remaining hopefuls.

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Trust Hodgson to Give a Little Bit more

Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald; CanWest News Service

Roger Hodgson seems an odd choice to take on the role of a hardened, reality-TV taskmaster overseeing a gaggle of young Canadian Idol hopefuls.

But the soft-spoken and willowy singer-songwriter, who is best known for applying his otherworldly falsetto to a string of progressive pop hits in the 1970s and '80s with his band Supertramp, seems genuinely excited that producers have asked him to be an official mentor on the show.

Come August, the former Supertramp frontman, who was 19 when the band's first album was released in 1969, will be shepherding Idol's surviving singers through some of Supertramp's most beloved songs.

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