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Dear Roger,

I feel so strange and even uncomfortable while I write these words! I have loved Supertramp since I was a kid and my father bought "Even in the quiest moments". The first song ... that guitar ... that voice starting to sing "Give a little bit"! I must have heard that album and that song thousands of times since then ( I am 35 now) and still today I  keep it as one of my most played mp3 tracks in my computer while I work as a website designer (in fact I was helping a big fan of you, Sebastien Lauzon with his site redisgn some years ago, what happened to this guy?)... So it's the first time I take this incredible opportunity to just say THANK YOU so much for sharing your music with the rest of the world, for making music, for turning a sad moment into a good one just after hearing a song. I hope you have realized with the years the inmense pleasure you have brought to thousands and probably millions of persons.  To me your decision to quit the band mostly to familiar reasons only makes you bigger to my eyes. Your music and songs will be with me for sure till I am old.

Please excuse my poor english since I am from Spain. I hope some day I will be able to meet you or see you life and fullfil a lifetime dream (my father did not allow me to go see Supertramp in my city, Barcelona, in 1983 ... I was only 12!

Love and respect forever. 

Maurici (Barcelona)

Hi Roger,

your music was part of the soundtrack of my life and still is!  And my little daughter Emma (2 yrs. old) is your greatest fan: she listens (and us with her...) "It's raining again" repeatedly, dozens of times every day!!! :-)

Is there a possibility to see you in Italy (Rome, especially)?  It would be fantastic! A dream come true!

My best wishes for your life, your family and your music,


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