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Supertramp's Roger Hodgson
Starts First U.S. Band Tour In 30 Years

Rolling Stone Feb 25, 2012, Steve Baltin –

“..to the adoring fans who rise to their feet as Hodgson and his four-piece backing band take the stage with the FM radio staple "Take The Long Way Home," it might as well be 1979 all over again.”


Roger Hodgson Serves Up
'Breakfast in America'  to the World

Huffington Post, Mar 11, 2012,
Gregory Weinkauf –

“This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band. When you can go. An evening with Roger Hodgson will raise your standards of concert-going.”


Roger Hodgson Live in Tulsa!

Classic Rock Revisited, Feb 28, 2012,
Jeb Wright -

“He is a consummate musician that takes

his craft seriously. Every aspect of

his performance was flawless.”

  Roger Hodgson Interview

   Ink19, Mar 2012, Bryan Gilford –

  “Roger simply exudes the art of connection. 

  Because his song's meanings are so positive and

  uplifting, our own life's experiences with them

  are usually true and happy memories. Theaters

  and other venues filled with the energy of all

  those  hearts in those moments help create that

  powerful connection Roger easily turns on with

  his smile, voice and music.”


Roger Hodgson brings voice of Supertramp to Chandler

Classic Rock Music Examiner, Feb 17, 2012, Ted Hansen -

“Beautiful. That’s the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Whether it’s the melodic complexity of his songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible upper range of his voice…”


  Review: Roger Hodgson at the Tulsa

  Hard Rock  Hotel & Casino

  Real Rock News, Mar 2, 2012, Scott Smith

 "…the concert offered ample proof that  

 Hodgson still brings his A-game to the stage."


Supertramp Frontman Wins Big at Pechanga

San Diego Reader, Mar 7, 2012,
Daniel Knighton -

“Frequently entertaining the audience with stories from his days in Supertramp, Hodgson connected deeply with the fans in a way few stars of his stature do.”


  Review: Northern Lights Theater

  69 Faces of Rock, Mar 5, 2012,
  Mark Kadzielawa –
“Roger Hodgson sounded great, his voice was in 
 fantastic shape. He was hitting all of those high
 notes, and making it look easy. ..Watching Roger
 Hodgson perform and interact with the audience,
 one couldn't fail to notice the positive energy he
 was emanating throughout the evening. A true
 touch of magic indeed!”


  • I was a Supertramp fan the first time I heard Breakfast in America in 1977. My wife and I went to the Pechanga casino concert on Feb 25, 2012. We were blown away and deeply moved by the honesty and sincerity of Rodger Hodgson’s show. His show was special, not only because of the meaning of his music but his delivery and his vocal excellence. Rodger you nailed it! We were moved to tears. Rodger's show is simply brilliant. Thanks for the memories, great music and a killer show. The world needs people like Roger.

  • Incredible show. I used to go to the Forum to see Supertramp numerous times. A friend that used to go with me to those shows, finally saw you last night for the first time since then. HE WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY! … ROGER, you are like a FINE WINE, you just keep getting better with age.

  • Best concert I have ever seen and I have been to a lot. I am still singing, dancing, smiling and cannot get the amazing play list out of my head. Roger and his band are truly amazing.

  • I saw his show at the Hard Rock in Ft Lauderdale. WOW. It was great. That guitar just drove the crowd crazy when he strummed the opening to "Give A Little Bit" during the encore.....a giant singalong ensued with everyone on their feet!!! What a great sound. His voice is still terrific.

  • Seeing Roger Hodgson perform live in concert has been near the top of my "bucket list" for over 30 years now, so I went into this event with pretty high expectations. I left 2 hours later, blown away. Roger and his band rocked the house…

  • Roger and his band showed us a place in heaven!!!! He was phenomenal, and yes, he was even better than in the 70's!!!! Not sure how that could be, but he is!!! Love, love, love the sax player!!! Hang on to him!!! You have to come back!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such a memorable experience with my 3 college girlfriends......took us back to some incredible times!!! Love you, Roger!!!

  • Roger and band, Thank you all for one of the most uplifting and inspiring concerts I have ever felt. The sound was excellent and I'm still buzzing from incredible vibration and energy that was manifested this evening.

  • All I can say is, it was the best concert that I have been to in 30 years. You vocals were so clear, the harmonizing was beyond words, and you brought tears, and emotions to the surface.

  • Last night was by far the most inspirational and heartfelt concert I have EVER attended. What a great band you have put together.

  • Roger, words just cannot express how incredible last night's show in Temecula was... When my girlfriend and I saw you in Bakersfield, Ca in 1976 we had just started dating.. Now all these years later we have been married 34 years and have two grandchildren.. We both were in tears most of the night as you brought back almost 35 years of memories for us... BRAVO!

  • I have seen many wonderful live performances in my lucky life. What I heard last night was in fact, the greatest audio bliss I have ever felt. I have seen Rick's version of all this, and it was real nice, but what you bring to us Roger, is something so rare....so perfect! Without one single element missing from your show, I wish to thank you so much, for you didn't just charge my battery, you gave me a shiny reserve of Power.

  • Having seen many concerts in my lifetime, I want let everyone know that last night’s show was one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. Roger was the perfect host for an evening of unforgettable and memorable music.

  • Saw Roger and the band last night in Chandler,AZ..All I can say is WOW!!!!! They sounded fantastic and Rogers voice is as good today as when he recorded back in the 70's. Thanks Roger for playing AZ, what a treat!!!

  • For the first time in my life, I invited my "parents" who are 77 and 81 years old to join me at Roger's show last Sunday night. Of course, I'd never invited them to any rock or pop show ever. We kinda feel it belongs to us and what older parents would enjoy that! ... I was hoping and praying that somehow the gap in cultures, tastes and age would melt away with the universal and spiritually uplifting nature of Roger's music. I'm so happy to report that my parents are now counted among the ever growing list of Roger's fans. It was emotional for me to see them on their feet in ovation to an artist from a time when that gap was huge. I thank God and Roger for this. He truly is a healing and unifying force.

  • Both of us have personal favorites that have meant a lot to us in our lives and it was incredible to hear these songs not only performed, but to hear you share what music and song writing has meant to you in your life. It was a concert we have waited entirely too long to experience.

  • …His voice, still amazing. His music, still timeless. His band, well rehearsed and very tight. His concert, one of my most memorable in my life. They simply do not write timeless music like this anymore. My only hope is to be able to catch this tour again someday, somewhere!!

  • I've been to a lot of concerts and seen a bunch of the great artists of our times, but this show that Roger Hodgson and band put on was by far the best of any show I have ever seen. The venue could not have gotten any better. It was like he was playing in my living room just for me! This guy’s voice just doesn't lose any range with age. In fact it is an amazing vocal range he can reach! I was taken back in time and cannot get his songs out of my head and it has been two days since the concert! It does not get any better than Supertramp live! How can one guy write so many incredible songs and have so much talent? Need I say more!

  • I went to this concert with no particular expectations: I'd grown up in the 70s listening to rock music more often than not, and being a guitarist, was more focused on guitar-driven bands. I was therefore unprepared for the level of talent and musicianship on show, and can honestly say this was one of the best concerts - small or large in scale - I have ever experienced. Roger's voice, thirty-odd years on from Supertramp's big hits, was virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings; his playing was perfect, and his band equally so. The performance was such that the spirit and style of each song was there in abundance, together with that wonderful live presence that the best musicians can lend to it. Roger came across as a true artist, and a genuinely nice person. I left the theatre exhilarated Next time he's in town, I shall be there for more.

  • This show was excellent. First, the sound of this show was outstanding. Roger's voice is as good, if not stronger, than ever. His musicianship, complemented by an outstanding band was impeccable. ..The second and almost more important point is that Roger engages with an audience like no one I have seen. He is a gentleman in the true sense of the word and shares his past, his hopes, and his dreams with the audience in an unselfish and empathetic manner that is a pleasure to experience. His show is a must see and the more intimate the venue the better.

  • You captivated the audience with your voice, your songs, your heartwarming words and blessed us with an incredible performance. Thank you for making 11/8/12 a special evening that brought a smile to our faces and let us forget the problems we are facing and will be facing in the days to come. ~Jim and Teresa Hutchison

  • Last night’s performance will provide an everlasting blend of memory of all those years in college dorm rooms enjoying the blend of your talent the piano and a saxophone. ~Keith Martin

  • Every song, every note with perfect timing and beautiful sound. There's no performer who can match Roger's genius. The music and lyrics are so intricate and beautiful and they deliver clear, simple messages about life, love, and faith. ~Jim Amey

  • This is undoubtedly the best concert experience of my life. Your music is absolutely timeless and is sure to be enjoyed by generations to come. Jeannie Craig Urich

  • Roger, this band you have now! My God, old boy! How did you pull that off? Just remarkable. ~Ray Appleton

  • I see over 25 concerts a year and need to tell you that you put on the best show ever! ~Brian Weintraub

  • With two young girls and they had a fabulous time clapping and smiling all the time. They still were in that happy mood when they were walking/dancing back to the hotel singing your songs. ~Sylvia

  • It was a life time experience, A flawless performance at A night i will cherish forever! Kristen Johnson

  • Wow! Words escape me. The show was excellent but what I liked the most was feeling this music touch my soul through my heart. Just like the gentle genius who is Roger Hodgson, his expression through music transcends! I loved every minute and was in the moment for it all. A MUST SEE! Dawn Williams

  • I cannot express how much my wife and I enjoyed your show in Seattle. I bought us tickets hoping for a good show but boy were we surprised. Your voice was, to say the least magnificent. Your band was beyond words, AWESOME!! My wife and I are still talking about it and cannot wait for you to return the Northwest. You painted a picture with your songs and words. The setting was perfect. Clear day, great venue, wonderful music and a great songwriter completing the evening. Thank you, Roger may you continue to sing as long as you can. ~John

  • go to a lot of shows from big name and indie bands & by far the show by Roger is one of my top 3 shows ever. His gentle spirit was felt throughout. The music is timeless and probably will be played in spaceships in the future as well... wow is all I can say to this marvelous performer. Delio BagacoI

  • The show far exceeded my expectations. I was not sure what kind of band would be with him, but when they started playing it was like magic. The vocal harmonies, blending of the keyboards, unbelievable Saxophone, harmonica, wow! Everything was right in place. I wish I could have thanked the Band personally for an absolutely entertaining night. My wife and I are both musicians and we just had to bow our heads to these wonderful talented masters of their craft .To be able to write and perform songs at Rogers level is truly a gift to treasure! Grens

  • I have seen literally hundreds of concerts but never have I attended either a Supertramp or Roger Hodgson show live. I've seen DVD footage of both but have waited so long to see him. Well, now I have experienced his concert and must say that it was the best concert I have ever seen. There are many reasons for this as I have seen some unbelievable shows over the past 30 years. First, Roger truly appreciates his fans and audience and it clearly shows. He is so polite as well. He clearly loves what he does. The sound of his show was another breathtaking experience as I don't believe I have ever heard a better sounding show ever. All instruments and voice was perfect! Also, I have to give much credit to Roger's band. Oh my gosh! What a great sounding band. Roger played some rare tracks of supertramp as well as his own songs. The show was so remarkable. Pikemay

  • I saw you play at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA in August of 2012. I wanted to tell you that I was transported that night. I was born in 1964 and grew up in the fervor of the 60s and civil rights. I really thought, as a child, that heart would win the day. I never imagined things turning out like they have - with so many wars and people at each others throats. It tends to make one cynical. And then there you are - up on stage - keeping the faith - holding space open for heart in spite of all of the darkness in the world. Amazing! You rekindled my own belief in love that night and helped me remember the poet inside of myself, so sorely neglected. It was beautiful and I thank you, sir, for your artistry and the power of that candle you hold aloft. Robin Fisher
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