From “Breakfast in America’ to a ‘full course meal’
Roger Hodgson returns to the Keswick


Published: Friday, October 26, 2012
By Paul Lucas

The distinctive voice that we have come to know as the voice of Supertramp belongs to one of its principal songwriters and founding members — Roger Hodgson. Hodgson has enjoyed a successful solo career since leaving Supertramp in 1983, but revisits the band’s most successful album with his “Breakfast in America Tour,” which comes to the Keswick on Nov. 1.

“I always saw albums as a journey,” says Hodgson.

“Now adays it’s different because people don’t really listen to albums anymore. Back then you were creating a 40-minute listening experience.”

That listening experience was so well-crafted that many made the mistake of thinking that it was a concept album.

“Music that has any depth to it can really take people’s imaginations in all kinds of directions. That’s what makes it interesting for people — for it to have different dimensions,” said Hodgson.

One of the reasons his songs touch so many of us may have to do with where Hodgson draws them from.

“My songs have always been very personal expressions of my heart and life experience — my joy, my pain, my questions, my longing for love, my dreams,” he says. “If somebody studied my lyrics, they would get a pretty good sense of my quest for peace and belonging and the joys and trials and tribulations that I went through to be the man and musician I am today.”

Hodgson has often toured by himself in the past. But for his “Breakfast in America” tour he has put together an extraordinary group of musicians.

“The band that I have assembled on this tour are of an incredible caliber, the songs have never sounded better. The vocal harmonies are especially superb,” says Hodgson. “Many are comparing the spirit and passion they feel from the show now with what they remember from Supertramp in its heyday.”

We may never see a Supertramp reunion, but with this tour we can at least relive a little piece of our past.

“When I play these songs in concert, you can tell that people have a huge relationship with them. A song that you’ve been listening to for 30 years, that you were playing when you were falling in love or getting married or when you were having children, it brings back amazing memories,” says Hodgson.

“I think a large part of what they’re doing is really taking people back to times in their lives when life was a little bit simpler and reminding them of how good life can be.”

I was fortunate enough to see Hodgson when he played the Borgata in August. The songs really do sound fabulous. But there was something more. There is an inner light that comes through Hodgson, both when he plays and when he interacts with the audience. It at once speaks of tranquility and a gentle kindness.

You can tell that his songs really do come from the heart and for that one evening, he has agreed to let you in and share the love. I have met a lot of people over the years. Very few of them represent the good that came out of the ’70s. Pierre Robert of WMMR is one. Roger Hodgson would be another.

As an album, “Breakfast in America” is the complete package. As is Roger Hodgson. This tour is probably the closest you are ever going to get to hearing “Breakfast in America” as it was meant to be heard. So come to the Keswick. Let’s have Breakfast together.

Or as Hodgson put it, “My goal was to leave people at the end of the album with a really great full-course meal.”

If you go:

Roger Hodgson will perform at the Keswick Theatre, Easton Rd. & Keswick Ave., Glenside, PA 19038,

Thursday, Nov. 1, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $45 & $69.50.

Info: 215-572-7650,

www.keswicktheatre.com or Roger's Tour Page.

For article online: montgomerynews.com