Wellington, New Zealand

April 13, 2010

I saw you concert in Wellington New Zealand tonight. It was so good to hear your voice. The master is back. I loved it! ~ Peter Hurndell

Just to say what a fabulous concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was an amazing musical journey you took us on. You and Aaron have such a beautiful way of presenting these songs and they go straight to my heart!!  Loved "along came Mary" and my favourite "Lord is it mine" . You were brilliant and I`m so glad you enjoyed coming back to New Zealand after 34 years!!! The Wellingtonians love you and I hope you really do come back very soon......  you are right in saying, that this country has a lot to offer. Thank you Roger - I can`t describe how much these songs mean to me.....I`ll sing them for the rest of my life!!see ya !!! and until then we have seeds to sow... I know, I know I know....... ~ Franka

Great Show in Wellington last night. Loved every minute of it. Must say the guy you have playing Sax and accompanying you with vocals and keyboards was also great. A tribute to your music. People if you get the chance to see Roger on tour -"don't miss it" ~ Keith

Thanks for a stellar show, Roger! I own your Montreal concert DVD which is superb, but your live concert in Wellington last night took the experience way beyond what I expected. Loved the songs, the arrangements, the performance, and your intimate interaction with everyone in attendance. Thank you again for a fantastic walk down memory lane, and for allowing us to experience your music live in this small corner of the world. ~ Andre

This man has put a smile into so many people’s hearts, including mine. He is a legend. He is a beautiful man. I was blessed to hear his magic in Wellington last night. ~ Stephen Soos

Hey the concert in Wellington was excellent as well. So glad that you have taken to touring again, waiting 27 years to see you again is way too long. ~ Rob McNie

13th april 2010, concert Wellington New Zealand, unbeleivable experience, brought back many memories, my two daughters also were blown away, best concert ever,also after shaking the mans hand at wellington airport well that topped off the whole experience,very friendly along with his wife and stage partner who also was just great, please come back, christchurch next time, you’ll love the south island. ~ Carl Throsby

My wife and I attended the Wellington (NZ) concert earlier this week and were thoroughly entertained!! It was good to hear such classics live! The voice was in top shape hitting all the notes in all the right places. A great show indeed. Without wanting to take anything away from Roger, it has to be said that AaronMacDonald is an extremely talented musician. I had never heard/seen him before that night. He played every single instrument (and there were a lot of them!!!) like they were the easiest thing in the world to play. ~ Reef