As a career Supertramp fan who never got to see them play live, I was thrilled to see your "one-man show" in St. Paul. I sang along with every word of every song, remember? What a fabulous show!

Congratulations on being back on the road and I hope you find your way back to Minnesota soon. Ill bring all my friends to sing along next time!


Dear Roger,

My wife and I saw you at Taste of Minnesota and really enjoyed the show. We were both amazed at what a full sound you generated with modest instrumentation. Your voice sounds clear as ever, too. I just read your biography and after learning of your struggles to recover from the wrist injuries, your playing is all the more impressive.

There is hope and optimism in your songs that I appreciate now more than ever. I hope you return to Minnesota soon. You made a lot of people smile.


I just wanted to say thanks. I was at the St. Paul, MN show last Sunday and I must say I very, very much enjoyed it. Roger played a new song he said he had not recorded yet; I think it is some of his finest work -- please record!

I have always been a big fan, but was too young to see a Supertramp show, so Sunday was a big treat and I brought my kids because I did not want them to miss you like I did. They have been singing Give a Little Bit all the time now. For me it was Lord Is It Mine and Even in the Quietest Moments back-to-back -- it did bring a tear. But thank you and press on.

Roger - You are terrific in any kind of weather. We saw you in Milwaukee last month where the temperature was so unusually cold, we could see you breath as you were singing, and now in Minnesota were it was 90+ degrees. Both performances were exceptional. To say that we are fans is an understatement. My wife and I have seen you perform 4 times in the last two years (we saw two of your shows last year with the orchestra in Canada). It is such a joy for us to hear you sing. The Minnesota concert was extra special as well, as our two young children (Carter, age 5 and Kennan, age 2) were able to see you perform for the very first time. It was wonderful.

Thank you for such a special performance and best of wishes to you!

Joe, Jodi, Carter, and Kennan


Wow! You never cease to amaze me - what a fabulous performance! I swear you keep getting better and better every time I see you! Beautiful weather, beautiful night, beautiful music, beautiful man.

Much love,


Hi Roger,

I cannot begin to tell you how much i think you're AMAZING. The concert in Montreal was absolutly the BEST!!!! I 'll be the first to buy the DVD , i just can't wait for it to come out.You have such an extraordinary lovable soul and since i've seen your show,you made me want to take piano lessons so i could play your songs,for the first time in my life ,I'll feel whole.You have no idea how i feel inside when i hear you sing,nothing else matters at that moment.Thank you a million times for being who you are. You're the best!!!!

Take care of yourself ,we need you around for a long time.

Your fan forever and ever ......

Cynthia Colicchio

Dear Roger,

I hope this goes straight to u in person because I want you to know that you have got to finish that song that you said that are missing some words to it.But what when I herd it...I t made me have very strong goose feelings in my head.And I was thinking to my self....Hes got to finish that song.Its such a powerful song.I wanted to shout to you that you need to finish that song but I had my freind right up in front of me and I didnt want to hurt his ears.So I was trying to get in between him so I could tell you.Man Roger...that is such a powerful song...You do indeed have a gift of writing songs.I would like to hear that song in person when you finish it.It made me have tears coming down my face.I was so moved by that song.I really wish I would have been able to say that to you in person.

By the way.You have such the neatest smile.I could tell you have a very warm heart by just seeing you.Can you make it possible to hear your song in person that you havent finished yet.What made it even more powerful that you were playing it on the piano.The Piano is my favorite instrument.

Please Roger ...will you make it possible to hear you play the song in person.I would really appreaciate it..That would be a really nice birthday present ,To hear you finish that song. I want to thank you for coming to the taste of Minnesota.I really enjoyed listening and watching you smile at us.



It was to my surprise that you were at Taste of Minnesota! I did not look to see who was on stage there but just showed up for the events and happen to come across you on stage almost finished. I did get to see you do the last few songs and wished I could have seen the whole thing!

I have been a fan for years, you have such a wonderful talent. Thanks for coming to Minnesota to do the show, it was wonderful to see you there.

I hope you enjoyed your stay and were able to try some good food at the Taste of MN.

Please keep up the work you are doing.



You are one of the best ever, fantastic, should be considered one of the greatest with John Lennon, Paul McCartny, Elvis, Bob Dylan. request: the world needs help, could you write and sing some peace and love songs? perform them to a worldwide audience on fox news and cnn? "give a little bit" is a good peace song.



Thank you for considering returning to do a show in the Milwaukee area. I was at the show last year. That was by far the best show I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed hearing "Lovers in the wind" and "Lord Is It Mine". They are personal favorites of mine.

I do look forward to this years show. Even more so because I am bringing someone special along. After I met her I made her a CD of various songs. When ³Lord is it Mine² came on she started singing along. That song never had been played on the radio and I was happy to find out that song was a favorite of hers as well. I do hope itıs on the set list this year.

Keep up the good work. Your music is an inspiration and brings a lot of happiness to people.

Scott Scherer

Dear Roger,

When I was 14 years old, I saw my first concert - Supertramp. It was 1978 and I took a bus downtown by myself to see you. Over the next few years, I came to see you five times, everytime you were in Wisconsin I would be there. Unfortunately I was unable to attend your show in Waukesha last year. Imagine my happiness when I heard you would be returning this year! It was a wonderful show. I loved every minute of it. It brought back so many memories for me, you cannot imagine. You sounded better than ever. Thank you. Thank you for coming to our little part of the world. It means a lot.

I hope to see you again sometime soon.

Love to you and your family,


Hi Roger,

We just wanted to thank you and Mr McDonald for a GREAT PERFORMANCE at The Taste of Minnesota, Sunday evening 02 JUL 06.

Your vocals are simply incredible, and we were so very please to hear your 12 string acoustics live!!

Thank you also for sharing Even in the Quietest Moments to your play list, my personal favorite, as is the album - my first album purchase in 1977!!!

Your latest song is sure to be a GREAT HIT for you as it truly expresses thoughtful lyrics and melody, while showcasing your incredible vocal instrument.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour schedule as much as Suzanne and I did last evening.

With kindest regards,

Blaine and Suzanne


Just wanted you to know that my wife and I enjoyed the intimate setting/gig tonight on the waters of the Missisippi in St. Paul - great to see you still enjoy playing & "giving a little bit" to everyone . I see by your tour schedule you are busy; hope to see you again in Minnesota.

Jim & Theresa Trollen

Hello Roger,

My name is Chris (male), and I think I just scored you several new fans. Many years ago, when Supertramp lost the most artistic member of the band(that would be you), Millions of fans waited in awe to see what would happen next. A short time passed, when I read that you had a new record out(you know those vinyl discs that play on a phonograph, until they wear out and we replace them). I was very pleased and even a little giddy, to here such great news. I ran out and purchased "Eye Of The Storm", and being a musician myself(drums, piano/keyboards, and a little lyric writing) listened to that record until the needle on my $150 turntable litterally fell off. I was forced to purchase both a new stylus, and "Eye Of The Storm" album. I really liked the title track, and began picking it apart on the piano. eventually I got it down to the point that I felt confident enough to perform it on stage. It was a great success, and I won the talent show that I had entered.

Now...Let's teleport to 2006. When I heard that you where going to be at the Budweiser fair thing at Waukesha County Fair, I ran out and bought 4 tickets. This was enough for my wife, two sons, and myself. when I got home I was informed that my wife had a meeting to attend that day, and my 20 year old son had to work. So I told my 17 year old son to invite two of his friends. I played your CD for them, as well as the older 'Tramp stuff, and all agreed that this would be a great show to see. We came(The four of us that is), saw, sang, cheered, and had a great time. Thank you for an awesome show. By the way, I had a discussion with the kids, and explained to them that, "the best way to judge a band and vocalist, is by their accuracy to their recorded material." You sir where right on, all night long. I was also impressed that without traditional accompanyment, you had the audiance in the palm of your hand all night. BRAVO!!! Encore, Encore. The kids all agreed that they would all purchase your music, and watch for your return.

Thank you again. Regards,

Chris Talbot

Hi Roger,

I want to thank you for the wonderful time both myself and wife had on June 9, 2006 watching you perform in Waukesha Wisconsin at the ³A Taste of Summer Festival². I have always enjoyed your music and especially your choice of lyrics. I know that you have a good hart and I greatly appreciate the fact that I can share your music with my children. I would very much appreciate seeing you again and hope you return to Wisconsin soon or some were close in the USA.

Thanks for the memories,

Terry Berglund

I just wanted to say a very special thanks to Roger for coming to the Milwaukee area....and I hope he comes back very soon. The Unplugged show really magnifies how incredible a talent you really are. I brought a friend who originally was not too crazy about going and he was blow won a fan! Sister Moonshine won him over.

Your songs dig deep into my soul....thanks again!!


Friday night 6/9/06 I had the opportunity to see you play Waukesha's "Taste of Summer", which unfortunately, would've been more aptly named "Taste of Winter". I have to tell you; I thought the show was going to be indoors so I only wore a t-shirt. I had never seen yourself, or Supertramp, despite being a fan of both. I was amazed at your ability to solely create as much sound, melody, and music in showcasing your music. I have been to, literally, hundreds of shows over the years, several of which have been solo. Hands down, your performance was the best solo show I've ever seen. I completely forgot it was cold out, and since I don't drink, I didn't even have that to keep me warm. Kudos to you!

You have made a fan and friend for life. My only regret was that my wife wasn't there to enjoy it. She had to stay home with our new baby. I will get a sitter next time you come. F.Y.I. "Northern Lights Casino" in Potowatomi Bingo-Milwaukee would be a perfect fit for you, in terms of being a great place for an intimate evening with your fans. Although, if I can get as much enjoyment as I did from seeing you from the back of a cold rainy tent, anyplace would obviously suffice.

I hope to see you again. Thanks for the great time-I will be purchasing all of your solo work, in short order.



Enjoyed your solo show for the second time in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I truely enjoy your voice. You are simply beautiful. Last year I was in the third row and this year second row center. It was wounderful to hear your new songs and they sound great. To listen to you sing was great. Hope that you will return to Waukesha again. I would love to hear you play with full symphony orchestra. You are truly beautiful. Thank you for your solo here.




Wow.. I'm at a loss for words right now. The show was absolutely wonderful - the best by far. Despite the cold temperatures, you managed to warm us all up from the inside out.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to see Zoe and myself - I know time was of the essence, but you made our night. By the way, her favorite children's song may be "Sunflower Seeds," but her favorite song of yours is "Give a Little Bit." She was so happy when you played it twice, and she sung along with you both times!

Much Love,


Roger, we saw you perform in Waukesha last night and want to say thank you so much for taking the time to come to Wisconsin and share your music with us -- what a wonderful treat! We enjoyed your show and hearing your beautiful catalog of music.

However, it was more than just a treat for us. It was truly special to see you live since we regularly listen to your music - both solo and group. You mentioned last night that you feel "Hide in Your Shell" stands the test of time. That humble acknowlegment is so true for not only that song, but for so many others as well. Your talent as a song writer and performer must be steeped in your being since what we experienced at your show last evening is every bit as beautiful and energizing as the recordings we have.

We hope your days are happy ones, and you are enjoying living life and sharing your wonderful music around the globe. This is to let you know how much enjoyment your special gifts and amazing talent have brought to us. Your songs bring back so many wonderful memories and we look forward to new memories with any releases you publish in the future.

We greatly anticipate to your return to "this side of the pond" if it should work out for you again this year or the next. And in the interim, we plan on checking your web site regularly for tour updates and news of any new releases. So again, thank you. We wish you the best of luck with everything and please come back again!

Doug & TJ

Hello Mr Hodgson, I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for performing June 9th at A TASTE OF SUMMER in Waukesha WI, USA. The blend of solo songs and Supertramp releases was perfect.

The highlight of the evening, for me, came near the end when you told the audience you didnıt want to stop quite yet and asked for requests. I recall you laughingly took the request of ŒFoolıs Overtureı and remarked how you hadnıt played that one for a long time. WellŠ as you saw we loved it.

Again thank you for totally enjoyable evening.

Andrew Delzer

All I can say is WOW. I went to Taste of Summer Concert in 2005 and I thought it was a great concert. Going into this years concert I figured it was going to as good as last years concert ... boy was I wrong. It was even better than last year, not one low point in the concert. It was just one great song after another, what a set list. This has got to be the best concert I will see again this year. Already can't wait for Taste of Summer 2007.

Thanks for a great evening.