Vancouver, BC Canada ~ March 3, 2011 ~ Review by Ross Viner 


Add equal parts spirituality, love, musical genius, with a sold out crowd and what do you get?  An evening with Roger Hodgson.  Such a recipe can only fill you with joy!

Better known as the voice and co-founder of the super group "Supertramp” Roger made his way to the lower mainland for the first time in four years to an enthusiastic audience.


Opening with "Take The Long Way Home” the crowd embraced the musical genius and he embraced them.  Unlike a lot of musical legends who come to sold out audiences, Roger actually engages his crowd.  Most artists come on stage to sing hit after hit with minimal interaction and sometimes this can come across as work rather than passion, often looking scripted.  Not Hodgson!  He clearly still loves his songs and playing to his fans often giving a history of some of his tunes and interacting with audience members.

Other song performed include "The Logical Song”, "Breakfast in America”, "Fools Overture”, "Give a Little Bit”, "Dreamer”, "Take the Long Way Home”, "It’s Raining Again”, and the epic "Fools Overture”, just to name a few.
Most artists restrict their set list to those recorded.  Hodgson gives even more to his fans offering a tune he has yet to record called "The Awakening”.  A lovely tune not only about forgiving others, but yourself.  This isn’t the first time he has performed unrecorded songs.  If the reader were to acquire his DVD "Take the Long Way Home-Live in Montreal” you will also be treated to "Oh Brother”, a personal favourite of the writer.  One of the most moving songs you could hope to hear and let’s hope Hodgson records it soon.


After Roger gave more than just a little bit, we found ourselves purposely taking the long way home while singing more to Roger’s hits.  It seemed only Logical.