Pechanga Resort and Casino

Temecula, CA


Wow! Just got home from a very, very special and way awesome Roger concert at Pechanga, Temecula, CA. Words cannot describe the energy that Roger delivered and that we absorbed tonight. For all that attended this show -you know what I mean! Thank you Roger for giving us your heart and soul this evening - you killed us! Dreamer, as well as every other song, was vocally the best I have ever heard! ~ Jim Schuck

Thanks for a fantastic evening, tonight. We had a great time whistling and singing with you (yeah, the old guy on stage left). I've been asking you each year to play in the San Diego area. It was certainly worth the wait. I knew I was going to enjoy the show - and I did.  I knew my wife (of nearly 30 years) would enjoy it. She did - including your new song "Awakening". We hope you will come to San Diego again soon. Please I hope you'll think it's a great place to start your tour. Thanks again for a great evening. (Happy Birthday) ~ Mike Laman

We went to your Pechanga show last night and had a wonderful time!!! Wishing you all the best on your tour...a great evening is in store for your fans. Liked your new song, The Awakening - look forward to hearing it recorded soon. All the best and safe travel! ~ Eve

Absolutely fabulous concert in Temecula last night. You sounded better than ever! But I'm heartbroken that I didn't get to see you after the show. Needed a backstage pass that I had no idea how others were able to get! Anyway, it would've been great to see you after all these years. The last time I saw you was with Nick in Latha's warehouse :) Sooooo long ago. I hope you can stay in touch.  Great start to what will undoubtedly be a fantastic tour.  ~ Shadha

What a great show last night. You sang and performed beautifully! A amazing night it was. Thank you for performing in California again. And thank you so much for especially singing "Lord is it Mine". Me am my girlfriend Beth were just touched. Also really liked seeing the autographed CD'd and DVD's. You signed one personally to me, just awesome. Bout two signed CD's as well! Hope to see you soon again. God Bless. ~ Kenny Charles

I worked your show last night,,3/27...I was one of the ushers at Pechanga casino, Temecula, was fantastic. Happy you came to us as the first show of your 2010 Tour... It was awesome.. so many memories..such great music.. amazing voice.. good luck on this tour.. and Happy Birthday again.... ~ Margie Holmes

Got to see you perform at Pechanga. What a treat! Thanks for the opportunity. You have a very peaceful aura about you. Aaron is magnificent on the sax and everything else he plays. The best to you on your world tour. ~ Rosa DeLaTorre

I have always loved the Supertamp music ever since I heard them for the first time in Amsterdam back in 1976. I have wondered if someone asked me my all time favorite group...I think after seeing Roger Hodgson March 27, 2010 it would have to be Supertramp. I took a couple of friends to the show at Pechanga and they were blown away by the talent of this man. His music is so deep and meaningfull, and the arrangements are so great. I hope he comes back to Southern California again soon. Great show. ~ George Freitas

There was not enough time last night to say things the right way, to tell you how…beyond words it was to be so close to you after all these years, to tell you how much I will cherish your words to me. Alas, I could not for the life of me figure out how to stop time. I just hope the photos come out all right. Meanwhile, know that you are always with me and that your smile will live on in my heart forever. Oh, and thank you for the wonderful concert. It was everything I ever dreamed of. Aaron, you were great too!  ~ Cindy Lee

First and foremost, thank you for the honor of allowing me to enjoy the passionate and powerful music you played last night. You poured your souls into it so I could feel a full range of emotions. You [Roger] mentioned that this music takes you through a journey and that it's been the soundtrack of your life. You poignantly mentioned that you appreciate that it has been the soundtrack of our lives as well. "Lord is it Mine" helped me cope with the recent loss of my mother and last night was the first time I've heard it since no longer needing it as an emotional crutch. Thank you so much for playing that song from deep in your heart. And thank you for playing "Fool's Overture", which is still resonating in me 24 hours later. You are both such amazing musicians that my wife and I were in awe at the effortless way you floated between instruments as a two-man orchestra. Your humility and genuine love for what you were doing inspired us to be more passionate. Thank you! ~ Todd Bennett

My girlfriend Lillian and I saw your amazing show last night at the Pechanga Resort, I could never find the right words to let you know how amazing you are! ~ Greg Tomey

I rarely (never?) take time to send messages like this, but after seeing you last night in Temecula, CA I had to write just to say thank you. Thank you for your music that I have loved for thirty years. Thank you for your (and Aaron's!) OUTSTANDING musicianship. But mostly thank you for your positive message and lyrics. The world needs so many more souls like yours. Now it's our job to convince our children that such spiritual and uplifting songs are 'cool'. I'm working on it! Thanks especially for singing Lord is it Mine. I was moved to tears. ~ John

You both are God's gifts to us all. Thanks for being with me through the songs and easing the stress of so many of life's hard work.  And Linda, this is for you. You are a sweetheart and so perfect for Roger. God bless you too.  From the guy who won a guitar and gave Roger the tape! I hope he enjoys that. God bless. Perry Cox

Your concert at Pechanga was outstanding!!! My wife and I had the privilege of experiencing something very special and we are very thankful that we could spend the time with you enjoying your music!!! It's been a long time!!! I saw Supertramp at the Forum in LA back in the 80's and I believe you had laryngitis that night. You struggled hitting the high notes but the experience was still just as special back then. Welcome back and we hope to see you again real soon!!! ~ Chris Vrolijk

What a performance in Temecula!!!!! Your voice was fantastic! The setlist was wonderful. Your new song The Awakening need to be released!!!!I saw you at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and both shows were amazing! I hope you decide to come to Vegas one of these days but I will drive any length to see you live!!!! ~ Ross Drucker

I just saw the concert at Pechanga, it was awesome! It brought back so many great memories. I am sad to see that the rest of the tour dates are out of the country. I would buy tickets for anywhere in So Cal in a heart beat! Roger's voice was still fantastic and the musician on stage with him, (sorry I don't remember his name) was incredible. I don't think there is any instrument that this guy doesn't play and extremely well! ~ Dianne