This is only the second time that I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Roger perform....the first was back in 1983 as the first concert I ever attended. This second time is one I will cherish as he played and sang so well. A few raindrops began to fall mid-way through the show, but then stopped. I think those rain drops were from my sister (who took me to that show in 1983), letting me know she was watching the show with me. My sister died in 1990, but I remember our great time listening to your great music back in '83. Your lyrics speak right to my heart (especially Hide in your Shell and Lord is it Mine), and I am so thankful to you that you published those great songs. My new wife is not very familiar with your music, but she enjoyed how I sung "Two of Us" to her as you played it. It was a great show, and I am so thrilled that you stopped by our little town.

I am just writing to say a big THANK YOU for all of your music. I look forward to any new material that you release and any future stops you make in Wisconsin.

michael baniel

Thank you for making the effort and listening to "Jeff" and performing here this summer. The evening was a beautiful trip through songs that I grew up with and seeing them stripped down showcased the emotion and passion not only of the songs but of Mr. Hodgson as a performer. I only ask that you come back to Milwaukee and share with your fans again!

Rob McCullum

Mr. Hodgson,

I had the honor of being at your show last night in Waukesha WI. Tears came to my eyes the moment you started. Your songs have touched my heart for the last 25 years. I remember as a teenager listening to so many of the songs and feeling like you could hear my heart. Then in 1984 I met the love of my life and as we courted we listened over and over to your songs and realized we both were touched by your music in unspeakable ways.

We have passed on our love for your music to our 19 year old daughter and 16 year old nephew. Your music is timeless.

But last night was more than I ever could have expected. As I said the tears started when you walked on stage with your guitar. I sang my heart out and learned that my musical hero is a man, with a beautiful heart, incredible talent and a caring soul. Thank you.

Patti Kraemer

Just wanted to tell Mr Hodgson that was the very first time I'd seem him perform Live like that. Very familiar with your work with Supertramp and solo. I own your Debut Solo CD Eye of the Storm and LOVE the song Had A Dream. That particular song has stuck with me over the years. But I love your other work as well. I didn't even know you were performing until the week prior when my brother in law mentioned something about you playing the Waukesha Co Expo Ctr but he couldn't remember when it was. Then my sister sent me the Taste of Summer link and that's when I seen when you were playing there. I feel it was a sort of destiny for me to finally see you perform LIVE and I must say Mr Hodgson, I was overwhelmed. Even had tears in my eyes at one point. I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for finding the time to come to Wisconsin and sharing your fantastic GIFT with us who were fortunate enough to be there with you last evening. You are an absolute Amazing Talent! Thank you for sharing it with the entire world. God Bless You! Of All the shows I will take in this summer? Yours will be the one I cherish MOST! I say that in all sincerity. I wish you all the best and safe travels to all of your shows. Have a great time in Europe.

Kindest regards,

Mr Paul H Johnson

Lake Mills, WI

Dear Linda,

We are the eye of the storm ... for an hour and a half, heaven gave us a free pass. Thank-you for sharing it with me.

You were gracious in helping me to shake hands with Roger. That simple gesture completed an evening of peaceful happiness for me. Quite unexpected.

There was little doubt that the music, the words and the presentation were to be superb....special. As the professional, the artist, Roger would allow nothing less. The last 25 years have taught me that much. But as the night grew, I was blessed with such a peaceful feeling from knowing that strength and values and natural energy drove it all. Any part of me that was jaded is gone; you made me better.

Bravo and thank you.



Just THANK you very much.

I've read the experience of Jan and Rita:

And got some emails from Jan and Mike. And some nice comments in the yahoo group. Roger and you made all them so happy !

Well, only Mike was a bit disappointed because the torrential rain ruined their autograph going back to the car ... what a shame. Mike told me the show was amazing and he enjoyed a lot and didn't miss the band. Great. Here the pictures of Mike

See you ! I'll give you a call when I arrive to Sallanches the 6th July afternoon.


Miguel Angel

I just wanted to let Roger and his "staff" know how much I enjoyed his show at Taste of Summer in Waukesha, WI Saturday night June 25, 2005. As one of the organizer of the event, I must say Roger's show was by far the most enjoyable.

THANK YOU Roger for a spectacular evening.

May God bless you in all that you do. I look forward to seeing you at another show assoon as you return from your European tour.

Thanks again,


Can't begin to tell you how heartbroken my mom and I were to hear that we missed you June 25 in Wisconsin. Please tell us you will be back again soon. Your music has been such a joy to us...but to watch you sing is pure joy. We met you in Milwaukee in June of 98. We will always love your music. And we are so sad to think that we missed you.

Janel K