Sydney, Australia

April 9-10, 2010

Roger, just home from your wonderful concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. What a treat it was! Every song was perfect - amazing sound from just you and Aaron on stage. I definitely didn't miss the rest of Supertramp!! Your heartfelt and genuine chats with a very enthusiastic audience made the night for me. After tonight I'll listen to your music in a whole new light. Thank you so much for all of those terrific songs and a completely memorable, wonderful evening. All the best for the rest of the tour in Oz. ~ Callum Laing

Fantastic show tonight at the Enmore here in Sydney ~ Gabi

Just got home from your first Sydney concert, OMG I can't believe it was 1976 when I last saw you, am I that old???? I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep tonight such wonderful memories such beautiful music, I hadn't forgotten your incredible talent but to see you once again live was simply wonderful. Thank you for performing all of my favourites! Come back soon!!!! ~  Cheryl


Just returned home from your concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney......... .......WOW..... .........Fantastic!  I saw you in Sydney in 1976 and you have improved with age! Your music has been behind all the special moments in my life. Thankyou! ~ Bruno Tringali

Love Love Loved your performance.......Thank You ~ Dianne

What a night. To see you and hear music from my number 1 favourite band is a dream come true. If I could have my choice of a Grounghog Day tonight would be it. This night for me was priceless and better than winning the lottery. We love you Roger. I'll be there if you can come back again. ~ Carole Morris

Superlatives fail me. Enmore Theatre 9 April 2010 would go close to being the best night of live music that I've ever thrilled to. I've worn out Breakfast In America three times (2 x vinyl, 1 x cassette), and Child Of Vision LIVE was worth . . . . . superlatives have failed me again. ~ Steve

Wow just didn't seem enough so i swallowed a thesaurus and came up with fantastic incredible phantasmagorical cracking great monumental overwhelming stupendous tremendous fabulous chimerical astonishing amazing ace extraordinary phenomenal spectacular staggering colossal astounding and just plain wicked - thank you roger for an awesome night and for making it so extra special for me and my 3 boys!!! Round 2 tomorrow night for can never hear too much supertramp or 10CC!!! Thanks again for a really special event!!! the rest of my bucket list looks dreadfully lame now!! Narelle Levitt

What a blast from the past your concert was at the Enmore last night. My son bought the tickets for himself, husband & I for Christmas and we couldn't think of a better one. All your songs stirred up so many memories of times gone by for myself & my husband of 30 years. Your voice was & is truly amazing thank you for a great night. You are the one that I have been waiting forever to see live & now my life is complete. ~ Lyn,Max & Nick.

Hi Roger, I also took my 2 kids (7 and 17) last night to your 1st Sydney Show in 300 years. From November when we booked the tickets they were put on the noticeboard at home and the countdown began. You let none of us down. I'm also a sponser of Acer Arena in Sydney and Last November I bought an extra Montreal DVD and gave it to the Management and said... get em here. Come back and come back often.... our age group has disposable income and hip hop isn't for everyone. Greg Bell

Last night was truly amazing, the fastest 1h 45 minutes ever in my life. Roger was such a humble and generous performer, and the music was absolutely unbelievable. Aaron has developed so much since the Montreal DVD it was truly special. Hopefully he got enough energy back from the audience to realise it should not be 35 years before he returns to Australia, he could even tour off the back of his very strong new material, as I think everyone in that theatre last night were true fans, not just people who know The Logical Song from a classic hits radio station. Thank you for the heads up on the announcement of the second show back in January, I look forward to my front row centre private performance with Roger tonight. And please thank him for the wonderful music over the past 40 years. ~ Tim

Hi Roger, last night at the Enmore in Sydney (1st concert) was far and away the best concert I have seen for a very long time. My 17 year old son often quizzes us on our favourite all time album/band/concert. Always I answer Supertramp. Back in 1976 my then boyfriend and a large group of us first saw you at the Regent I think it was in Sydney. Straight after the concert we went to the box office and bought tickets for your remaining shows then. It was, and still is, the best music. Also, to add to the night, 10CC were fabulous as well. What a support act and what a show! Please don't leave it so long next time. From a fan who was, and still is, very sweet on you. ~ Mitchell Reece

Thank you for such a wonderful show last night at the Enmore - your music was introduced to me by my oldies and my children love your tracks as well - not bad to have three generations of fans! Don't leave it too long until your next trip downunder and enjoy the rest of your time in Oz. ~ Linda Lorimor

Wow, what a concert! You sounded exactly the same as you did all those year ago- absolutely amazing! It was almost spiritual listening to the words of your songs- Hide in Your Shell has always been my favourite song as it felt like it was written especially for me but from the audience response I think everyone felt the same. Thank you Roger for a wonderful experience, please come back soon! ~ Margaret Maggs

I have been a huge fan for ages. My wife bought me the tickets for Christmas and came with me and we had a great night Fri 9/4. I really enjoyed the way you talked us through your songs and then how they were performed sensational. Your songs are the sound track to many of our lives, please don't leave it so long to come back and stick around and have look at Australia, you'll want to come back more often! ~ Mark Wise

Thank you for a wonderful show at the Enmore Friday night in Sydney had a great time listening to such classic songs been looking forward to hearing these songs live for a long time hope to see you again soon. Thanks for playing Even in the Quietest Moments and Along Came Mary enjoy your time here cheers ~ Dale Baker

Last night's show at the Enmore was a blast, the best gig I've been to in years. And 10CC were the best support band I have EVER seen. No wonder the crowd didn't need warming up by the time you came on! I've been a rock chick for 35 years and among many, many others, have seen both Supertramp and 10CC live at my all-time favourite venue, Hammersmith Odeon (as was). Last night reminded me just how many great songs you guys produced between you. My only regret about last night is that I didn't drag my 16-year-old budding-rockstar son and his band mates along to see such a class act on stage. Congratulations and thank you. Keep on rocking! ~


In 2008, my 18 year daughter Alice was on exchange in Granada, Spain when she went to your concert in a local village bullfighting ring. I was so jealous! Last night I finally had my turn at the Enmore Theatre. As my husband said, it was the most enjoyable concert we have ever been to. I took my sister who saw you in 1976 in Hamburg, Germany, we had the best time. If you would like to go out on a boat on Sydney Harbour any time, just email me, we would love to show you Sydney from the water! ~ Wendy and Rob de Graaf

I had waited 27 years to see the brilliance. The energy the Talent of Roger. The performance at the Enmore theatre in Sydney on Friday night was simply outstanding. Please come back to Australia in the near future, the people here love you and your talent. ~ Mark Scott

In my late teens and early 20's I lived in Sydney and had 2 great mates. We don't see each other as much as we should but in the 80's we grooved around listening to "Paris" and Supertramp. We were all car nuts. Songs like "Take the long way home" mean so much to us as we used to do just that....!I flew down from Brisbane yesterday we all met up and had a nice dinner and some wine. We then enjoyed your concert so much - It brought back so many memories for us. Time is marching on for all of us but last night proved yet again that music is the universal "Uniter" of good friends. Roger - Thank you. Hey, your offsider ain't too bad either! ~ Dallas Dogger

Your concert was so good, I wanted to go back tonight. Bought your cd's, fantastic.I want to listen to every song on every 'record' over and over again. Brought back so many memories, blew my mind how many songs you have. Would love to see you again. Come back soon ~ Marion

What can I say?? Went to your concert last night at the Enmore Theatre - it was absolutely fantastic. Sang along, laughed and shed a tear. 10CC were great - knew all the songs which surprised me! My only regret was not bringing my son who is a keen musician as he would have loved it. Can't wait until you perform again - hopefully soon. ~ Carol Robinson

We went to you concert last night - ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. My husband and I had "Downstream" as our wedding song some 28 years ago - and our daughters (Now 23 and 20) have grown up to a Supertramp soundtrack. You and Aaron are consumate artists - congratulations - and please come back again! ~ Jeanne and Rod Selvage

Still high from the Enmore concert last night. Is there any musical instrument you can\'t play? I'm a long-time (and long-ago) fan of Supertramp and didn’t miss the others at all. You and Roger rocked. Hope you enjoy your time in Oz. Please come back soon. ~ Susannah

ROGER, At 2.30 am i just got home from your 1st show in Sydney, what another magical night, what a performance once again. You are simply brilliant, an absolute gem. You just get better from one night to the next, Dreamer just about brought the house down, i didn't think the audience was going to stop applauding you, what a response, but you deserve every bit of it. Thank you so much for the meeting & photos, i appreciate it so much, it means so much to me. I will be back for the 2nd Sydney show even if i have to walk there. All the very best to you. ~ RICK WHITE...

My wife and I went through school in the UK (boarding school like you!) with your songs a favourite . To hear you in Sydney last night at the Enmore was an absolute treat that we both feel so lucky to have enjoyed -and we are so glad you made it out here -please don't make it so long before you next come! Great energy -and the voice!  10cc were also great and provided some great nostalgia- I'm not in Love- Dreadlock Holiday. Thanks ~ Ash

Thanks Rodger, We Saw your show at the Enmore last night. We cannot express enough how wonderful it was, A dream come true. for us both. We loved Dreamer, thanks for that, we really hope that you come again soon, Brisbane would love to see you!! ~ Lori Gorza

I must thank you, Shakti and Linda for your hospitality last night in Sydney. The whole night was sureal for me. Can't wait to see you again tonight and in Newcastle Sunday. Requests..The Meaning, Soapbox Opera and Open The Door. God Bless ~ Mike Katselos

Your concert last night was awesome!!! Took my 18year old son who is a budding young musician and he was blown away. Someone asked me at interval what was the best concert I have ever been too now I can honestly say it was yours. It took me back to my twentys. Cant wait for another visit only wish could have gone again tonight. ~ Cindy Crofts

Thank you for a wonderful concert in Sydney on Fri 9th April 2010 Roger! You and your Canadian band member brought tears, smiles & sheer joy to every single person in the crowd as you predicted. You could have played for another 2 hours! We look forward to welcoming you back to Sydney & Australia soon...... ~ Rick Samimi

Certainly worth the was such a special privilege to hear the songs that have meant so much to me and so many others over the years. I was completely stunned by how many people have such a deep connection with the feeling and the meaning in your songs. Thank you so much for a wonderful night, and a wonderful life's worth of music! ~ Tim Horton

I went to your first Sydney concert last night because my sister had a spare ticket. I remembered listening to Supertramp albums growing up (when my sister played them) and thought that I liked a few of your songs. You made me realise that I love most (if not all) the songs that you played last night. It was a terrific concert - you made it so personal and you look like you are having such a fun time on stage. I go to a lot of concerts and you certainly made this one special for me (and everyone else). We all walked away smiling. Thanks Lyn for buying that extra ticket and taking me. ~ Susan Bale

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us at the Enmore Theatre last Friday night! As you so rightly said, music and particulary yours, has followed us all through lifes journey. You were totally awesome and I was so very priveliged to be a part of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Gabbie C.

At your concert last night at the Enmore in Sydney-what a night!!!Your voice resonated thru the ceiling uplifting our spirits and our hearts .You were amazing your voice better than ever.Your obvious delight in the audiences response was humbling. The best concert ever!!! ~ Marian Michael

The Enmore last night. Awesome, just awesome. ~ Col

I was only 2 yrs old when you last came to Australia and so missed out. It was so worth the wait but!! Thank you so much for coming back giving us all your gifts. My whole life's memories and emotions played out last night!! You touch a lot of souls. ~ Denise Weston

Just got home from the Sydney Show at the Enmore theatre it was such a trip down memory lane the sound was perfect i was seated 11 rows from the front and in the middle thank you for such a awesome show...~ Buzz Humphrey

I saw you at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney tonight 10th April. Travelled down from Gold Coast, QLD. Simply awesome!!! Been a huge fan especially since The Logical Song was released in 1979. Please be sure to return to Oz again soon. ~ Geoff Harrison

I was at the Enmore Saturday night and it brought back memories of the Hordern Pavilion in 1976. Loved the setlist, especially Easy Does It, which a couple of mates and I play, only wished you'd played Even In The Quietest Moments and School, but I guess we can't have everything! Thanks for the memories and wonderful additions to the soundtrack of my life. Hope to see you again soon. ~ Reggie

We are beside ourselves...Melbourne unbelievable, Sydney last night..unbelievable again..tonight you were just amazing and Aaron also he is just awesome. Our regards to him please. Roger we are travelling to be with you at your last venue here in Australia at Newcastle and it would be the best if you would please perform for us "Lady" maybe say hi to us.. We just love you and are overwhelmed that you are here. We were to make sure we have been to all your concerts. Thank you, a dream that we woke up in, to find it is actually real. ~ John & Trish.

What can I say - my wife Andrea and I are in a daze - 30 years ago listening to Dreamer, how could we imagine that one day you would dedicate this song to our son Michael. Simply knowing that you take the time to read your guestbook during such a busy touring schedule is a sign of humility and greatness. You are extraordinary. The concert last night was a magical experience and will stay with us, and our young dreamer, forever. ~ Bob Gertner

You kicked it right in the ass. I was the mad chickie dancing at the end of the night (both nights.) I work in the industry and therefore have seen a lot of gigs and, my friend, your show was beyond supreme. Your music was and will always be brilliant and undated and I hope you return to Australia again very soon. ~ Suzi

Just wanted to sincerely thank you for a great show at the Enmore on Sat 10th April - one of what will be most memorable events that I have seen .... eternally part of the soundtrack of my life! Australia loves you Roger so please return soon! ~ Steve Wakley

I smiled, I laughed, I your voice and words touched my soul. Thank you for giving so much more than a little bit. ~ Sue

I waited more than 30 years to see you perform live and last night it happened. Unbelievable. General consensus is that you're getting even better with age - like a violin! Your buddy was awesome too - what a musician! In the 70's and 80's your music was so ubiquitous and overplayed within my circle of friends that we endearingly called the band "Supercramp". We knew every word and note. The cassette tapes would wear out in the car and the album covers all tatty. Thanks for all the goosebumps and smiles last night. On a high all day today. Please come back and put on another show in Sydney soon. My wife could not make it last night and she is super envious today. I told her you should be back soon. Please let me be right! ~.Deon Hubner

Went to your Sydney show last night. What a truly wonderful show. Brought back so many memories. You had the crowd spellbound!! Please tour again. Thank you for a great night. ~ Jane Ramnac

What a fabulous night! My husband and I were in awe of both of your musical talents.

We are going to play Give A Little Bit at our Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser that we do every year as our youngest son suffers from this condition. He is like you were as a kid - asks a lot of questions. We could relate to the logical song. Listening to crime of the century as we speak! ~ Roma

I have listened to your music for years, and have sung along with all the notes that I could reach. After Friday at the Enmore Theatre I shall never be able to hear these songs again without your stories at the front of my mind. Very many thanks. Glad to be one of those whistling in tune to Easy Does It. Are we hired? ~ David

Your concert was awesome. Have been a huge fan since the 70's. Am a close friend of your brother - we saw you in LA in the 90's. Keep coming Roger - dont retire! You have a huge following here - your voice is just as good as it was in the 70's. PS: Wanted more encores.. ~ Bernadette

Saw you at the Enmore in Sydney on Friday night and am taking my gorgeous Liverpoodlian friend Janet tonight in Newcastle. Thank you for restoring in me all that todays society tries to draw out of us. You truly are a blessing and have touched and turned my life in many ways on many occasions. ~ Corrinne

Sydney concert at the Enmore. It was just magical - please come back! My friend and I felt very priviledged to be part of such an experience. Your music is timeless. Your partner in crime was just expectional - what a find as your mentioned!Would love to bring my daughter to the next event - till next time! ~ Kathy

Very much loved your concert last night, thank you for an emotional experience...loved the vibe with everyone in the crowd. Your mate on stage with you was awesome! Would have loved to hear a little of his story - how you met etc. Accolades to him also, Hope you enjoy the rest of your tour, stay safe and happy. Peace be with you ~ Valli

Just wanted to add my thanks for your fabulous performance last night at the Enmore. It was such a priviledge to attend and my hubby and I had a wonderful time and were both gobsmacked to see how one man (and his buddy!) were able to re-produce and entire studio sound- but with benefits! Thanks again and hope to see you in the future  ~ Carol A.

Thank you very much for this wonderful concert! I am an expat here in Sydney and couldn't bring my wife. Back in Germany I'd like to see you again, this time with her. Noticed you will be coming to Weinheim close to our city Karlsruhe in July. Please bring Erin as well, he was awesome! ...and if possible 10cc, the best support act I've seen for a long time, ~ Frank

Just wanted to say thx for Sat night at the Enmore. We were looking forward to a great evening but you even exceeded that with your warmth and sincerity. It's great to see such a talented writer/musician/human being, come through the 60's/70's unscathed. You're a musical treasure! ~ Philippe

I saw you in London in the early 1980s and I flew to Sydney to see you again on Saturday night. All I can say is please tour again. ~ Ken McGregor

Stunningly beautiful concert at the Enmore on Friday evening Roger. Thank you so much Your music is touching all our family and friends. My son went out to purchase your music today - he's twenty and has dawned on him why I love it so much. Congrats on finding such a wonderful talent as your Canadian sax player extraordinaire.Best wishes for the next chapters. Hope it includes Australia. ~ Mike Conway

Was at the Sydney Concert with my wife last night. Been a fan for 20+ years and never expected to ever hear the songs performed live. This was an amazing night!! ~ Neil

What an experience Friday night at the Enmore was for my wife and I. Since then I feel a sense of loss as its been over 25 years since I had tickets for Supertramp in SYD and the shows got cancelled and I have been waiting since then and now its over. But like us all from that night, we have great memories that will live on forever. You are a class act that shines above so many others we have seen. I do hope you can come back to OZ again real soon as we will be there for sure. Many Thanks.... ~ Graeme and Helen Tate

Your show was just outstanding last evening in Sydney 10 April. Your percussionist is highly talented and complimented you and the show in every way- well done. Was not able to get a CD/DVD after the show, was too slow- am on crutches. Hope the local stores have stock.... see you back down under soon and look forward to booking tickets again... ~ Helen Joseph

Something was telling me this was a concert I couldn't miss, and words fail me to describe where it took me, there and back in one night - who could ask for more. We are blessed to have talent like yours, that gives to so many, you are blessed to have found Aaron who complements your craft seamlessley with his own special talent. 10CC were flawless! Thank you for enriching my life and for a night I won't forget! Enmore 10/4/10 ~ Julie Wishart

Roger you were amazing, best 18th birthday present ever! The irony is everyone thought id come with my 50 year old father however he came with me. Loved along came mary such a beautiful song and a really great night. keep on inspiring! ~ Laura

Loved the Saturday show in Sydney. It was such a privilege to see the two of you working your magic together. Our old dog died yesterday and we were feeling sad when we got to the show but by the time we left we were almost floating! Thanks for the wonderful show. Thanks for the good times listening to your music through the years. Stay well & keep spinning the magic! ~ Robyn Gerrard

Loved the show last Friday night in Sydney. Been a fan since '69. Please come again and next time come to Wollongong-with 10cc if possible (what a support!) which is about 90km south of Sydney.We have a 4000 seat entertainment center here which I'm sure you'd fill. Just brilliant. ~ Greg Duff

Thank you so much for your concert on Friday night at Enmore. I have been a fan since I was a teenager in the 70s and your music has always touched my heart I was fortunate enough to find your Montreal dvd a few years back and have been hoping to see you ever since then. One of the greatest concerts I have ever been to and I have been to a lot. Hearing you sing Hide in your shell live is one of the greatest experiences of my life, I wanted the song to just keep going. Thank you so much and please come again. ~ Michael

What a blast I had on Friday Night at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, to me you were talking to me like an old friend, you know that you could hear a pin drop when you spoke.  It was one of the best Concerts I have been to in my life. To have 10cc as your support act was awesome, I wondered if you guys hang out in between gigs  anyway.. Come back again please Roger, as you said you can't leave it another 30 years. I wanted to ask did you enjoy your time at the Byron Bay Blues festival as well, I was too far back to yell this out at the concert.  Enjoy your time is the Best Country in the World aka Australia . ~ Wendy Heath

Enmore Theatre Sat 10th April - Wonderful evening. That you could perform Fools Overture with just you and Aaron reproduce the intensity and emotion so faithfully to the original was astounding. Sad that School didn’t make the list but I have that on your DVD so in some ways having a very different set to the DVD was great. ~ Warwick Pearson

Like everyone else at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday night my wife and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us all. I have been a fan for many years and was delighted to finally hear and see you live. Thank you both for an exceptional experience.

Please come back soon. God bless. ~ Noel

Talk about full circle. My first ever concert was Supertramp in Sydney in the mid 70s. 35 years later (Sat night) I get to hear so much of my favourite music all over again and it sounds better than ever. Great gig! Please don't leave it so long before you come back. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts. ~ Guy Mankey

I would like to congratulate you on one of the best shows I have ever seen. We were at your Saturday night show at the Enmore and just couldn't believe the sound you were able to generate. I have been a massive Supertramp fan and have all of the albums including the live in Paris. We listened to this on the trip into the show and on the Long way home, and your voice hasn't changed at all. Do you still talk & see Rick Davies? All the very best for your 60th birthday which is the day before my birthday. We hope you can come back soon and look forward to that show. ~ Adrian Moran

Just a wonderful experience at the Enmore. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your knowledge with my son and answering his questions about music and location. He was absolutely inspired after speaking to you and has been writing constantly since. Your generosity and spirit were greatly appreciated. The chance to finally see you live after sitting outside the Hordern in 1976 listening was worth the 34 year wait! Your ability to connect so intimately with your audience and envelop us not just in the warmth of memory, but the promise of a better future is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing. And that version of 'Hide In Your Shell' - truly life affirming. Thank you. Please make sure there's a next time! ~ Bernie

Thanks you for the most marvelous and musical night, last Saturday at the Enmore. From the time the greenery made its way on stage I we knew we were in for something special. I feel like I have heard your songs for the first time. You and Aaron were just stunning. There was a real spirit in the place that night - it's a rare find at a rock concert. Thank you, love peace and blessings, Angela Williams

Thanks for a wonderful show last night. Was so glad you did "Lord is it Mine. I LOVE that song. Powerful stuff. Do you ever do "Sleeping with the Enemy" in concert? That young canuck as your side man was pretty impressive too. You two make a great pair. I look forward to your next concert and( fingers crossed) a new album. My brother saw you in Toronto with the full orchestra and was blown away so I must get the DVD in Montreal. Till next time................take it easy and take care. ~ Gregory

Wow! The Performance on Friday at the Enmore was a long awaited "Dream" for Myself and a friend of mine Mr. Speechley. We both remenised our youth. Thank you for taking " The Long Way Home, " to Australia. The Show was amazingly touching and uplifting. We are all Blessed. ~ David Linke

Loved your show on Friday night at the Enmore theatre , I said to my wife afterwards ," It felt like I just had a religious experience". So on the weekend my wife went to pick up the kids , I was supposed to be mowing the lawns but decided to take the opportunity and crank up Paris Live on the home theatre , In my gardening attire  I was playing air guitar , sax , key boards , I was reliving Friday night. I turned around and there were the kids with hands over their ears and wife waving her finger at me and I think she said , "I was an 47 year old teenager" yes it was loud , but my 9 and 12 year old girls want to see you next time they love Dreamer. so don't be a stranger to our country, please please come back Soon ~ Mark Scott

Sat 10/4/2010 at the Enmore what a great performance I missed Super Tramp when you came in 76 and I have always wonted to see you perform you didnt disapoint it was fantastic after the lead in from 10CC myself and my wife thought you would have to be good to beat them It was no contest it is the best jig I have ever seen. thank you for the memories,word just cannot say enough. ~ Paul Jones

Thank you very much for your autograph. Even though I and my brother Omar was very sleepy, it was worth to wait. Me and my family enjoyed your concert very much on Saturday night @ Enmore Theatre. I also play piano and I  hope to be like you some day. ~ Zumar

Thank you for a wonderful concert at the Enmore Theatre on saturday night. My husband and I have been singing your songs again ever since. As I write this your Montreal DVD is playing downstairs and we are reliving the night. Thanks for a wonderful evening and don't be a stranger - please come back to Oz. ~ Lorraine & Geoff

Thanks for coming back to Australia I was at the Enmore Threatre and loved the concert. Your voice is a gift from the gods as strong as ever. I was lucky enough to be at the Hordern Pavilion in 1976 to see Supertramp and always hoped to see you live again my dreams were answered on Saturday night. An honour to witness live, a true rock legend. I hope you come back again Roger and by the way your support band wasn’t too shabby either 10cc was the perfect entree to the main course. ~ Dave Thompson

What a joy to finally see you in concert. I was sitting four rows from the front at the Enmore and was in complete awe. Give A Little Bit is my favourite song and it is lovely to know that it is one of your favourite's too. It is lovely to see such a beautiful man comfortable in his own skin and proud of his work, spreading so much happiness. Thank you for all you do. I love the DVD. You are blessed. Patricia Murphy

Simply thank you for such a great performance in Sydney.I never got to see Supertramp - you filled that void. Safe travels and enjoy performing around the world - The smile on your face during the concert shows that you love your trade. ~ Greg Kay

Saw your concert at Enmore theatre Sydney. Fantastic- you gave so much of yourself.

If your in my area again, I would love to show you our blue mountains. ~ David and Julie

From the first time I heard Supertramp, sitting in my mates van at college to the stunning, very personal, performance at the Enmore last Friday in Sydney, you are a true artist Roger, Thank you ~ Danny and Barbara

Many thanks for the ripper Sydney concerts. Bloody fantastic .. did I hear you say you are 25 years old .. you sound it! Thanks for coming down under. ~ Dave Wilson

What a fantastic concert that was last Saturday night at the Enmore Theatre, just down the road from me here in Sydney, with you and 10cc rolling back the years and taking me right back to my UK Boarding School years and London University years as well as many other great occasions since. First saw you live at Wembley Arena, when Supertamp blew the place away with a really incredible concert during my 1st or 2nd yr at Uni.. which would've had to have been 1978 or '79 . My God, I can’t believe it's 30 yrs or more ago now.  I can still vividly recall the amazing sound of an approaching train that built up slowly then got louder and louder and faster and faster and somehow rushed across the roof of the whole arena before the lights came on and the band burst into "Rudy's on a train to nowhere.." with your inimitable plaintive voice starting off one of the top ten concerts of my life... ~ Simon Poole

I was at the Sydney gig 09.04.2010 and I was totally blown away. I grew up on Supertramp and to a much lesser extent 10CC as well. If you are ever back to explore the country and get out amongst the beauty of our country and need somewhere to have a meal come meet my Family I would be more than honored and blessed to meet you in person. I know it's probably not likely but the offer is there anyway. It was amazing to see you in concert and though I would love to see the band back again I totally understand where you are at.  Have a really great rest of the tour and may God continue to bless you richly! Kind Regards ~ Rick Deller

I know you must get many messages like mine, but i just had to write to you! My husband and I went to see your recent concert with 10CC in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre and I was compelled to tell you how very much we enjoyed it ( that's an understatement really!) You were simply wonderful and I especially wanted to say that I've seen few performers with such a wonderful stage presence as you. We loved the interaction you had with the audience and your voice is as great as ever! Thanks so much for a truly wonderful and memorable evening and for the gift of your music over the years..Many blessings to you ~ Therese Abela-King