Stephanie Litfin's Review - Stadtallendorf, Germany - June 5, 2010

Oh, what a night! Four days after the concert in Stadtallendorf/Germany and I still feel like I am flying. The show was simply amazing, Roger had so much fun being on stage and the audience appreciated every single word he spoke and sang to them. His voice was beautiful and clear like always and the performance started out very humorous. When Roger wanted to start singing his first song “Take The Long Way Home,” a phone rang in the background. The whole audience laughed and Roger did as well.  This was a perfect way to begin a wonderful night full of happy chats, great songs and lots of memories for the German fans.  And what a great surprise! Roger dedicated his song “Puppet Dance”, which he rarely sings in concert to a little 10-year-old girl named Amelie, saying itīs her favorite song. He also presented another rarely heard song called “The Awakening” and from this moment he took the fans by storm. Roger introduced his congenial partner Aaron, and this talented young man received such a long applause that he couldnīt even speak to the audience after being overwhelmed by so much appreciation (and he sure deserved it!).  After one hour each took a little intermission, just to come back with more catchy songs.  And when Roger invited his fans to come closer, a whole crowd of people ran in front of the stage, singing, dancing, cheering and sweating to songs like “Dreamer,” “ Foolīs Overture” and “Itīs Raining Again.” What a magical moment being so close to Roger and Aaron. We, the fans, all felt like one big happy family and enjoyed every single minute of the show. The concert ended as it had started: with a lot of laughter. Rogerīs song ”School” which he has sung for more than 30 years, starts with the harmonica , and everybody knows that – except for Roger.  He sang right into Aaronīs intro and had to interrupt himself which was already funny. But even better was their second try, when Aaron finally played his part of the song, Roger asked him: “Have you finished now?” The audience just cracked up. A perfect end for a perfect show!  For me and some of the other fans the party went on. We had the incredible chance to go backstage for a little meet and greet with Roger.  I have to confess that I have never been so excited in my life before. I have been a fan of Roger for 30 years now (I started to sing along to his songs when I was 4!) and I always loved and admired him for being the great musician he is. But now that I met him for real I have to admit, that I love him even more as a person. Roger is one of the kindest and warm-hearted people I have ever met in my whole life. He made me feel so comfortable and welcome right from the start  that I really wanted to talk to him forever, which I’m sure I would have done, if there werenīt more fans behind me waiting for their chance to chat with him. The atmosphere was so familiar and I felt that we all, Roger, Linda and the fans, have known each other for many years. I want to take the chance to say thank you once again to some people, first of all to Roger of course. Thank you so much for this great chance to meet you. You are such a wonderful man and I sure enjoyed every single minute that I spoke to you and see you smile at me. It meant the world to me and it was great to find out that you are really that beautiful person inside and out that I always imagined you would be. I love you, Roger and I sure hope weīll meet again one day. Linda: what a sweet lady you are! Thanks for being so kind and for making my dream come true. Your way of talking to me and grabbing my hand to lead me to Roger made me feel like we always knew each other and I felt so comfortable around you. You are adorable! And last but not least “D” you know I mean you. Thanks, buddy for making all this happen for me. You are that kind of friend everyone can only dream about. Roger & Staff, you all stay safe and warm and enjoy the rest of the tour. I hope weīll meet again real soon. God bless.

Sending you all my love,

Stephanie Litfin

P.S. Roger, have you found Hercules in your new book already?  ;-)