Roger Hodgson spielt in Tuttlingen viele Supertramp-Evergreens


Tuttlingen (hoc) - Es gibt Sänger, deren Stimme kann man unter hunderten erkennen. Roger Hodgsons hohes Organ ist unter tausenden herauszuhören. Und seine Stimme hat auch nach vier Jahrzehnten auf der Bühne weiter ihren charakteristischen Klang, die den Zuhörern im ausverkauften Zelt am Mittwochabend manch wohligen Schauer über die Rücken jagte. Wer noch daran gezweifelt hatte, dass das Konzert eine Art „Best of“-Show der in den 70er und frühen 80er Jahren richtig großen Band würde, konnte aufatmen: Die Supertramp-Evergreens lieferten am Mittwochabend den Großteil des Repertoires - Hodgson darf das, hat er doch praktisch alle Hits der Formation geschrieben wie „Hide in your shell“, „Give a little bit“ oder „The logical song“.


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A true "hits-by-request" experience for fans


Second performance for Roger Hodgson in Tuttlingen - many Supertramp evergreens were played

by Michael Hochheuser
Translated by Elke Beckett


TUTTLINGEN - There are singers whose voice you're able to discern amongst hundreds of other voices. Roger Hodgson's high-pitched voice is very distinctive, you may pick it out amongst thousands of others. And his voice continues to have that characteristic sound - even after four decades on the stage and it sent shivers up and down the audience's spines in the sold-out tent on Wednesday night.


It's three years now that the ex-Supertramp singer and songwriter has given us a an outstanding performance during the Honberg Summer.


Back then, he had performed the songs in a rather stripped down manner, having only few instruments on stage. This time it was full impact: Hodgson is currently touring the world with a full band, the tour name, 'Breakfast in America' is reminiscent of one of the greatest hits of his former band.

And Roger loved it to return to Tuttlingen - many concertgoers who had attended his first show had requested a follow-up concert. The 62-year-old Briton who now lives in California had taken the stage being in a fantastic mood during his performance in 2009 and it was just the same on Wednesday. 


Those who were doubtful about the concert being a sort of "Best of"-show of that band that was really huge in the 70's and the early 80's could breathe a sigh of relief: the Supertramp evergreens made up a good portion of the set list - Hodgson is allowed to do that, as it was himself who has penned practically all of the band's hits like "Hide in your shell", "Give a little bit" or "The Logical Song".


The (His new) band achieved to restore much of the spirit that once stood for the band (Supertramp). Many of the pieces that Hodgson played at the Honberg summer were even closer to the original than two years ago. The audience was blissed out, the fans, in the majority middle aged, were singing along to almost every single song.

Despite the songs' age - many are a couple of decades old - the band got them across as if they had been written just recently. Obviously the gentleman still has fun playing his classics.


And the songs from his solo albums did not lapse when compared to the Supertramp compositions. Some people have asked what that band would have been up to, had Hodgson not left them on the peak of their career. Many of the listeners have been accompanied by his songs throughout half their lives - and on Wednesday a couple of unforgettable hours were added to that.


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