Roger Hodgson: A Man of Grace and Generosity

Sunday, March 31

By Paula McDougall


“Let’s leave all our problems outside and have some fun!” said Roger Hodgson grinning from ear to ear and obviously very happy to be at Bluesfest.

And that’s exactly what the die-hard Roger Hodgson/Supertramp fans did who poured into the Crossroads tent to rekindle some memories.

This was a slick, professional and tight performance by Hodgson and his band with energetic sax and crackerjack keyboards playing all the familiar riffs.

If you closed your eyes you’d have thought Supertramp were back on stage.

The audience danced and sang along with favourites ‘Take The Long Way Home’, ‘Breakfast In America’, ‘It’s Raining Again’ and ‘Logical Song’.

A profoundly humble, genuine and gentle man, the 63 year old’s instantly recognisable vocals still sound as good as they did during Supertramp’s heyday and he was thrilled to see the crowd enjoying his music.

“It’s times like these I feel the luckiest man alive, to do what I do for a living,” said Roger – and I believed him.

Although it’s always been hard to categorise Supertramp—and there is no argument that Hodgson is an exceptional composer, songwriter and creative force—it’s uncertain as to how he fits into a blues and roots line up.

He closed the set with the ambitious instrumental ‘Fools Overture’ and magical ‘Give A Little Bit’.


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