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Zeltfestival Ruhr  ~ Bochum, Germany ~  August 29, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ Oostende, Belgium

Thank you so much for another beautiful evening yesterday in Bochum. It was my 15th live concert since 2009 and no, I really don't think I'm crazy to follow you through germany. All these evenings became best moments in my life. I try to see you at least two times a year, with good-better-best-Aaron and with your band. Wow! When you come back to Germany in 2014 would you please bring 'had a dream' with you? The 'eye of the storm' is my most favourite cd at this time. God bless you ~Heike

Roger Hodgson ~ Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, GermanyMany thanks for the unbelievable evening yesterday at the Zeltfestival Ruhr. First time I had the pleasure to be at your first concert at Zeltfestival in 2008. I grew, like many others in the audience, up with your music, it felt like going from past to present. The performance of you an your band is still unbelievable. I wish i could get a direct cut from this concert. THANKS A LOT !!! and please come back… 
~  Martin Faber

Since 1995 I have been to many of Roger´s shows - solo, with a full orchestra, with Aaron. Yet the Bochum concert last night was something special as it was the first show I saw with his band. And indeed it was special as it was the first time I heard a live performance of In Jeopardy. Other surprises were Lady or the wonderful The Awakening. The band adds to the sound so that it was a new experience. Of course, Roger´s voice and his spirit were great as always. There must be something special between him and the audiences here in in Germany which grows from show to show as the enthusiastic reactions become more and more in my opinion. And it is well-deserved: I guess most musicians love playing their songs, yet with Roger you feel every second how much he loves playing his songs and how much he loves playing them for his audiences. He is the only one who can sing these songs! If you have never been to one of his fantastic shows, try to see him in your area, you will love it! ~Dirk Fabritz

Roger Hodgson ~ Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, GermanyThank you for the great performance at the "Zelt Festival "Bochum. I celebrate today my 57. th. Birthday. It took me 43 Years to see you. I missed you at the Isle of Wight Festival .1970. I was in England as a language student. I was 14 and of course not allowed to go there alone. yours  ~ Dietrich

In Bochum I had a blast that night and, even much better, I had another opportunity to see Roger backstage and get a beautiful picture of him and me as seen on my FB site. It was so much fun and love to wave the flag and push the red balloons into the audience! One thing I´d like to say is: Roger, you gave a part of your soul that night in Oostende! You sang from very very deep of your heart! And it nearly broke mine when I felt that the belgique audience was so hard to catch! But in the end, everything went well and everybody finally stood up and sang! There are two songs I am so so so much waiting for. That is "Puppet Dance" and "Give me love, give me life"! I´d like you to play more from "In the Eye of The Storm" and "Hai Hai". I enjoyed your concerts even more than before this year! it´s because you finally have a supreme band on your side! And I'm dying to see you again next year. EspeciaLLY IN GERMANY BUT AS WELL SOMEWHERE ELSE:I thank you for your warm hug in Bochum. And I thank you for all your music. Each and every song has a deeper meaning to me. It´s my life. YOU are my life. Hugs and a kiss for you,
~  Miriam from Duesseldorf

We want to say thank you for the again wonderful concert. we've been in 2008 and on 26.8.2013 in your concert at the zeltfestival written and we love the atmosphere of the evening. hope you will be back soon best regards ~tanja and karl

Oh Lord! I am definitely still dreaming and feeling the Bochum Concert. Yesterday in Oostende the audience needed a long time to get up and sing within... But finally we made it with our flags and and balloons Roger, Linda, David and the rest of the band… You really made me unbelievably happy these days! Olaf and me are so sad that this has been our last concert this year. We´re asking you to really take care of yourselves, mind your health and have some awesome concerts coming up! With all our love.
~ Miriam and Olaf

Roger Hodgson ~ Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, GermanyWhat a great evening! Bought my first Supertramp album in 1976 and could listen to the songs tonight as if they were brand new. Thanks to you Roger and your great musicians. Come back next year to the Ruhr. Greetings from Gerd  ~ Gerd Gahr

Thanks for a great concert! We enjoyed it very much!  ~ Christiane Gerbracht

It was so beautiful, thanks a lot and come back soon!  ~ Corinna Faßbender

Zeltfestival Ruhr ~ Let us please say once again: Thank you for an unforgettable evening .... Please don´t let us wait again 5 years for returning to our small white tent city.... Safe trip to Sögel !

Roger Hodgson ~ Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, GermanyIt was great, wow !! I hope we see us in next year again, welcome Roger !!!  ~  Jörg Froese

what a wonderful concert in Bochum - thanks much Roger and Band!  ~ Thorsten Moser

5 years ago, my daughter sang with Roger. Yesterday we were back in Bochum. It was fantastic  ~ Regina Hermes

einfach nur schööööön--thanks for the music  ~ Angelika Pache

It was our first time to visit a Roger Hodgson Concert. It was really amazing! We enjoyed every second! There is only one thing i could say - like Bill & Teds excellent Adventure: Excellent Dude! (So. Das war unser erstes Roger Hodgson Konzert das wir erleben durften Und es war .irre..genial.schön wunderbar. Um es in den Worten von Bill & Ted zu sagen: Bunt war das Konzert und Granatenstark!)
~  Christian Roth

Es war eine unglaubliche Zeitreise am Donnerstagabend! Danke Roger! It has been an unbelievable Time travel at Thursday evening! Thank you Roger! Even my Dad (Born 1937), who presented me the Ticket to my Birthday at August 1st (and did accompany me) has been overwhelmed by this Concert!
~  Andreas Krahforst

Roger you were so brilliant yesterday. It was a journey to the past. You don´t need Supertramp to perform your songs as you did in the past. I´ll hope you do the concert on Blue Ray. Thank you for your performing. ~  Jürgen Werner

Thank you! It was a great day in my life!  ~ Ingrid Cloppenburg

Many thanks for a memorable evening  ~ Jürgen Rolfes

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