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Wrightegården ~ Langesund, Norway ~ July 18, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Wrightegården ~ Langesund, Norway

Roger Hodgson ~ Wrightegården ~ Langesund, Norway

I flew to Norway yesterday for a Hurtigruten cruise but arranged my trip specifically to see Roger play in Langesund. What a wonderful experience! I befriended some Norwegian ladies in front of the stage and we danced and sang the entire night. Roger's voice was as beautiful as the last time I saw him in 1979 in Miami. Please play in South Florida again soon. ~ Lyndy

Roger Hodgson ~ Wrightegården ~ Langesund, NorwayHey! First of all, thanks for an amazing concert in Langesund! Best Regards ~ Kai Hansen

Thank you for a great show!
~ Jorun Sandåker

The best consert ever!!! I'm floating on air !! I will keep this magic moment deep within my heart.. Thank you Roger! Greetings from Langesund ~ Vigdis Holen

It was an excellent show!!! ~ Geir O. Sundbø

Thanks ~ Barbro Lansford

A legend...tnx for a wonderful evening! ~ Laila øvretveit

Thank you for a wonderful evening ~ Kristin Munkejord Lapidus

Thank you for a dream evening and a nice hug in the end, Mr. Roger!!! The 'little portuguese girl' will keep it for 'a while' :) ~ Joana Duarte

Yes, it was magic!! Thank you Roger and his excellent band. ~ Ole Iacob Norman

So fresh, so energetic! A fantastic show, thank you! Looking forward to next time!
~ Jo Petter Kjeldset

The show was superb and fantastic but we need you in Sweden!!! Please.... ~ Simon Weiberg

My friend Nu Nung Love Ly came all the way from Thailand to watch the show. And she was delighted :) ~ Simon Weiberg

Great show at Wrigtegaarden. Enjoyed the music. ~ Steinar Wold

Thank you for a magical evening! ~ Ewa Öberg-Grufman

Photo # 1 by Vivi Sævik
Photo # 2 by Velkommen til Solkysten
Photo # 3 by Shakti Shivaya

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