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Wild Horse Pass Casino ~ Chandler, AZ ~ April 25, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Wild Horse Pass Casino ~ Chandler, AZ

Roger Hodgson ~ Wild Horse Pass Casino ~ Chandler, AZ


I was delighted to attend the kick-off of the 2014 tour! Roger's voice sounds just like it did 35 years ago and the band sounded great. The crow was enthusiastic and Roger performed classic favorites and did not disappoint. With so many great songs, the time goes by quickly and I wish the concert could have lasted another two hours. I'm hoping to see Roger another time or two in 2014. All the best to Roger, Band, Shakti, Linda, Howard, an all those who help bring Roger's music to us. Thank you all! Safe travels and wishing you all the best for a safe, fun and successful 2014 tour! ~ Patrick


I don't know how you did it, but this concert at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino was better than the one two years ago. I felt like I was in your living room as you explained your songs.. A great show ... just came in from Germany to see Roger in Chandler as many times before in Germany. We love the Phoenix area since 1979. It was a great experience to watch him there and a pleasure to meet him after the show again ! THANK you  ~ Brian Curry



Photo by Becky HansenConcert just over and I will see Roger Hodgson again I want more great show ~ Nando Threefeathers

Great show! Thank you Roger Hodgson & band!
~ Tim Wolfrum

Seeing Fool's Overture performed live by the maestro was an honor and a privilege. ~ Angela DiMaria

Fantastic! Spectacular! The concert was PHENOMENAL!!! Have waited nearly 40 years to see my favorite band of all time and I was not disappointed :)  ~ Kriss Murphy

It was a great show! Loved it. Roger and the band are superb musicians. I have seen Roger and Supertramp five times.  ~ Fred Atkey

It was an awesome show tonight. Thank you all so much  ~ Barry Olken

Amazing  ~  Shawn Rempel

Thank you for coming to Phoenix! We loved every minute!  ~ Tyna J. Metzner

Well done, fab.  ~ Jim Kerr

Photo by Becky HansenBest concert I've ever been to was Roger Hodgson, 2012 in Chandler. Until tonight. I was blown away by the power and precision of the band; they are even better than Supertramp in their heyday. Great set tonight; was especially pleased with the inclusion of "Death and a Zoo". The band rocked that one right out of the venue!  ~ Arnold Stonebrink

Fabulous show. I sure loved watching Roger and his band performing for the second time. And yes...Please make it an annual event!  ~ Holly Ross

It was a magical show...we loved every moment!!  ~ Steph Soderblom

Great gig thanks for a great night.  ~ Denis J Mahon

Photo by Becky HansenI was there...my first Roger concert and he and his band were amazing! See you guys next year. Happy birthday to the guys. Arizona loves you!  
~ Cindy Wilkins

We were there and it was a tremendous show. I first saw Roger and Supertramp 38 years ago. He hasn't lost a beat. We'll be there again next year. 
~ Doug Crosby

Terrific show last night; have a wonderful tour! 

~ Mike Looney


Loved the show as much today as I did 30+ years ago!  ~ Charlene Wisbey


Awesome show in Chandler! Wow  ~ Linda Mestek

Photo by Becky HansenWe were there love you Roger Hodgson! 
~ Orlando Short Sr

I wish the concert in Phoenix never ended.
~ Jason Val Johnson

Hey Roger, having you come to Wild Horse Pass is an answer, thank you for sharing the knowledge that streams so beautifully through your music
~ Todd Phillips  


Photo # 2 by Linda Tyler

Photo # 3, 4, 5 & 6 by Becky Hansen


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