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Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, IN ~ November 4, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, Indiana

Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, Indiana

So awesome, saw the guys in Wabash, Roger said we were the first audience to see Had a Dream live in the USA…way cool, they totally rocked it, a pleasure to see Roger and THE Band.
~ Squire Hobbs

Simply the best show I've seen this year. ~ Bill Green

Great show...Thank you for such an enjoyable evening ~ Julie Doyle-Van Dyke

Your show in Wabash was phenomenal! I could not believe it when I saw you were even appearing there! It was such an uplifting concert and your band was wonderful! I drove 1 hour to see you and it was the "long way" home and was tickled that I came! I can say in my opinion, with the exception of the piano not initially working, the evening was flawless! Thank you so much to you and the band for a great night! ~ Craig Mitzell

Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, IndianaThank you Roger and the rest of the band for a wonderful evening. ~ Brian Ogle

You guys were AMAZING!! THANK YOU
~ Ken Ledbetter

Awesome show tonight. I crossed an item off my bucket list by getting to see Roger live tonight!
~ Jen Savage




I went to the show in Wabash last evening and was just amazed! You and the band just played spectacular, spectacular, music that very one just loved. I took my wife of 35 years Belinda and my son Ramsey with me and they loved it also. I went to Indy back in 80 to see the Breakfast in America tour and it was probably in the top five concerts of all time. Your are a very special singer and songwriter of all times. So keep up the great work!!! ~ Steve Fischer

My thanks for a great evening in Wabash. Getting to leave the cares behind as you put it, and listening to your music and band last night was very special. I'll remember this for years. My only regret is that my daughter could not come, as she's a huge fan. Best of luck. ~ Tim Dixon

Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, IndianaI loved the show. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. AWESOME!!!!!! ~ Belva Jones Parkison

Just home in Indianapolis from Wabash, IN concert. Simply magic! Your passion for meaningful lyrics and fantastic melody is for decades unmatched. We fell in love together with your genius in the early 70's. Still married after 35 years, still emotionally and intellectually connected to your music and salute you and team for a fantastic concert ! While the concert in Seattle in 82/83 was terrific, we loved the theatre and intimate presentation in Wabash! Many thanks to all! ~ Mike and Donna Grotz

Awesome show! Thanks for making the trip to Wabash and nice to meet you!!! ~ Abby Hoy


Great Show! ~ Christa Swagger

Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, IndianaJust out of the Wabash show. This is a Bucket List show. Incredible lineup with the band. I see a lot of shows year in and year out. A guitar aficionado who can safely say this was in the top five of all the shows I've seen. Amazing Roger! ~ Bill Green


I want to send a gigantic thank you for your dedication tonight in Wabash. Mom could not believe that you actually did it. And you are totally forgiven for the delay of that special moment. It has definitely brought unparalleled amounts of joy to me. The whole show was simply the best ever. I did cry a little bit during Quietest Moments, so I definitely need to go again sometime. Come to Ohio in 2015! Tell Aaron, Kevin, Bryan, and Dave that they did an absolutely indescribable job tonight. And, of course, you did as well too. I almost feel like you and I have become friends. Thanks again Roger and God bless! ~ Weston

Roger and crew, fantastic show. I was one of the few locals in the audience, but you guys have a tight sound and set the bar pretty high for any of us that want to play your music. ~ Brian Wohigemuth

Roger Hodgson ~ Honeywell Center ~ Wabash, IndianaRoger Hodgson and his Band were phenominal Caught Roger's show in Wabash Indiana. The night was truly magical and took me back to the 70's. He treated us with bringing out the electric guitar for Had a Dream. You know it's a fantastic concert when the night flies by and you wake up in the morning wishing you could go back and relive it. Hoping Roger plays in WI in 2015. Keep the momentum rolling! ~ Ter2u

Drove over 7 hours to see Roger play in Walbash, Indiana. We were in awe the entire night. As he played and spoke about his songs all I could think is "what a musical genius!". We actually discussed leaving Walbash and following him to Detroit, just couldn't get enough of his music. We'll definitely be following his schedule and will see him again. His band was great and Aaron McDonald is absolutely fantastic! And to top it all off Roger is obviously a genuinely good guy! ~ Deenie5


Photo # 2 by Linda Tyler

Photos # 3, 4, 5 & 6 by Ken Ledbetter


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