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Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, Switzerland ~ January 26, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, Switzerland

Roger Hodgson ~ Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, Switzerland

Mr. Hodgson I was Yesterday in the People's House Zurich, too! I want you and your Super Musicians many times say Thank You! It was so Super I could enjoy all so beautiful it was Fantastic what they have presented with Your Band! I think I may say all of you fans in attendance were so Happy and this Performance will probably forgotten little more! Mr. Hodgson Thank You again for this wonderful Evening! I wish You and Your Musicians continue all the best and good Luck! Yours sincerely! ~ Luciano Haeusermann

It was a great show last night!! Thanks Roger, Aaron and the band. And of course Shakti and Linda for their great hospitality!!! ~ Oliver Stoldt

Hey Roger my father saw you about 4 years ago in Schaffhausen i was 16, 17 and showed me a video. Since then i'm a big fan of you... Today i was in the Volkshaus. I loved your show a lot and threw you a unicorn who is very Special to me.. I hope You found it.... Love and hugs Janine from Switzerland . ~ Shelly Amber


Thank you soooo much Roger and the other fantastic guys for this wonderful wonderful concert tonight in Zurich J It's was REALLYYY GREAT!!!! 1 1/2 years ago we were at the Open Air in Appenzell J It's always a very very special feeling to hear your wonderful songs live. Get well soon and all the best to you and your Band. We will come again ~ Susanne Holler Renn

Roger Hodgson ~ Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, SwitzerlandThank you guys Great, amasing Show at the Volkshaus. Even more with the problems that can come up with winter in Europa. You made ouer week. We will come againe, when you come back to the Volkshaus And also a big hand to your band ~ Verena Schorno

Roger! The show tonight was ab-so-lu-te-ly fantastic!!! Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening! I'm now back at home, but I'm still enchanted. And I'm sure you will visit me in my dreams tonight ;) Now I'm looking forward to the show at Friday in St. Moritz. ~ Manuela Zogg-Hinterhauser

Great gig in Zurich tonight! Going back to Norway tomorrow, but PLEASE add "Even in the quietest moments" to your playlist when in Norway this summer! Fab band also! ~ Ole Tollånes

Yesterday in Zurich 26.1.15 a fantastic show... thank you! you are the best ~ Franziska Amsler

Roger Hodgson ~ Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, SwitzerlandThis was so awesome last night. I had two friends with me that never have seen Roger before. They were absolutely thrilled and left with exactly that smile in their face that you mentioned, so that I even asked one of them if she was sure she could drive looked quite swept off of her feet. Besides the driving conditions out of town were really bad. Hope everyone got home safe with all that snow. I stayed with a friend near Zürich, didn't want to risk an accident . After all I would like to see two more shows here in Switzerland. Sending prayers and healing for fast recovery ~ Sylvia Novell

Hallo Roger, es war ein ganz tolles Konzert, merci!! (Hi Roger, it was a great concert, thank you!) ~ Piranhas Fallschirm Demo-Team

Thanks Roger it was Great in Zürich ~ Steve Hiltpold

It was a great performance. I enjoyed the whole evening. Many thanks ~ Gert-Jan de Jong

I was with my great love there. What a wonderful, unforgettable evening. Merci Roger ~ Roger Lochmatter

Roger Hodgson ~ Volkshaus Zürich ~ Zürich, SwitzerlandAbsolut beste Musik mit brillianten Musikern. thanks Roger and band (Absolute best music with brilliant musicians. thanks Roger and band) ~ Siggi Ehmann

Genial!!!!! danke für das tolle konzert und gute erholung, roger!! auf wiedersehen....(awesome! Thank you for the great concert and good rest, roger! Good bye...) ~ Susanne Schaffner-Spichiger

Thanks Roger and Band ~ Gabi Birchmeier-Wenk

Thank you for pulling it through tonight! Was - yet again! - a fantastic concert, just LOVE your songs! ~ Monika Kern-Glauser

Thank you Roger and the excellent Band for this wonderful evening! ~ Erich Ochsner

Absolut geniales Konzert von Roger und der einmaligen Band!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich bin glücklich Ihn heute in Genf nochmals mit meinem Schatz erleben zu dürfen!!!!!!!!!!! (Absolutely brilliant concert of Roger and the unique band! I'm happy today in Geneva once again with my treasure to experience it!) ~ Daniel Ebinger

Big pleasure!! Thank you Roger and best greats from Kt. Solothurn ~ Chregu Leippert

Soirée superbe :-)) (Wonderful evening:-)) ~ Brigitte Alvazzi

Miss you so much, saw you last monday and there is no single moment whitout your great,beutiful and unbelievable Music in my mind! Wish you all the best! Oh I almost start to cry tears of happiness " only because of you ~ Annamarie Rusch-Inauen

We saw you last monday your songs your words of love and peace are still in our minds. We already miss you. Take care Roger and for sure we will come and see you again. Tank you for the program. ~ Alexandra Amos-Anagnostaras

Hi, I saw your show last night in Zurich. Sorry you were not feeling well, but you were a true professional to still put on the show. Your voice was great, the band was tight and the evening was thrilling for me. I have always thought your music is inspiring and have wanted to see you for many years; last night was the first opportunity. Simply amazing is the only thing that I can say. Through the years I have had some terrible life experiences and during that time, I have learned to play the piano; and when I got good enough, I have learned to play your music. Any time that I want to be happy, I play a song that you have written. Last night was one of the best memories I will hold. Thank you so much for being my friend through your music. I wish I could tell you how much that has meant to me in person, but I thank you for this website to give me that opportunity. Best regards ~ David Edwards

Good morning Mr. Hodgson Thank you so much for the concert in Zürich. It was amazing! Now I'm listening your music and check the photos I took. I hope your health is getting better. And please take care of you! Send you lots of love, light and power your sincerely ~ Annamarie PS.: It was my first concert and I'm 49! But it was it worth, waiting so long, just for you!

Hi Roger Thanks a lot to you and your band for the great concert in Zürich - it was a beautiful evening! We hope to see you once in Bern, the most nice city in Switzerland. All the best for you ~ Charly

Oliver Stoldt @KonferenzMacher - Roger Hodgson Concert in #Zürich, #Switzerland @RogerHodgson Just Great #rogerhodgson -Breakfast in America Tour –Fantastic

Daniel Honegger @DanielTitanic79 @RogerHodgson it was a great concert in Zurich, thank you Roger!

Hoermen @Epsifly @RogerHodgson get well soon roger. greatings from zürich. thanks for your show tonight

Photos by Sylvia Novell


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