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VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, Hungary ~ July 15, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, Hungary

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, Hungary

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, HungaryVeszprém was fantastic! Thank you for your time, attention and loving care for all the time. It was an unforgettable evening full of love and amazing music! We look forward to the further! ~ Maria, Mirko and Jane from Slovakia

Dear Roger, Thank you so much for coming to the Veszprém Festival. I know you receive a lot of fan mail, but I'd like to give you a concrete example of how you have helped me and my wife. As a fellow UK boarding school survivor, I've always been able to relate to your message in The Logical Song and - since the song came out when I was 15 - have always been supported by the spirit that your music and lyrics convey. As for my wife, just before your beautiful concert she had spent a period of time in hospital and was still feeling very weak when we set off from our home in Hungary's capital, Budapest - it was touch and go whether or not we'd make it. After the event Zsuzsanna was shedding tears of joy, and I would like to thank you again for not only such a memorable - but also healing - experience. I think everyone present felt your warmth and what you communicated to the audience was simply perfect. If you can reply with a word or two sometime, we would feel truly blessed. But blessed we do feel already, thanks to your presence... With sincere thanks and best wishes, ~ Julian (Goddard)

Wow! What an unforgettable evening it was! Roger´s voice sounds still better and better, and this is despite the busy schedule! Just imagine - in one week he sang in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Hungary!... To handle it all, you need really good team, and special God's help and blessing. I think that Roger has both. The set list was really full of treasures of his creation, and magnificent historical square of Veszprém was really appropriate for his music that resonated there so beautifully! The audience listened at first in quietly, gradually was to see "wave motion", then hands raised above heads but when sounded the first notes of Dreamer, the whole audience stood on their feet, and clapped, danced and sang along till to end. After three songs of encore followed long standing ovation. Roger greeted and thanked in the Hungarian language, with his typical gentle humor he won the hearts of Hungarian audience and promised that he certainly wants to come back. We looking forward! ~ maria

Just got home from Veszprém to Budapest. The concert was amazing. Thanks Roger! Come back soon! ~ Zoltán Szávai

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, HungaryThank you! ~ Tamás Göncz

Thak you Roger! :) ~ Fehér Péter

Thank you so much for your amazing concert and for the great day together! :)
~ Andrea Kajári

Thanks...I love You.  ~ Szilvia Szekér

It was a blessing! I saw Roger Hodgson at the end of '9o s in Austria, and ever since I have been waiting for him to perform in Hungary! THANK YOU for tonight it was fantastic, absolutely euphoric :) please come back! ~ Izabella Nagy Zsengeller

Great show! Check out some of Roger's lyrics in full singalong Hungarian here~ Péter Porosz

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, HungaryA párizsi koncertalbum a legjobbak közé tartozik, egy banda és a közönség egymásra találása...Ezek a nagy pillanatok. És tegnap is volt hasonló.

(In Paris, one of the best live albums, a meeting between the band and the audience ... These great moments. And yesterday was similar.)
~ Péter Magyarády

Thank you soooo much for the music, for this lovely evening ! ~ Krisztina Paulik Walther

Felejthetetlen volt! (Unforgettable!) ~ Monika Pintér

Super volt! (Was Super!) ~ Tamás Göncz

it was a fantastic evening :) and we're on a photo with my wife :) ~ Ferenc Trézing


Thank you sooo much!! It was wonderful!! :) ~ Krisztina Paulik Walther

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, HungaryThanks for the breathtaking musical experience, such a perfect summer evening! :)
~ Réka Harsányi

Köszönjük a csodálatos koncertet! :)
(Thank you for the wonderful concert! :)
~ Adrien Kollár


Dear Roger, it was great to see and hear you in Hungary! Thank you and come back - as promised - soon! These last decades were lonely without you visiting us... :) ~ Andrea Simon

Nagyon jó volt (It was really good) ~ László Molnár

(It's really hard to find the words to the concert! <3) ~ Kugler Gyula

Roger Hodgson ~ VeszprémFest ~ Veszprém, HungaryFantasztikusan! Szuper volt! ;)
(Fantastic! Was awesome! ;)
~ Hornung Mariann

Felejthetetlen élmény volt!!!Köszönjük! :) <3
(Unforgettable experience!!! Thank you! :) <3)
~ Bíró Edit

Szuper volt! Köszönjük!
(Was awesome! Thank you!) ~ Tibor Takács

Fantasztikus volt köszönjük! ;)
(It was awesome thank you! ;) ~ Timárné Anna

Szenzációs volt, felejthetetlen élmény marad. ;)
(It was incredible, unforgettable experience remains. ;) ~ Szabó Andrea Violetta

Fenomenális volt, igazi szenzáció.
(It was phenomenal, a real sensation.) ~ Kiraly Peter

Valóban egy fantasztikus nagyszerű koncerten vehettünk részt! A közvetlenségével jó hangulatot teremtett s vissza varázsolt bennünket a fiatalságunkba! Szuper jó volt!

(Truly a fantastic concert, we could take a great part! The directness and created a good atmosphere conjured back to us youth! It was super good!) ~ Timárné Anna

Photos by Melczer Zsolt

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