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Turning Stone Resort & Casino ~ Verona, NY ~ October 24, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Turning Stone Resort & Casino ~ Verona, NY

Roger Hodgson ~ Turning Stone Resort & Casino ~ Verona, NY

Loved your show at the Turning Stone tonight! your beautiful music brought back many happy memories and the time spent with you and your terrific band created a new special memory for us! Thank you!!!  ~ Tina And Bryan Cirelli

Roger Hodgson ~ Turning Stone Resort & Casino ~ Verona, NYI am Umbrella Club member #343. I joined during your first American tour in the 70's and your songs have mirrored my life ever since. Like when "Logical" was released I was being sent away to the military and so much more. Your music has meant so much to me over the years that I included some of the stories in my autobiography that I posted on-line. Your show at the Turning Stone had me in tears because a few years ago I wrote in my book that seeing you one more time would be the last thing on my bucket list. So Thank You for coming to upstate New York and making my life complete. Love Ya, ~ William Ankin

Delighted everyone at Turning Stone last evening.
I personally did leave my problems elsewhere for the night and sat back and thought about your journey through the years and the gifts you've brought to our souls when we were yearning for answers. RH, seeing you, hearing you...allowed me feel so free! You are my #1 favorite composer! On a lighter note...you are "FAR OUT". I was the girl with the sign! ~ Jane Murphy

words cannot express what your music means to me. Your songs are truly from your heart, and your humble demeanor inspires me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A wonderful show last night at Turning Stone. Missed you at the Jazz Festival in June,,sold out show...not surprised. Love, happiness and peace always.... ~ Lynda Kirkpatrick

Photo by Warren LinhartI cannot begin to express all the love,respect,and gratitude that my family and I have/feel for you after attending another concert last night at Turning Stone Casino and then having the opportunity to meet/speak/take photos with you.We already had tickets to your show prior to the contest to win tickets and backstage passes to your concert.But my wife Julie took it upon herself on mine and my son's behalf to enter this contest and we actually won!! If she hadn't done that then we would not have met you and because my wife was also offered an extra ticket and pass by your very kind people Linda and Shakti,she also would not have met you.I am forever grateful to you all for giving us a night to remember and cherish forever.THANK YOU ALL!!!! And by the way Roger......like I said to you,as long as you keep performing,I will attend your concerts whenever possible as I have loved,continue to love,and will always love you and your music for eternity.You are a rare example of a true artist and deserve all accolades due you.I hope to see you again in concert and meet with you again.And THANK YOU Aaron,Bryan,David and Kevin for your talents as they helped make the concert what it was too.Take care Roger!! Love your fans. ~ Tony, Julie and son Andrew

Photo by Warren LinhartMy girlfriend Sarah and I saw your fantastic show last night. at Turning Stone. Got quite choked up many times especially during Take The Long Way Home, School, and Lord Is it Mine. Your voices were amazing. We hope you enjoy our CD (East of Earth). You inspire us. Thank you for all the great music. Respectfully yours, ~ Emmet Simpson

My wife and I took in the show last night at Turning Stone - great show - like the entire audience, we loved every minute of it. We were both so impressed with the respect with which you treated the audience - genuinely and professionally. Didn't catch his name but the guy on the horns, etc was great. Hope you come back this way in the future - we'll be there for sure. Thanks for the great show and all the wonderful music over all these years - the songs still feel as good today as they did 30 years ago. Bravo !!!! ~Phil Hausman

Was at the Verona show on the 24th, I noticed a lot of cameras mounted all over the stage. Are we going to be seeing a DVD anytime soon of this tour? PS: The show was great!!! I fulfilled part of my bucket list.. :) see you next time around  ~ Don Giannone


Photo by Warren LinhartYou're concert absolutely touched my heart in so many ways, then had me on my feet rocking in others. You have such a kind smile and subtle way of speaking to the audience and then you absolutely tear it up with your music. You come across as a gentle man with incredible passion for his music. You really seemed to enjoy playing for us. I so loved the smaller venue and wondered if you felt the same way because it makes it so much more personal. You played a song at the piano that I had not heard before, I believe with the lyrics "you're the only friend I need." I'll be searching for that song. Thank you so very much for coming to "little" Utica, NY at the Turning Stone Casino, as we struggle getting bigger names there sometimes. I've had many struggles in my life, thank you so much for lifting me up and touching my heart. I'm grateful to have experienced you and your music. ~Lynn C Bertrand

We LOVED the Thursday night show at Turning Stone. We saw you in Rochester a couple months ago and that hooked us. We will see you again, as many times as we can, when you tour next (please don't make us wait too long). All the best, ~ Jeff

We had the honor and privilege to meet you at the Turningstone Casino. Honestly, we didn’t want the show to end! This is truly a testament to your incredible talent, music and showmanship. Should you ever come back to New York; we will be there to see you and your outstanding group again. Yours is one of the very best concerts that I have ever attended. May God bless you and yours! ~ Guest

Photo by Warren LinhartCouldn't be better. Bought Hai Hai too. There were some kids there but bless little Jacob! Already can't wait 'til next time!  ~  John Sposato

Agree 100% and he even mentioned my wife's and my name on stage and then played two songs for us!Thank You Roger!!  ~ Tony Yankowsky

What a superb evening. To be able to meet Roger after the show truly was the best birthday gift I will receive ever!!! Thank you Linda for helping make this happen. Thank you Roger for just being the kind and talented man you are. The 30 year wait between shows I have seen you in was worth it. Here's to hoping the wait isn't so long next time around!!!! A man who truly appreciates his fans. The feeling is mutual. :):)  ~ Mark Orr

Likewise here:My family and I want to also thank Roger and everyone involved for helping us have an awesome time last night at the concert!!It was everything we could of dreamed of and more!!I will be posting more on Roger's guestbook soon,but in the meantime THANK YOU Roger, Aaron, Kevin, David, and Bryan!! And to Linda and Shakti who we never got to actually meet but I think I may have seen you both......maybe another time we can meet up and say hello.....THANK YOU both also!! 
~ Tony Yankowsky

Was a fantastic show. Brought back memories. I had the Albums and 8 tracks in the 70's. Cassettes weren't even out yet. He hasn't skipped a beat. Sings totally from the Heart. I wished he played longer but look at the venue. He's been playing for 30,000 plus overseas. I saw the Boss 4 times when he toured, 3-4 hours. This was great and small venue. ~ Dennis Edwards

Photo by Warren LinhartRoger Hodgson is an amazing man that has touched the hearts of our family each in our own unique ways. To meet him was truly a magnificent memory that will last with us always. My three year old son, Jacob (Not to brag) but he has a memory like I have not seen in others his age, he tells me things he heard or learned months and even as long as a year ago. I am positive this memory will stay with him as he has made his own connection with the songs Roger sings and the positivity that oozes from him. Thank you Roger. He was tickled to meet you and you have left your mark on our family. Also Thank you Linda for taking pictures for us and I was having difficulty doing anything besides absorbing the moments. Hope to meet again and God Bless you always  ~ Lindsay Rose Gaffney

Thank you for such a perfectly magical evening....the dedication of "Only Because of You" and "Lord is it Mine" was such a surprise...finally meeting Roger was over the moon fantastic...what a wonderful experience....the performance was simply amazing!  ~ Julie Rogers Yankowsky

I have loved your music for years. thank you for a GREAT SHOW.. Bought the cd and took the long way home ( to Buffalo)  ~ Kathleen Dempsey-wutz

Photo by Warren LinhartDespite all the technical difficulties and the broken guitar string, the show was wonderful as usual. As this was my sixth show over the past two years I'm always amazed at how humble and giving Roger is show after show. Music is the universal healer. Thanks again and hoping you come back to Rochester and upstate NY again soon!
~ Dan Derleth

Awesome show! I saw you on last year's tour in Lewiston NY at Artpark. You did not disappoint 
~ Doreen Seibert

Absolutely awesome show!!! The musician quality was superb, especially the saxaphone/harmonica player) and Rogers voice is still great... One of the best concerts I've ever been to.  ~ Callibel

As a Supertramp fan growing up I've been fortunate enough to see Roger Hodgson six times in the past two years! Roger wrote 90% of the hits for Supertramp and his voice has not lost anything over the years and at some points even sounds better. He has some wonder solo album material that is awesome!  ~ rushfan4ever

Photo by Warren LinhartAn outstanding concert in a perfect venue at the Showroom. Roger has an amazing way of talking to the audience with a subtle and very friendly approach and then absolutely tears it up with his music. He now sings only the songs he wrote, which was fine with me. His back up members were outstanding. I'd go back again and again to see him.  ~ LinzeeB




Roger has been on my list to see for a long time and he did not disappoint. Every song was a good as I have ever heard it on expensive stereos. My wife did not know him at all and she also loved the show....It's a must see !!!!!  ~ zbird34

Fantastic - one of the best I have ever seen !! Don't miss it !  ~ gruebane


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