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Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germany ~ July 7, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germany

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germany  

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, GermanyThank you for the musik!!! My daughters like it too - we had a wonderful evening. Your songs are always with us. Hope to see you again in Munich Yours ~Monika

Thank you for the wonderful time with you and your team at Tollwood Festival in Munich. It was a concert in a amazing atmosphere and a excited audience. I'm looking forward to Appenzell and will be glad to meet you, Linda, Aaron and the whole crew again. ~Heike Zimmer

Thank you for a beautiful concert yesterday in Munich! I saw you the third time live in Munich and it's always a pleasure to see you in concert also when you play "only" with your great partner on saxophone! To me it is very important to write you that I really enjoy the way you present your songs on stage as the person you are! Always very kind and emotional! I think it would be no problem to meet you on the street and go for a conversation! That's the way I feel when I see you performing and that feels very good! Thank you again and best regards from Germany! ~Edwin Kimmler

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, GermanyThe concert yesterday in Tollwood was my first one. It has been magic, I liked very much the music, the atmosphere and it has been fantastic when you said it was time to stay up. Great! Thank you and ciao! ~Alda

I'm still on cloud Nr. 9! I've spent the best weekend since a long time! I did as you told us, I kept all the problems far away and enjoyed your two fantastic shows in Stuttgart and Munich so much, each one in a special way! You and the great band with the orchestra in Stuttgart really sounded excellent! Thank you so much for your "Solo-Even in the quietest moments" - love it! The show in Munich, we celebrated (as you allowed!) at Tollwood yesterday was absolutely great and so much fun! It was so joyful meeting nice friends and share this wonderful time. Lovely Linda was a treasure (as usual) - inviting us to join the soundcheck and -what a honour and pleasure- "opening the door" after the show. Means a lot to me and will never forget! Thank you so much! Sending much love and a huuuuge hug to you and the whole crew! Take always good care - hope to see you very soon!!! ~Gabi from Munich

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, GermanyI finally made it to see you in concert again (last year didn't work) and it was absolutely fabulous ! Great performance, great band, great setlist... what an awesome evening in Munich !! Especially enjoyed to hear "Death and a Zoo" (thx for your explanation of the lyrics) and "C'est Le Bon" which are somehow underrated classics, you raised my hackles again with "Only Because of You", "Child of Vision" and "Fool's Overture" ! My Bavarian friends Julian and Bina, who had invited me to the Tollwood-show because I had told them to go there (!), were feeling the same... you're bringing so much joy to the people, in fact, you're bringing people together, celebrating life in an emotional and thoughtful way... and that's really something ! Thx so much ! ~ Roopie

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germany“When you're up on stage, it's so unbelievable, unforgettable . . . “! That's how it is! Thank you for your great concert in Munich at Tollwood! Come back soon :) ~Guest

I visited you at the Tollwood Festival and I'm still overwhelmed.Your music and your voice is amazing BUT your personality is so particular, so precious.God bless you. ~Martina

“When you're on stage it's so unbelievable, unforgettable . . .“! That's how it is! Thank you again and again for your great concert in Munich, Tollwood! I always feel so happy when i hear your songs and see you on stage. Come back soon! We love you ~Michaela Wintersteller

thank You for the incredible concert in Munich, it was fantastic and very special and full of love <3 I hope the next time, we can do a photo together, thats a very big wish for me. I saw you the first time on an age of 12 in Munich on your "say goodbye tour" with Supertramp. It was summer, the sun shines and later the finish were with a big fireworks. That was my best concert in my life and 30 years later went again to your concert. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and keep on singing! Hope to see You again in Munich and maybe hug each other. Lots of LOVE, ~Markus

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, GermanyThank you very much, Roger, David, Aaron, Brian, Kevin, Howard, Wim and Linda! It was the best show, we are so happy! God bless you and I we are looking forward to seeing you all in Bochum!  ~ Andrea Schwartz

it was so great and wonderful, I can feel it again and again, thank you so much  ~ Beate Benner

Thank you very much for this wonderful performance at Tollwood in Munich. It was absolute great.
I hope to see you again there next year. Best greetings and, please, don`t stop singing. ~Kirsten and Michael

What a great concert it was. Thank you for the "Ohrwürmer." See you in Jena. ~ John Thayne Savee

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germanyit was sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing and full of LOVE kind regards from Danny Michael Zimmer and me. (we both waving ouside the security area for roger, when he arrived for his soundcheck and he waved back what a blast!!  ~ Markus Luckystar Heinzlmeir

You are the best. Fantastic concert in Munich. Thanks,Thanks, Thanks. ~ Antonio Inverso

Thank you for this magic evening!  ~ Helmut Pende

Thank you for the wonderful concert in Munich. It was great!  ~ Carolin Renner

thanks for the great evening in munich and for a little journey back to my childhood .thanks a lot hope to see you back soon   ~ Alex Mastracchio

What a great delight! What a great band! Thank you so much Roger for the beautiful Tollwood concert! ~ Christian Renner

sooooooo wonderfull ....thank you   ~ Anne Vaith

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, GermanyThis was a amazing concert in munich. Thank you for your songs all the years ever. Please note, when you will be back.  ~  Alfred Hadler Fotografie

Thanks for sharing your gift and time with us. My mother came all the way from Scotland for this and you made her happy ! Great band too ! Thanks a lot ! Be blessed !  ~ Joe Hamilton

Munich was so so so awesome   ~ Detlef Knüttel Fotografie

I was there! So great! Thank you, Roger!   ~ Drumdevil On Tour

Roger Hodgson - Tollwood Sommerfestival ~ Munich, Germanyspent three years in Germany, blessed to see some great concerts, the best  ~ John Charles Kohlhepp III

thank you Roger and Band for a fantastic, touching concert at the Tollwood Festival! One can see (and feel!) that you and the guys in the band enjoy making music!  ~ Rudolf Streubel

Munich was the best concert for me this year - it was this lightness and joy through the music enjoy very ..... you're so good .. I again met many nice people through your wonderful music that connects us. Many many thanks - see you in jena. thanks to all - love greetings bianka  ~ Bianka Barcz

Thank you for this fantastic eventim at Tollwood! I'm still happy Hope to see you soon! 
~ Michaela Wintersteller

It was a wonderful concert last night! Great! Thank you so much!!   ~ Uta Stenzl

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