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The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NY ~ October 22, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NY

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NY

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYWe have been listening to your music together since we were freshman in college back in 1977....so what a thrill it was to see you in person tonight in New Bedford, Ma. Your songs touched our hearts and our souls. It's now two hours after the concert finished and all 4 of us still have smiles on our faces. Thank you for a wonderful night we'll treasure. And thank you for bringing our friend "Vessie" on stage with you...even if she was only in poster format. You absolutely made our day. With appreciation and gratitude, 4 gals who have been your fans for 4 decades! ~ Trina, Mary, Faye & Sue

Went to your show at the Z in New Bedford last night. Great show, great to hear you live. Wife and I had a great time, we've been fans of yours since 1975. Hope you come back to the Z. Again cannot thank you enough for all the music thru the years, and yes I had a tear in my eye on a couple because I could not believe I was hearing them live. Bless you. ~ Jeff Oliver

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYJust wanted to thank you and your band for a fantastic show in New Bedford last night. Hope you come back soon....you've definitely made a new fan! ~ Gary Loggins

Thank you for a wonderful show at the Z last night. Your music was part of the soundtrack of my youth, and your lyrics made me see things in a better way.
~ Joe

Went to your show last night in New Bedford, once again amazing saw you last year at Twin Rivers in Rhode Island. My brother Andy Alexander will be at your in Collingswood NJ next Sunday he has had a tough time and if possible could you give him a shout out. He loves the song School-thanks again
~ Jeffrey Alexander

I cannot express how excited I am to see your show Thursday in Verona. I've been waiting a long time to see your live show again. Your music means so much to me. I can't even put it in words. I'm sure the tears of joy will cover it! I'll see you there..."There is nothing that we know. Just watch the magic flow" ~ Bev Miller

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYNothing but truckloads full of gratitude to you ALL for your amazing performance last night in New Bedford at the Zeiterion Theatre. Like many there I've been a fan of yours Roger since Indelibly Stamped. (I wrote a term paper for my Senior English Lit class about the song Hide In Your Shell, received and A+, and turned my whole class into Supertramp fans.) I had the great pleasure of seeing you with Supertramp back in '77 in Boston and knew I was witnessing something incredibly special. Roger, last night, you and your band sounded better than ever. I felt 17 years old again many times throughout the night...all with a smile on my face the entire evening. The energy in that hall was magnificent ..created by you and your band members. Thanks again for creating a most memorable musical experience and journey down memory lane. I hope I get the privilege again to see and hear your gift of music, love, optimism, and hope once again should our paths ever cross again. With much gratitude, your friend ~ Tom Howard


My Wife and I so enjoyed you and your band! at the show last night at the Zeiterion Theatre. Was like being transported back to our youth but with a new twist. Very impressive to say the least, the way you all weaved those wonderful sounds with great songs using traditional and contemporary instruments with modern technologies. Kudos! Roger you were a great musician, performer and host. Hope to get another chance to see you and the band again. Best to all..and Thank you to you all. ~ Kevin Packard

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYI saw you and your band last night in New Bedford, you and the band were AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I wish you nothing but health and continued success. BTW, In Jeopardy rocked, it is one of my all-time favorite songs, thanks for playing it!!!  ~ Chuck Struzzieri

Saw the show in New Bedford last night with my wife and 18 year old son. I couldn't believe you were playing there and got tickets immediately. We loved the show. I saw the Famous Last Words tour and was hoping to get to see you again. Outstanding show!We would love to be able to get a DVD of this tour in the future and hope you will return to our area again. Thanks for the memories. Best Regards. PS: Death and a Zoo - Amazing!  ~ Walt

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYSunday night was a magical night - a complete surprise from start to finish - one of those nights that will stay with me forever. Patrick, my fb of 11yrs, and I started our evening with dinner at a small tapas bar in New Bedford. Yum. After dinner we went to the Zeiterion Performing Arts Theater in New Bedford built in 1922 and a cultural icon of its time to see Roger Hodgson - Breakfast in America Tour. This was a complete surprise for me and for no reason other than an expression of love. If that wasn't surprise enough, we were escorted to the very front of the stage and sat in the front row! OMG, I was in HEAVEN! I have always been a big fan of Supertramp and Roger Hodgson and this was a real treat. And it gets better! I love horns and Aaron MacDonald (saxophones, keyboards, harmonica, melodica, backing vocals) was 10 feet in front of me. The whole experience felt like they were playing just for us. This was truly a wonderful evening and I am SO happy and grateful for this exception surprise!!! Thank you, Roger and bandmates, for making this night a night to remember! ~ Dawn Williams

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYGreat show at the Z last night!!  ~ Gary Loggins

Thanks for an amazing night of music, Roger!! 
~ Todd Batson

Your concert was everything I hoped it would be !!! Lady, Rosie, fools overture and death and a zoo were a pleasant surprise, thank you!!  ~  Mark Boucher

Excellent performance Roger! Loved every minute! Priceless memories! Thank you! Please come back to the Z ASAP!  ~  Kevin Costa

Thanks for an amazing night of music, Roger & Band!  ~  Todd Batson

Great show tonight!!!  ~ Craig Maiman

Thank You + your superb band, Roger, for a really magical, heartfelt, + entertaining 2 hours @ the Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford, MA, on Oct 20, 2013. Your music, musicianship, + humour was wonderful + much needed at this time of human global peril! Come back soon. Take Care :>)  
~  Nick Heath

Roger Hodgson ~ The Egg Performing Arts Center ~ Albany, NYI just saw Roger & his band in Mass, on Sunday .. I had 2nd row seats & word's could never describe the magical feeling it was to be so close to him .. He is a gifted man with amazing talent ! .. I was soooo sad when it was time to go .. hopefully I will be blessed again to see & maybe meet him & his band .. Im so crazy about him, & I listen to his song's EVERYDAY !!!!! xoxoxo   ~ Kristen Johnson



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