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Thebarton Theatre ~ Adelaide, Australia ~ April 5, 2013



Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, Australia Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, Australia

Less than two hours ago I was fortunate enough to see your concert in Adelaide with my beautiful wife, it was a Christmas present from her. Your concert was the best way to top off a very trying week, My wife had a health scare and thankfully was cleared of breast cancer, Your music has given us both pleasure over our 30 years of marriage, After listening to your stories of how, when and why your song were created and seeing them performed for the first time was a lifetime highlight, thank you Sir for your music, Words cannot express the pleasure we got from you and your band this evening - Respectfully Your  ~ Ray Woods


I have seen a lot of concerts over the years and, of late, many with my 17 year old son who shares with me a love of music. Last night I saw your second concert and, I think, one of the best concerts that I have ever been to. But, such mixed emotions! I watched your show filled with absolute joy but also a little sadness. You spoke of regret during the concert and, sadly, I have some because unfortunately I didn't share the experience with my son. So, there is a reason for me writing other than to say thank you. Purely selfish, I might add. I know it is a bit early to make this sort of request but could you please come back sooner rather than later so that I can make amends to this. 2014 would be good. 2015, tops. By the way, the mix was unsurpassed: The best that I have ever heard. Again, thank you.  Kindest Regards ~Robert


Thanks You Roger for an amazing Adelaide concert.. You really had us dancing in the Aisles . Have now had the privilege of seeing you twice here first way back in 76,and by the reaction last night we were all eating out of your hand.. That was the best reaction I have seen by an Adelaide crowd in a long long time.. Please come again because it was an absolute pleasure. ~Allan Ward


Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, AustraliaI was at your show in Brisbane at the Tivoli last week and was here in Adelaide again last night. I have been a great admirer of your music ever since 'Crime' was released when I was 14 years. To finally see you in person after all this time was such a thrill. My twin brother died a month ago and when you played 'Two of us", I just broke down. In Brisbane which was a standing show my emotions took over and I danced and sang the whole night just like we did way back when. Adelaide being a sit down show made me a little more restrained, ...just a little...ha ha ha. Anyway mate, thank you so very much for the 2 best shows I have been to in my life. Great band as well, they rocked. Hang on to each other. Hope to see you down under again real soon.  Hugs to you all.  ~ Tom (and Jeff)


Saw you perform last night in Adelaide and Wow!!!!!.  As a huge Supertramp fan you bought the memories flooding back of my courtship days of my wife in the mid 70s. We both loved the concert last night and she wasn't even a fan. I thank you and your band of masterful minstrels for one of THE BEST concerts of my life. I bought the DVD "Take the Long Way Home" to remember this concert by, but if I ever get the chance to see you live in concert again I'll be there with bells on.  To any Roger Hodgson or Supertramp fan, you can expect to see or miss one of the BEST EVER concerts when Roger comes your way.  Thanks again Roger for the memories. This concert I would rate 11 out of 10  ~Leon Shipard

G'Day Roger, just wanted to say how much we loved your concert last night. We were singing all the way home in the car and played more when we got home. It's the best concert we have experienced in many years. Also like to add how much we appreciate you coming to Adelaide, normally to see artists of your calibre we have to go the Melbourne or Sydney so we appreciate you coming here. Your band was fantastic, each and every one of them. What stunning musicians and performers. Much love from Down Under. ~ Rob and Marian


My husband & I were at your Adelaide show last night. It was Fantastic! As I am writing this I am listening to your live cd and reliving the show. I really hope you are able to come back to Adelaide again soon. Good luck with the rest of your tour.   ~Jackie & Steve    


G'day Roger, thanks for an incredible concert. It is just great to see a songwriter who actually enjoys performing their older songs as well as new ones. The warmth and energy you give out was returned to you many times over from the audience. The band were brilliant as well and the bloke playing sax, percussion and his head was a real cutie.......( well he is ). Thank you for the pleasure your music has brought to many many people over the years. Long may you reign. Roger, Roger , Roger...oi, oi, oi.  ~Rufus


Me and a mate went to your concert in Adelaide last night and I am still raving about it. I had to pinch myself to believe I was in the same room as such a legendary performer with classic hits one after the other. I have never seen an Adelaide crowd at a concert get so into a performance. This would have to be the best performance I have ever seen. Come back to Adelaide again sometime. Thanks for such a great night!  ~Craig Farley

Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, AustraliaWe would like to thank you & your fabulous band from the bottom of our hearts for your Adelaide gig. You brought a joy back into our lives that has been missing for many months (family issues).  You are a warm ,gentle person who clearly enjoys sharing your life's passions with the audience through your music. We re-discovered many of your songs (whistle here), heard your words in a new light & loved the new songs which we had not heard before (especially the one about giving yourself forgiveness).  Are you planning to ever release a compilation of your post Supertramp songs? The reaction of the crowd to the last 3 songs is something I have never before seen (or heard) in Adelaide. And you clearly enjoyed it too.  We had waited since 1976 to see you perform & hope that you return soon. Simply the best! To all those wondering whether to see the band - "do yourselves a favour". Cheers  ~Greg & Di

Went to your concert last night at the Thebby with my wife who was not a huge fan but she left asking if i had recordings of a couple of songs she had not heard before.Was really impressed that you did not object to people taking photos, a lot of artists strictly forbid it .Hope to see you back in Adelaide soon....  ~Chris

Roger I took my wife to your concert at the Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide and we both loved the show. It was my wife's first concert she had been too, and can't wait for you to comeback. As for me I have I have an equal No. favourite singer, you are right up there with my all time fave Alice Cooper, I will definitely see your show again. Cheers  ~Tony


Thank you for a great show in Adelaide Roger. Thoroughly enjoyed it.   ~Scott


Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, AustraliaThanks for the great show last night in Adelaide. When you asked about the lady who was sending you all these emails I yelled out, guess I just got carried away. Then you sang the song 'Lady" Afterward people congratulated me for you sang it specially for me! It wasn't really but still made me feel really good. Then even better when we all came up to the stage and you sang ';Give a little bit" and also held my hands for a sec. Wow what a show, best ever for me. Great musicians too and your songs and voice, fantastic. Thanks again. Whenever you tour Oz again, please don't skip Adelaide. I'll be playing my crackly vinyl's tonight. All the best, you're a good man xox,  ~Yolande



Thank you for the best concert we have ever been too!!! It was truly worth the trip from New Zealand, and having you mention our names just really made our night!!! I hope you enjoyed performing just as much as we enjoyed your music. Loved your new song. Look forward to any new albums you produce!!You are an awesome singer and you make so many people joyful!!!! Enjoy the rest of your tour in australia!!! Cheers   ~Megan


Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, AustraliaMy brother, sister in law, 3 of my best friends and i saw Roger and his band on friday night at the Thebarton theatre in adelaide.  i was actually the first person to buy tickets in adelaide so we had the front row seats right in the middle.  fantastic seats for a fantastic show. i play the guitar, piano, drums and sing and Roger (and Supertramp) have been a musical influence ever since i was in my early teens (late 70's) so i guess i have been waiting over 30 years to see Roger live. what a beautiful show. the music was note perfect, the energy from Roger and the band was transferred throughout the whole theatre. Your music, your heart and soul is timeless and i felt a lot of love from you through your words and music. a very special experience and like everybody in the crowd we wished you could have played for another 2 hours it was all about the music.  cheers  ~ Bushy martin



Thanks very much for the Adelaide show , it was truly fantastic. Perfect in fact. We are still grinning from ear to ear ! Please come to Adelaide again.  ~Simon


Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, Australia
There are very few things in life that after 35 years of waiting for it, you aren’t disappointed when you get it. I have been waiting that long to see you in concert Roger and I was not disappointed last night in Adelaide. Actually, the concert even exceeded the very high expectations I had for it. My wife came with me last night and we both loved it!  Your performance was brilliant, hitting the high notes whilst simultaneously caressing your 12 string or thumping the bass keys of a grand piano.  I bought a copy of “Open the Door” when I was living in Europe and loved “Death and a Zoo”. “Fool’s Overture” was also fantastic. When you played “Sister Moonshine”, my thoughts rushed to a dear friend, who passed away in 2002. He would have loved everything about this concert.  In many ways, last night’s concert seemed to open a little portal between heaven and earth … well, for me anyway.  Thank you Roger for sharing your music in Australia’s wine capital, Adelaide. ~ Michael Neale


Hi Rog, that was truly a fantastic performance. it was a pleasure to be entertained, the quality of the music from just 5 guys on stage, and a couple backstage I suspect, was overwhelming. There's my justification for getting a bigger sub-whoofer at home. Awesome. London Ontario says' Hi too
~ Jane Wilkinson

An absolutely amazing concert! Truly a dream come true!  ~ Sean Timms

Hi Roger saw you last night in Adelaide I was in the 4th row you were the Best. Hope you come back! ~  Dave Besanko

2 people from Persia were sitting in first row and enjoyed more than everything, unbelievable concert, hope to see you again, can't stand for next time ~ Negar Kani

I can't thank you enough for your show last night in Adelaide I have never been moved by music so much. I thought the composition of the “zoo” was just brilliant. now I  have seen you live I can cross off number 4 on my bucket list ..... ~ Daniel Forrester

Loved last nights show in Adelaide  ~ Tony Wirth

Fantastic show in Adelaide, Australia last night. ~ Paul Warner

Thank you so much for coming to Adelaide! Your music has always meant a lot to me and to see it performed live was wonderful. ~ Sarah Larsen

Roger Hodgson - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, AustraliaHi Roger, thank you so much for your magnificent show in Adelaide on Friday. I loved your DVD but the band concert surpassed that by a factor of 10. We sang all night, even hitting your high notes at times. Your band's musicianship is beautiful and your voice ... well man you still have it! Moreover, like Paul Simon the week before, it's the songwriting, and you have a magnificent collection of beautifully crafted Works of art. We were all spellbound by the show and the sustained applause for many of the songs was just one way of saying... "We've waited 35 years but it was well worth the wait" . I hope our whistling and singing did your songs credit. ~ Andrew Clarkson

Roger, saw your show at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide. You and the band were awesome, stunning.......perfect. Please come back sometime soon...because we miss you already!!! ~ Petra Holder

it was an amazing show. thank you so much to roger and the band. we were front row and sitting right in the middle as i was the first person in adelaide to buy tickets  we wish he could have played for another 2 hours. best show i have seen for many years. we all love you roger ~ Ian Bushy Martin

What an amazing night, bought make so many great memories, I was mesmerized for over 2 hours, and I too could have sat there for another 2. Pls don't wait to long to come back we're not getting any younger  ~ Kerri Medley

oh yeah just a fantastic concert with no support act needed. wow best show i.ve seen, saw YOU ROGER in 2010 at palais theatre melbourne. sat in front row AT THE ADELAIDE CONCERT with a 2010 tour shirt on. love that t-shirt better than the 2013 one. come back to adelaide soon roger, it was my birthday that night.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT NIGHT. ~ James Errington

absolutely awesome show - agree with Kerri above - please come back soon - and Aaron - OMG - overflowing with sax appeal - we were in second row right in front of him and it was inspiring.
~ Carol Neller

Loved every minute of your show....totally brilliant..best seat in the house front row...you captured everyone's hearts, minds and souls....love to you ~Pamela Mitchell

I was at Supertramp's Crime of the Century concert in 1976 at Apollo Stadium in Adelaide. Was fantastic to hear you live after all those years. Was a brilliant concert, not only brilliant musicianship from all the band but the warmth of your character made it quite special. The volume of the concert was just right - thanks soundmen! Please return soon and God bless you all:) ~ Christine Bulman

I saw you very happily last night Roger from the 3rd row alot of your music was made before my time but I grew up loving supertramp's music. Your sensational! Hope you come back to Aust and Adelaide. Your awesome keep the best music in the world going. All the best ~ Dave Besanko

Fantastic show in Adelaide, Australia last night. ~ Paul Warner

Thank-You Roger from Adelaide.. For giving us such a memorable concert.. C'est Le Bon..~ Allan Ward

many, many thanks for the adelaide experience, roger and band. it will be etched in my memory forever! xoxoxox  ~ Gill Meakin

After the disappointment of the Supertramp cancelled tour 30 years ago...it was certainly worth the wait. Brought back so many teenage memories. Good job Roger! ~Ralph

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