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Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, Switzerland ~ January 28, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, Switzerland

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Roger, I was yesterday in Geneva and I assist to a real mystic concert!!! joyful I had tears in my eyes. I met you for the first time at your concert in Hallenstadion, Zurich the day of my 20 years in 1979, long time ago, and then in Estavayer, at the backstage to help you. Your music and your voice touch me always so much. With your musiciens it feels wonderful connection and agreement, you are shining !!! Continue to give messages of love and peace, to be who you are. A very big congratulations!!! and always sunshine in your heart! ~ Marie

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandA huge MERCI for this amazing show ! Come back soon !
~ Jean-Blaise Betrisey

Thank you so much Roger for this yesterday wonderful concert despite the "swiss grippe " as you said It was simply magical as usual. . Hope to see you soon again, back in Geneva or somewhere else to sing with you . . Take care of you . Nathalie. ~ Natou Calypso

You gave us a great time in Geneva wednesday night. The only thing I ask you is... to come back. Thanks for all.
~ Thierry d'Autheville

Thank You so much!!!! You are amazing!!!! Love You so much!!!!!! ~ Caroline Denis de Boisjolly

Thank you for the emotions that you gave me tonight in Geneve...the most beautiful two hours of my life...I'll remember this night forever!!! ~ Antonio Bitonti

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandThank you very much Roger ~ Christian Chédel

It was amazing! Had a great Time! Thank's Roger, band and staff!! ~ Nicolas Fauchère

Thank you for the beautiful interpretations, i like all music, and i m happy you are here with your band, impressive for music percussions and saxo is great (sorry for my english i m french ;) )
~ Pauline Girardeau

Thanks for this concert in Geneva thks for feeling ;) c u next time ~ Gerard West

Merci pour ce fantastique moment c'était grandiose que dire de plus (Thank you for this fantastic time it was grandiose that more to tell) ~ Jean-charles Hostettler

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandFantastique, génial, quel concert, merci......(Fantastic, awesome, what a concert, thank you......)
~ Laurence Micheli Dausmann

Thank you for this moment. Come back soon.
~ Christophe Chossat

Merci pour ce moment fantastique (Thank you for this fantastic moment) ~ Sandrine Martin

It was such a nice time. Roger you sang with your heart I got so emotionned! Even the "Swiss grippe"did not stop you. ;) Get well soon. Aaron, Bryan, Ian, and Kevin you were incredible. See you next time for sure. Hugs to all of you . P.S.Please let us know on your page the dates for the next time. ~ Alexandra Amos-Anagnostaras

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandThank you so much for this incredible evening ! Despite of the flu you were joking, speaking french so easely Roger you are the MAN ! ~ Thierry Lesquereux

So True. . I totally agree with Thierry. . You have done all your best, not only "gave a little bit" despite the "swiss grippe " .. you are an exceptional person Roger. Thank you and Take care . Nathalie.
~ Natou Calypso

Un magnifique concert !!!!! J'ai rajeuni de 30 ans .... avec une acoustique extraordinaire et un groupe très très à l'aise sur scène . Bravo à vous 5 .... A très bientôt à Genève !!!! (A magnificent concert!!!!! I have rejuvenated 30 years of age.... With an extraordinary acoustics and a group very very at ease on stage. Bravo to you 5.... A very soon in geneva!!!!) ~ Xavier Socie

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandMy friends loved the show in Geneva!
~ Patrick Pearse Nehin

Grazie Roger,un concerto fantastico a Ginevra. (Thanks roger, a fantastic concert in Geneva.) ~ Roberta Campeggi

Merci pour ce magnifique concert et cette fabuleuse ambiance vous êtes le meilleur (Thank you for this magnificent concert and this unbeatable atmosphere you are the best) ~ Jean-charles Hostettler

Great concert in Geneva. When is next? Thanks for the nice evening. ~ Erik Wagenaar

Roger Hodgson ~ Théâtre du Léman ~ Geneva, SwitzerlandPauline Seiterle ‏@seiterle
Ovation pour The dreamer @RogerHodgson ce soir au Théâtre du Leman à Genève. Reflets demain sur @Option_Musique
(Ovation for The dreamer @RogerHodgson tonight at the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva. Reflections tomorrow on @Option_Musique)

Sacha ‏@sachino1976 @RogerHodgson Merci pour le super concert et toutes émotions que tu m'a fais vivre pendant ton concert du 28.1.15 à Genève.

Photos 1 & 8 by Linda Tyler
Photo 2 by Pauline Seiterle
Photo 3 by Howard Heckers
Photos 4, 5 & 6 by Judy Merrims

Geneva collage by Sylvia Novell

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