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Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, Netherlands ~
September 2, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dear Roger and band, Thanks for your fantastic performance in Amsterdam which I will long remember. You brought me back into my beautiful memories of my childhood. Regularly I got goosebumps. Especially with "Even in the Quietest Moments" where I think back to my childhood home each year in the spring was surrounded by blossoms. Best wishes, ~ Theo

Dear Roger and band, thanks for the amazing performance tonight in Carre Amsterdam. I was the bloke that shouted 'Fools Overture', but boy was I glad I did. On my absolute bucket list to here the original live, together with Comfortabely Numb,Telegraph ross, Firth of Firth and auch. Made a dream come true. Will never forget! ~ Dimitri

Thanks a lot for coming back to the Netherlands. We had a great time, great music, with much of love and memories. Play your music as long as you can and enjoy your fans, there are many. Best, ~ Peter Verkennis

Dear Roger, Thank you for the wonderful concert last night in Amsterdam! You also played my favo songs: Lord is it mine, In jeopardy, Even in the quietest moments. I think you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soft soul. You live close with God, i see that in your beautiful smile , and i hear that in your songs. whistle I feel blessed smack that i had the opportunity to see you perform! The next time i ask my son to come with me, so that i can share your beautiful music! Love from my heart ~ Hannelien

Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, NetherlandsDear Roger, the show in Amsterdam on September 2 was wonderful, unforgettable and once more confirmed my love for your beautiful and heartfelt music.It happens sometimes that someone touches all the sensitive strings in my heart. You did. The stories in between the songs were like an old friend speaking to me intimately. I will be back in April 2016. And will be in tears again. Thank you: you make me happy. All the best A fan way back from 1972 ~ Joep Rietveld

Hi Roger, we have enjoined your concert very much in de Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. What a great songs did you wrote.. Wonderful. Is there a possibility that you will release a dvd of this tour? I think that you will do your fans a very big pleasure with it. I hope that you will surprise all your fans in the future with many new and great songs ~ Rob Lambrechts

Dear Roger, what can I add that has not been said before by all your fans! We all so enjoy your music, your concert in Amsterdam, my hometown, was phenomenal. Just wanted to say thank you for your music and bringing so much joy to so many people, and thank you for mentioning my name last year in Aurich! We'll see you next year in Rotterdam, got the tickets! With Best regards from Spain ~ Patty Best.

Dear Roger,thank you for playing so wonderful nice and such fine show in Amsterdam. and thank you so much for playing A Soapbox Opera.Yes the love for the music and the love for everything,in our and yours and everybodys live.I understand your live,your youth and the songs.Its timeless and through universe,its amazing and wonderful.We both Carla and I were trilled and still feel the love.Thank you again,and have a good time throuh the world tour.Best regards ~ Dick & Carla

Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, NetherlandsGreat show tonight in Amsterdam!
~ Julija van der Aa

It was GREAT!!!!
~ Anita Lindeman-van Harmelen

It was fantastic!! ~ Thea Boogaard Stam

Just finished Best concert ever !!!
~ Stephan Groothuis

Thank you for the wonderful show. And thank you for giving a little bit! ~ Kevin Kal

I was there and it was such a magical unforgettable perfomance!! ~ Arie Verweij

Best concert ever, thanks for the memories, emotions, fun and a evening i never forget.
~ Bert Gerritsen

It's been awesome. I had to wait 30 years for this but it's been worth it. I took my kids along and they had a fantastic Roger Hodgson experience. Many thanks for the memories!
~ Maarten Troost

It was an amazing show ~ Arjaan Hage

Roger Hodgson ~ Koninklijk Theater Carré ~ Amsterdam, NetherlandsHet was super! (It was super!) ~ Erik Bosch

Thanks Roger!!!!! Wonderfull!!!!!!
~ Wim Wijnhoven

Thank you again for a wunderful and magical evening! Still hear the music in my ears! We will have beautiful memories of an awesome concert! ~ Selma Brouwers

Very very good, thank you for a wonderful evening Roger and you're super band
~ Anja van den Top

Thank you for " fool's ouverture". It was a wonderful concert. ~ Thea Kieboom Hoftijzer

Great show, thank you. ~ Roelof Leeuw

It was a wonderfull concert. i had a perfect evening with roger and the band .what a performer and what a band thank you for this ~ Eric de Vries

It was a great show........Thank you.......... ~ Johan van Bree

we hebben genoten (We have enjoyed) ~ Hans Boogaard

It was awesome! Music is such beautiful thing. Many many thanks Mister Hodgson and band. What a great night! ~ Edwin Meijster

It was perfect! !!! a great evening thank you Roger! And the band off course.
~ Daniëlle Koks-Oosterbroek

It was a magical show not only coz u played A Soapbox Opera, my personal favourite
~ Arie Verweij

We loved it so much tonight. ~ Irene van Eijndhoven

Roger and band it was so special. We all love you ~ Yvonne Bevoort

Thank you for playing Even in the quietest moments. That was truly magic ~ Arjen Hermanns

Great concert, special feelings and emotions... ~ Jan Crucq

Roger and band, thank you so much for a wonderful evening and a great concert!!!!!
~ Brigitte Norberhuis

Dear Roger and band , thanks so much for fantastic show tonight in Amsterdam Carre. It was realy realy great. ~ Jan Lubbersen

Great concert! Only because of you, child of vision, quietest moments great! ~ Nico ter Haar

Fabulous concert, Roger and the Band. See you next year in London. ~ Graeme Shinwell

It was great. See you in Rotterdam! ~ Mieke Tettelaar

Thank you Roger and band for this great evening, it was wonderful. See you saterday in Lingen! ! ~ Thea Boogaard Stam

Back home in Enschede after a very special evening at Carré Amsterdam. It was my first visit ever there, my sixt concert of Roger and band and by far the best one. And not only because they played all my favourites, but the band was awesome, Roger also entertaining the audience who were thrilled by the wonderful sound at this theatre. Wish you guys all the best and I'm looking forward to next year London, Royal Albert Hall (first time there ). ~ Stephan Groothuis

Thanks Roger for Only because of you ~ Caroline Brekelmans

A warm and emotional evening in Carre Amsterdam! Thanks Roger! ~ Ben Bakker

Even in the quietest moments was prachtig, net zoals de rest! Heb hem al vaak gezien, maar vanavond was toch wel heel erg goed!!
(Even in the quietest moments was beautiful, just like the rest! Got him often seen, but tonight was very good!!) ~ Peter Poell

My God, what a great performance tonight!!! Your voice, the band, the acoustics, it was GREAT!!! Thank you Roger and band for this unforgettable evening! Love you!!! <3 See you next year! :) ~ Renate Haans

Hi Roger,thank you for the show in carre te Amsterdam,and the songs was beautiful,one of my favorite is hide in you Shel,beautiful song,i see you in luxor theater in Rotterdam in 2016. ~ Andre Bakker

It was amazing, i have no words for it, only feelings! ~ Hannelien Kuperus

Thanks. We really enjoyed the show. We had a great time. I think it is 32 years ago we saw Supertramp at the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam. Yesterday was like going back in time. Hope to see you next year in Rotterdam. ~ Anita Lindeman-van Harmelen

It was a fantastic show. See you soon ... :) ~ Caisera Loup Dedek

Loved it! Thank you for giving a little bit Roger! ~ Kevin Kal

Thanks Rodger for the great show!!! ~ Heidi Koehler

Thank you for your inspiring show yesterday. It was beautiful, magical. Supertramp en their (your) songs was the first band I became fan of when I was young. Hearing you sing those songs live and so beautiful after all those years was truly great. I'll always stay a dreamer, even in the quietest moments. (Which was absolutely done beautifull last night.) Thank you! ~ Arjen Hermanns

Thanks for a great show..... Best concert I have seen in many many years. Great seats (3rd row) and love Carre. And what a great saxplayer Aaron! ~ Astrid Andringa

Thanks. I enjoyed the show. See you next year. ~ André Den Hartigh

In two words the show was "bloody marvelous" ! ~ Maarten Troost

Great show, good sound, we really enjoyed it. ~ Ria Van de Haar-Bruggenwirth

5 decades of the best songs ever written recorded and performed yesterday still as strong as if it was still the 70's it was such a magical show! ~ Arie Verweij

Thank you for a magical evening, I loved every minute! We will have beautiful memories of an awesome concert! Thank you Roger and you're great band. ~ Anja van den Top

What a great performance of a great singer/songwriter together with his band more than 2 hours of goosebumps thank you for a great evening. the ride home on my motorbike with your music in my head and on my phone was too short....... again thank you ~ Eric de Vries

Thank you Roger ( and your band) for a wonderful evening yesterday in Carré, I enjoyed it very much <3 ... ~ Veronica Mertens

What a great performance Roger!!!!!!. It was a wonderfull evening!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!! XXXX
~ Diny Van Dijk-Van Der Ploeg

Thank you Roger for once again a magical evening! And even more for making my parents cry by singing Lovers In The Wind for them thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Esther Pordon

Thank you for giving me a musical night I will never forget! Awesome performance and an awesome band! :) ~ Titia Holtz

It was a really great show. It was a totally completion ~ Arjaan Hage

Dear Roger, you blew me away again, last night in Amsterdam. I was and am overwelmed with emotions, each time i listen to your music or see you. Not only do you make heavenly music with inspiring lyrics, but also you have a glow of an angel. Thank you so much for being in my life! I've openend the door for you and the god within us all! Bless you! ~ Welmoed van der Woude-lijzenga

Great show!!! greetings from the Rotterdam Nighttown 1998 drummer ~ Ramon van Ballegooij

The Best Show that i've Eber seen ~ Daniela Limburg

Wat een performance! (What a performance!) ~ Ton Ouwerkerk

What a kind lovely man you are! You stole my heart (again) that evening. My 13 year old daughter loved the concert too!
~ Hanne Schutte

Rogier It was epic! I was fortunate enough to get front row tickets and it was amazing!
~ Jelle Axel

Roger and band, We really enjoyed your fantastic concert in Amsterdam Carré!! Your voice... It didn't change through the years, great!!! A lot of good memories came up yesterday evening! Greetings, ~ Johan van Dommelen

Roger, it was amazing !!!! And the sound was great in Carre. ~ Paul Rondeel

Speechless...magical show...thank you! ~ Richtje Wijnen-Meeuwsen

There with my family ,what a fantastic night in Amsterdam ,all the way from Scotland
~ Jim Kerr

Great performance , by the hole band! Enjoyed every minute! ~ Roy Renssen

The concert was absolutely wonderful! Remembering the first time I saw you on stage in the Olympic Stadion, June 8 1983. That was the day my relationship with my (now) husband started, during that concert ~ Elise Kant

Jos van Eijndhoven @josveijndhoven: @RogerHodgson amazing concert Roger

Steven Nolte @StevenNolte1: Epic performance of @RogerHodgson at #Carré Amsterdam. What a voice! Have been looking fwrd to this for 30 yrs. Tnx! pic.twitter.com/3hUReJT2zU

Cor Esser @PE1HIS: The show was perfect. I saw you last in 1983 in the Olympic Stadiium in Amsterdam https://twitter.com/RogerHodgson/status/639191432000073728

Leo Blokhuis @LeoBlokhuis: Good old days met Roger Hodgson, vanavond in Carré. Heel goed bij stem en een erg strakke band. Een top avond. @RogerHodgson
(Good old days with Roger Hodgson, tonight in Carré. Very good voice and a very tight band. A top evening. @RogerHodgson)

Edwin Meijster @Edwin_Meijster: @RogerHodgson @theatercarre What a great night! It was awesome. Thank you so much. pic.twitter.com/VfsRr3p1wW

Hijschrijft @Hijschrijft: @RogerHodgson @theatercarre thank you so much for all the great and emotional songs you sung for us tonight. Touched our hearts

Leon Verdonschot @LeonVerdonschot @arjenmaat @RogerHodgson @LeoBlokhuis Magistraal. De man. Z'n stem. Z'n band. Het repertoire. De ontvangst. Het speelplezier. Alles.
( Masterly. The man. His voice. His band. The repertoire. The receipt. The playing fun. Everything. )

eric de vries @hodgson1962 @PE1HIS @RogerHodgson it was great i've enjoyd every minute ...goosebumps the whole performance

iO Pages ‏@io_pages: @RogerHodgson in @theatercarre was subliem! https://twitter.com/io_pages/status/639371749860212736/photo/1

Gert ‏@Gertemans: Welke zanger van bijna 70 haalt nog dezelfde hoge tonen als 35 jaar geleden? @RogerHodgson ! Warm bad in #Carre
(Which singer gives the same highs of almost 70 as 35 years ago? @RogerHodgson! Warm bath in #Carre) https://twitter.com/Gertemans/status/639430987806605312/photo/1

Photos # 1-3 by Annemiek Rooymans
Photo # 4-7 by Bert Treep

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