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Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, Germany ~ September 1, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, Germany
Dear Roger and Band, this was an evening long to remember. Easy does it! Thank you! btw the song we sang to you in Cologne after we felt flattered by Aaron was the inofficial Hymn of the City, "Viva Colonia". Wishes ~ Jochen Groddeck

In 1976 my mother said to my 4 year older sister, that she has to take me, her 9 year old brother, with her when she visits her friends. She wasn’t amused but had no other choice. These days, her friends only listened to three LPs: Crime of the Century, Wish you were here from Pink Floyd and one Album from Electric Light Orchestra. Crime of the Century and Wish you were here are still my favourite albums, this is my childhood. Yesterday I saw you in Germany in Cologne at the Tanzbrunnen. I was happy to hear your beautiful voice, see that you are still alive, sometimes smiling and playing really good music. For me, YOU are Supertramp. I was also happy to hear my favorite „Had a dream“. I wish all the best to you and your family, especially health. I hope to see you again soon, it was a great evening. And to your bandmates: I love Canada and I still miss a great blind guitar player named Jeff Healey who died a few years ago. Best,
~ Andre Stein

Dear Roger Thank you sooo much for the emotional and lovely night in Cologne! And thank you too for mentioning Laura before "Dreamer" - it was a special sentimental moment! Best wishes for you and your family ~ Claudia

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, GermanyEs War mein erstes Konzert bei dir und ich muss sagen : einfach der absolute Wahnsinn!!
(It was my first concert with you and I have to say: just the absolute madness!!) ~ Daniela Limburg

Thank you for the great evening!!! It was fantastic!!!Come back to Cologne soon!!!~ Heike Schmidt

Great performance tonite. Thanks a lot for this amazing evening in Cologne. ~ Heiko Heck

Thank you for the wonderful evening! I hope, you enjoyd our song "Viva Colonia" for you and your band! ;) ~ Natascha Franzek

It was wonderfull ~ Manuela Kühner

Yes! It was very wonderful!  ~ Claudia Eisel

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, GermanyThank you so much for this wonderful evening. We enjoyed every minute of your show! Love to see you back again in Cologne. ~ Michaela Utsch

Und ich wollte so gerne dabei sein-bin im Ausland. Beim nächsten Mal wieder.
(And I was so happy to be there-I'm abroad. The next time. From Germany) ~ Elisabeth Vogel

Great Concert !!!! Its rainIng again....
~ Susanne Seidel

A great concert today in cologne!!!
~ Elisabeth Pawlak Ohrem


Ich war mit Melanie da. (I was with Melanie There.) ~ Christoph Kurt

As said at another place: thanks a lot for this brilliant evening at the Tanzbrunnen Cologne. I'll come back, that's for sure! ~ Heiko Heck

Outstanding: the overwhelming "Death And A Zoo" ~ Heiko Heck

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, GermanyWhat a great show! We were standing in the first row :) Thank you! ~ Hildegard Franke

This evening was really special and the last spontaneous encore with "Breakfast.." truly magical ~ Didier Duffau

We were there to. Fantastic!
~ Lieve Vanderlinden

I love your music since my teenage days.... thanks a million for this fabulous concert and the amazing journey tonight... It touched me deeply. ~ Angelika Hilleke

Amazing Show in Cologne, a real pleasure to be here tonight with an enthusiastic audience and connected with Roger. ~ Cándido Pérez Márquez

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, Germany
A great Concert last evening. Only one little Problem like Heinsberg. Its Raining again.
~ Rainer Trimborn

Fantastic Show in Cologne. Thx, and please come back. I hope to see and hear you again in Germany. ~ Christian Wissing

Thank you for one of the best gigs ever.
~ Klaus Blues

A great Concert last evening. Hope I see you next time in Düsseldorf. ~ Udo Garding

A great show. A great Aaron MacDonald :) ~ MarTina Rath

I was there yesterday! (My 3rd concert in 2015 after Bremen and olympia/Paris) great and incredible german audience ("I trust the german people" Roger said) , great artist, top set list , good lights, good sound with a great band and a with special long applause for Aaron (a part of the audience sang "viva Colonia "for the band and that was a very emotionnal moment for everybody). Roger was in such a good shape that he could stop the rain!! one of the best concert I ever were. nobody wanted to go home neither the audience nor the band. so they came back a second time. a great moment. Vive Roger, Vive Cologne, vive l'Allemagne!! ~ Marie-laurence Davoine

Thank you sooo much for the awesome gig last night in Cologne! It has given me a lot of positive energy and I still cannot wipe the smile off my face. It was b-b-b-b bloody marvellous! :) Thanks for your beautiful music over all the years. <3 Hope to see you soon again. ~ Sandra Fietz

WOW....was ein geiles Konzert ......Grandios....Danke :)
(Wow.... What a great concert...... Grandiose.... Thank you :) ~ Heiko Nitsche

Roger Hodgson ~ Tanzbrunnen ~ Cologne, GermanyGreat evening! ~ Gabriele Meusel

Big thanx for that beautiful and magical concert <3 ~ Stef Anie

Thank you, Roger, for this wonderful evening. It was my birthday and I've never celebrated it with two of the best singers in the world !!! Greets and best wishes, 
~ Holger Fröhlich

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Photo # 1 by Cándido Pérez Márquez
Photo # 2-6 by Sylvia Novell
Photos # 7 & 8 by Howard Heckers


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