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State Theatre ~ Sydney, Australia ~ April 3 & 4, 2013



State Theatre - Sydney, Australia State Theatre - Sydney, Australia

Having seen you twice in 2010 I have just been to the first of your two shows in Sydney in 2013. I didn’t think the 2010 solo shows could be topped. This concert was different, but still magnificent, fantastic acoustics, and a fantastic set list But for me, “two of us” made my night, you didn’t play it last time in Sydney, but when that A chord rang out of that magnificent Guild 12 string during the encore this 50yo man shed a tear Thank you ~ Richard

Just a note to say THANK YOU for your Sydney Show at the State Theatre tonight Weds 3rd. You played close to 2.5 hrs of my life's music soundtrack. Brought many memories both good and bad thank you to you and your band for a memorable night, Please Release "The Awakening" I can't wait to have that in my collection. ~Rhette M-Dufty

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaMy God, or should I say Roger, you took me back to 1973-1982, all the times while going through my teens and more, tears were on my cheeks, your music filled my heart and memories, those special moments, every song is significant somewhere in my life.,. You were like a mate on stage and just purely made the night so memorable. Wish I could do it again and again, I never ever get sick of your music. Your band is incredible. They just respond so perfectly adding their own savoir-faire. I will be there next time here in Sydney. Thanks mate. ~Bruce

Thanks so much for a terrific show last night in Sydney at the State Theatre. As you said, the music connects in so many ways, and for me that was very much the case again last night. A great show, and all of the band were terrific. Great to see that you are enjoying it so much too. Best wishes for the rest of the tour. Maybe on Sunday I'll take a boat, down by the sea .... ~Stephen Horne

The last time I saw you was in Bighton UK in the 70's and last night at the State Theatre Sydney was just as amazing. I too grew up with your music and when you played "Hide in your Shell" I cried (big sook)! So many memories. Now listening to "Open the Door".....you're right...fine album. Thank you Roger so much. Your band was tight and wow Eric!!! What a talent and soooo cute! thanks again and one day please release "the Awakening". ~Richard

I saw you in 2010 at the Enmore Theartre and was transfixed basically. Now 3 years later almost to the day in fact amazed at your band ability to re create these special songs so good.i am into synthesizers and the Nord Electro Stage recreates all the piano sounds with especially the wurlitzer piano. These synths create this particular sound that supertramp were so renowned for perfectly. Congrats to the sound man as I briefly chatted with him and was impressed with his setup. I will probably do a course in electronic music soon one day. The music is uplifting as I am going through a tough time at the moment I need all the help I can get.Love to all and thank you also the the theartre staff. ~simon macdonald

That was amazing at the State Theatre last night will be buying another ticket for tonight - unbelievable - by the way can you please leave David in Sydney? ~Lynette Isaacs

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaThe state theatre in Sydney is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. What a venue for it was Roger's first BAND concerts in Australia in some 37 years. He was here w Aaron 3 years ago. The nearly sold out first show was a huge success. The second show, tonight, is garnering an equally magnetic and energetic crowd. Roger even played an unrecorded song, "the awakenings". In attendance tonight is another master, Jon Anderson of YES fame. One master paying tribute to another. Tomorrow's show is in Adelaide. Awesome! ~Peter Rimel

It was great catching up with you after the show last night at the State Theatre. Both Holly (7 yrs) and me (old) loved the show and appreciated you taking the time to chat with us. Holly is one of the new band of followers of your music. Keep up the great work and we both hope to catch up with you next time you are in town. All the best. Kind regards ~Stephen & Holly McIlveen

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaJust home from April 4 concert and just need to say THANKS. Loved your songs tonight, back in 2010 and since Regent Theatre in June 76. Probably one of the biggest influences of my life. Great enjoyment. Will see you again back in Oz soon. ~ Ross Wenban

Thank you so much for being a jewel in Gods crown. Never forget seeing you in Newcastle Australia 76, and I loved you and your band on 3/4/13 at the State theate in Sydney. Keep shinin man. You bring great joy and healing into peoples lives. ~ Philip Smith

Saw your concert last night (April 4) at the State Theatre in Sydney and it was simply sensational. Roger, you were mesmerizing and what a talent Aaron McDonald is. I am a 54-year-old who has seen JamesTaylor-Carol King, Coldplay and Barry Gibbs in the past 12 months, and Bowie, Queen, Elton John, Sting, U2 etc, over the decades. Your set was up there with the very best of them. Please come back soon but play the Sydney Opera House next with an orchestra. Now that would be something special. Many, many thanks for a wonderful night! ~ Peter Falconer

What a great night at the State (4/4/13) last night Roger! Wonderful music, beautifully presented with a touch of your personal recollections to add that extra meaning. You said it correctly in that we felt we were in your lounge room. Thank you and we hope to see you and your band here again soon!
~Kris and Marcia Ferguson

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaThe concert at the State theatre, Sydney last night April 4th was phenomenal, you can tell by your music and the way that you perform that you have a very deep soul. My favourite song from last night was "Death and a zoo" It was unbelievable. Your music brings so much joy and emotion to a lot of people, thank you very much for giving me the pleasure of spending sometime with a truly talented and wonderful person. Hope you come back again to Australia soon. ~Thanks Tony

Last night (4/4) at the State theatre was a truly exceptional experience. The music is timeless and played with such simplicity however with many layers of complexity; It was a real joy to sit in your 'lounge room' and listen to your passion and unique sound. The highlight for me was "Fool's overture"; i never believed i would hear that song live again, and it was masterfully presented by the entire band. Thank you for coming back to Australia and we hope you will return soon. ~John & Julie

Great show last night at the State Theatre in Sydney. My heart was smiling! Thanks, Roger. Please come again - next time we'll fix the weather! ~Mike

On both your 2010 and 2013 shows you played new songs that had never heard the light of day on permanent media (other that youtube maybe) The awakening, Oh Brother Is there a chance we may one day have them recorded for posterity. Surely in the day of downloads you could record them and sell them individually on itunes? Sure the quality may not be of your old vinyl standards, but we'd rather have a great song in mp3 than a CD of one direction! ~richard

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for a Fantastic Concert you put on last night (thursday) at the State Theatre in Sydney. I must say it took the pain out of turning 50 , Best birthday ever. I braved the rain outside the stage door ( something I would never normally do) hoping to get my new but now soggy CD cover signed, but had to leave as girlfriend had her arms folded tapping her foot itching to go. Never Mind , hopefully next year. Enjoy your stay in OZ, there's much to see. Make sure you Take the Long Way Home. ~Mark

Thanks for sharing your life in song and coming to Sydney. You have re awakened a love in me for your music. You are right! Lord is it Mine is something special. Lennon, Mccartney, Hodgson and Haywood. Immortals! ~ Martin

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaI had the privilege of seeing you at the State Theatre in Sydney last night. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of seeing you live and hearing music that evoked so many wonderful memories of my young adulthood growing up listening to your music. I am a huge music fan and would have to say your intimate presentation of some of your notable works was a truly wonderful experience. Many, many thanks and if you come to Australia again, I will definitely want to see you live again. Keep doing what you're doing until the joy in it dissipates. ~Mike Cassidy

I was at your Sydney concert on 4th April 2013. What a totally awesome night. You really give yourself to your audience totally. Thank you for bringing your music to us again and I thoroughly look forward to your return. Keep it up! ~Marika

Your concert at the Tivoli in Brisbane on 30/3/13 was fantastic and nothing short of brilliant. The venue and setting was great and quite intimate, the band was excellent and you were simply awesome. What a great show and I enjoyed every second of it. The day after the show, with your music still very much in my head, as if I was still at the concert, I decided that I should travel to Sydney to be at one of your concerts there. I did and was at your concert at the State Theatre in Sydney on 4/4/13. At that late stage, the best seats had gone, but I still got a ticket. Another incredible concert it was and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for singing "the awakening", a beautiful song and I hope it will be on your next album. Back in Brisbane now trying to come down to earth after two incredible concerts. Thank you for coming to Australia and hope to see you again soon. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. Best Wishes. ~ David T

Amazing concert Roger. Thank you very much for your eternal music ~ Gonzalo Aguirrebarrena

My daughter and I just saw you and your band in concert in Sydney. Absolutely loved everything about it, you are still awesome!!! Please come back soon  ~Debbie Buckley

Just home from seeing Roger and Band playing at the State Theatre here in Sydney, It was a wonderful show, Hide in your Shell and Fools Overture brought back memories, thanks for your tour down under & hope to see you again soon. ~ Peter Hoskins

Seen many artists over the past few weeks, the 3rd April concert, was just sheer bliss, revived so many memories, and reached my heart. Thanks Roger and band. ~ Mark Radar Watson

What a great show. The time passed way too quickly. I could have listened for hours more. ~Ray Burt

Awesome concert!! Thank you so much, so very enjoyable!!  ~ Dallas Stoodley

Fantastic concert - loved every minute! Thanks for an amazing evening! ~Marie Caldecott

Incredible concert, so many memories revived, such beautiful sound. Thank you, you music reaches my heart. ~ Mark Radar Watson

Loved it loved it loved it!!! The Awakening Beautiful Roger and his band are just fantastic musicians!!! ~Suzy Brewer

Thank you Roger and Band for a fantastic night last night. I took my son to the 2010 show (he was not a devoted fan but has changed from that now) and last night I took my wife and daughter. So our family are now all converts to your exquisite music and expert showmanship. I thought the addition of the other band members has changed the dynamic but loved it. Aaron is still fantastic. I first heard ‘Along Came Mary’ in 2010 and decided to buy ‘Open The Door’ – great album. Come back soon  ~Nigel Parker

great show Roger, next time u come pls play its raining again! That was the only letdown but I guess with so many great songs you cant always hear em all ay mate ~ Matthew Conlon

2010 was special ....2013 awesome.......love yr solos.....tears from the soul..... ~Sue Lightfoot

It's Raining Again - brilliant concert tonight from a rainy Sydney. Death and the Zoo and Fools Overture were brilliant. ~Cate Alder

I've get your message. I'm very happy to see your show.Thank you for all. ~Minako Kakiuchi

last night in sydney, 03april, is a hallmark for me, Supertramp were/are my life buddies in growing up through the 70's. the more i hear you the more i want. Every life moment had something from your lyrics in or around me, freaky but true. Brilliant ~Bruce Nesbitt

Great catching up again last night Roger. The show was brilliant!! Thank you to Linda as well. Enjoy Glenn's guitar. Cheers!!!  ~Michael Katselos

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, Australianever get enough of supertramp music anyway but last night here in sydney was GI-normous, i cried for the 1st half because the songs just hooked me straight back to the 70's and my time with family and friends, great times, some sad, but all the songs/lyrics just melded with life. thanx so much to all of you...
~ Bruce Nesbitt

My daughter and I just saw you and your band in concert in Sydney. Absolutely loved everything about it, you are still awesome!!! Please come back soon
~ Debbie Buckley

Just home from seeing Roger and Band playing at the State Theatre here in Sydney, It was a wonderful show, Hide in your Shell and Fools Overture brought back memories, thanks for your tour down under & hope to see you again soon. ~Peter Hoskins

Seen many artists over the past few weeks, the 3rd April concert, was just sheer bliss, revived so many memories, and reached my heart. Thanks Roger and band. ~Mark Radar Watson

Great Show last night .. two rows from the front at the State Theater ... what a 'super' night ! 
~ Greg Richardson

Great gig last night thank you! And loving that sexy and super talented sax man  ~ Deb Bennett

Saw the show at the State last night 4th April it was fantastic Rodger please come back to Australia soon it was a last minute ticket buy as did not even know you were touring here - your performance was like listning to a CD but with the benifits of it being a live show just amazing thank you so so much for a great show.  ~ Tyson Kozmo

What a great show last night. Loved it all. You and the band were more than brilliant. Will certainly come and see you when you come back to our shores.  ~ Lynette Howe

A truly magical night last night at the State Theatre in Sydney. Your band with you performed flawlessly. I didn't want the night to end. You have to come back! ~ Simone Wetherell

What a great night , the show was fab ~ Pauline Maggs

Sydney show was sensational as well .. In fact all Rogers shows are. ~ Mark Scott

Thanks Roger. Awesome concert in Brisbane and flew down for the Sydney concert on 4/4. Two performances that I will remember forever. See you again soon.  ~ David Tambyah

Such an enjoyable night being entertained with music and stories from a legend of music. Hodgson voice is timeless and his band so talented playing many instruments effortlessly. A great selection of music featuring hits such as Dreamer and Its Raining Again, and an array of songs from his long career. Cant wait to see him again!

From the 1st sound of the harmonica from "Take the long way home" to the last guitar being strung in "Give a little bit", the whole show was absolutely amazing. So many songs bringing back so many good memories.

Roger Hodgson - State Theatre - Sydney, AustraliaThe setup, the venue and the atmosphere made this a completely unforgettable experience. From the opening hit, to the closing 'give a little bit' encore , his professionalism shone out. With his wonderful band he changed from keyboard to 12 string guitar, to grand piano with every number. He covered the works of Supertramp well as well he covered of some of his new numbers. It was a wonderful two hour concert.

If I could have a 'Groundhog Day' this concert would have to be in it. AS good live as on a CD. Roger was the voice of Supertramp and still is.

Roger and his band were fabulous. He may have aged but the voice is the unmistakable voice that is Supertramp. The songs brought back memories of my romancing days and Breakfast in America is the song for me and my hubby.Time flew by so fast and I wished he had been on longer. A very talented muscian ably supported by another multi talent muso in Aaron. Roger had great support from his band and engaged with us all. I cannot wait to see him again.

Brilliant concert.Every song just so well done. A concert where you could hear a pin drop between the quieter sections because every single person was totally transfixed on the beautiful sounds they were hearing. I will always remember this one and when my friend asks how was it i'll say just the best truly just the best.

I was held in absolute awe yet again by this wonderfully musical talented man and his brilliant band, timeless classics , new arrivals and quality sound acoustics had me spellbound the whole show I just didn't want the show to end thank you Roger Hodgson for bringing your brilliance down under and hoping you come back again soon cheers

Loved every moment. Roger performed in the first half of the show for one & a half hours. Had a short interval then performed for an hour. His band was amazing too. He sang all the Supertramp classics as well as his own. Thank you Roger for a beautiful night. You are a gorgeous man and gave it all!!

The voice and kingpin of Supertramp, Great performance

Roger Hodgson and his band produced a stunning performance - essentially Supertramp at their best. Firstly the sound set-up was superb- each performer perfectly balanced and no clanging or distortion. A joy to listen to. Roger Hodgson was magnificent, a thoroughly professional performance showcasing his talents as a songwriter and singer as well as playing keyboards and 12-string guitar. His support band were brilliant with sax. flutes, bass guitar, drums and additional keyboards done to perfection.

the music and musicianship on display were first class the songs stand the test of time i especially liked the live aspect .A false start to couple of songs were refreshing from a musos point of view good to see even the best have those moments and get over them so lightheartedly Aaron played all those parts so well and the slipping in of a well known classic theme didn't go unnoticed the harmony vocals excellent by all every one there could whistle easy does it. A couple of high notes were strained for but that is being supercritical from me who can't get an octave below. A great concert especially if you have all the albums of his work because you hear some really great album tracks like fools overture soap box etc not only the hits. my wife really liked the track from one of his solo albums which we had not heard b4

I have always wanted to see Supertramp but unfortunately the band split in the early 80's. This was the next best thing. His band was as good as the original line up.Roger played for 2 hours and great to see an artist who genuinely enjoys every moment on stage. He had a great repoire with the audience. Not only did he talk to the audience but shared a few jokes. Roger was the ultimate professional. he gave tribute to all his band members and everyone who came to see him. I truly hope that he comes back to the State Theater in a couple of years time as it is the best venue for live concerts in Sydney

I saw Supertramp in Glasgow in 1980 and they were brilliant. Roger Hodgson and his band were every bit as brilliant on Wednesday.Great set of songs performed by a great band with Hodgsons voice as good as ever. Great show in a great setting.

Excellent night,good music and the State Theatre perfect,prefer the smaller venue,seating comfortable and view of stage ideal,more concerts here please.


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