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Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, Spain ~ August 6, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainHi, I'm Paula I'm 17 years old.

I've been listening to your music since I was really little and it has been one of the music that I share with my dad.

Yesterday we went to your concert in Marbella, and we had so much fun in there, we laught we sang and dance, and I also cried so much in the last song, it was really emotional for me and my dad, it has been my favourite song since I can remember, and I have really good memories with that song, so I wanted to say thank you for your concert and the amazing experience we had yesterday.

Best wishes for your summer, and hope to go to another concert soon. ~ Paula Lopez

I was delighted when I heard that you were going to appear at the 2015 Starlite Marbella festival as I had regretted since my youth never having seen Supertramp live.

Well, I was 3 rows from the front and right in the middle last night and was blown away by your performance. All your hits including my favourite two "Hide in your Shell" and "Fool's Overture". Wonderful evening bringing back so many happy memories of my University days and beyond. Thank you Roger! ~ Dave Middleton

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainThanks so much Mr Hodgson for the wonderful concert I had the privilege to watch and listen in Starlite, Marbella on August 6th. Thanks because you brought me back to past times when we were all younger and enjoyed your music so much. Yesterday, in Starlite, I had the opportunity to watch you while singing and I discovered the Person inside the singer. I watched at your tired eyes, your white hair and the movements of your hands while playing the piano or the guitar. It was the first time I really listened to the lyrics deeply and I discovered something new. To be honest I would have liked to have the opportunity to shake your hands and tell you THANK YOU for a gift I didn't expect. I live 25 km from Marbella and I hope you to come back here. Have a nice tour and go on enjoying life. ~ Andrés Lopez

thx for marbella rodger ot meant the world to me unforgettable thx ~ Paul Dobinson

Siempre fantástico!!!... 5° concierto que veo de Roger en España y siempre fantástico!
(Always fantastic!!!... 5 ° concert that I see of Roger in Spain and always fantastic!) ~ Juanjo de los Santos

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainFue impresionante!!!! (It was awesome!!!!) ~ Mercedes Ordóñez Aragon

Genial :) ( Great ) ~ Enrique Dominguez

Fue magnífico (It was great) ~ Taly Peña

Estuvo genial!!! Nos encanto...Muchisimas gracias!!!!
(It was great!!! We charm... Thank you so much!!!!) ~ Maria De Las Fuentes Galea

Como hemos disfrutado. Impresionante Roger, Aaron, y el resto de banda. Gracias.
(As we have enjoyed it. Impressive Roger, Aaron, and the rest of the band. Thank you.)
~ Javier Alvarez

Thanks Roger always !! You are Unique . We love with our soul and the depths of our hearts.
~ Cándido Pérez Márquez

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainIm Javier Rodriguez. It was so excited to listen my name in the show, after muy favorite Dont leave me know. Thanks a lot to Roger. My wife said yes ~ Javier Rodríguez

Many Thanks Roger Hodgson, and so many thanks Starlite Marbella.
~ Roger Hodgson Fan Club Español

Thank you Roger and co. for an amazing evening. Roger, I had tears of joy in my eyes at various moments throughout the night..it was the best gig I have ever been to in my life time..heartfelt thanks to you and everyone involved for creating a magical evening..Well done! X ~ Jennifer LW

Another Brilliant show from Roger and his team. ~ Dave Robinson

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainWow what an amazing night I laughed and cried, it really was a musical and mystical journey. I believe the whole crowd felt it. What an excellent set of artists and musicians. Without doubt one of the best live gigs I have ever seen in my life. Totally blown away with what I seen and heared. It was a massive treat and privalidge to be there. Let me know if you need a roady. I could never tire of hearing that sound. God bless you all and thank you for an incredible evening. Ive got your album on full blast around my villa now. Completely hooked again. Dont ever stop touring. Please come back to Starlight again. Your a genius. ~ Carl Wileman Last night, the time stopped. Years ago, you voice and you music entered to my ADN to stay forever. Today it's to me as breathing. Thanks a lot for give us so much happiness ~ Javier Rodríguez

Noche mágica, hubo de todo, magia,lluvia,recuerdos y sobretodo mucha y buena muy buena música (Magic night, there was everything, magic, rain, memories, and especially a lot of good and very good music) ~ Juan Francisco Jimenez Benitez

Disfruté muchísimo en Atarfe hace varios años y volví a disfrutar en Marbella del magnífico concierto... Grande señor Hodgson !!!
(I enjoyed a lot in atarfe several years ago and I went back to enjoy in Marbella of the magnificent concert... Big Mr Hodgson!!!) ~ Francisco Javier Moreno Mateo

Juan Lazo ‏@JuanLazo1 @StarliteFest @RogerHodgson: Prometió.hace 3 años q volvería. Promesa cumplida. ¡Grande de grandes! (Prometio.hace 3 years q again. Promise fulfilled. Great great!)

Roger Hodgson ~ Starlite Festival ~ Marbella, SpainStarlite Marbella ‏@StarliteFest: Thanks so much @RogerHodgson for that magical night at #Starlite2015

El Feliciologo ‏@angelrielo: Otra noche de lujo musical en @StarliteFest con @RogerHodgson que nivelazo esto es @supertramp en estado puro (Another night of luxury music at @StarliteFest with @RogerHodgson that this is @supertramp amazing pure)

@JuanLazo1: @StarliteFest @RogerHodgson Absolutely brilliant! Oh, what a time!!

Tim ‏@trjg : Thanks @RogerHodgson for a great gig of back to back classics #Supertramp #Starlite2015

tsan-ptsao ‏@VayaClavada : @RogerHodgson Fantastic show in The Starlite in Marbella. I spent an unforgettable night. Thank you

Francisco Acedo ‏@Acedotor: @RogerHodgson brillo en su #concierto en @StarliteFest #Marbella http://t.co/OkDjI2BVk7 … @sandrastarlite

Karine Maeck PR ‏@KarineMaeck: Fabulous concert @RogerHodgson @StarliteFest #Mabella

Photos # 1 & 2 by Shakti Shivaya
Photos # 3-5 by Starlite Festival
Photos #6-8 by Howard Heckers


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