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Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA ~ July 3, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA


Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAA magical night indeed! Despite traveling from Bulgaria the day before, Roger and the band gave a high energy performance playing some songs he hadn't played before at Snoqualmie. Thank you for a special and memorable evening! ~ Patrick Baker

What a great experience to have been there tonight. The concert was beautifully performed and mixed at the board as well. I've performed in or seen a number of shows in my life, probably over 500 at least. This one truly stands out as memorable among them.....  ~ Stephen Salamunovich

Utterly amazing show tonight, and for that we thank you. What a band! (As if Roger alone isn't enough). We'll see you next year. P.S. ...The bald eagle was very impressive, glad you got to experience the majestic actions of such a cool bird. ~ bojohn



Awesome show tonight. ....hope you had a great time and thanks for coming. ~ Chuck Shari

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAGreat time with my daughter tonight at the show, now that she's 21 I was able to bring her along as she has sung your songs most of her life. Thank you for returning with your fantastic band. Tonight was dream come true for the two of us. ~ Bob Freeborn

Amazing show tonight!!!!!!! We'll definitely be back next year!  ~ Yvonne Burkhart

Thank you again for our time together! Every time I see you I remember all we need is each other. As long as there's two of us..  ~ Jennifer Nugent Porter

Fantastic concert, as always!!   ~ Lynn Callen Dunn


Hello to everyone who was there. You may have heard my name during the show. I was the one who asked Roger to play "Along Came Mary." I sent an e-mail a while back to his management, figuring it never hurts to ask! I love the whole "Open the Door" album, but that song in particular just gave me shivers the first time I heard it. So beautiful. I'm very humbled and grateful that Roger would honor a fan request, and I hope everyone else enjoyed the song as much as I did. There aren't many musicians who would do that for their fans. Fantastic show once again, and I'll be back for a fourth year in a row if Roger returns! And if you guys haven't bought "Open the Door" yet, you owe it to yourselves to get a copy. It is an AMAZING album from beginning to end.  ~ Adrian Rush

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAFabulous night of music Roger! You have never disappointed! Looking forward to next time  ~ Donald Willis

Thank you for another magical night! Already looking forward to next year!  ~ Robert Pan

Awesome show! Roger, your music has been a part of my life for 35+ years! Can't wait to see you next year!  ~ David Weston

If I were an eagle, I would fly high above the rain.
~ Brian Charles Connaghan


Thank you and your band. To be able to see such an absolutely professional and talented group! Again, Thank you! ~ Brad Elliott

Fabulous show. Thank you.  ~ James Jp Dugan

What a wonderful show! My wife and I flew here from Denver today to see my favorite musician. We were sitting on the 1st row. It was a very moving performance. ~ Jerry Cross

Fantastic show! Absolutely wonderful :D We enjoyed every note!!!  ~ Silver Inkpen

Absolutely a fantastic show tonight. Thank you Roger and the band!   ~ Pam DeMarco

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAThanks for the great music over so many years, and thanks for the wonderful performance tonight. 
~ Jerry Good

Great concert as usual last night, and what a treat to hear Babaji! Thank you, Roger!  ~ Jeff Stevenson

Roger, you are truly Love's ambassador to the world. Thank you. ~ Mark Nelson

So refreshing to be among such brilliant, humble musicians who play truly for the love of music. Sharing and including the audience to create an atmosphere of a large group of friends of various ages and all walks of life getting together to celebrate the joy and sound of magic.... Oh what a wonderful journey each song takes us on ~  Amy Day

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAAwesome evening! thank you Roger & the band! Hope you will be back next year!

Loved it. Thanks for coming back for year 3. See you next year.   ~ Duane Mehal

Great show last night. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you back next year!! ~ David Cummins



Roger, Great show in Snoqualmie last night (evening of 7/3). I'm from Salt Lake City and saw you in Deer Valley, UT 2 years ago plus each of the past 2 years travelling to Seattle for your shows.

I always like how you adjust your set list for the venues. I really enjoyed hearing Along Came Mary last night plus hearing Babaji for the first time live, though I have to admit I did miss C'est Le Bon. When you come back to Snoqualmie next year, I'm going to put requests in for some of my favorites: The Meaning, Give Me Love Give Me Life, I'm not Afraid and Had a Dream.

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAYou sound fantastic. I still remember hearing Take the Long Way Home at a high school dance when Breakfast was big. Thanks for making the trip to Seattle after dealing with travelling from Bulgaria the previous day. ~ Chris Sherman, Salt Lake City, Utah


Another fabulous evening of music at Snoqualmie Casino. Roger I have been privileged to see you in concert now for the last 30 some years. You haven't lost a step. Every time I hear your music, I remember all the words, I remember ever memory. You are still the biggest sound track of my life. ~ Donald Willis

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAIncredible concert last night at Snoqualmie Casino. Your music touches our hearts. Thanks for making the long trek from Bulgaria! Hope to see you next year. Been enjoying your "Take The Long Way Home " DVD most of the day.
Cheers,  ~ Bill and Cathy Cantlon

Fabulous concert last night! ~ Lynn Callen Dunn

God Bless Roger and his band. Best show of the summer. Thank you so much. Come back and see us again.  ~ Robert Sloan

What a great show Roger...grew up on all your fabulous music but it was my first time to see your awesome band...definitely will be back next year! Keep on rocking dude!!!  ~ Patrick Dunlop


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