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Mountain View Plaza, Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA ~ August 12, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WA  

Your show at the Snoqualmie Casino last nite lit up the mountainside. Never was there a more joyful sound echoing thru the valley. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for writing the soundtrack to our lives....Thank you for coming to Seattle.  ~  Hugh Gerrard

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAThank you Roger Hodgson and company. It was an amazing night at Snoqualmie, WA. The Stars were out in the sky and under the canopy. It was so fun. It was a first for my husband & I sitting in the front row. It is where can hear and feel the music. Thank you for coming to Washington! Please come back soon. May God Bless you always.  ~  Debbie Gallagher

Fantastic last night in WA... Namaste, Blessings from the front row crowd! ~Anita

Thank you! Gracias Roger and your team for the great performance last night at Snoqualmie; glad I was able to be there for the 2nd time. No words can express my gratitude. Hope you return next year!!! Be safe you all. ~ Carmencita Moreno

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WASimply MAGICAL! I just loved the venue and then the music! I was amazed how much fun you and your band had and how in sync everyone was. Please come back again! Hopefully soon so I can share your musical magic with my wife  ~ John Hope

What a show! I have never sat in the first row of a concert (and I have been to many), but I got lucky for last night's concert in Snoqualmie, WA and was so privileged to sit there for one of my favorite entertainers!! You really know how to play to the crowd, making everyone feel special! Your music and songwriting is amazing, the vocals sounded heavenly, and your band was great as well! There was many a teary eye near us, FYI! I can't wait to see you come around again!  ~ Debbie McCallick

Last night’s concert at Snoqualmie Casino, near Seattle was a fantastic, unique and an unforgettable experience. I had to wait 33 years to confirm your quality as a musician and superb songwriter. Your personality shines and your message of love transcends and is appreciated by all of your fans together with your positive energy. Thank you for being a humble person and for your true kindness. Hope you come back soon. ~Javier Saenz

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAA day to remember !! What a privilege it was for us to attend your show last night. My brother and I had our own "concert" in the car on our 6 hour drive from Oregon to see you and your awesome band perform. We talked about the songs that you would play and how great your voice still sounds. Can't thank you enough for continuing to tour and perform. Please return to the Pacific Northwest again !! ~Mike Clark

Thank you all for coming here to Washington State and giving us such a wonderful evening! So many wonderful memories...so many good feelings! And Roger, I passed along the hug to Judy. All good blessings...and hope to see you again about this time next year!  ~ Wade Clark

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show at Snoqualmie on Monday night! This was the third time I have seen your show (Vancouver about 5 years ago and last year at Snoqualmie) and once again words cannot describe what a wonderful experience it is to watch and listen to you perform! I love your new song "Awakening!" I hope you are writing more new songs and would love to see a new album from you at some point. Thanks for playing "Death and a Zoo" by the way. That is such an amazing song, and obviously the crowd just loves that one. Finally, your band is absolutely amazing! They were great last year, but they have gotten even better and are amazingly tight. I was just blown away by how good they sounded and everyone around me who had seen your show last year felt the same way. Thank you again Roger, I hope you come back to the Seattle area again some day!  ~ Michael

I didn't know how else to contact you but wanted to thank you for the gift you gave me at Snoqualmie. It meant so much to me and is a memory I will always cherish. You are a kind person and I hope to see you, the band and staff again in Washington next year. But if he's anywhere on the West Coast, I will travel! Blessings to you Linda. Thank you for the wonderful job you do to keep Roger touring. It means more than you know to so many people. Sincerely, ~ Patrick

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAIt was so awesome to see you for the first time. After studying your work and listening to your professionalism and talent. This was one of my life time achievements, to see such an amazing Artist (Roger Hodgson). I thank you for everything you have done, and for future work to come. I hope you understand what this means to me and every Roger Hodgson FAN! You are Awesome Thank you and all the love you can take Roger Hodgson 
~  Brian Brewster

Thank you very much for the invitation to the soundcheck in Costa Mesa! Petra, the friendgirl of Andrea, and I vere very happy. Very good friends we have met there, with tears had to leave them again. But in our hearts we will be always together! Since our journey last year to Orillia we have found many really good friends, and you and your music brought us together! Thank you! I hope that we, Andrea and I, will see you personally in Bochum, our last show for 2013! After seeing you Monday at Snoqualamie Casino we were totally spoiled--saw Steeley Dan Tonight and couldn't help but compare the shows--yours was hand down the greater--still hearing the music from your show in my head--Bravo!
~  Jeff and Lisa Coleman

My wife Heather & I were fortunate enough to attend your performance @ Snoqualmie Casino here in washington the other night & WOW!! WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! Thank you SO much for coming here! PLEASE RETURN SOON! We would follow your whole tour if we had the time & money! I am one of those who loved Supertramp but didn't know much about the band members really, much less anything you - - but I knew your voice & loved your songs. . . I saw that a couple years ago "Supertramp" was touring! - I wanted to make sure that The original singer I loved was going to be there & YOU weren't. (I happily decided not to attendI)! So happy you are now touring & giving us all the songs & memories to see live - The way YOU want them to be played! I will be in attendance whenever you are anywhere close! Your songs truly are timeless - YOU are AMAZING! Thank you!!!
~   Jeff Mhoon

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAMy dad, brother and I were at the Snoqualmie show on the 12th! Thank you so much for an incredible show! It was meaningful to us in quite a few ways. My brother and I lost our mom two weeks before the show. She and our dad had been together for 35 years, married for 33, and "Hide in Your Shell" was his song for her. Hearing it live brought a whole lot of tears, but it was amazing at the same time, and I think that it was helpful in facing some of our emotions. Also because of our dad's love for Supertramp, my brother and I grew up listening to all the albums. We didn't discover Roger's solo music until the late '90s, though. Once Dad brought home "In the Eye of the Storm", it earned almost continuous play for weeks! Then, in '98, Roger came to Portland, OR, and Dad took my brother and I to our very first concert! It's hard to believe that it's been 15 years... So thank you for being such a big part of my family's life! Keep on making your music, and we'll be there to hear it! ~Shayla

At the Snoqualmie show, you played "The Awakening". Thank you for playing it. I've only heard part of it on one of your interviews on YouTube. The song has been in my head every day since the show reminding me to know who I am and change the things in my life that I am not happy with. I really believe that by touring, you are Awakening many souls and helping them identify who they are deep in their hearts. You are helping them re-write their story. Thank you for your continued inspiration. We would love to hear more songs you haven't recorded yet. We also look forward to hearing them over and over when you do record them. Thank you for helping to guide our spirits! Blessings to you, the band, Linda and staff!  ~ Patrick

It was a fantastic, memorable night. The sound was crystal clear and the setlist was perfect! Thanks for coming to entertain us...  ~  Wayne Smith

It was a very emotional evening for me. Your songs have meant so much. I was amazed to hear such a great live version of "Fool's Overture", which I'd thought of as such a studio piece.  ~  Jeri Lloyd

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAYou sprinkled Magic in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Your music transcends all time and ages. I have never witnessed a stronger connection of Love between an Artist and their audience. Your music is timeless, your songs were inspirational. Fool's Overture is a Masterpiece. The venue, the band, the vibe, and the sound system could not have been better. Please come back......Peace. 
~  Hugh Gerrard


Thank you for a *wonderful* show tonight, Roger! Saw you when you swung by here last year too! Again, thank you for a memorable evening!  ~  Robert Pan

Saw you show tonight and last year also best concert i've ever been to. Great mothers day present from my son. He also like the concert.  ~ Diane Lea Coyle


Incredible!! Such a joy to see 5 incredible musicians having such an enjoyable evening of sharing their talents. And thanks for playing "C'est le Bon" ! Great set list all around!!!  ~  Anne Simmons

I was really hoping to hear "Fool's Overture" and "Two of Us" and you played both, to my delight. But it was "Lady" that transported me back to my childhood and got the tears flowing freely.
~ Matthew Makous

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAFantastic show! My second time seeing Roger there. Please play "Along Came Mary" if you come back!
~ Alex Sawyer

I saw you in 1983 at your " famous last words" tour in Seattle, and you really continue to prove that some things actually do "get better with age"! You continue to amaze! Thanks,Roger!  ~  Steve Heinig

It was a very emotional evening for me. Your songs have meant so much. I was amazed to hear such a great live version of "Fool's Overture", which I'd thought of as such a studio piece.  ~  Jeri Lloyd

Incredible!! Such a joy to see 5 incredible musicians having such an enjoyable evening of sharing their talents. And thanks for playing "C'est le Bon" ! Great set list all around!!!  ~  Anne Simmons

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAI really enjoyed the show - especially the opening song, "Take the Long way Home"! My family used to sing that on our trips home from sailing. Great memories!   ~  Kate Hanna Jaton

Awesome show, again! Loved the casual interaction, tight sound and altered setlist! Thank you, Roger!
~  Mark Nelson

What a great concert!  ~  Ruth Mason

What an outstanding concert. Thank you Roger. Please do come back  ~ Kent Kronlof

Finally got to see you in concert after all these years! What a great show; highlight for me was Hide In Your Shell, which has been on my short-list of favorite songs since the mid 70s. Thanks and please come back soon!   ~ Jeff Stevenson

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAGreat show, worth the trip. Thanks for coming back to Snoqualmie Casino this is the 2nd time I saw you there and I would love to make it a 3rd - please come back.  ~ Brad Davis

Hell of a show Roger!  ~ Jackson Ross

AMAZING show!!! If you weren't there, you MISSED OUT big time....  ~  David Taruski

We just saw Roger for the third time in a year. We loved the show! (did miss not hearing Lord is it Mine- and do you ever play "Babaji" in concert?). We came all the way from Santa Cruz, CA. Roger, please come back to Northern Calif. I think if you came back to the Mountain Winery, you would sell out. The word is getting around about how marvelous you are! Or how about Santa Cruz, Ca, one of the most spiritual and hip communities in the US?  ~  Kitty Mrache

It was a fantastic, memorable night. The sound was crystal clear and the setlist was perfect! Thanks for coming to entertain us...  ~  Wayne Smith

Cross this one off my bucket list! Amazing show in a great venue. Hide In Your Shell was simply magical. The only regret is not playing Lord, Is It Mine...maybe next time?  ~ John D Hope

Awesome show and Roger has so much material to play it would be great to have 2 shows in a row.
~  Mark Duncan

Excellent concert wow I'm still talking about it with all my friends. Wish it didn't take so long for us to get Roger in the US but I'm really glad he is doing more tour dates now. Supertramp was a nameless band and I never realized people didn't know Roger Hodgson wrote most of the hits like Breakfast in America and Give a LIttle Bit so I want to help get the word out too. I started with my friends and my next goal is to get Roger to Colorado too.  ~  Jesse McDonald

Wonderful show! Please come back next year!!!!  ~ Debra Brown

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAOh Roger, what JOY you give!! My twin, Lisa, and I cannot thank you enough for your birthday gift of singing Sister Moonshine to us and making the night one of the most special for us. From the first chord of the evening, my eyes welled with awe, a dream come true to see you!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to Snoqualmie again, for we will be there!! Your band is amazing, the venue amazing, the audience amazing!! You truly are a Gift   ~ Laurie Olson Reed


Yes, I was glad to be there for the 2nd time. Definitely will be back next year is a DATE... Roger and his crew were amazing performers. Roger, you are very charismatic.  ~  Carmencita Moreno

Dean and I thoroughly enjoyed our magical evening listening to great tunes, incredible voices and an amazing saxophone. All very talented artists who were genuinely happy to be in Seattle playing for us for the evening. Thank you Roger, for sharing your tour with us. Happy Birthday again to Laurie and Lisa! I was so glad you got to be close to the stage for your special song!  ~  Jane Sepede

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAYes, I was there with my wife, Pam. Thank you for a great time. I really enjoyed seeing you for the first time. But you still have not signed my Breakfast in America LP!! Please let me know how we can get that done, Roger. (Just kidding. You will probably never even see this.) What a fantastic time! The band was spot on. Loved the whole experience. The Canadian that played the horns and percussion was so funny when he hit his head to the beat. Had to laugh. I must say, I didn't expect to get so emotional, but I actually got a lump in my throat several times especially when some of my favorites were played: Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, Fools Overture... Again, thank you so much for being such a great musician and songwriter and sharing your gift. I've been a fan for a long time.   ~ Alan Copeland

The Man...The Music...The Legend... What a fantabulous evening! The music was just phenomenal and took me down memory lane. The kindness and good energy of Linda Tyler, the crew, and of course Roger himself just added to the already magical feeling. A hearty Thank You to all! Much love and light, ~  Wade Clark

I am speechless  ~ Aldeo Noel

This was more than I expected. Especially the sound quality, everything Top Notch. I can only say Thank You, for everything your Music heals my Soul!!   ~  Brian Brewster

Now here's a song writer.  ~ David Nelson

WAS THERE!!! It was so memorable...Fantastic light show!! Thank you!  ~ Linda Hayes

What a fantastic show! I can't believe Roger's voice quality, excellent band, beautiful venue. I hope you do come back again. We'll be there!  ~  Edith Russo

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WASomeone asked me..."Can he still sing those high notes?" WOW! Just WOW!! Roger, the concert was so GREAT...and I think you can sing higher than ever! Thank you, so much, for coming close enough to Bend, OR, that we were able to drive to see you!!!...6 1/2 hour drive, one way...BUT oh, so worth it!! Thank you for giving me encouragement, when I thought I couldn't get tickets!! I'm so glad that I tried, one more time...with your prompting! I'm so glad you sang "Hide in you Shell" and Lover's in the Wind"...a couple of my favorites!...I was so hoping for "Lord, Is It Mine?" and "It's Raining Again" but, yes, I know you can't do them all!! You have a FABULOUS band...Your sax player was so 'spot on'!!! It was so soul stirring, just to be there and share the moment with you!! My BEST to all 5 of you!! Please come back near by again, soon! So glad to 'give a litle bit' of my love and my time! Thank you for giving a little bit of your life to us!...Sending my smile, cause I care!! Much love to you  ~  Linda Hayes

I was fortunate enough to see Supertramp twice. Once with and once without Roger. This show (Aug. 12, '13) was equal to either of the Supertramp shows. His voice is as strong today as it was in his Supertramp years. Amazing!  ~  Anonymous

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAFrom start to finish Roger Hodgson and band sounded wonderful! Many Supertramp classics were played like School, Lady, Hide In Your Shell, Logical Song, Give A Little Bit, and Child Of Vision mixed in with some newer post Supertramp beauties like Lovers In The Wind and Death And A Zoo. We were also introduced to an as yet to be released song called The Awakening. What a happy evening! If he should come to a venue near you, well...GO!  ~  Anonymous

Roger took us on a magical journey the way only he's able to do it. This is the real Supertramp and Roger the real singer-songwriter of the legendary band. Thanks Roger, you are a gifted musician and a kind, humble and down to earth human being besides being a superstar.

Roger Hodgson is almost hypnotic, taking us all on a wonderful journey of his life and our life together. All the questions about life, love and what really matters he answers in song. Surrounded by fellow musicians of the highest caliber Roger's songs and voice resonated just as beautifully as they did in his early years.  ~ Washingtonian1

Roger Hodgson ~ Snoqualmie Casino ~ Snoqualmie, WAHe was great and a real entertainer!!!! His band that is with him is great too!  ~  dollface

Roger Hodgson was as good as he was in the 70's during the Supertramp years! His voice is exactly the same, and the backup vocals were great as well! You will not be disappointed! Many Supertramp hits were played!   ~ Anonymous




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