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Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NY ~ November 7, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NY

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NY

My wife has Roger and the Band withdrawals after that great concert at the Seneca niagara! Still sleeping with her breakfast menu and signed banners! What a great group of musicians !
~ Dennis Murphy

I enjoyed your show at the Niagara Falls Casino. Hoping you would do a St. Louis tour as some of my family misses seeing you perform. The sound and the band were terrific. ~ Joe

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYHappy tears flowing! Thank you so much Roger for signing my Feb. 1979 Breakfast in America press kit with the two black and white glossy photos. The Niagara Falls show was fantastic and thanks for acknowledging Buffalo, NY as strong supporters throughtout the years. We blasted your music then and now! Your band is fantastic...got to meet Brian and Aaron too. Save travels to you always. You make so many people happy with your beautiful soul! You've got a lot of energy travel so much! You may remember me...the girl with the "Far Out" sign! Cheers!
~ Jane Larson Murphy

I saw you and your talented group for the first time. We drove from Ohio to Niagara Falls and the trip was well worth it. Thank you for a memorable evening. ~ Kathy W

Your show last night was as wonderful as always. I wish I could put into words how I feel when I hear your music. It's my happy place. Meeting you in the lobby this morning made our day. Thank you for being so gracious. Mom and I will see you next week at Rama. ~ Carla Paradisi


What a show at the Seneca Casino last night. I have been a fan since "crisis..." and have turned my 12 year old on to you. I had very high hopes and was not let down. It took me way back and it was great to share it with my son. We were thrilled that you played "Fools Overture" (his fave). he knew every Supertramp song you played and we are going to pick up some solo stuff. Loved the band. Really a very great night that we will both remember for a long time. ~ Tim

Awesome show tonight at Seneca Niagara Mr. Hodgson and crew!! One of the best shows I've ever been to. THANK YOU for donating the tickets through VetTix. It was great of you to think of us Veterans! My wife and I had a very enjoyable evening that we will never forget. I will definitely be coming to see you the next time you're in the area. You guys are amazing!! Thanks a million
~ Sam Tambe

Just want to thank you and your band for another awesome performance tonight in Niagara Falls,NY.Pure magic!! Hide In Your Shell,Had A Dream,Even In The Quietest Moments and A Soapbox Opera were awesome,•••• the whole thing was awesome!!!! Thank you all for another memory for my family and I to cherish forever!!!! ~ Tony Yankowsky

I was at tonight show in Niagara Falls NY. AMAZING! Hoping you closed with Its Raining Again because I shouted for it a bit before. It completed my night to hear it, especially after my most favorites: Hide In Your Shell, Child Of Vision & especially Lord Is It Mine. My girlfriend who didn't know much more than the hits loved the show and especially liked Shell & Lord! She loved your passion and great lyrics. Thanks again, it was a dream come true to see you perform. ~ Michael Fox

Another fantastic show from Rodger last night in Niagara Fallls! We had until last night never seen Rodger and "just" the band perform. Kinda strange I know but we have attended Rodger Hodson shows for 10 years now at Casino Rama where you get to experience the band, the orchestra and a choir usually....but I digress. So last night we came here with much anticipation and ithe show did not disappoint. Thank You Rodger and your band mates another great night! And yes we will be attending Saturday nights show at Casino Rama next weekend. ~ Maureen Short

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYJust have to say tonight's show was incredible !!!! I will remember this evening forever I cried tears of pure joy during the whole show ! You have touched my heart in a way i could never come close to explain !!! Roger, You are such a warm & caring man & the most talented musician in the world !!!!! I love you dearly ! Thank you so so much for including my daughter & i too come meet & chat with you I pray for another time to be at another awesome show ! but this night is so deeply cherished to me forever. ~ Kristin Johnson

It was truly an awesome performance .I have seen Roger three times in the last two years and each time has been amazing...Roger Hodgson you are the best!!!!‬ ~ Ron Hodak


He is the BEST this is the 2nd time I have seen him and he and his band are just amazing ..I could listen to him for hrs....Thank You again .for a great show. ~ Kathleen Dempsey

Always a great show!! I love his spirit. His band is also so very talented! They got standing ovations throughout last nights show as well ~ Tracey Ellmen

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYIt was an amazing night, loved every minute‬
~ Piera Nunno Kruger

I am very lucky to have gotten to see this wonderfully talented performer!‬
~ Theresa Schunk Paterson

Another memorable night. Thank you Roger and your amazing band mates for a great performance. Hope you come back again someday to the Buffalo area. You were truly amazing!!‬
~ Cindy Cifeill O’Connor

It sure was a beautiful performance. I look forward to the next one! Wishing I could go see him in Canada next week....‬ ~ Kelly Reid Byibie

It was incredible!! Loved every minute of it ~ Lynn Craig Powell

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYAmazing performance by Roger and his band...a true musical genius!!!  ~ Terry Scheffer

Definitely one of the best shows that I have ever seen!!! Chance of a lifetime to see such great talent in such a intimate setting. We were lucky enough to get the last two seats together.‬ ~ Lisa Oha

It was a very emotion filled concert for me, brought back so many memories. ~ Martin F Reid

This show was outstanding!! I was given the tix for a birthday present from my husband because he knows how much I adore Roger and his incredible music. "Even in the Quietest Moments" was beautiful and, yes, brought tears. Thank you, Roger!!!!!!!! Can't wait till you come back!!!!! ~ Maria Giangreco

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYThe Niagara Falls show was amazing Roger!!! Loved "Had a Dream"!!!! Roger you & the band are just the best!!!! Our third time seeing you & the show just amazed us!!! Hope to see you again!! Take care & have a great holiday season!!!!! ~ Carie Kane Hodak

Awesome show tonight Mr. Hodgson and crew!! One of the best shows I've ever been to. THANK YOU for donating the tickets through VetTix. It was great of you to think of us Veterans! My wife and I had a very enjoyable evening that we will never forget. I will definitely be coming to see you the next time you're in the area. ~ Sam Tambe

So fortunate to have seen this very humble man with a sweet smile and lovely voice. Great night!‬ ~ Theresa Schunk Paterson

Another fabulous and magical show! Thank you, Roger‬! ~ Kathy Fields

Perfection...a must have ticket...a must see show! To the delight of his adoring fans, the gracious minstrel and his fantastic band once again put on the ultimate show! The setlist selections couldn't have been any finer...and Mr. Hodgson told the crowd " the hardest part is picking what songs NOT to play." If you loved Supertramp...then tonight you were enamored by the songs that he selected to play, but more in awe that he penned them so very long ago; yet they are as fresh and timeless (if not better) today than yesterday. His current music is just as relevant in melody and meaning! Death and a Zoo was excellent! Does it get any better than Fool's Overture? It can't! On a personal note, Mr. Hodgson took the time to sign my 1979 Breakfast in America press kit shortly before the show. The man, and his music, only improves with time. Favorite moment: Loved when he played "If Everyone Was Listening"...and We were ALL Listening! ~ JBuffalo

Great show, second time seeing Roger. The sound quality was amazing both times in different venue, one being outside amphitheater. An entire night of surreal memories coming back as each song was played bringing me back to those years of listening to Supertramp on my headphones. The entire band has collected each and every tone/sound from the original. Great musicians in every aspect. If you are going to see a show and wanting flashy lights and an entire stage filled with dancing,stage show....you're going to the wrong show, if you're going to hear some phenomenal classic Supertramp sound of Roger, you just got what you wished for. ~ RagamuffinGunner

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYRoger Hodgson did not disappoint any Super Tramp fans. His voice is still amazing, and the band was great. He talked to the crowd and said he knows the world is crazy right now and everyone has to deal with problems, but, he wanted everyone to relax and let everything go and have a good time. What a great guy to even say that!. We loved the show! Favorite moment: The crowd singing along loudly and having a blast. ~ 56awe



Roger Hodgson was timeless!! Utterly amazing. His voice is still in it's youth. The band was incredible. Saxophone player was mind blowing, without a doubt the best I've ever seen. Didn't want it to end. Can't wait to see them again. ~ BOBLARGE

Roger Hodgson was his usual self – outstanding Roger is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musical leader. He's a musical perfectionist and highly creative. I have seen him a total of eight times (Supertramp and solo) and will see him again. ~ Jatinian

This was the third time we've seen Roger & his band. Wow, is the only adjective to describe their show! it's always 2+ hours of great music, performed by outstanding musicians. Just a great night of beautiful music played the way you remember it. ~ Foolery

Great Show! Roger is an amazing person. Supertramp was always my favorite. ~ Terry530

Roger Hodgson ~ Seneca Niagara Casino ~ Niagara Falls, NYROGER HODGSON WAS INCREDIBLE!! Wow!!! What a show! Roger sang many of his Supertramp hits....Take the Long Way Home, School, Dreamer, The Logical Song....and he performed with raw emotion from his heart. He and his incredibly talented band, brought the audience together...and had us all singing right along with them. Roger's acoustic solo of his " Even In the Quietest Moments" had everyone in awe! If you like Supertramp, and you haven't seen a Roger Hodgson show, I highly recommend you go. You will not be disappointed! The show was sold out, and I felt sorry for the people who waited too long to get tickets and missed out. I've been nine times now, and I can't wait for his next one! He continually outdoes himself and just gets better and better! ~ photoguru

Outstanding Talent! Amazing man, a true pleasure to see live! ~ perch41

Roger Hodgson was beyond awesome!! Myself and my husband traveled four hours to hear Roger Hodgson & his current band sing and play Supertramp's old & new favorites. Roger has not lost any part of his pristine voice. Roger surrounded himself with some of the most talented musicians I have had the pleasure to see & hear. The Saxophone player was completely unreal! He blew the audience away. It was just all around a fantastic concert & well worth the trip and expense. Also, I'd like to note that I sat by an United States Vet & he informed me that Roger donated several tickets to local Vets, so they could see the show. He not only donated several tickets to our Vets, he gave them some of the best seats in the house. Favorite moment: Oh Lord is it Mine? It's Raining Again. Dreamer. Death in a Zoo was probably one of my favorites that evening. Extremely strong performance. ~ Kell930

An incredible show. The band was outstanding ! Never missed a beat. One of the best concerts I have attended ~ Jag965

Love Roger Hodgson. His music has a special place in my heart from my younger years and the many memories of his song writing ~ Anonymous This was an amazing concert with a spectacular performance by Roger and his stellar band! I cannot say enough about the talented entertainers who made this concert fabulous. I would go see them again in a heartbeat! ~ Higgy

This was the 5th time I've seen Roger Hodgson over 2 and a half years, having traveled quite lengthy distances and it is definitely worth it! He is truly one of the most amazing artists ever. His connection with the audience is like nothing I've ever seen. His music and spirit draw the audience in and it's like magic for the entire concert. I would encourage anyone who is or was a Supertramp fan to experience this if at all possible. Favorite moment: When Roger played the electric guitar...this was a first since I've been attending his concerts. ~ KathyF1


Photos # 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 by Joseph Saccomanno

Photos # 2 & 3 by Sophia Smith
Photo # 4 by Joseph Suto


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