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Schlosspark ~ Weinheim, Germany ~ June 19, 2015



Roger Hodgson ~ Schlosspark ~ Weinheim, Germany

Hi Roger, thanks so much coming to my hometown again. Rain - who cares - "it's raining again". Spectacular performance of all of you. So many memories came back. Really hope there will be a DVD of this tour - I'm the first one who will buy it. All the best for you and your wonderful group - hope I get a chance to see you again. ~ Peter

Dear Roger, last Tuesday I was told having cancer. Your fantastic Songs today have given me hope, have reminded me to my youth and have given me and a wonderful evening in Weinheim !! Thank you - and God bless you and your family !  ~ Alexandra

Dear Roger - just a quick couple of lines to say thanks for the fantastic concert in Weinheim, Germany. We had a great time and ♪"It's Raining Again"♪ was well timed......considering:-). PLEASE do another Live DVD. Love & Peace first - ALWAYS♥ ~ Antony

Good show ! :) ~ Mireille Cochet

Are here in weinheim live with you. Thanks for this great evening. We enjoy it much. We love you ~ Christian Pfaff

The show tonight was great - thanks a million, Roger! ~ Mary Miller

Great Concert... thank you. BTW... I'm from Carpinteria originally I live here in Germany now. Your German was pretty good... and your voice still can reach those notes. Super... Welcome to Weinheim Germany. ~ Paul Olivas

What a great evening! What a great band! Pure magic. Thank you all. Hope to see you again next year. ~ Markus Funk

Tolles Konzert (Great concert) ~ Cläre Jung

Great concert tonight. Thanx ~ Bernd Klumpp

A great evening! ~ Klaus Weyand

Crazy day.. After very long travel of the whole day, this evening made me think of the song "rainy days rainy days....too many rainy days", ...but I loved people, the complicity wih my best friend, loved to see again our friends, .. loved the ambiance. With, to me , the highlight of the evening : " if everyone was listening, only because of you Lord is it mine" . Beautiful voice. ~ Mila

Thank you Roger Hodgson for this fantastic Gig in Weinheim! And many thanks for this great Picture and Autograph! See you next month in Calw. Have a great time! Cheers and thank you!!! ~ Dimi :-))

It was a great evening for us again after Mainz and Alzey. Thank you! And please come back next year. :) ~ Markus Funk

Geniales Konzert! (Awesome concert!) ~ Puste Blume

Great (c: ~ Carl Madsen

Thank you, Roger & band, for this fantastic concert in Weinheim. But 5 years for coming-back (after 2010) are now definitely too long! (what a remarkable coincidence: when I write these words, they just play "breakfast in America" in the radio! Great!) ~ Michael Möllers

It was a great show yesterday evening in Weinheim! We enjoyed a lot! To hear It's Raining Again when the rain begins to fall down was the Best And I'm so glad I had the chance to take a foto with Roger..Thank You so much!
~ Viviane Schiweck

Hey Guys, I have you seen both this week in Germany! Steve on tuesday in Offenbach and Roger on friday in Weinheim. That`s what I call a perfect week :) Thank you for your tremendous shows + amazing music
~ Stefan Eibl

‏@JeffHGreen @RogerHodgson Great show in Weinheim, Germany tonight!

Photo # 1 by Linda Tyler

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