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Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, Brazil ~ October 23, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilBeautiful gig, thank you so much Roger!
~ Caio Cabral

We just have to thank you for all the deep heart words you said in the show and ask you to come back to Brazil as soon as it is possible.Best wishes for you, your band and all yours.Hope the same energy for the two other shows.WE LOVE YOU ROGER. 
~ Rodrigo Carvalho



We were there ! Amazing energy, amazing concert, Roger and his band at the top of their game ! Bryan, Kevin, David and Aaron brilliant as usual ! Roger's playing electric guitar again ! "Had a Dream" and "Babaji" were more than special treats ! Lovely to see you again folks ! Thanks once more for keeping these songs so fresh ! :)  ~ Luciano Jannuzzi Carneiro

Foi lindo! (It was beautiful!) ~ Fefiz Furquim

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilRoger Hodgson, I hear and sing your songs since the 80's with Supertramp, and last night I realized a long time dream, seeing you live at São Paulo. Thank you very much for your kindness, your energy and your beautiful songs. You've touched our heart one more time. ~ Sandra Ribeiro Cameira

Dear Roger, thank you so much for the magical evening and... for singing BABAJI, that was never on the setlist. One of my favorites! OMG, you rock! <3 
~ Cássia Fox

Thank you! My wife (Adriana) and I enjoyed the night! All the good things, happened yesterday! Thanks to you and your great band! Your way of life, spreading love! Thanks!
~ Giuliano Duarte

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilGreat, Awesome, PERFECT AND EVEN MORE !!!! That Fool's Overture broke me down in tears ! A Dream coming True, it's all that I can say from Last Night !!!  ~ Rodrigo Gama Lazdin

Fantastic...thanks!  ~ Adriana Duarte

Me and my mother were there! It was fantastic, the best concert in the world!!! <3 We love you Roger Hodgson and band!!! <3  ~ Juh Wesley Letamid

You are all about love! It was a fantastic night! Thank you for all the love you bring to us with your songs! ~ Ana Lígia Coradi

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilRoger, it was really FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for bring us energy, peace and love!! next time hope you include in set list "Crazy" from FLW. Best always!!  ~ Celso Lopes

Roger Hodgson Thank you soo much !! I asked you for several weeks to this show in São Paulo... I wrote: " Brasil, Brasil, Brasil... Campinas São Paulo Brasil Don't leave me now ". I was there yesterday night in SP. Thank you again !! It was amazing...
~ Deyvis Bassan

I was there, Roger Hodgson, and I quote myself here:" your music made my teenager years bearable!" Thanks for the magical evening. ~ Julia Gorla

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilWe were there! - thank you Roger! 
~ Jairo Vivian Boppré

I was there! Impossible to keep the tears in my eyes, when Babaji, Give a Little Bit and Fool's Overture was playing! Fantastic!!! ~ Silvio Guerini

I was there, was amazing!!!!!!  ~ Sandra Fender

I loved the show.  ~ Isabella Mendonça

Wonderful show, Roger !! An amazing spectacle that night in São Paulo !! Just missing my favorite song: "Don't leave me now" Thanks again and came back as soon as possible !!  ~ Pérsio Gomes

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilThanks, Roger, for this wonderful show !!! You and these amazing musicians brought us real music, worthy to be appreciated. I miss you already, waiting for the next opportunity to review them, and perhaps meet them in person and hug every one of you for singing and playing the soundtrack of my life !!! Thank you very much for this incredible and exciting night !!!!  ~ Nanci Di Petta

Fantastic showww!  ~ Wanderleya Barros

Amazing!!!  ~ Cristina De Sá Fernandes


Awesome concert!  ~ Pierre Cracovsky

What an awesome show! Roger plays and sings as great as always!  ~ Vinicius Brahemcha


Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilI was there. Oh. My. God. 
~ Roberta Trevisan Marques de Souza

Amazing show, thanks Roger, My wife and I, hope see you soon again, thanks to you and your great band, wonderful night for all of us. ~ Giuliano Duarte


I was there!!!! I loved!!!!!! Roger you are so cute and passionate!!!!!  ~ Helena Godinho

Thanks for the incredible show, Roger Hodgson !!!! Take the Long Way Home - Best Song!!!!!
~ Allan Charles Belle


Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilQue show maravilhoso! Muita energia! Roger é uma pessoa iluminada!! (That wonderful show! A lot of energy! Roger is an enlightened person!!)
~ Cristina Kurcis

Tanks Roger Hodgson, Fantastic!  ~ Carlinhos Muller

I was there! Amazing show! Tks Roger!! 
~ Danielle Bertolin de Souza

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilWe were there ! Amazing concert, amazing energy and... Oh boy ! BABAJI !!! :D
~ Luciano Jannuzzi Carneiro

I sincerely hope that in the end, have the success and recognition you deserve, congratulations Roger !!
~ Quim Casanovas

Bravoo Roger! ..amazing the charm :)
~ Simone Erasmus

Thank you and all the musicians! Wonderful night. ~ Cristina Guio Bragato

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilRoger, thanks a lot for you exist and have given us such a show. ~ Rodrigo Carvalho

Enjoy your music with old-time friends... Was amazing. What a show! What a night! I hope you come back soon here in São Paulo. ~ Sergio Vianello Picca

Fantastic! I was there! Too good! Love you all!!! <3
~ Miriam Cristina

Fantastic! ~ Telma Bauer

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilAnd I was there. What an amazing show! Remarkable!!!  ~ Eric De Freitas Matos

Fantastic, unforgettable. Come back soon, please.
~ Maria Augusta De Toledo Bergerman

I had The Best time of my life... Give a little bit... Roger and band thank you very much we do love you  ~ Alessandra Martins

Great moment. I was there!  ~ Sandra Ribeiro Cameira

!!! vlw Roger Hodgson amazing show!!!  ~ Júlio Meloni

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilRoger Hodgson, volte sempre... (Thanks Roger Hodgson, come back always ... ) ~ Nina Oliver Valeu

O melhor vocal do Supertramp. (The best vocals of Supertramp.)
~ Gravasom Stúdio-Linaldo Cursino Da Silva

Espetacular estar lá; Foi sensacional (Spectacular be there; It was sensational) ~ Guilherme Salviano

Bom demais! (Too good! :) ~ Marcia Segantin

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilOlê, olê, olê, olê, Roger, Roger!!!!  ~ Julia Gorla

I was there! Amazing! ~ Simone Lass Di Toro

Show Impecável, Parabéns !!!!!!!! (Flawless Show, Congratulations!!!!!!) ~ Vanderlei Cardoso

Olê olê olê olê Roger Roger...I was there.....
~ Maria Mecesse

Wonderful show, Roger !! Thanks to visit Brazil and back always :)  ~ Pérsio Gomes

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilAmazing, the best one concert in my life. 
~ Gilbert Ávila Costa

foi sensacional ontem..... It was great yesterday ...ole ole ole ole...roger roger.........gret mannnn
~ Stenio Santuche Checcato






"HAD A DREAM" and my dream came true!! Many times! (had a dream to attend to your concert). We were all blessed in São Paulo last night! Thank you Roger, thank you all! Lots of love!
~ Fernanda Salles

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilEu ganhei uma palheta do Roger! (I won a guitar pick from Roger!) ~ João Neto


The concert was amazing! Thanks for having played "Hide in your Shell", that I asked through a poster! That song is very important for me! Thank you so much!  ~ Mirella de Carvalho

Beautifull  ~ João Coelho

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilThanks for your song dedicated to Arnaldo and his mother <3 ... Beautiful!!! Great concert!!!
~ Cristina De Sá Fernandes

Lovely show yesterday in São Paulo, Brazil!! Amazing ~ Sass Kazam



Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilOle Ole Ole Roger Roger. ...só quem tava lá pode sentir essa energia!!! Foi muito mais Muito bom mesmo!!!! Sonho Realizado!!!!! Ole Ole Ole Roger Roger. just who was there can feel that energy!!! Was much more very nice same!! Dream Come True!!!!!
~ Marcos Biagi

Fantastic Incredible show! Me and my wife are still singing. ~ Alexandre Luiz Giordano


Thank you for coming! Thank you for the magic moments you provided us! Thank you for bringing up good memories! Thanks Mr Roger Hodgson for being so gentle with the fans!  ~ Virginia Cruz

Roger Hodgson ~ Espaço das Américas ~ São Paulo, BrazilRoger... thank you a lot for your concert in Sao Paulo yesterday! It was simply amazing! It made me remember a lot of experiences lived and strongly related to those beautiful songs you and your band played yesterday!!! Hope I can soon stand to another concert in Brazil!
~ Ricardo


We've been at the são paulo's show in 2012, and was an excelent show, but in 23th october was better! Thanks a lot Roger! 
~ Jairo Vivian Boppré


Roger, what a wonderful concert last night in São Paulo/Brazil!!! I'm 47 years old and so grateful for the opportunity of hearing you! It was the concert of my life, I have no doubts!!! Please, come back soon to Brazil, ok? With my very best regards, ~ Ana

Wonderful concert last night in São Paulo!!! What a great moment between you and the audience. So much love in the air! So much fun, so much joy! You spoke in Portuguese wonderfully! The band was great, as always. I hope next year you come again to Brazil, to São Paulo. We love you very much!!!
~ Allegra

Roger, I Was There - São Paulo 10/23/2014. I Had oportunity to see you again in backstage, and say again "God Bless You". Thank you for the love you give to us for so many years. Best Wishes for you, Good Health and too much happiness. We hope see you again soon in Brazil. ~ Helio Rubens


Photo # 1 by Linda Tyler

Photos # 2, 3, 4, 5 & 20 by Howard Heckers
Photos # 6, 8, 9 & 11 by Camila Cara

Photos # 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 19 by Felipe Barros

Photo # 18 by Ezio Jemma

Video by Bryan Head

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