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Ruth Eckerd Hall ~ Clearwater, Florida ~ March 22, 2013


Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, Florida

Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, Florida Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, Florida

Loving your show tonight Roger in Clearwater!! What a way to start a tour!! Thanks so much for being part of my life!   ~James

WOW WOW WOW. Thank you sooo much. I'm in tears. So good. God bless your tour. Until next time!!!! ~ David

Tonight's concert was awesome and inspirational.Just wanted to say a big thank you for recognizing my girlfriend Kathy's birthday prior to singing "Hide in Your Shell". We really didn't expect that and must admit aside a warm fuzzy feeling shed a tear or two. You are the best. Good luck with the rest of your tour mate, you made our night very special. God Bless... ~Rob

The show tonight in Clearwater was more than I expected. I last saw Supertramp in 1980 Springfield MA and I thought that could not be topped but you did it tonight. Thanks for the great time and have a great tour. Don't forget to come back.  ~Rick

There are only a handful of artists and bands that can take me back to a place frozen in time. Your music is a big part of those fond memories. But unlike most other of those bands, up until Friday night at Ruth Eckerd Hall, I was never able to see a live show. This was definitely one thing on my bucket list and it was well worth the wait. Thanks so much for the excellent lyrics and music which will always take me back to a certain place in time earlier in my life.  ~Mike

The Clearwater show was outstanding. Brought back a flood of memories from my college days in Buffalo..... couldn't get tickets for Supertramp at the Auditorium (sold out), so my friend Bart and I trekked over to see you in Rochester....then back for your second show in Buffalo :) Thank you for the memories, thank you for sharing your stories and your talent. Safe travels for you and your team. Your band is great, and the orchestra was marvelous!!  It is a show not to be missed!  Cheers  ~ Terry Power

Saw you over 30 years ago at the Bayfront Center. My first real concert. It was magic then, and it still was last night in Clearwater. Thank you for sharing your gift so freely, so genuinely. And Happy Birthday- that was me singing so loudly!  ~ Karen

My husband and I attended the Clearwater show last night. It was fantastic! I have always regretted never having the chance to see this legendary music performed, and last night was a dream come true. We cannot wait to see you perform again...thank-you for a lovely evening.   ~ Joe and Cheryl

Wow! In 1978 was the time that I was introduced to the music of Supertramp and I never ever had an opportunity to attend any of your concerts. I would play and enjoy long hours at home listening to your music. Could only imagine how great your show would have been live! My husband knew that I loved your music so on Friday March 22nd 2013 he called me on the phone to say that you were playing at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater and would I like to go! This was a no brainer. I watched with admiration and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the great music of Supertramp. Thank you for sharing this gift and allowing me to see you play live along with the wonderful talented musicians of the band and orchestra. I believe that timing is life is everything and this was my time to see you play live. Wishing you much success with your tour and can't wait for you to return and hopefully an opportunity to meet you in person! With much admiration..    ~ Patricia

WOW what a great night of awesome music, i did not know what to expect and I was blown away I hope that you return to Clearwater soon would love to see another show.Thank you so much for putting on a Fantastic show.  ~ Clayton Spanos

Saw you in Clearwater, FL last night. What a gentleman and musician you are. Your voice sounds like it did in 1979. Thank you for making the long wait of 30 years to see you again, more than worth it. I wish you health and safe travels on your world tour. Please come back to FL when you can. Many thanks, again... ~Jeff P

My wife and I saw your fabulous music performance with the full orchestra last evening in FL. One of the greatest music events ever for both of us. The depth and sophistication of your music truly came through.Your music is having an impact on younger generations also. At home, when a Supertramp song comes on random play in the kitchen, my 11 year old son (a pianist) will say "Is that Supertramp?" Then I will hear him humming one of the countermelodies intertwined into your works. Thank you from all of us.  ~Jeff

We attended your concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater and we are fans anew! In the Montreal concert on dvd and also your performances alone (Princess Diana concert), there is such an elegant, clear simplicity to your wonderful words and music. But, the depth and richness of your songs with the orchestra (and the excellent band) is so layered and succulent, it is like consuming fine wine with a perfect artisanal cheese. One can weep at the beauty. Thank you for such a memorable evening. The experience will remain with us until we can see you again.  ~Anne

I attended your show in Clearwater and cannot tell you how beautiful it was. Supertramp has been my favorite band since high school. Your music is incredible and uplifting. I brought my sister to your show, she's been having a real hard time lately. Your music helps people Roger. You make people feel good. I saw that last night and I thank you. God Bless you.  A Forever Fan   ~ kathy sheputis

Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FloridaLast October 2012 I wrote you a note telling you how much my wife and I were looking forward to the Clearwater, FL concert. I had also mentioned that I had just recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was expecting a radical prostatectomy in October. But I was determined that nothing was going to keep me from making the trip to Tampa from my home town of Jackson, MS, to see you perform. My wife and I were there last Friday night in Clearwater, and we were so blessed by your music and the great orchestra accompanying you. Your music and voice truly ministered to me, especially my favorite song, "Lord, Is It Mine." Thanks for a wonderful evening. I am so glad I was able to make the trip. It was truly worth it in memories I will have a long time from now. Thanks for your magical performance! ~Charles Wilson

The Clearwater show was an absolute gift to those of us in attendance. It's a somewhat spiritual, chilling experience to watch and listen to those songs (some written in TEEN years?!) performed with such grace, and, here in 2013, relevance. The west coast of Florida was graced by something special. I was happy for some of the fans that I seen and heard being visibly moved by your songs, Roger. Thanks Linda and Shakti for including Florida! Atlanta, woo hoo! I lived there briefly in 1980 and Supertramp and the Paris album got lots of airplay. Great addition to the tour. See ya'll there. Godspeed... ~ Frank Copeland

Hello Roger, I first want to say that my wife Sandy and I just attended your show in Clearwater, FL and it was nothing less than spectacular! We flew in from South Carolina since we missed getting tickets to your show in Blue Ash, Ohio. See, we'll go just about anywhere to see you and that brings me to this question. Does being a member of your mailing list make it possible to buy tickets ahead of the public sale? You see, Sandy and I want to attend your show in Atlanta on August 18 as part of celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and are wanting, again, to get the best seats in the house! We love your music and your interaction with us fans. Hoping we can see you soon. Warmest regards, Ron

I have been a fan all my life, your music makes me feel like I was young again and had no worries. For that I can't thank you enough. The Clearwater show on Friday was amazing! I couldn't believe my ears. ~ Ralph

It was a tremendous thrill to play in the orchestra for this concert. Such energy from the crowd. ~Michael Sedloff

I saw your concert last night at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater FL. for the opening of your tour. I had seen Super Tramp about 35 years ago in St. Pete, Florida, and that concert was in my top 3 concerts (of "any" band) that I'd ever seen. I've been a long time fan, but this concert last night was incredible! The orchestra that played with you last night, added something unexplainable to your music. The experience was almost surreal. It was truely a magnificent performance and I will remember it for years to come! I feel you've got a great tour in your future, and I'll surely be in line when you come back to Florida again. - Linda S.

It was a fabulous show. One of the best ever. The crowd just loved Roger and in turn, it drew out the best in everybody there! A favorite moment? The crowd spontaneously singing happy birthday!
~ Toni Amey

We were there. We loved it. Hard for me to fathom going down memory lane with these songs that 35 years or so later I would be in an intimate setting such as Friday night in Clearwater , Fl., enjoying this amazing, spot on perfomance. Kudos to Roger, the band & orchestra. What a night. Thank-You so much. ~ Larry Dayton

I want to thank You for playing at Ruth Eckerd in March 2013 I know you could have played anywhere in the US and to much larger audiences. I saw you back in 1977 in NY . It was a real treat to take my wife to see you she enjoyed it very much and so did I brought back my teenage years !! God Bless ! ~ Gene Donato

Thank you for making one of my dreams come true! You were spectacular and was filled with so many emotions and taking me back down memory lane! All brillant ~ Patricia Kleinfeld

Wow, just got back to Kansas from this concert and spring training trip....this was an awsome concert. I have been waiting for a long time to see Roger in concert, and Roger, his band, and the orchestra did not disappoint the audience in Clearwater, FL. I have been listening to his music from the first album Supertramp released in 1970 on up to Roger's solo albums. His music reflects on almost everything in my life. I listen to it each and every day. I am blessed to have had this opportunity to see him in this venue. Thank You so much... ~ Michael Mirsch


Photos by Howard Heckers

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