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Royal Concert Hall ~ Glasgow, UK ~ May 30, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK Roger Hodgson - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK

I had a ticket for the last time you were in Scotland & something came up , made it tonight absolutely brilliant & what a band you have got together . Where can I get their names & can I get a set list anywhere . Thinking about coming to Barcelona gig . Still singing away this will last a long time just brilliant keep it up . kind regards Dinky ~EWAN DUNCAN

Memorable show tonight in Glasgow, thanks. ~Billy, Stephen & Ronald

Fantastic performance tonight at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Loved every minute. Great band. I have a question since I play in a band myself. Was that iPads the band had on stands on stage? What were they using them for? Surely something more sophisticated than just the set list!!? Please spill the beans! Thanks again for a great night. ~David

Brilliant concert in Glasgow tonight. From the very start to the very finish. What a band! What a team effort! Superb set with a great contrast in styles. Enjoy the rest of your time in Scotland! ~chris w

Thank you so much for the best show ever last night - You just get better and better every time I see you. Your band are fantastic and I loved every moment of the show. Sad you didn't sing " Along Came Mary " but you certainly got lots into the show - Just as I was leaving however , "Along Came Mary" came on over the PA system - Perfect finish to a perfect evening .Fool's overture and Death and a Zoo were excellent to see live - THANK YOU AGAIN AND CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON , BACK IN SCOTLAND X ~Muriel , Max and Roger

Thank you Roger for a beautiful show last night in Glasgow. Dedicating Lord is it Mine to me meant so much. That is a memory I will draw upon for the rest of my life and will bring with it happy memories of Dad everytime I hear it played. Thank you for 6 fantastic shows in the UK , each one different and full of surprises! Thank you for creating a magnificent band who play your compositions with great skill and respect for your music... and thank you for the friends we have made through you, old and new. xx ~Marie Coyne

What a marvellous concert last night, thank you! My favourite song was The Awakening, I'd dearly like to download it. Could you fix it for me and all your other fans by recording it please? Great to see you in Scotland. Come back soon! All the Best, ~Mairi

Thank you so much for an evening I will never forget, when you and the band came on the stage and started to play it took me back to the 70's when I was 19 and listening to your beautiful music. Magical with goosebumps. Good to know that you have a bit of 'SCOTLAND' in your system as well. The band were fantastic as well, so lucky to have been in the Royal Concert Hall last night. Hurry up and come back to Scotland soon. Well done a lifelong Dreamer ~ Christine

Roger Hodgson - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UKJust to say a massive thank you for the show in Manchester, my name is Jerry, i am the father of Kye, he was the 11 yeaar old boy sat in the second row at the Bridgewater Hall, you asked him if he knew your music and he replied "The logical song" was his favourite, well you made a young man very happy, he is telling everyone about his first ever concert and the fact it that it was Roger Hodgson, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience as i have played your music to him since he was born. I have to say the music was sharp and the band a real credit, canadians and americans, they were awesome! Thank you so much, ~Jerry and Kye xx

Fantastic show last night in Glasgow. Really appreciated your music, the performance, and the rapport. Felt like you really connected with the audience. Thank you. Long time fan (I was sitting immediately behind your family relatives that were in the audience, and I felt like family too) ~Mark

Congratulations on a great performance in Glasgow last night. Big cross-section of fans out there and they all had a ball. You're looking great and sounding even better, I was cranking out your live Vs recorded list today and the quality remains superb. Well done and thanks for a cracker. Hope to see you back in Glasgow real soon. ~Dave and Ellie

Thanks for the fantastic concert last night in Glasgow. It was an amazing and truly emotional roller coaster of an evening which will remain with myself and my partner for the rest of our lives. Looking forward to your return visit to the west coast of Scotland. ~John Logan

Fantastic show, it was 2 years ago you were in Glasgow as you were waiting on imminent news about becoming a grandad and it happened during the show which you shared with us. Great to hear Fools overture one of my favourite tracks and I can still remember the visuals from the tour in 1977 when CHris de Burgh was the support at the old Glasgow Apollo ~Jim Marshall

We travelled from Forfar in Angus to see you play in Glasgow last night and trip was well worth it. Brilliant performance by you and guys. Find your music thought provoking and emotional. You are a legend .Haste ye back to Scotland ~Jayne Kettles

Many thanks to you and your band for a fantastic night in Glasgow, we had a wonderful time again! I have been a fan since '75, my wife had not listened to Supertramp much - until she met me, now she loves all your songs as much as I do. Please come back soon ~Alan & Angela McAndrew

Thank you so much for last night in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It was truly amazing. You're singing as brilliantly as you ever did. We (Cath and myself) travelled down from Inverness to see you and enjoyed every minute. It bought back so many memories of growing up in New Zealand as a teenager and still enjoying your music to this day. Hurry back to Scotland please ~ Duncan Anderson

Thanks for the wonderful concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 30th May 2013. Well worth waiting for. You are still a cool dude! Haste Ye Back! ~Norrie Burns & Lesley Burton

I was with you last night at the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow, third row, just to the right of your "modern day Wurly". I was with my 2 children to whom you spoke to during the show saying, "It's nice to see the little ones and I saw you singing to Dreamer. Also, as you left the stage after your encore, you stopped, found them, pointed at them, smiled and then waved. This action filled my children with so much joy that they cried, and Emily cried all the way during the 20 minute walk back to the hotel. I have always tried to educate them with real music from true musicians, especially yours. I am a life long Supertramp fan, difficult not to be when you come from Swindon and lived next door to Mrs Davies (Ricks Mum). My children will never forget last night, the evening was already magical but you speaking to them and then waving directly to them, has made an 8 and 10 year old feel very special. They have told me that was the best day of their life. Thank you ~ Steve Rhodes

I just wanted to say thank you for a truly wonderful evening last night at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. It was my first experience of seeing you play live and I sure hope it won't be my last. Being only 24 I wasn't around when your songs were first played during Supertramp but discovering your songs and music even now I find that I am able to relate to the words, the meaning, the journey within the songs and that is just something you don't get with music of my generation. I was so thrilled last night coming to see you with my mum (a life long fan) I couldn't help but stand up throughout the majority of the concert to the point where you said "it's makes me so happy to see the young fans" and you looked straight up at me and smiled. That made my night! Your talent truly knows no bounds and your band did not disappoint either. Thank you for the music and the memories. Please come back to Glasgow soon!! Very best wishes  ~ Heather Scott

I finally got to see you and your wonderful band in Glasgow on 30th May 2013. What a concert that was - I have been a big fan of yours since I was sixteen now 51 so I have waited a long time to see you. I am still talking about that wonderful night. I have never sang so much in all of my life - what an atmosphere you created with your wonderful music. I have been to several concerts to date but I can safely say that your concert has been the best by far. There was such a good feeling in that Auditorium and it was an experience that I will NEVER forget for the rest of my life. I just hope and pray that you come back to Glasgow, Scotland very soon!! Many thanks to you and your band for such a wonderful night. Roll on the next one! Take care and enjoy the rest of your tour - Haste Ye Back! xx  ~ Amanda Scott

Thank you for a truly fantastic Concert in Glasgow. I remember my very first Supertramp concert, the Crime of The Century tour at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh back in 1974? When you played School it brought back the memory of that night as I remember it was the opening track. Please come back again soon. ~ Davy W

What a great we had on 30th May 2013 at your concert in the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow! My husband treated me to your concert in Hanau (near Frankfurt) last year and had a wonderful time. The most recent concert included other musicians and it was almost like the first time I saw the original line-up of Supertramp in the old "Apollo" in Glasgow. Your music certainly stands the test of time and in my opinion cannot be surpassed. You continue to "give a little bit" to millions of listeners and will continue to give more. Keep up the fantastic music. Love you and the band ~Alison McGuire

My mum keeps telling me how my dad used to sing your songs to me when I was a wee crying baby. Apparently they were my lullabies for many years, and when I grew up (I'm 29 now) I started following you and your work. I knew I loved your music so I went to see you in Glasgow. What caught me by surprise was to find myself crying of pure emotion during the first couple of songs. I had to leave my country a while ago and I only see my dad twice a year. However, I felt him next to me during your gig in Glasgow. Thank you for two hours of great music and childhood memories, I don't think I'll ever forget that concert. ~ Maria

I'd like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the "Bloody Marvelous" wind-up concert you gave us here in Glasgow. Thinking about the concert, remembering the songs you played, as I individually recall them, they invoke a reaction, either the widest smile or contemplative thoughts - such are the profound lyrics in your songs, which, like thousands of other fans, I associate with situations in my life. You gave my partner and I a life-time's memory to treasure that night and in particular, hearing "Two of Us". The Awakening MUST be recorded...it gave me shivers! Thank you too for gesturing if I got the pics I took on my phone (I did - WOOHOO) which I obviously not too surreptitiously tucked into my T-shirt!! You were simply spellbinding, the rapport you have with the audience is wonderful - so intimate and I loved hearing your interpretations of each song, Special mention must go to David, Kevin, Bryan and Aaron - they are superb!! PLEASE COME BACK SOON! ~Carole Perikleous

Saw the Glasgow concert this week at the Royal Concert Hall. A brilliant night, I still think Roger Hodgson IS Supertramp as well as a fantastic solo artist. I never saw Supertramp live, well to me, I have now. Brilliant music, brilliant band and a brilliant voice. Can you tell I liked it? I was glad to see songs from Roger's solo work as well as the Supertramp classics. It was all made even better by front row seats, right in front of Roger's synth, best seats in the house I reckon. Now please! another cd is well overdue! Hows about it? ~ Phil Wood

I attended your concert in Glasgow recently which will be embedded in my mind forever and I thank you for that. Was wondering why there was no programme to accompany the concert? X
~ Christine Alexander

Was at your concert in Glasgow last week and i just wanted to thank you for singing the song my husband Stephen Glass dedicated for me this was so out of character for him blew me away, love him loads too. I'm gutted though that i didn't get a recording of it have checked on youtube , was the concert being recorded per chance? Hope to see you back in glasgow soon, regards ~Shona

Attended your concert in Glasgow with my wife Ivy and daughter Stephanie. We attended your 2011 gig and "couldn't wait" to see you again. You have always been my favourite singer and songwriter and when the harmonica opened the concert at the start of "Take the Long Way Home" it was again awesome - the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and my emotions went into overdrive. No other artist or band have ever came close to both your performances and I have seen all the top bands over the years ! You played all my favourite songs and even played " Rosie - from indelibly stamped " - that was a great surprise. Singing was awesome , band was awesome and the sax playing was the icing on the cake. Again " Fools Overture" was sensational - took the roof off. I wish you could come to Glasgow every week - I am already looking forward to your next UK tour. Can't wait , can't wait ,can't wait ! Take care Roger ~Graham.

Today is the last show of our UK tour and the evening will be moving. So much memories, so much hapiness to have followed the fabulous artist born in this incredibly beautiful country with the people which are always here to help you and to share some joke with their intelligent humour. We will strongly miss the beatiful countryside and the nature those sounds are so agreable to listen to and to smell. It is not surprising that the music of Roger includes all those parfums of his mother's land. We were blessed to listen to his voice even more strong, velvet, high, clear and profound, the voice wearing his inner joy and cry, his pains and life's experiences, his doubts, his loves, his questions., his spirituality... And we were lead to his path. It was wonderful to share his journey and to share the heart with many friends from the world. This speciale experience will stay written in our heart. Thank you Roger for all those brilliant and beautiful moments, thank you guys you are really great band today, thank you Linda for your smile, I know how your work is hard, thank you Shakti, thank you mister Good sound and thank you whole team. This is probably my last musical tour in my life, but i couldn't dream about the best experience. And thank you all friends with whom I could share the most beautiful journey of my life.
~ Mila Musiclover

What an absolutely FANTASTIC night in Glasgow.....it was almost surreal! I cannot BELIEVE that I saw Roger and his fantastic! band 'live' - still got the music in my head. Got some pics - wonderful memories but sadly back in Aberdeen Hope you tour again in the not too distant future and I wouldn't miss it for the world! x LOVED the bass player and the sax player AND drummer and keyboard - just loved everything! ~ Toni Little

Brilliant concert last night and what a treat to hear babaji live - my favourite of all time.
~ Katherine Jackson

Brilliant concert tonight in Glasgow...thankyou! ~ Christine Holloway

What a gig , what a brilliant band ~ Ewan Duncan

Amazing concert - come back soon! ~ Sarah Baird

Superb gig. Played all the songs I was desperate to hear. ~ Alan Anderson

Fantastic gig tonight, Hide In Your Shell was spine tingling ! ~ Bill Smith

Absolutely fantastic gig tonight in Glasgow? Thanks for dropping by to entertain us! I've waited years to see you live. And please get that bloody song recorded!! ~ The Big Shoogle

Fantastic gig in GLA....loved it! Only slight disap was that you didn't play Babaji.... jealous now to hear you played it in Manchester! Never mind, you played Hide In Your Shell so beautifully, and that is my fav song ever. Love you and your music so much. Yr band was was amazing too... good grief, that tenor/alto sax/oboe/harmonica guy can play anything...he was fantastic! Thank you Roger for such an amazing night. Love you and God bless. XXX ~ Gloria Rogers

Amazing performance last night in Glasgow and I got to meet the man with the voice after the show! Fondly remembered forever... ~ Jonathan Banks

Thoroughly enjoyed last night's gig at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall. The songs from "Crime" brought back memories from 1974 (I think) when Supertramp played two nights at the Apollo. I abandoned studying for exams and went on both nights. Roger's voice hasn't diminished at all. Agree that the band members were terrific, particularly Erin (hope that's correct), who played a number of instruments including sax and clarinet. Haste ye back. ~ Robert Taylor

thanks for a great show "Fool's Overture" was my favourite ~ Allan Workman

Glasgow , The last show of the UK tour, I saw 5 concerts in UK, it was a beautiful experience, each night is unique and magic, the international friendship is so great. Thank you to give us so much
 ~ Florence Canon

You just get better and better Roger - Glasgow was amazing and I just can't wait to see you again soon I hope x Muriel Max and Roger ( I named my cat after you ! ) he is cheeky but very cute and loving x
~ Muriel Campbell

Roger, I don't know if you read these but in the off chance you catch one or two of them, I'd like to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the most "Bloody Marvellous" concert winding up your World Tour here in Glasgow. I am sitting two days later in the afterglow, remembering every song you played. As I individually recall them, they invoke some sort of reaction, either I break into the widest smile or.... shed a tear of contemplative sadness such are the profound lyrics in your songs, which, like thousands of other fans, I/we connected with personally. I cannot wait until I hear you have recorded "The Awakening" which you played for us.... THAT was so very, very moving...please make it available for us soon, I loved it. Thank you too for asking if I got the video I took on my phone (I did - it worked :-D) which I obviously not too surreptitiously tucked into my T-shirt!!!! You gave my partner and I a life-time's memory to treasure with your concert and in particular, we relate to "Two of Us". YOU were simply AMAZING, your rapport with the audience is incredible and so intimate.. a huge treat for your fans. Special mention must go too for David, Kevin, Bryan and Aaron... they are mindblowingly talented. Aaron - so obviously passionate about his music and a great showman... David quietly grinning and enjoying himself, Kevin sublime on Keyboards and lastly but not least, Bryan.... what a drummer! In short Roger (!!!), again, a massive, massive THANK YOU and please come back to Scotland real soon - we love you. xxx ~ Carole Perikleous

Great night ~ Frances Renton

An amazing night, thank you! great to hear both Supertramp and solo songs played so brilliantly and what a great atmosphere there was. Can't wait for the next tour, and hopefully a third solo CD?
~ Phil Wood

Aye! Glasgow gig was fantastic. Enjoyed every minute. Here's to the next one! ~ David Morrison

Glasgow was amazing... Xx ~ Michelle Cloud

Thanks Roger for the Liverpool show.. You never cease to amaze me , a truly wonderful gig. Perfection in every way. Until next time, thanks so much again... PS, come and see us in Ireland someday
~ Colly Mathers

Roger Hodgson - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK"I've been to many music concerts; some are fun, some are flat, but none have been as moving as Roger Hodgson's 30 May concert in Glasgow. As the legendary voice of Supertramp, one could be forgiven for expecting a punchy concert of the hits and a few solo songs - but this was not all that happened. Yes, Roger played the huge hits he penned as a young man as well as his solo numbers, but his delivery ensured this wasn't a typical 'greatest hits' concert.

Sung with such passion and love, hits like Give A Little Bit, The Logical Song, Dreamer, It's Raining Again and Breakfast in America were brought to new life, sounding as I have never heard them before without losing their original character. Each was outstanding, but Roger's true musical genius came through to me during the somewhat lesser known numbers. Lord, Is It Mine?, Hide In Your Shell, Two Of Us were all favourites from the concert; each one sung with such truth it was very much a spiritual experience. Roger's voice effortlessly soared between notes with neither room nor cause for error. (I can't believe this man is 63).

I was incredibly lucky to have secured second row centre tickets, so had a clear view of Roger for the whole concert (a real pleasure to see a legend so close). As if that were not enough, I managed to acquire a pass to the post-show meet and greet with Roger himself. Not only was I so blown away by
how down to earth and genuinely lovely he was to me, the personal rapport he has with all of his fans is nothing short of admirable. I may add, his 'hardcore' fans are among the nicest people anyone could ever meet, and it was my honour to have met them as much as Roger.

In short:
A man and his guitar - nothing could be more simple, yet nothing could be so moving. Roger is totally enthralling in concert and nothing can compare to a man singing the songs he wrote to the people who he loves - and they certainly send the love right back."
~ Fraser MacDonald


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