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Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ October 18, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilIt was wonderful! I would love to come for another night in Rio! Any possibility to an extra show here? The show of the year! Thanks Mr. Hodgson for this amazing night and thanks for your songs. I love all of them and I meet the love of my life while was playing Give a Little Bit on a party some long years ago! Love you, Roger and come back soon in Rio! I am dreaming of another show in Rio, especially on Maracana stadium! It would be really excited! And i hope someday meet you and take a photo and an autograph! Love you! Thanks for everything! God bless you! ~ Vanessa Fernandes Do Carmo

I was there in Rio - fantastic and lovely concert! ~ Delio Braganca

I was there, Roger!!! Fantastic!!you're awesome!!! ~ Silvia Knapp

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGreat show, great night ! ~ Paulo Sampalo

Amazing the best show… ~ Nilzo Gigilo

Thank you for receiving us and our present, mr. Roger Hodgson! You are a great artist who really know how to accept the love of your fans with simplicity. Congratulations, and the concert was really awesome, we want to see you again in Brazil soon!
~ Erica Rodrigues

Thanks a lot to Roger and the band for an unforgettable show. ~ Mario Leme

Fantástico ~ Marcelo Luiz Bastos

Wonderful ~ Eliane Xavier

Fantastic!!!!!! ~ Claudia Galvao

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPERFECT NIGHT! ~ Adelita Gimenez

Wonderful. Roger is the best!!! ~ Andre Muniz Prety

marvelous! ~ Jose Mauro Tanner

It was a great performance! ~ Heitor Pitombo

You are the best!!! Thank you for the fantastic show!!! ~ Vera Soares Bordallo

Amazing gig thanks alot Roger. Pls come back ASAP. ~ Marcelo Correa Velho Jorge

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPassion about music is always with me since I set foot on this planet and my youth was watered by Supertramp song. Cried the loss of a friend listening to the sound of the band; romped with every song of theirs that I could play on the piano. Listen Supertramp will always be special to me ... Today, when I found myself embraced the unique figure of Roger Hodgson was a surreal moment !!! Elusive find, embrace, kiss and be able to say to an idol of many years how much I admire him, and this moment will stay in memory forever !!! To say I'm happy is little! Tanks Roger! Tanks Linda! ~ Elizabeth Kuhn

come back!!!!!! ~ Hamilton De Souza

We enjoyed the show of Rio de Janeiro very much!!! Thank you!!! Hope to see you again soon!! ~ Paola Rodrigues

come back soon !!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Marise de Barros


Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSimply magical. ~ Jeff Reid

So happy I went, best birthday ever! ~ Sylvia Louback

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing you in Rio. It was a lifetime experience indeed! You said your songs help people…In fact, I’ve lived through all kinds of feelings at the same time: Love, peace, sorrow, sadness, loneliness and a lot of hope, which made me laugh and cry. At the end of your awesome performance, I told my husband I was in heaven! I’ve always been a huge fan of yours! Now, I’m a great admirer of you and your amazing lyrics. Your words are exactly who I am! Thank you so much. Also, please extend my deepest regards and full admiration to your entire band. May God continue to bless you all. Always…~ Katia Baldow


Amazing ~ Veronica Silveira



Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGreat show! Hope to see you soon again!
~ Walma Souza

It was magic! Where do show in Rio will be present!
~ Marisa Soares Fernandes

Brilliant!. ~ Cristina Tostes Caldas Frota




Photo #1 by Howard Heckers

Photo #2 by Linda Tyler
Photos # 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 by Daniel Croce


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